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When Should I Start Buying Baby Stuff?

pregnant woman with partner

The moment a couple comes to know about the pregnancy, a lot of things come to their mind from the beginning. The unborn child’s career, study, name, future plan, toys, and shopping lists are among them. Among all of these, shopping comes at the very first which can be done.

But is it too soon to start shopping for the unborn when the couple is just pregnant?

I would like to say NO.

It’s never too soon to start shopping for your baby.

You can purchase anything you like for your baby unless that is not something like baby food which is going to get rotten before the baby even borns. Of course, you can buy a bassinet for breastfeeding or toys like crib mobile, and so on.

More so, there are some important things you should purchase long before the delivery eventuates. Cause, either some selected products may be seasonal and may not be available at that time or you may forget those to purchase during those busy times of your pregnancy.

Some couples cannot decide which things should be bought now and which are later. This may be because either this is the first time she got pregnant or in the previous time they had a child of the opposite gender than the present one, and they have got no idea about it. It is completely new to them.

When Should I Start Buying Baby Stuff?

There could be more reasons for buying and not buying things for the unborn. We will discuss some of them and will try to give a proper solution to every one of them.

Discuss With Your Partner 

Whatever you are thinking about the unborn, whether it is about choosing the diaper brand or choosing the school, discuss it with your partner.

It is not because the opposite might know better than you, but to make sure that you are getting proper suggestions and your partner is getting the proper value he deserves.

Don’t forget that you are not the only one who is caring for the baby and you can’t be a parent alone. Plus, no one is supposed to blame you alone, if you take the decision with your partner.

Are Not You Forgetting About The Guests?

Maybe, while you are busy at thinking whether you should start buying stuff for your baby or not, if yes, what are you going to buy, from where are you going grab them, in the  meantime your friends, colleagues, neighbors , and to a large extent, the people around you may be also thinking about the same.

People actually love to do it.

From the day the baby borns, you may start getting a lot of things as gifts from those people.

So, if you have done the shopping for the baby earlier, you may have some of the things in double, triple or even more which are not needed actually.

So, taking it as a significant subject, you can delay your shopping or can at least start the shopping for your baby one or two months before the predicted delivery time. So that at least, you can return them after getting fewer pieces from the people of your life.

Start To Store Stuffs 

Apparently, you can start buying things you are going to need in an enormous amount, such as the baby crib, diapers or napkins, baby shampoos, oil, and creams. These are the things that are going to give you the feeling of baby nourishment.

It is better to get these things before kinds of stuff like baby cloth which is more likely to make your house ruined even before the baby borns  🙂

Be Sure About The Gender 

No matter how much excited you are, you should wait until you can be confirmed about the baby’s gender.  Or else, you may have to return a lot of products after knowing the result. Even, if you purchase a little amount of baby stuff, isn’t it embarrassing to return any product?

With modern technology, you can know about the baby’s gender between 11 to 14 weeks of your pregnancy. I think it’s not that much longer time you cannot wait.

Some Reasons For Not Starting Shopping

Still, there can be some reason people would like to delay their shopping for the baby, like the previous experience of unsuccessful to have kids, financial problem, etc.

Previous Pregnancy Experience

Some might have a bad experience of past like pregnancy loss, giving birth to a dead baby and might afraid of something the same as those which makes not shopping for their babies.

Yes, shopping for the baby does not cause anything like this. But, the couple who have experienced this kind of incidents fears in every second of their present pregnancy. That’s why they don’t want to increase their pain by purchasing baby stuff.

In fact, a mother or couple has nothing to do with this or they cannot prevent the pregnancy loss. It occurs because of physical difficulty with the baby or something else which most of the time cannot be detected at the beginning.

So, it becomes almost impossible to stop pregnancy loss.

if anyone has faced this kind of pregnancy losses, and do not want to start shopping before delivery, they can wait. It is not that much important to complete shopping. It’s just a step of the excitement the couple gets.

Depends On Your Situation 

If the baby is not born yet, then no one can tell you the right time to start buying things for the baby.

If you wish to, you can shop whatever you want, that will do nothing but increase your costs, but you can wait at least for the first 12 weeks or till the delivery so that you can save some extra pennies which can be used for the baby. There’s a lot of expenses coming on the way after the baby borns you know ?.

It would be a wise decision to wait either until you can have a clear idea about gender and your situation or the delivery. Or you can simply buy gender-neutral toys for kids.

Finally, a couple knows best for their child. Whatever you for your kid do it wisely, take elders’ suggestions, and rethink about them. And let us know in the comment section, what you guys have bought for your kid