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What Do You Need For A Baby Room?

There are lots of baby stuff you gonna need when you have an infant in your home. Whereas experienced parents have no problem deciding which items to buy first, it’s really confusing for new moms.

If you are a first-time parent you really should read this article to get rid of all the confusion. I have shortlisted only those items that are must-have for every infant. So here you go!

Crib: There are cheap and expensive cribs available for sale on Amazon or you can find them in your local store too. Since in the United States all the crib manufacturers must comply with the federal regulations relating to crib safety, all cribs in the U.S.A are literally safe.

As per your budget, get the safest crib for baby from famous brands like DaVinci, Babyletto etc. But you need to focus on some basic features of the crib first. More mattress settings positions mean more flexibility. So make sure you get at least 3 to 4 mattress settings position.

If your crib is convertible up to a full-size bed, it will be a tremendous money saver for you. Read some parents reviews first to learn about the crib in details.

Crib Mattress: The crib will be useless without a crib mattress. In fact, this is a must-have for your baby room. There are different types of crib mattress like foam, innerspring, and organic. All are great as a crib mattress. Whatever type suits you best, always go for the firmest and lightest one.

Usually foam mattress and firm and lightweight. Most parents go for it. But if you decide to go for innerspring, make sure it has at least 150 coils. On the other hand, if you are concerned about the environment and decide to go for the organic mattress, make sure it is GREENGUARD GOLD certified. Whatever you choose try to get the baby crib mattress as this is where you infant will spend most of the time.

Baby Bathtub: You and specially your little one will love the baby bathtub everyday. They are safe to use and so much convenient to control the infant inside the bathtub. There are plenty of bathtub for baby available for sale on Amazon as well. Just pick the right one but you need to read some parents reviews first and their recommendations as well.

Monitor: I would say it’s a must if your little one sleeps with you or even if the baby room is directly attached to your room from where you listen every movement of your baby.

However, if you are a first timer it’s so natural that you will be extra conscious and always want to have a look at the baby. Baby monitor comes with lots of features and advantages. If can also help you check how long it takes your toddler or preschooler to fall asleep.

Room Thermometer: A baby room thermometer helps to know the exact temperature of your baby room. It will be so much easier for you to know whether the room is cool or warm enough for the baby. Most of the monitors have built-in thermometer. So while choosing the monitor, it has built-in thermometer.

Glider: You should go for a glider instead of a rocking chair if you are always tired of rocking. Gliders glide back and forth with almost no effort and it will help your baby to fall asleep very fast.

You need to however be careful enough using glider though. Never leave your baby in the crib alone. There are potential safety hazards in these scenario.

Diaper Pail: There gonna be a lot of baby poo! So a diaper pail is really helpful when you need to contain the odor. But until your infant starts eating solid food, there won’t be much odor so you can wait a little bit to buy it. It does not cost much but still you can avoid buying it if you decide to use just regular kitchen garbage bags.

Mobile: This one is one of the must have in your baby room even better if you have a infant. The baby crib mobile for sleep usually comes with music and projection lighting. The soothing music of the mobile calms down the crying baby in no time. It also helps to develop the hearing power of the baby. Besides, the projection light and built-in stuffed toys helps to develop the brain of the baby.

Toiletries: You will also need nappy cream to soothe sore bottom, baby lotion to fight against dry skin, baby wipes for faster clean, cotton wool buds and balls etc.

As you can see the need of a baby is somewhat limitless. However, don’t fill the baby room with unnecessary items. If you only have a toddler, may be a lot of the above recommended items won’t be necessary for you. But if your crib is not convertible or out of order, you can buy the toddler bed with rails for extra safety instead of buying another convertible crib. That will be economical and smart decision!

Pack n Play: If you need to travel a lot for whatever reason, try to get a travel crib to make it easier for you.

Lastly watch the video to get some more additional ideas for your baby room.