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Saggy Breasts After Breastfeeding Solutions To Get Back In Shape FAST!

Motherhood is a wonderful experience but that comes with some consequences. One of which is saggy breasts that will happen naturally when you stop breastfeeding your baby completely.

There is nothing to be disappointed about. You can give your deflated boobs a good shape if you do physical exercises and follow some proven to be effective tips. This article will help you to get back in your shape!

Saggy Breasts After Breastfeeding Solutions You Must Follow

saggy breasts after breastfeeding solutions

So, how long does it take for breasts to return to normal after breastfeeding? Well, it takes more than 6 months if you follow the right guidelines.

You have already seen it. Many new moms look even more attractive when they stop breastfeeding their babies. How they do that? Well, I have talked about such breast lift options that you can follow to get back in shape FAST!

  1. Eat Healthy & Avoid Animal Fat

There are some foods to eat more (vitamin B & E) and some foods to avoid to maintain and improve the elasticity and tone of your skin. When the skin tone and elasticity are improved, it helps you to get back in shape rapidly and naturally.

Keep your animal fat intake at a minimum. Eat more green vegetables, wholegrain cereals, fresh fruits, olive oil, fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds. These foods are enriched with vitamin B & E that help the skin tone and elasticity.

  1. Wear Lifting Bras

This is an instant fix for your droopy boobs but it does not fix them naturally. However, it prevents the breast ligaments from stretching further with their supports.

You need to go out to public places and you need to look beautiful. This is the quickest breast lift after breastfeeding method you should always try. There are plenty of bras for sagging breasts that you can try.

Besides, when you exercise to fix your posture, you must wear such bras while exercising. Any nursing bra with good support or sporting bra is recommended to keep your ‘girls’ from further drooping.

  1. Fix Your Posture

Gravity pulls your breasts down and it contributes the stretching of your breasts’ ligaments. So yes, gravity is responsible for your sagging boobs too. But you can take steps to lessen the impact of gravity.

Bad posture from your end will make the gravity scenario worse for you. So, you have to fix your posture. Keep your back straight while sitting or standing to give your breasts enough support and natural lift.

There are some exercises to fix your posture too that I have talked in the following point.

  1. Exercise & Exercise

Mommyhood just does not affect your ‘girls’, they change the shape of your entire body. You can’t get back attractive boobs unless you think about your entire body. The right way is more and more exercise.

Dumbbell pull-over can fix your posture and your breast’s support. And it’s easy to follow. Watch the video.

Other great exercises to fix your posture are push-ups, chest press, and so on. The classic push-ups will help a lot to develop the chest areas and gives a nice lift to your boobs. It does not change the shape of them though.

Exercise professionally and admit yourself to any professional gym today. Do not exercise without enough support for your breasts. There are plenty of supporting breasts for your sagging breasts out there.

  1. Say No To Rapid Weight Loss

Of course, you must lose some weight but not fast. You have to lose weight gradually.  You may have already noticed it, you are losing weight while breastfeeding.

Notice carefully how fast you are losing weight. Your skin can’t keep up with the fast weight loss. You must be careful about that. Just make sure your skin has enough time to cope up with the change.

If the weight loss happens even though you had nothing to do with it, you can try those bras after weight loss with ample support to keep your look attractive.

  1. Hot & Cold Shower Mix

This technique won’t keep your breasts firm permanently. But you should still do this even though the result is temporary. Always end your shower with the cold water. And during the shower, switch between hot and cold shower for better skin tone and blood circulation.

The most important thing to remember here is that you should change the water temperature while showering.

With increased blood circulation in the breast areas, it helps to keep them perky and firm. Finishing your shower with cold water helps to keep your breast skin firm for sure.

  1. Breast Creams

To lessen the post breastfeeding impact, there are some breast creams that you can apply. Yes, plenty of them are nothing but ‘snake oil’ but there some good brands that you can trust.

Most of them are made from natural ingredients, so there are no potential harms. You can put your trust that is made from fenugreek or palmetto. They are proven to affect the muscle and skin tissue.

In fact, women have been using fenugreek for centuries for breast enhancement and lactation. It’s a good choice for you if you are wondering how to make breast firms after breastfeeding too.

If you apply such breast creams regularly, the texture of the breast skin will become smooth and your breasts will become firm too. If you are in doubt, talk to your doctor first.

  1. Keep Those ‘Girls’ Moisturized

There are some saggy breast solutions that you can follow even before you stop breastfeeding. This is one of them and this is a good one if you do it right and carefully.

There are plenty of lotions for stretch mark prevention that you can try to keep your boobs free from any stretch marks all the time.

During breastfeeding, you should keep your breast moisturized. But you have to make sure these moisturizers are safe for your babies. So, talk to the pediatrician too about it.

Moisturized saggy breasts will bounce back to normal faster than dry saggy breasts. It’s common sense. So, keeping your boobs during pregnancy and breastfeeding moisturized and healthy will help you later to get them back in tight shape faster after breastfeeding.

  1. Plastic Surgery

I put it at last simply because I want you to try it if nothing mentioned above works for you and you must make your droopy breasts ‘perky’ again. I personally don’t recommend this because the result you will get following the solutions I just talked about should be more than enough to make you attractive.

Plastic surgery never comes without any negative consequences. Yes, it gives a massive size and shapes enhancement boosts but you must do it with an experienced plastic surgeon. Do your research first and learn all the consequences, then decide about it.


In my personal experience, I have noticed that fixing the posture ASAP helps a lot. You used to slouch over for a very long time during the breastfeeding, right? Well, that posture won’t be fixed automatically. You will have to work on that just like the way I mentioned above.

It takes time and it takes a lot of patience to get back the old shape. It’s definitely possible but you must have the will and a strong determination of following these 9 saggy breasts after breastfeeding solutions until you get your desired result.