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New Mom Tips: When Can Babies Sleep On Their Stomach?

A newborn will sleep at least 18 hours a day and it is pretty normal that most of the time your baby will sleep on the stomach. That’s a common habit of any baby and this is where you need to be careful.

Whether your baby sleeps on the bassinet or in the same bed of yours, you should never ever let your infant sleep on the stomach for several reasons. First, let’s see what dangers may arise while an infant sleep on the stomach and then we will talk when they can sleep on the stomach.

Problems of Sleeping On Stomach

sleeping baby on stomach

These are most common problems that your baby may face when she will sleep on her stomach instead of her back:

  1. Problematic Breathing: If you notice carefully that when your baby sleeps on the stomach, his face stays very close to the bed. This is when poor air circulation happens and your baby breaths mostly carbon dioxide instead of oxygen. Due to loss of oxygen in the lungs, there will be a problem of cellular metabolism for the baby.
  2. Overheating Issue: In comparison with an adult, the baby produces almost 4 times body heat. It may sound weird, but it’s a fact. When your baby sleeps on the stomach, there will be increased heat production which in turn will lead to dehydration and fever of the baby.
  3. May Lead To SIDS: This is the worst thing that may happen to your little one.  During the first 6 months, if your baby sleeps on her stomach – the chance of SIDS is really high because of the suffocation.

FAQ About Baby Sleeping On Stomach

There are so many frequently asked questions about baby sleeping on the stomach in various situations among new parents. I will try to answer them in brief.

  • If your baby can rolls to the stomach by herself, you should not put your baby on her back. This is because when a baby can roll by herself, she is literally out of danger from SIDS. On her stomach, if she feels any problem, she will roll her back naturally.
  • Even if you keep your baby in the watch, you should not let her sleep on her stomach until your baby can roll herself. This is suggested by the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics).
  • Let’s say your baby is half-awake and you need to breastfeed her. Even during the breastfeeding time, you should not let your baby sleep on her stomach on your chest.

So When Should Baby Sleep On Stomach

baby sleeping on backSleeping on the belly is quite safe and normal for the adult only. Since baby tends to sleep on the belly as well, you need to be careful. Do not let your baby sleep on the stomach until your baby can roll to back and forth. Your baby will get this ability when she reaches 6 months old. But what should you do when your infant loves to sleep on the belly?

Hmm. That’s the most challenging parts for new parents. You need to have patience. Put on your infant baby in the crib on her back. Try to make her sleep. If she rolls to her tummy, then again you roll her back on her back. Your baby may awake several times or even may start crying. But this is the technique you must follow until your baby learns to sleep on her back.

As I said above, when the baby can roll back and forth, the danger of SIDS becomes significantly reduced. But as a parent, you must teach your baby how to sleep on her back due to so many other reasons mentioned above.

Out of the Box Tips

Some babies don’t like to sleep on their back and if you are facing hard times to grow the habit of the baby on her back, this tip may help you. Some experienced mommies believe that baby likes to sleep on the stomach because they get the womb like feeling that way.

  • Tip 1: Swaddle the baby in a way so that the movement option becomes so much limited. That way your baby will have womb-like feeling and feel comfortable to sleep on the back.
  • Tip 2: Hang a crib mobile on the roof of the nursery or install one of the musical crib mobiles in the crib. While awake, your baby will look at the light show and toys movement laying on her back. That will gradually grow the habit of sleeping on the back.

Lastly On Sleeping On Stomach

The above information presented is based on tips and tricks shared by experienced nannies, mommies, and pediatricians. Following the above tips should do the tricks for you. However, you are strongly recommended to discuss it with your doctor if your baby likes to sleep on her belly.