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Best 2 Seater Ride On Car With Parental Remote Control To Buy In 2021

Ride-on kid’s electric cars can make babies lit up instantly. Not just for their happy and exciting childhood, they play a great role in developing some skills too.

But unless you get the best 2 seater ride on car with parental remote control, you will be frustrated and there is a safety concern too.

You must ensure safety first, then other features like headlights, horns, music, and so on. These two seater electric cars are not cheap, so you should spend a decent time researching to get the right one. 

Best Ride On Cars With Remote Control Comparison Table 

Land Rover
  • Remote: Yes
  • 2-Seater: Yes
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Best Choice Truck
  • Remote: Yes
  • 2-Seater: Yes
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Sinoluck Kids Mercedes
  • Remote: Yes
  • 2-Seater: Yes
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Moderno Kids
  • Remote: Yes
  • 2-Seater: Yes
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Kid Trax Dodge Viper
  • Remote: No
  • 2-Seater: Yes
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Power Wheels Dune Racer
  • Remote: No
  • 2-Seater: Yes
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2 Seater Ride On Car With Parental Remote Control Reviews 2021

two seater ride on car with remote

When it comes to finding a two seater ride on car with remote, you literally don’t have many options. Many beautiful kids’ electric cars don’t have any remote.

There are some electric cars for kids that come with remotes, but they are not 2-seater.

Anyway, I made the hard choice very easy for you. All 5 ride-on cars for toddlers are highly recommended by excited parents. I sorted the 5 based on their functionalities and positive feedback from parents.

Land Rover From Best Choice Products

A perfect 2-seater power wheel with all modern features and safety precautions that meet and exceed all of your expectations.

The seat is large enough for two children and it comes with the much-needed seat belt! The look and finish are great. A perfect replica!

From 2 to 10/12 years old, it’s perfect for every kid. At least 2 toddlers will fit in with much room to spare. 

best 2 seater ride on car with parental remote control
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Apart from the seat belts, the parental remote control works from a very long distance. And it works every time without any fail.

Your kid can drive manually or you can run the car forward and backward with the remote with speed selection. They have done everything to ensure your kids’ safety. 

The operation of the car is easy for almost any kid. The steering wheel does a great job turning wheels perfectly. It will start driving slowly and then accelerate gradually.

Both wheels have separate motor functionalities. When these wheels get stuck, both motors will automatically kick in to deliver more power.

There are two-speed limits. At low speed, it drives at a speed of 1.8 mph, and the fastest speed is 3.7 mph (which is equivalent to speed walking of adults). It’s fairly quiet. The wheels have rubber on them, so no disturbing noise at all.

Battery life is great too. It holds the charge for a decent time. To give you an idea, after a full charge, your kids can drive it for up to 2 hours+. Besides, you can always check the battery charging condition on the screen. 

The ride-on land rover features a modern dashboard that has a USB outlet for iPod/phone and built-in radio. The compartment storage under the hood is a cool feature to have. Not too many 2-seater kids electric cars have this feature. 

Pros & More Features

  • Made from PP plastic and features a sturdy metal frame. Last for years!
  • Use the remote as long as your kids can’t push the pedals or drive on their own. 
  • Removable/replaceable battery. Very easy to charge with a charging indicator (turns green when fully charged). More like laptop charging.
  • Rides very well on flat surfaces including grass and gravel driveway.
  • Perfect size and very roomy.
  • Doors open and latch easily.
  • Available in black and white color.
  • Treaded tires and 4-wheel suspension for smooth driving. 
  • Start-up sounds, horns, headlights – it has everything to make it realistic.
  • Plastic tires with rubber on them.
  • It features a rear-bottom handle so that you can transport it easily.
  • Very easy assembly with clear instruction. It should not take more than 20 minutes for the complete assembly.
  • A perfect choice for parents who want a double seater with storage.


  • Has very few incidences where the rubber comes off the plastic wheel.


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Truck From Best Choice Products

If your kids love listening to the radio, beeping the horn, and parental remote control – this is another great choice. As long as your kids can’t drive on their own, you can use the intelligent remote for them.

The price is also right. There are plenty of more reasons why it is recommended by thousands of happy parents.

Truck From Best Choice Products
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From start/stop to steering and moving forward to backward – you can do everything with the remotes. Already won the heart of thousands of parents. The built-in AUX port is great to play music from your phone/mp3 player.

With a powerful battery that retains the charge for a long time, it’s the most exciting thing your kids can have. It’s so easy to charge as well.

Enough room for two toddlers to drive comfortably and lit up momentarily. It comes with lots of preset songs too to make your toddler happy!

The sturdy build and overall quality are great. It’s made from sturdy material and not for a single time you will feel it’s cheap and flimsy.

No single part is easily breakable. Assembly is far easier than you think. 

Everything is realistic about the truck. From working headlights to horns and starting sounds, your toddler will have the first real experience of driving! You with the remote or your kid herself, make drive forward and reverse, make a left and right turn.

With seat belts and 3 speed settings, your baby is perfectly safe. Apart from solid ground, it rides well on the grass too.

Your little one will be obsessed with this ride-on electric car. It will be hard to keep your toddler out of the car. It can be a great gift for your loving child’s next birthday. It does not cost much and will be delivering pure joy for many years to come.

More Features & Pros

  • Available in 4 beautiful and eye-catching colors. Perfect for boys and girls. Pick yours from Red, Blue, Black, and Pink. 
  • Easily accommodate 2 tykes of 12 to 13 months.
  • Sturdy plastic made wheels.
  • From functionalities to design, everything is so realistic.
  • Both manual by kids and remote control by parent operation. From parking & steering to speed control, a parent can do everything with the remote.
  • Rechargeable and powerful 6V battery. Do not forget to charge the battery for the whole night for the first time. Yes, it comes with the charger too.
  • The size is just right with the dimension of 37.5 inches(L) x 24 inches(W) x 19.5 inches(H).
  • 44 lbs maximum weight capacity.
  • Perfect for sidewalks, parking lots, or anywhere that has level ground driving.
  • Easy assembly required. For a decently handy parent, it should take more or less 20 minutes.


  • Some features like horns may stop working after a while.


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Sinoluck Kids Electric Car

From my previous reviews, you have noticed that not all such cars can’t ride well on wet grasses, right? Well, Sinoluck has done a great job fixing the issue.

It can drive really well on taller grass, countryside, up & down hills, etc. Yes, it’s a 2 seater ride on car with remote control that has perfectly replicated the beauty of Mercedes Benz GT. 

Sinoluck Kids Electric Car
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With the 12V powerful and rechargeable battery, it can give your kids a perfect driving experience of a real car.

Don’t worry about the safety of your toddlers. Sinoluck has done everything to ensure the safety of your babies.

With the adjustable seat belts and parental remote control, your baby is perfectly safe.

After testing it for hours under various conditions, many parents have confirmed it as a badass car that never quits.

In many conditions under which it was not designed, yet it performed well. It’s roomy even for the 2 toddlers. 

Everything is so realistic about this car. From headlights to horns, it has everything to give your toddlers a real experience of driving a car. When you or our kid starts the car, the engine starting sound is so real! Your kids will love hearing this sound. 

Apart from all of these cool features, it has a USB slot for AUX and USB drive. So, your kids can make their driving even more enjoyable with their favorite music.

With fun, your tykes will learn a lot about driving like making a turn left or right, backing up, parking, etc.

The reinforced plastic made body is sturdy enough to ensure it’s extended durability.  The remote control covers a long distance (at least 100 feet).  You will find the remote very handy.

From driving forward to backward, the remote can steer the car pretty good. There is a power kill button “P”, just press it when you think your baby needs a stop.

Pros & More Features

  • Teach your little one all-important driving lessons with thinking and coordination with this insanely beautiful and realistic Mercedes car.
  • Real car-a-like dashboard.
  • Speed controls, seat belts, kill switch on remote – it has everything to ensure the safety of your tykes.
  • It’s a smaller size car but perfect for two little kids or one with a bigger kid. Being smaller has a great transportation advantage. You can transport it easily with your SUV and bring it to any park.
  • Separate harness for both seats. Pretty cool to teach your kids the importance of seat belts.
  • Apart from playing music, there is a radio option too.
  • 3 speed limits. 
  • Powerful 12-volt battery and charger. Once fully charged, it can run for hours.
  • 2.4g powerful remote with a wide range of coverage.
  • Perfect to drive on multiple surfaces including grass inclines. 
  • Easy assembly with clear to understand manual.


  • Very few received an already scratched one.


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Moderno Kids Jeep

First, let’s go through the bad parts. You will see lots of negative reviews about this amazing jeep. I have read the negative feedback.

In summary, the main reason why it got some terrible reviews is the fact that those parents and grandparents simply did not go through the manual completely and thoroughly.

Moderno Kids Jeep
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If you don’t read the manual completely and understand which parts go where you will end up leaving a negative review too. That will be the fault of yours, not the car.

Now, let’s see the good parts and why many happy parents call it the best 2 seaters ride on car with parental remote control.

Intensely powerful and sturdy Jeep that can withstand the weight of a parent too!

With all the amenities and modern features like remote control, headlights, and whatnot – you should seriously consider having this. It has all the functions, controls, and features that you see in a real jeep. 

With the parental remote, you will have absolute control of it. If your kids become so obsessed with it or go too far, you can take control with the remote.

If your kid is too little to drive on her own, you can assist her by driving it with the remote. You can change the speed of the car if your kid drives too fast.

There are three speed limits that your kid or you can control. For concrete or asphalt surface, the lower speed is good. If there is grass, the medium speed is better.

For intense speed, there is a third speed which is perfect for bigger tykes. On several occasions, it did great on rough terrain too. 

Ohh… the battery is incredibly powerful to drive more than a mile with enough charge left. Besides, you can take out the battery and charge it elsewhere at your convenience.

The seamless Bluetooth connectivity will double the joy of riding. Lights, music, radio, and so on – there is everything to lighten up the kids.

Again, it’s incredibly powerful and intelligent enough to go through high grass and bumpy terrain. Parents call it the unstoppable. But do not worry about the safety of your baby. As I have said above, it has every safety measure needed. 

Features & Pros

  • Perfect for boys and girls. It comes in 6 colors. 
  • 3 speed limits ranging from 2 to 6 mph. Do not worry, the remote can overpower the kid anytime and control speed including stopping it. You can make left and right turn including moving forward and reverse with the remote.
  • It features a soft gradual start with realistic revving sound. Electric brake system for gradual acceleration. 
  • 2 seat belts for 2 seats.
  • Very sturdy and well-constructed body with a powerful 12V battery.
  • It features rubberized wheels to keep the noise as minimal as possible and avoid skidding. 
  • Comfortable leather seats are an added bonus.
  • Assembly requires some time and it is a must you go through the entire manual to avoid frustration.


  • A little bit difficult to assemble it.

Kid Trax Dodge Viper

Your little one will love the real radio that it features. With the MP3 auxiliary port, your baby can play her own favorite music connecting her iTouch.

As she accelerates, it makes viper noise to give her a real experience. It has some other features that have made it better than any Power Wheels.

Kid Trax Dodge Viper
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You see, most Power Wheels won’t do great on grass. But the Dodge Viper nails it on grass, up and down smaller hills.

Literally, it’s perfect for any surface driving. With improved tire traction, faster speed, and so on – it’s simply better than Power Wheels. 

It goes faster than them too. You literally have to jog to keep up with your kids. The solid build and long battery life have already impressed a lot of parents. The rubber stripe on the wheels will keep it quiet and make handling easier.

The Trax Dodge Viper is so sturdy that it can take lots of load as the weight of an adult without sacrificing the weight. Its maximum weight recommendation is 130 pounds. A lot of parents have tested it and they have confirmed it.

It comes with a 12-volt battery and charging is super easy. You don’t need to remove the seat to charge it. Just open the gas cap and charge it like a real car. On the screen, you can see while it’s charging and the light will go green when it is fully charged. 

You won’t have this and other cool features in Power Wheels. To make your tykes super happy, it’s a good option to consider.

They have done everything to make it work as a real car. The headlights, radio, horns – every feature deserves a big clap. Opening and closing the doors to give a more practical sense. Because of the extra seat, your kid can give her friends rides too. 

Pros & More Features

  • A slick little car that is available in multiple styles and colors. If your little one wishes to be a police officer, get that one. Same features.
  • Insane adjustable speed limit ranging from 2.5 to 5 MPH. 
  • Roomy space for 2 toddlers. Two kids can ride very comfortably. 
  • A perfect blend of joy and adventurous driving on the rough terrain. Thanks to its rubberized wheels!
  • Charge holds for a very long time. 
  • From new tires to new batteries, you can buy replacement parts easily.
  • Very durable. After several years, many parents have confirmed that it’s still going on. Some even did not change the original battery.
  • Assembly does not take much time. Follow the manual and you can do it yourself!
  • A great Christmas or birthday present for your loving babies.


  • No remote control for parents. 
  • Doors don’t open. 
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Power Wheels Dune Racer

The perfectly safe steel frame made two-seater ride on car with remote is so durable that your kids won’t outgrow it anytime near soon.

Even after 5 to 6+ years of usage, many parents have confirmed that it’s working just fine. More so, some of them even did not replace the original battery!

Power Wheels Dune Racer
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Apparently, the manufacturer has put lots of thought to make it one of the smartest power wheels.

To ensure it’s longer usage, it does not have any dashboard. Plenty of space, even for the kids taller than their ages. 

It has a weight limit of 130 lbs. So, your kids or grandchildren will be able to ride for many years to come. Plenty of space for two kids.

There will be less stress while stopping and starting the car. Thanks to it’s strongest 7R gearbox and its intelligent mounting!

It sits very low to the ground, so your kids can sit comfortably and there is no chance of tipping over. 

However, being a lower profile ride-on car also means less visibility. You can set an umbrella on it to solve the issue.

Including grass and harder sand, it rides well on every flat surface. The plastic tires will be in good shape even after several years. Being plastic tires have some problems too. If your kids go too fast on hard surfaces, there is a chance the wheels may start sleeping. 

For added safety, the faster gear is locked by default and you have to use a screwdriver to enable it. Remember, the slow gear is more than enough for kids under 3 to 4 years. 

The power wheels are automatically locked as soon as your kid puts his/her foot out of the gas pedal for extra safety. However, you can easily upgrade those wheels with rubber wheels if it seems a major problem for you. Here is an unboxing and live demo for you.

More Features & Pros

  • Apart from flat surfaces, it rides well on rough terrain and wet grass. 
  • It comes with a power 12-volt battery with a charger. The original battery lasts for years!
  • For forward driving, it has two speed limits like 2.5 mph and 5 mph. For reverse, it has only 2.5 mph speed for safety reasons.
  • It features a power lock brake system that never fails your kids.
  • Don’t be worried about the age of your kids. Just keep in mind that the weight limit is 130 lbs. Forget the age limit as long as the weight limit is okay.
  • Both the rear wheels get powered up by the engine for perfect balance.
  • Lots of replacement wheels, batteries, and other parts available to make it even more awesome.


  • No real seat belt. 
Final Verdict

Alright, you spent a lot of time getting the right electric car for kids. From the above 6 ride-on cars for toddlers, it should not be too hard for you.

If I were you, I would get the Land Rover that I have reviewed first. Because it has everything that you can expect from the best 2 seater ride on car with parental remote control.