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Learn From Experienced Mom: When To Put Baby In Crib?

when to put baby in crib
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A newborn baby is one of the most precious beings in any family. That’s why it may seem so hard to part with your baby and let them sleep in their own room while they are still infants.

In most cases, the earlier you transfer the baby to their own room, the easier it will be for you and the baby. The earliest you can do that for most babies is about 6 months. At this age, the baby does not need to wake up in the middle of the night about three times each night to get fed.

Therefore, that eliminates the need to have your baby in the bassinet right next to your bed. In this article, we are going to look at some of the other factors that determine when to put baby in crib.

Baby Out Grows the Bassinet

Most bassinets have a specific weight and height of the baby that they can accommodate. If the child is growing fast, it may be time to put them in the best convertible crib you can find. That will ensure that the child has enough room to sleep and move around once they wake up. The best time to move your baby out of the bassinet is before it can sit on its own.

Once they are able to sit upright without any support, they will be able to notice their new room with great ease and they may not like it. You may feel that it’s too early to part with your baby, however, investing in a baby monitor and the best infant mattress will help you to feel at ease. The mattress will make the crib comfortable, while the baby monitor will ensure the baby’s safe.

Your Baby’s Safety

Most babies will be able to sit on their own within three months. That puts them at risk because the sides of the bassinet are generally low. The baby can easily roll over if they decide to lean on the bassinet’s sides once it is able to sit upright. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on your baby and immediately move them to a crib to keep them safe. Furthermore, the light mattress or cushioning used to make the bassinet may not be sufficient to support the baby’s weight as time goes by. Therefore, you have to make sure that the weight specification of the bassinet does not exceed the baby’s weight.


You may need to move the baby out of your bedroom to its room because you need back your privacy. In such cases, you will need to make that difficult decision knowing that it is the best for all of you. Your baby will get used to being on its own after a few days. Furthermore, you can invest in the best baby mobile for sleep to ease its transition.

Babies easily fall asleep when you use the baby mobile for sleep to lull them to sleep. Since the baby will be sleeping for six hours or more each night, once they fall asleep you will be able to have the bedroom to yourself. You do not want your baby to grow up thinking that your bedroom is his or hers. Teaching your child to learn about that boundary will be important for their personal growth from the time they are young.

Moving Your Baby to the For the First Time

One of the first tasks you will have to accomplish once you have moved the baby to their crib is getting them to fall asleep. Sleep associations play a critical role in this important task. You need to know what your baby associates with falling asleep and use it. It’s important to remember that just because they have turned three or five months, babies will not find it easy to fall asleep in their new room. The only way they are going to get used to sleeping there is if you make them feel comfortable, and protected while there. Here are a few tips that can help you in that mission.

Put Your Bed in His Room

The baby will feel more comfortable if they sleep with you in the same room for a few days. Generally, their new room will have a different scent and temperature to your bedroom. The baby needs to know you are not abandoning them, and the best way to reassure them is sleeping in their new room for a few days. Once the baby sleeps on the infant mattress for a few days, and wakes up every morning or at night, and finds you close by, they will become comfortable and feel at home again.

Spend Time in the Baby’s Room

During the day, you need to spend your free time in their room and make it a “home within a home.” Every time your child sees you spend your time in his or her room, they will feel that maybe it’s your favorite place. Furthermore, just before it is time to put them in their crib, you can take them into their room and spend at least 30 minutes together. That will give them an impression that you love being with them even when they are about to fall asleep.

Sleep in the Crib’s Sheets A few Days

Finally, you need to give the baby’s crib the same scent that is in your bed. Babies don’t love the smell of new, dry, pressed sheets like they love your scent in the sheets. You scent means security and love for them. They use it differently when they are away from home, and when they are at home. Sleeping in crib’s sheets will reassure them further that they just changed homes; they simply changed rooms, from an old one to a new one that belongs to them.


Overall, you need to invest in three important items before moving your baby to its new room. These items include the best convertible crib, the best infant mattress, and the best baby mobile for sleep. Those three times will make the baby’s new home comfortable and safe. Furthermore, you need to invest in a baby monitor to help you keep a close watch over your baby all the time. We hope that this article has been informative and your baby will love their new room and crib.

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