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Best Remote Control Car Under $100 For Kids To Buy In 2021

Within your budget, you can still have the best remote control car under $100 if you know where to look. For children everywhere, one of the most fun and favorite games that they are interested in is RC cars. 

However, with the growing boundary of the gaming industry, more manufacturers are coming up with different versions. So, it’s kind of a hectic job finding the right one.

But you are in the right place! You got nothing to worry about.

Best Remote Control Car Under $100 Comparison Table

JEYPOD Racing Car
  • Remote Range: 50-80m
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Amicool Stunt Car
  • Feat. 360 degree Spin & Flip
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  • Remote Range: 50-80m
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  • Remote: 2.4GHz
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Lamborghini Veneno Car
  • Speed: up to 5mph
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5 Remote Control Car Reviews 2021

remote control car for kids

You want to buy something good quality with reliable features and safe operation. To help you with that choice, here is everything you need to know about some of the best toy cars dominating the market currently.

JEYPOD RC Racing Car

When speaking of which is the best toddler remote control car, JEYPOD RC Racing Car is one name that needs mentioning. In fact, with the many functions that it contains, it is definitely well-liked by children who use it.

Indeed, the fact that it works using a well-powered wireless remote receiver makes it quite easy to handle.  

best remote control car under $100 from JEYPOD
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Not to mention, this remote controller has a power capacity of 2.4 GHz, which allows it to work well with the battery-powered car.

Of course, the batteries themselves are of high-quality function, and each handles 700 mAh 3.6V power. For incredible performance, this is essential, and thankfully, the manufacturers kept that in mind with this merchandise.

Moreover, the batteries have the function of recharging, which means you don’t have to change them constantly.

Not only does this save your money, but it also improves the many features of this product. The fact that you can attach 4 of them only adds to the overall appeal of this toy car and makes your experience enjoyable.

What’s more, the remote transmitter contains the functionality of working for 50 to 80 meters of distance from the car. This allows you to use this toy car over a larger area, and if the user is a young child, ensure their safety.

Also, this does not negatively affect its speed of 10-20 km/H, which makes this remote-controlled car very attractive to players.

As far as the environment is concerned, the manufacturers of this product kept that in mind as well and constructed it accordingly. Using raw materials like some non-harmful plastic variant, it only makes the product more sustainable.

Not to mention, the electronic elements fitted into the car are also produced, keeping in mind the environmental concerns. Thus, in case the car gets damaged or degraded over time, and you have to throw it away, it won’t adversely affect the surroundings.

Last but not least, there are some other highly useful features that the JEYPOD remote control car for kids showcases in the matter of control. The remote controller is designed in a pistol grip style, which makes it easier and more comfortable to wield.

Additionally, you can use the wireless transmitter on multiple toy vehicles simultaneously, which makes it more fun!

More features

  • You can easily manage it on different types of land, and outdoors as well.
  • The batteries take at least 3 hours to charge correctly for optimum performance.
  • It is safe against shock, water, or crashing.
  • Twists easily in all directions without issues or difficulty.


  • The grip is incredibly comfortable for kids to hold.
  • Distance is not an issue between the car and the controller.
  • The transmitter works wirelessly.
  • Can control more than a single car.
  • Speed is well manageable.


  • Not durable controller.
  • Connection issues can occur.
  • Does not last for a high amount of time, despite repeated recharging.

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Amicool Stunt Car Toy

When it comes to cars with remote controls, one of the best in the market that you will find is surely the Amicool Stunt Car Toy.

Of course, this is not a baseless statement, and there are many reasons why that is so. After all, it is an electric-controlled gadget that does not require any batteries to function and can do so well for a longer duration.

Amicool Stunt Car Toy
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What it does not show in its size, this product surely makes up for it in its performance! Not to mention, it is entirely responsive to a wireless remote controller for operation and works well without any interference.

Certainly, whether you use it or a child does, the exceptional qualities of this remote-controlled car is effortless to adapt to.

Not to mention, this toy is easily navigable, and you can direct it in multiple directions while you use it.

Consequently, its stable build and sound quality exterior allow it to slide smoothly over different types of surfaces. The connection between the transmitter and the car is also highly effective, and it can control it without much disturbance.

Needless to say, the design element of this remote control racing car is also very satisfactory to the eye. This increases interest amongst toy car enthusiasts, and its target audience as well- young children.

Of course, the high-quality environment-friendly materials that are used in its manufacturing only adds to the reasons why you should invest in it. 

After all, the ABS plastic is entirely safe and does not contain any extra non-toxic elements. Thus, kids can use it too, and you don’t have to worry much about rough use or them getting hurt.

On the plus side, this base material is very light and therefore makes the product easy to handle and operate.

To put it simply, the various tricks that you can perform with this toy car are exciting, including functions like 360 degrees flipping, extreme swerves, etc.

While all that is true, you need to put in AAA batteries for it to work in the first place. However, there is no battery recharging function in this model but does work perfectly nonetheless.

More features

  • Use this product with proper intervals of at least 15 minutes in between uses.
  • The amount of time it works depends on the battery percentage.
  • You cannot start operating the remote controller before switching on the car so that the frequencies can adjust.


  • Can flip in different directions quickly and without any issues.
  • Stable built and works well for long.
  • Can rotate easily and is very flexible.
  • Safe for kids.
  • Speed is satisfactory for children.


  • You cannot recharge the batteries.
  • Small in size.
  • Make sure to check the age restrictions to avoid accidents. 

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JEYPOD High Speed Racing RC Car

While choosing a gift of a remote control car for kids, you need to look into a lot of factors. Therefore, the features for the safety and more comfortable performance of this product would only help you make the correct decision.

However, if that is your main concern, you should surely check out the JEYPOD High-Speed Racing RC Car. 

JEYPOD High Speed Racing RC Car
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Not only does this have an excellent outer appearance, but also the execution of its functions is highly customer-friendly.

After all, this red remote toy car comes with a wireless controller that allows you to command the car quickly. Not to mention, the 2.4 GHz power limit that it contains lets you use this for a more extended period of time as well.

Further, another thing that you would surely find very attractive about this product is how it works over long distances too!

Thus,  if your child plays with this car, they can effectively control this over at-least a 50-80m radius. You don’t have to always worry about them tripping over the toy car or it hurting them accidentally.

On that note, the receiver controls the speed of the car, which can extend up to 10 to 20 km/H. Not only is it not too high-powered that it can hurt them, but also not low enough that they would get bored.

Indeed, its manufacturers have kept all these features in mind while designing the product and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Also, the remote control is pistol-grip-based, thereby ensuring that that it is comfortable to hold. If children use it, they would find this very simple and would enjoy the comfortable fit as well.

Besides, if you want, this controller can work with many cars over a particular spot efficiently and simultaneously.

Similarly, this product is very environmentally conscious as well, and it is made using non-toxic materials. As far as batteries are concerned, there is an advantage there too, with 4 in total working in tandem. 

You can use two each for both the transmitter and car, and it runs for a satisfactory amount of time.

More features

  • This product runs entirely on motor power.
  • You do not have to worry about it crashing into different areas; the product is made of protective materials.
  • The springs inside the model are entirely shockproof.
  • The material safeguards this product against water damage


  • Can work over long distances.
  • Works with more than one vehicle.
  • Manufactured wit graded materials that would not affect the environment.
  • Can reach good speed potential.
  • Easy to hold.


  • Speed only goes up to a certain limit.
  • Some people might find it cost.
  • Small children can choke on the smaller components, and thus, you should notice age restrictions when buying. 

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When you are buying the best remote control car under $100, there are many things that you need to look into, in order to make sure that they are safe.

Not to mention, the functionality of the car should match its hype, and satisfy its users with their performance. Therefore, if you are searching for a reliable model for such, you cannot go wrong with the DEERC RC Car.

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Indeed, with its high-power features and satisfactory control capability, this product is one of the best currently available.

Not to mention, it also comes with double rechargeable batteries, which effectively increases its stamina. Using this, the car can run for around 40 minutes, comparatively higher than a similar competing model, and children love that!

Of course, the body of this toy car is also beyond reproach, made with light quality material for more traction. 

Also, the main functioning part inside the car is covered using a heat sink made of metal. This helps in increasing the lifeline of the motor and letting the product work longer by facilitating faster heat dissipation.

Furthermore, the wheels of this toy car are made with elements that make it shock absorbent. Thus, when you use the car on rough terrains and swerve it using more force, that does not damage the product.

This ultimately helps in improving the lifetime of the product by a long margin and saves it from wear and tear.

In the aspect of its great qualities, one of the main reasons behind its popularity is the speed plus durability of the product. Indeed, with a remote controlling system operating at 2.4 GHz, it helps the user control the movement better.

Not to mention, you can also control the product’s speed and throttle remotely from the transmitter over much distance.

All in all, these features make DDERC the best remote control car for kids you can get. Not only is it extremely fascinating for the children, but the adults also enjoy its robust capabilities and potential.

If you want to buy this product, it is not a decision you would regret, for sure!

More features

  • Each battery gives an extended time 20 minutes each and is rechargeable.
  • The alloy component in the products allows you to turn the left and right wheels in the opposite direction.
  • The chassis strength and transmission features have received an upgrade from previous models which will enable it to function satisfactorily.
  • Requires at least 2 hours of charging time and then operates for more than that, depending on your usage. 


  • The tires are made using highly durable fibers for a better grip.
  • Can achieve higher speed in lesser time.
  • Works on different types of grounds without damage.
  • Made with durable and shock absorbent material.
  • Avoid heating from the inside too much


  • Issues in steering sometimes.
  • Batteries are not rechargeable.
  • Costly for some people 

RC Lamborghini Veneno

Indeed, when you are buying a suitable car with remote control for your kids, the functions it provides are highly essential.

However, with the influx of bigger and better alternatives in the market, you cannot satisfy the tiny clients with sub-par design. They want something better and cooler-looking, and what is more appropriate than a remote-control model of a race-car? 

RC Lamborghini Veneno
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Certainly, the RC Lamborgini Veneno is the best of both worlds that you’ll find, and its popularity is very understandable.

With an attractive real-like design and above-par controls, this product carries with it a lot of exciting features.

This includes its operational quotient as well as the durability of the product, something highly essential considering its target audience.

Therefore, the material that is used while manufacturing this toy car is sturdy yet light-weight, implying a stable performance.

Not to mention, the tires of the car are constructed with plastic fibers that are not toxic, also protecting the environment simultaneously.

You can use it for long periods, and the product would not reduce in its performance no matter how many times you use it.

As if that’s not enough, the car runs on a remote system as well, and the controls are neither challenging to use nor understand.

Young children can smoothly drive this car in any direction they prefer, and adult supervision is not too necessary. Further, the controller powers at 27 MHz, which ensures faster but smoother movement and controls.

Additionally, this remote control car for kids received its status more so thanks to the speed and productivity it can achieve. The motor extends the acceleration up-to five mph, which is fast but not unsafely so.

Therefore, you can let the young children play with it without having to worry much about accidents.

Interestingly enough, the manufacturers of this product have kept in mind its overall look plus added lighting too. Thus, children would enjoy seeing the headlights and rear-lights working just like the real-life version of it.

Not only would they love this product more, but also it would help them navigate the cars in darker regions properly.

More features

  • This product appeals to all generations owing to its high-quality performance and endurance.
  • Also, it works well enough in rougher regions too, which the shock-resistant tires help control.
  • The product does not work on a wired connection at all and is highly functional based on the technology.
  • The speed that this product can reach is very stable and satisfactory to control.
  • You can operate two cars using the same frequency but at alternate turns


  • Not tricky to control at all.
  • The navigation system is satisfactory.
  • The realistic look comes with lighting features as well.
  • Achieves satisfactory speed.
  • Works on various surfaces both outdoors and indoors 


  • Uses with steering can occur.
  • Speed is not too high.
  • Can be too expensive if buying for many 
Best Remote Control Cars For 5 Year Olds Under $100 Buying Guide

R C cars come in a lot of variety and shape like any ride-on car with the remote control. Not all of them are suitable for your kids.

The main trouble with such cars is that unless you become really skeptical, you will end up buying something that won’t last for a while. 

You do not want to disappoint your toddler. So, it’s very important to choose very carefully and remember the below-mentioned factors:

  • Pick The Right Type

Including cars and trucks, you can get buggies too. They come in lots of variety too. If your kid loves fast RC vehicles, you should get the car model.

They can go as fast as 100 mph on smooth surfaces. But if your kid loves off-road action, then you will be better off having the remote control trucks for 3 year olds model. Buggies can run in both situations.  

  • Size/Scale

Scale determines the size of the RC car in relation to the actual car size. They are available in ⅕, ⅛, 1/10, 1/16, and so on. The bigger the car the more expensive it is. Take consideration of your driveway and storing space while determining the size.   

  • Age And Price Range

Younger children will more likely break their toys than adolescents. So, you should pick them according to their age of suitability. All the models I have reviewed above come with age recommendations.

Don’t spend too much on toys for smaller kids (less than $50 is ideal). But if you got an older child, spend as much s $100 to $150.

  • Remote Type

They come in two types and shapes. Either pistol grip controller or stick grip controller. The latter type is less precise but suitable for younger children. This is the most common type as well.

The pistol grip remote is more precise to make the turn but takes a little bit of skill to operate. That’s why they are suitable for older children.

  • Power Source (Nitro Vs. Battery)

All the remote control sports cars are either nitro fuel or battery powered. Battery-powered RC cars are cheap but less powerful and slower. Just charge the rechargeable batteries, put them in and it’s ready to run. Suitable for younger children.

On the other hand, RC cars run on nitro fuel are the most powerful and run faster. For racing competition among kids, there are best. But they are costly and recommended only for older children only.

Final Verdict

Overall, the qualities of these products are manufactured, keeping in mind the safety of the children who will use them. However, that does not mean that the functionality is compromised; in fact, they contain lots of high-definition operational features. 

You need to look into the main features before deciding if you should buy it, and that includes longevity and performance.

Therefore, you would not waste any money while also purchasing the best remote control car under $100 with better quality and reliability.