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Best Shoes For Swollen Pregnant Feet To Avoid Pain In 2021

Swollen feet shoes should have enough support and comfort. Only the best shoes for swollen pregnant feet from trusted brands like Vionic and Skechers can offer that. Apart from that,  Dr. Scholls is popular too.

All those brands are highly recommended in this difficult period. 

Wrong shoes when pregnant can lead to more pain in your legs, back, and feet. So, it is important you trust only brands and models that are recommended by thousands of happy women. Only then you won’t be disappointed.

Best Pregnancy Shoes Comparison Table

Vionic Fitness Shoes
  • Color: 6
  • Size: Multiple
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Skechers Microburst
  • Color: 1
  • Size: Multiple
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Dr. Scholl’s Madison
  • Color: 15
  • Size: Multiple
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Skechers Sport
  • Color: 10
  • Size: Multiple
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BOBS Women’s Plush
  • Color: 12
  • Size: Multiple
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5 Shoes For Swollen Pregnant Feet Reviews 2021

shoes when pregnant

Any women’s items come in thousands of choices. This is good probably to some extent but this also makes it hard to make the right choice.

This is why I carefully hand-picked only the 5 shoes for swollen feet as you have seen from the above comparison table. Now, it’s time to read the in-depth reviews on each of them.

Vionic Women’s Fitness Shoes

Among all the swollen feet shoes, this is my no. 1 recommended shoes for you. It’s simply a blessing for pregnant women with wide feet. It ticks every checkmark.

A lot of you are familiar with Vionic’s shoes. But this model is the most comfortable and recommended one.

best shoes for swollen pregnant feet from Vionic
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Available in multiple sizes and all the sizes are available in both wide and normal size. Completely true to the size of your feet. So, the size is right for everyone. But what about other features? 

The extraordinary hill is something a lot of pregnant moms have loved so much. They are so springy that you will love wandering around a lot.

Insoles are fairly soft and definitely not so hard and rigid than its counterparts. Your feet won’t hurt anymore at the end of the day even if you walk all day long.

The arch support is pretty good as well. Without the arch support, you will feel pain in your neck, hips, and back. But you are in good hand as long as you Vionic’s more than enough arch support. It gives you the same level of comfort of a sneaker. 

The design is beautiful and stylish enough to go to walk outside for shopping. Apart from being attractive, they are as comfortable as tennis shoes without needing any shoe strings.

It’s no wonder why so many physicians have recommended this for the patients to take care of their swollen feet. The reason is pretty simple. The support it gives is priceless. If you have been suffering from plantar fasciitis, give this a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Wiggling toes easily and freely is a breeze. No squashed feeling at the top of the feet either. Many ladies have confirmed this fact and they are really happy about it. Lots of high appreciation saying it has saved their feet!

Very easy to wash as well. You can remove the insoles and wash them separately. They dry quickly too.

More Features & Pros

  • From wide to narrow size, it’s available from size 5 to 11 with 5 beautiful colors.
  • No doubt about the utmost comfort. 
  • High-quality sole and arch for better support. The outer sole is made of rubber. 
  • Even if you have high arches, it is perfectly suitable.
  • It features slip-resistant gripes. No chance of slipping! A great option to walk on cement.
  • Soft and stretchy materials for great fit and comfort. Lots of Moms with ankle and back problems have found their ultimate comfort wearing these.
  • Durable materials. Very long-lasting performance years after years.  
  • No cramps from severe pressure.
  • Perfectly comfy and breathable for the summer heat.
  • Very lightweight and no-stretch to your feet. Comfortable and pain-free for wearing hours after hours.
  • If you are looking for a pair of shoes in pregnancy that does not hurt immediately, this is it!


  • Not recommended to wear without any shocks.

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Skechers Fashion Sneaker

The true beauty of comfortable footwear! I am not exaggerating even a little. Many pregnant women who have been desperately looking for shoes for swollen feet have confirmed the fact that it’s more like walking on the cloud!

More than thousands of hundreds of positive feedback are simply awesome.

Skechers Fashion Sneaker
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Very lightweight and there is no tight feeling at all. All you have to do just make sure you order the right size.

Available in multiple sizes to fit all shapes of feet. Lots of women with recent hip replacement have found it comfortable too. If you have a neuropathy problem, you will find it very comfortable.

No need to break them in, it’s comfortable right from the start! The design seems pretty cute too.

A perfect combination of casual and dressy. No matter what you wear with it, you will still look pretty! Stylish enough not only for indoor but also outdoor walking too. 

If you wear the Skechers for the whole day, you won’t feel discomfort at all. The arch support is pretty moderate and it’s so flexible! Lots of women with plantar fasciitis and bunions issues have recommended this. When nothing works for them, they give it a try and they are not super happy!

Definitely well-made and no cheap feelings at all. Women with high arches and wide feet have found this their ultimate choice after being disappointed by lots of pregnancy shoes.

Many physicians and chiropractors have recommended this as well as one of the best shoes for swollen pregnant feet.

The fit is great and if you think it will be tight for you, you are wrong. Very flexible! The price is right (definitely cheaper!) and they are very durable.

Many have been wearing them for years. If you are someone who has severe pain on your feet for a long time, it is a must-have item for you.

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More Features & Pros

  • True fit multiple U.S. sizes available. Wide width and narrow width available. If you are in serious trouble with your wide feet, you should try these. Thick and wide feet? It’s also suitable for you.
  • Cute design. Matches perfectly with your clothes. Many have tried these with casual slacks and jeans, and they look nice!
  • Enough arch support. No more hurting your feet! Walk comfortably hours after hours. For swollen feet, it’s a blessing. Many women have confirmed it.
  • Unparalleled flexibility and lightweight.
  • No slippery soles and your feet won’t get hot.
  • Rubber made sole. It gives you the feeling of walking on the cloud.
  • Enough cushion for your feet. Thanks to the memory foam shoes for swollen feet. Bounce with support!
  • Smooth inside lining. Your feet won’t be irritated with any rough spots.
  • Many women with plantar fasciitis have found greater comfort wearing these.


  • Only 1 color available. 
  • Thin memory foam insoles.

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Dr. Scholl’s Fashion Sneaker

A highly recommended slip-on shoes for pregnancy from a widely popular trusted brand.

Stylish, comfortable, affordable, and great support for swollen feet have made Dr. Scholl’s sneaker widely popular among women. It goes with all the dresses including professional dresses too.

Dr. Scholl's Women's Madison Sneaker
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Slip-on sneakers with all those features are hard to find. You can dress up as you like and feel comfortable for the whole day wearing those sneakers.

From a large color collection and style, you can pick yours as your liking. The real beauty is you can wear them without any socks too. 

It has brought comfort for the swollen pregnant feet to the next level. As a pregnant mom, you should not go through the hassle of dealing with shoelaces.

A pair of comfortable sneakers is what you need. And many pregnant women have recommended Dr. Scholl for your current situation.

For any woman with pain in their feet should try this. It’s a perfect fit and comfy from day one. You don’t have to allow it any break-in period. No blisters at all.

Even on snug fit! You have been having blisters from new shoes easily, try these. You can thank me later 🙂

After suffering from foot pain for a long time, many women have got their freedom using Dr. Scholl. It comes with some good features too like removable memory foam insole.

So, when the time comes, simply replace the insole and you have new shoes again.

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Available in multiple sizes, so don’t worry about the right fit. You can order your true size. Breaking in is very easy. Apart from comfortable fit, your feet will never get sweaty even if you wear them for the whole day long. And they look so classy that people will think you got this from Nordstrom!

Cleaning tips: You can use any old toothbrush to remove the white part when dirty and then just throw it to the washing machine.

Pros & More Features

  • Totally fabric made with rubber sole. 
  • Available in various styles like reptile print and perforated with 15 cool colors. All sizes do run true to their sizes. 
  • If you love jeans, you will love them too. Goes very well.
  • Sleek and fashionable design. 
  • Height of the platform is 1 inch (approx.) The toe room is perfect. No pain or awkward feeling.
  • Very lightweight. No heavy feeling at all.
  • Easy to slip-on and off. 
  • They are sturdy and durable as well.
  • Good arch support for walking the whole day.
  • 100% washable shoes.
  • Water-resistant but NOT water-proof.
  • Very good slip-resistance. 
  • The support is already good. But you replace the insole with the athletic support insole as well.
  • No sweaty feet anymore. 


  • Have a few incidents where it falls apart after a few months.

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Skechers Women’s Empire

When all other pregnancy shoes from high-end brands fail to satisfy your need, you need to try the Skechers sport version.

It’s hard to be happy when you have swollen feet with greater comfort, but Skechers is all you need right now. With thousands of positive feedback from women, there is little to no chance of being disappointed.

Skechers Women's Empire
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Due to the job nature, some women had to be on their feet for 10+ hours daily. These fashion sneakers helped them to stay safe from feet, legs, and back pains.

It has already thrilled a lot of pregnant women with its extraordinary comfort.

Apart from being incredibly comfortable, it has some other features that women love so much. It’s sturdy with great shape but not too tight to make you feel uncomfortable.

The toe area is still roomy without being large. You will find the elastic step-in pretty genius too.

They look cute too. All the sizes fit well and even if you have wide feet, Skechers will fit comfortably. And you know how hard it is to find comfy shoes for wide feet, right? Women who need orthotic inserts will find the higher top very useful. 

It’s hard to find shoes in pregnancy that will give you the feeling of walking on the clouds. But many women have confirmed this fact that Skechers have given them exactly that feeling.

With soft padding, there is no chance your feet will get sweaty after long hours of wearing.

Your feet will hurt a lot walking on a hard floor being a pregnant woman. Other than any comfortable shoes, walking on such hard floors will feel like your feet are falling off.

Women with 28+ weeks of pregnancy have found this really comfortable. Your aching & tired feel will get much-needed help for sure.

More Features & Pros

  • Perfect for narrow and wide feet of all sizes. Very flexible and really wide. Available in multiple brilliant colors. 
  • Made from durable Faux leather. 
  • Most comfortable sneakers are just like slippers for pregnancy. In fact, some have reviewed it saying it’s more comfortable than slippers!
  • Decent amount of arch support. It definitely varies, but to some, the arch support is great.
  • You will get a comfy feeling even without any shoes. Extremely lightweight, so suitable for long duration wearing.
  • Sometimes, a few have forgotten that they had them on. Ample padding inside to make it more comfortable.
  • Good slip-resistance. 
  • Even with high arches, many have confirmed to have no pain. 
  • You can use a washing machine with cold water to clean them. Just do not put them in the dryer. 
  • There are several incidents where it has relieved lower back pain for many women.
  • Highly recommended by many women with a shoe addiction. 


  • Not 100% slip-resistant. Not water-proof as well.
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Skechers BOBS Plush Fashion Slip-On

As the name suggests, it’s literally fashionable and ensures the utmost comfort. With comfortable support and flexibility, BOBS has already won the heart of thousands of women.

For those pregnant women with swollen feet who have been looking for cute flats, The slip-on BOBS plush is what you need.

Skechers BOBS PlushSlip-On
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Because of its multiple sizes, you can be pretty confident that it will fit just fine. Even if you have very high arches and if your feet get sweaty real quick, BOBS is your ultimate solution.

The top of the shoes have elastic wedges, so it will give you more flexibility and comfort for the whole day.

With or without socks, these are pretty good. The soles have memory foam cushions, so the cushy feeling is great and it makes it a lot more comfortable than most other shoes when pregnant.

Not just for your wardrobe, if you are seriously looking for something comfortable during this difficult period of yours, BOBS from Skechers should be your choice.

No rubbing on your top of the toe or on your heel. It stretches a little so that you can comfortably fit your swollen feet. If you are someone suffering from arthritis and have legs, feet, and back pain – you should seriously consider BOBS. It makes you feel good in all those troubling areas of yours.

Because of it’s soft and plushy inside, it is more comfortable than most other sneakers for pregnancy. Not many of its counterparts have used faux-fur materials to make it comfy as BOBS did.

As a pregnant mom, you should get something that is easy to wear and make you feel comfortable as long as you wear them. BOBS does exactly that for you.

I strongly recommend you read some reviews/feedback from mom and you will understand it better why you need this.

More Features & Pros Of BOBS

  • 12 awesome colors to choose from. You may have a snug fit at first, but it will stretch later.
  • Brilliant design with visible seaming for extra awesomeness. Fashionable and comfortable enough to wear them outside all day. You can go literally anywhere you want. 
  • Rubber sole for more comfort.
  • It breaths. Meaning it won’t make your feet stink or there won’t be any odor after you use them.
  • You will find it’s stretching feature intelligent and comforting. Since it stretches decently, there is no chance of stretching out and it will always be in shape. 
  • BOBs may look like it does not have any support, but don’t let it fool you! Very comfy for a casual flat.
  • Unbeatable price. Seriously, for the quality, the price seems pretty low!
  • Because of its brilliant performance, many have bought it second and third times of their pregnancy.


  • Won’t’ feel so cushiony after several months.
Final Verdict

Pregnancy is a period of being uncomfortable for the next 9 to 10 months. Only the best shoes for swollen pregnant feet from trusted brands can offer you some sort of comfort in this hard time.

Believe what other experienced women said about those shoes. You won’t be disappointed having any one of the above 5 pregnancy shoes.