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Best Sippy Cup For 6 Month Old Breastfed Baby To Buy In 2021

Having the best sippy cup for 6 month old breastfed baby is crucial to make the transition from bottle. It has to convenient and safe for the baby. It takes time, but your little one will get there.

Everyone does. The main trouble is getting the right one. There are tons of them!

Luckily, some famous brands like NUK and Philips AVENT are doing great. Those are the brands you can trust to get a sippy cup for baby who refuses bottle.

These brands are already trusted and recommended by thousands of hundreds of experienced mommies. 

Sippy Cup For 6 Month Old Comparison Table

Philips Avent
  • Material: Plastic
  • Spout: Soft
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NUK Disney
  • Spout: Soft
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NUK Learner
  • Spout: Soft
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NUK Natural
  • Spout: Soft
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MAM Starter
  • Spout: Soft
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5 Sippy Cup For 6 Month Old Breastfed Baby Reviews 2021

sippy cup for 6 month old

Now that you have the comparison table, it’s time to have the in-depth reviews on each of them. I mainly covered NUK sippy cups simply because of their great feedback from lots of parents.

I also covered 2 other brands to keep the options open. I strongly recommend buying them in more than 1 quantity. Because you will be needing them more often than you think.

Philips Avent

Babies have unique demands to select a sippy cup for drinking liquid with their growth. Some like bottles, some others like sippy cups, and some others like straw pots to drink water or liquid.

Philips Avent My little sippy cup is a perfect selection for a growing toddler. 

best sippy cup for 6 month old from Philips Avent
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It has two different colors, which are black and blue. The soft silicone spout designed to help babies to take their first drop of water without bending their heads too large.

This sippy cup allows natural drinking positions. Trainer handle, which has a rubberized non-slip grip, helps the little one to hold the cup easily. 

It is BPA free. It follows a protective hygiene cap to keep the cup, and its contents to be clean.

This fantastic product is microwave and dishwasher safe. It is similar to all Philips Avent bottles and cups, including glass bottles also. It is a spill-proof 1piece valve. 

It can contain 7oz or 200ml liquid. The nipples are exchangeable, and the lid is reusable. Nipples are so soft that the baby can not feel any hard feelings inside of the mouth. This sipping cup makes for 6m+ to 2years of babies. It has a cap to protect the fluid inside.

Because the trainer handles, it becomes comfortable to hold, and the baby can drink independently. It makes sure to leak proof of drinking. Nipples can not be torn or break though it is soft. So it is safe for teething babies who want to bite everything. 

Those babies need this sippy cup who frequently refuses to drink milk by baby bottles. It is a smart solution to train the toddler with sipping a cup when they reject bottles and a nice choice to drink to 2years old baby.

Easy to clean the cup for its size and pattern. It can wash by hot water but needs not to boil. It looks colorful with 2colours so babies may like it. For drinking milk/juice or water, you may keep different colors.

This is a soft spout sippy cup made of plastic, which is Polypropylene and silicone. Product Weight is only 3.52 ounces, and its dimensions are 7.6×3.7×6.2 inches. 

Pros & Features

  • BPA free and dishwasher safe.
  • Microwave proof.
  • Nipples can be reusable.
  • Non Slip grip helps to hold.
  • Lightweight & plastic body.


  • Sometimes the spout is crooked once it screws the cap

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NUK Disney Learner

The NUK cup is perfect for 9 months old baby. It may contain 5-ounce liquid and the cup designed with Mickey Mouse pictures. To think about babies’ development and safety, the NUK brand designs all of its products. 

NUK Sippy Cup
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From newborn to toddler up to 50 years, this brand designed outstanding quality products for all.

Babies who refuse to take drinking water or juice, maybe like this sipping cup for its Mickey Mouse design.

This sippy cup helps the baby to transmit from breast or bottle to a sippy cup. It is very soft to the teeth and gum of a little one.

Mickey Mouse’s design takes the attention of the baby. This soft silicone cup is cute and spill-proof. 

The liquid can flow easily when sipped. It is BPA free and dishwasher safe. The best part of this cup is if you keep upside down, no cash drops down from inside.

So it is very much friendly for toddlers.

The NUK Disney learner sippy cup has 100% soft silicone spout, which is designed like a bottle. It is very friendly to a toddler’s teeth, gum, and palate. Anti-slip and easy-grip handles can easily be held by a little baby’s hand. 

This handle is removable for the grown-up baby; that time, it can fit any cup holders. The NUK Disney learner cup is simple to clean in any baby food maker.

With a bottle brush and dishwasher liquid, this is a large cup, and spout can wash nicely, though it is spill-proof, so there is no fear to fall over the juice. 

The cap of the spout keeps it clean and hygienic. There is an air vent to reduce gulping air. It recommended for 6-12months babies who can grasp the handle.  

NUK Disney learner sippy cups are 3.2 ounces in weight. The dimensions of the products are 4.5×2.8×5.4 inches. The item Model number is 62047. The Colour of this cup is pink. The lid of the spout just like a bottle. 

It coordinates with NUK pacifiers and bottles. The NUK team implies fun and safety together for a little one’s mental development.

Pros & Features

  • Mickey mouse design attractive baby.
  • Soft silicone spout makes it easy to sip.
  • Simply can hold by anti-slip handles.
  • Easy to clean by the dishwasher.
  • Spill-proof.
  • The cap of the spout makes extra security for cleanliness.
  • Changeable spout and handle 


  • No safety for microwave use

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NUK Learner Cup

The NUK Learner cup easily nurtures the baby from breast to bottle then cup. This extraordinary cup has a soft spout and a comfortable anti-slip handle. Unlike all NUK products, there is also an air vent that can reduce swelled air inside. 

NUK Learner Cup
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It is designed just like a bottle format. Some infants refuse to take bottles but can not sip easily from glass; this cup is ideal for them. Nothing is hard to learn here. So both mom and baby are going to be pleased. 

Mom feels so worried when little one refuses to take a drink at the time of starting solid. It is blue in color, and the tractor has drawn outside.

Baby boys like this blue tractor too much. This is an excellent choice for a sippy cup of milk for a 2 years old baby.

The handles of this cup can be withdrawn by the ages of toddlers. The baby can grasp the handles easily.

Most of the mom’s also like this cup as it is spill-proof. The smooth spout is designed as friendly to baby teeth and gum. 

Water or any liquid can flow easily when it is sipping. The NUK cup is designed for 6m+ babies. It is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. In the time washing, nipple and ring can fall apart to wash gently and can be sterilized. 

It is ideal for those babies who want to learn to drink from a spout. There is a measurement scale outside the cup, which indicates oz (1-10) and ml(50-300). There is no valve inside the cup, but the liquid will not leak. 

The screw of the lid on very tightly, if this sippy cup fell down, no liquid would go through everywhere. Milk/juice/water or any drink can come out easily when babies sip the cup, but fruit smoothies or yogurt can not be drunk by this cup. 

NUK learner cups can contain 5ounce liquid at a time. The product weight is 3.52 ounces, and the dimensions are 2.8×4.8×6.6 inches. The materials of this cup are the same as a bottle.

It recommended for 6 to 18months of babies. In the transition time bottle to cup, this product is an ideal selection. 

More Features & Pros

  • BPA free product.
  • Easy-grip handle.
  • Soft spout.
  • Dishwasher free.


  • The thick liquid can not come out by soft spout.

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NUK Simply Natural Learner

In the NUK family, NUK Simply Natural learner cup is also a great addition to the learner sippy cup series. It is blue in color. The sippy cup helps the baby to learn the natural drinking process independently. 

NUK Simply Natural Learner
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Its design is very much closer to the mom’s breast, so the baby can not feel any hesitation to accept this cup. So this cup is an attractive solution for the baby who refuses the bottle.

 The silicone spout is 45% wider than another spout only for a natural feeling. That’s why the baby feels friendly to evolution from breast to bottle and cup. Easy-grip handles help the baby to drink independently. 

Anti-slip handles help the baby to grasp the container properly. The anti-colic vent reduces air during feeding time.

This cup recommended for 6months and older. It is leak and spill-proof. This product is dishwasher safe and BPA free.

The weight of the products is 4ounces, and the dimensions are 2.7×4.5×7.5 inches. The material type is silicone-based.

Run this item, no battery required here. It may contain 150 ml (5 US fluid ounces) liquid at a time. The nipple is interchangeable and found available.

There is no problematic method to use it. It is easy to teach and friendly to babies. This cup is easy to grasp and drink also. It is similar to the NUK fashion learner’s cup. This cup recommended for 6months to 18 months old babies. 

A lot of mothers like this cup very much because of the colic-proof cup. So many sippy cups can found, but evidence colic products are not available in the market.

Colic babies have some problems because of internal gas so extra breath may create a large problem for them

There are so many variations of sippy cups, but most of the parents like this NUK cup for their toddlers. Because of its extraordinary dimensions, it is a nice selection for growing up kids. 

Handles are also kids friendly that’s why they can drink organic formula milk or water independently. This is a nice addition to a sippy cup to drink the milk of 2 years old baby.

Some of them don’t like to drink liquid, but the color of the sippy cup attracts them to drink. Sipping is most important to know after sucking.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Anti-slip handle.
  • Anti-colic nipples.
  • Spill-proof.
  • BPA free.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Nipple can change. 


  • Sometimes it may leak liquid 

MAM Starter Cup

MAM Starter Cup for toddlers with handles comes to make parenting easy. MAM knows that parenting is so hard often. This company has 40year’s experience of making bottles, cups, and pacifiers, teethers, and toothbrushes. 

MAM Starter Cup
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It is smart and slim. MAM Starter cup has a spill-free and extra soft spout. Non Slip handles are perfect for grasping for a baby.

All parts are changeable. For a starter baby, this sippy cup is an excellent innovation. Parents and babies are pleased with MAM sipping cups.

From sucking to the drinking, the stage is a challenging session for all babies. Extra soft nipples help a toddler in this transition. The shape of this cup is ergonomic so that the baby can hold it nicely. 

There is a lid or dust cap which protects the container from dirt. Most of the boy babies like this cup because it’s a beautiful blue color.

It may contain 5 ounces liquid at a time. It is nice to drink milk for up to 2 years old babies. 

Most of the babies like the design of this cup very much and can not give it up. The sippy cup becomes the most favorable cup of a toddler when they start sipping with it.

 As a starter cup, it is an excellent item for a toddler. It is small in size and portable. So the baby grasps it nicely and can handle it carefully. MAM cups always look smart in design. Its colorful look attracts the baby like a toy. In the mood of playing they can drink water. That’s why this cup becomes the first choice for tiny kids. 

It’s a perfect sippy cup for babies who refuse bottles. For its dirt lid, no water can come out in the journey or outing time. No variations are coming close to this sippy cup. The extra soft spout helps babies to drink nicely. 

It may not tear out for its silicone nipple. All the parts are washable separately. This small cup is a very smart-looking and handy product. This product recommended for 4months+ baby.

The item’s weight is 3.2 ounces, and its dimensions are 4.3×3×5.8 inches. It is a very lightweight item to use on a daily basis product.

Pros & More Features

  • Transition makes it accessible from sucking to drinking.
  • Spill free.
  • Extra soft spout.
  • Dust cap inclusion-Slip Slip handles help babies grasp the cup.


  • The nipple is not skin soft

Best Transition Sippy Cup Buying Guide

Your baby will learn whatever you teach her/him. And I understand your excitement. Every time your baby learns something new, it gets exciting.

You will introduce lots of new things like headphones for kids, learning toys, and other stuff for many years to come.

Learning how to sip from a sippy cup is a major step forward of independence. But you have to give her the right one first. They come in different types and made from various materials depending on parents’ unique needs. So, pay attention to the following factors while you buy one.

  • Material Made From

Rubber, plastic, glass, stainless steel, etc. lots of such materials used to make them. You should be alert about the materials used to make these cups not because to understand whether they are safe or not.

Rather, to understand how long they are gonna last. All those cups are safe. They would not be allowed in the market otherwise. 

Some babies go rough on them. So, they won’t last a day if they are flimsy. If this is the case for you, go get the plastic-made or rubber-made ones.

In recent times, some brands have introduced stainless-steel-made sippy cups. I don’t recommend them to babies who are just learning how to drink from a cup. 

  • Pay Attention To The Spout

The spout is the main part of them and you should pay attention there. It is serious because the type of spout has a role in affecting the teething of your baby.

There are only 4 types of spout available in those transition sippy cups like free flow, straw, soft, and natural drinking cup.

If this is the first time you are introducing it, go for the soft spout. Your baby will have the experience of chewing a pacifier and learn how to drink from a cup.

  • Replaceable Spout

Teething babies damage the spouts too soon. You have top options in this case. Buy a lot of them and replace the damaged cup entirely or you can buy them where you can just replace the spout.

I know they are cheap, so it does not make any sense just to replace the spouts. But still, it’s a good thing to have. 

  • The Shape

It should fit in your baby’s hands, right? They are available in tall & slip shape, contoured shape, and short & wide shape too. 6-month-old babies have chubby hands and only the short and wide shape cups are easy to handle in such cases.

They are lightweight (holds little water), so your baby will feel comfortable holding them.

The measurement should go like this: for the first few months, go for the short & wide, then contoured (medium size), and lastly, the tall and slim version.

  • Easy Cleaning

Your baby won’t just dring from it, she will play with it throughout the day. Drinking milk from it will make it a safe place for the bacterias to grow unless you clean it several times a day (if you get only one).

So, the sippy cup to transition from the bottle should be easy to clean to make the life of yourself a little bit easier. It should have fewer parts and simple design to make the cleaning easy and effective.

Final Verdict

All the brands and models they offer are safe and certified by respective authorities. You won’t regret having the best sippy cup for 6 month old breastfed baby from any of the brands I reviewed above. If I were you, I would get the NUK without a blink.