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12 Travel Activities For Kids To Make Your Vacation More Exciting!

The family vacation is one of the most important parts of our life. During such vacation, we get rid of the monotony of life and build some great memories. These memories are the assets that we cherish for the rest of our lives.

Kids make our vacation even more enjoyable and also a little bit of more extra excitement is added. We make plans for the vacation for a week before. Take every preparation for the trip. For the kids, we need to take extra items like travel crib, sports items, and so many other things.

12 Travel Activities For Kids

travel activities for kids

In today’s article, I will show you 12 travel activities for kids. If you keep that in mind during the vacation and let your kids follow these activities, he/she will enjoy the vacation even more. So here are those 12 travel activities for your kids:

  1. The Lego Game: This game is a new craze for kids these days. Every kid loves to play with Legos. So, while you are driving towards the location of your vacation, give your kid a full bag of lego trays. This will keep your baby busy during the road trip and you can drive safely towards your dream holiday.
  2. Fun With The Ring Binder: Fill the 3 ring binders with the full of pictures of the vacation place, where you want to set up the camp, your coupons of various offers etc. In the binder, there should be entertainment CD/DVD, fun facts of the destination place, and so on. Give this binder to your kid and he/she will be busy checking all these out during the road trip.
  3. Car Rides: If you have 2 kids, take the two-seater ride on car so that you can enjoy the vacation more.
  4. Map Of The Drive & Atlas: In the google map, set your destination and print it. Highlight the route and give it to your kid to follow it. He/she will find it challenging and entertain at the same time. You can buy also some National Geographic Atlas for your kid. Trust me, kids love to check these stuff during the vacation. The love to explore and the atlas can be a great way to let your kid explore new things about your destination place.
  5. Counting The Mileage: If it ’s a long road trip, it’s a fun game your kid will love. Get some number tickets and hang them on the back of your car. Make sure they are within the reach of your kid. Let’s say it’s a 20-mile drive, so you need 20 number tickets. Now, after each mile you pass, tell your kid to remove the number ticket. Easy game, right? But it’s fun!
  6. Fun Game With Pipe Cleaners: Kids go crazy about pipe cleaners. It keeps them busy for a very long time. They play with the pipe cleaners to make different shapes, chairs, small people, and so on. Bring some buttons or bead to add to them as well. It will add more fun. Kids can make letters from these pipe cleaners as vacation with kids
  7. How About Some Chewing Gum? It’s a must-have stuff for every road trip. Keeping the mouth busy while driving the car is not a very bad idea. Only one pack of chewing gum can keep all the members of the trip happy for very long hours. Give one full pack of chewing gum to each of your kids. They will love it.
  8. Scavenger Hunting: If your kids don’t enjoy the outside scenery during the road trip, it’s really sad. The scavenger hunting project can help your kid enjoy the scenic view of the roadside view. It’s a very easy game to follow. Let your kid type everything they see while road trip.
  9. The Trip Jar Fun: During each trip, give your kid a jar and tell him to decorate it with the photos of the journey. And tell him to put some money every month as well. During the next journey, bring this trip jar and let them spend the saved money to buy souvenirs and snacks. Doing this is not only just fun, it will teach your kid the important lesson on savings as well.
  10. Rewarding Coin: Get a good collection of nickels, dimes, and quarters. Reward these coins for patience and good behavior. You can award them for reciting a poem or sing a song during the road trip. Let them spend these coins to buy candy and souvenirs. It teaches them a good lesson as well.
  11. Fun With Yarn: Kids love to play with yarn. They can do a lot of fun stuff with yarn. They can make friendship bracelets with them or even learning to braid by cutting 3 strips together and make the knot at the top. You should bring some safety pins to help your kid make the braid.
  12. Enjoy With Locals: During the trip break, let your kids get familiar with locals, read local newspapers and meet with new local people. This is a great excitement for kids to get familiar with local cultures and meeting different local people.
  13. Travel Activity Diaries: Give a new diary to your kid to note down every new stuff he sees and enjoys. It will make the vacation last forever. Also, your kid will find it interesting when returning home from the trip. Tell them to write an article based on the diary.

Summing Up!

This is the end! I have shared 12 travel activities for kids that you can follow to make the trip more enjoyable for the kids. Let me know any new ideas if you add to the list in the comment box.

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