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LATEST Pregnancy Gifts For First Time Moms From Friends & Family

Every first-time momma goes through a lot – both mentally and physically. A totally life-changing phase of her life. No matter how you are related, there are plenty of pregnancy gifts for first-time moms to show your mental support.

If you are already a momma, you already know the experience. You have your own ideas. Nonetheless, these first time mom to be gifts will broaden your ideas.

Exciting New Mommy To Be Gifts Ideas

Out of 90+ gifts for pregnant friend ideas, here are some most common of them:

  • Pregnancy Pillow
  • Maternity Belt
  • Compression Socks
  • Memory Foam Slippers
  • Baby Swing
  • Car Seats & Strollers
  • Fleece Bundler
  • Baby Glider
  • Burp Cloths
  • Newborn Sleeper
  • Baby Carrier
  • And 100+ more!

90+ Pregnancy Gifts For First Time Moms From Husband And Friends

Pregnancy Gifts For First Time Moms

I believe I have covered all the first time mom to be gifts in this giant article. If I did not and you have something to add, please let me know in the comment box. Now, let’s have a throughout look.

  1. Pregnancy Skin Care Set

There will be a rapid change in the body of the new momma in terms of size and shape. It causes non-stop itching too. Eventually, she will get scratch marks in several sensitive places.

An all skincare set can help a lot to keep the growing body and belly moisturized. Get her something that is all-natural to avoid any side-effects.

  1. Maternity Bras

bras for large breasts

A must-have item for every new mom. During and after the pregnancy, her breasts will grow bigger. All her regular size bras will be totally useless forever!

This thoughtful gift can save her spending a lot buying bigger bras. The good thing about such maternity bras is that the new momma can use it during the pregnancy and when she breastfeeds her baby.

They won’t cost you much. Only $50 to $100 bucks can get 2 to 3 pairs.

  1. Full-body Pregnancy Pillow

Sleeping peacefully in this challenging time is hard both physically and mentally. A pregnancy pillow can at least bring comfort physically by supporting her knees, back, hips, and head.

If you get her a curved pregnancy pillow, she will find it helpful sleeping in various positions with her growing belly.

The painful legs and sore back don’t let the new to be mom sleep well. Since the regular pillow can’t do the job, she seriously needs a full-body supporting pillow. She will really appreciate having such a thoughtful gift from you.

  1. Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

When a full-body pregnancy pillow is added to the bed, it will take a significant space in there. There will be less space for the hubby. You do not want her to kick out him. A pregnancy pillow wedge can solve the problem and help her sleep tension-free.

  1. Pixie Tunes

A great way to spend time with great enjoyment for new moms. Any pixie tunes come with several features where the new mom can listen to music or even talk to her baby without disturbing it.

Even the baby can have benefited from it. The stereo splitter lets the mom and the baby listen to two different music simultaneously.

  1. Complete Gift Set

Instead of gifting her items individually, you can give her a complete set of lotion, sitz bath, body cream, so many other stuff. Such gift sets are available in your local gifting shops and online stores.

  1. Bump Boxes

As the pregnancy goes by, the expecting mom will go through several physical and mental changes that will require different items. That’s the reason bump boxes are ideal for such scenarios.

The beauty of these boxes is that each month the new mom will find something new to satisfy her needs. She can use the same single box for several months to come.

  1. Moisturizing Cream

creams for stretch marks

For dry and sensitive skin of the mommy to be, such moisturizing coconut creams are simply a blessing. They help to prevent stretch marks too.

Other ingredients of such creams are Aloe Vera, chamomile, lavender extract, and so on. All her good for the skin. Without giving her any greasy or sticky feeling, these stretch mark prevention cream during pregnancy will help her to keep her poor skin dehydrated.

  1. Multi-Tasking Muslin Blankets

The first few months will be challenging for her to get her baby to sleep peacefully. Muslin blankets can work as a game-changer to solve the problem.

These strong but lightweight and soft blankest can keep her baby swaddled. And the real beauty is these blankets have multiple usages.

They are breathable and perfectly safe for the newborn. The mom can use it as the changing blanket or burp cloths and since they are washable, she can use it years after years.

  1. Baby Language DVD

Baby cries and make various movements for various reasons expressing their needs. For new mommies, it’s hard to understand such actions. These interpreting videos will help the new mommy to understand her baby better.

There are various types of baby cries like hungry/tired/discomfort/gas cries. Only the experienced mommies can differentiate among them.

Besides, these DVDs contain expert tips on how to communicate with the baby and interpret the baby sounds. Gift her such baby language DVD to make her understand clearly.

  1. Wrap Around Nursing Pillow

Unless the breastfeeding moms feel comfortable around her back and shoulders, she can’t breastfeed her babies efficiently. That’s why the new mom needs to feel the ultimate comfort first.

Such wraps for the nursing pillow helps with that.

When the mom feels comfortable, the baby feels comfortable too. Breastfeeding won’t seem challenging then. As a considerable close relative, make sure to gift her a wraparound nursing pillow for the too.

  1. Cloth Diapers

I prefer them to have in stock so that I can use them when the disposable diapers are run out. For new moms, these cloth diapers are essential too for the same reason.

Of course, she can use these cloth diapers alone instead of disposable diapers to save money. They can absorb liquid great. There is nothing wrong here and the baby will be fine.

As a sincere friend, give her such cloth diapers so that she can spend the saved money on something else.

  1. SleepSack

From day one of the newborn, she can use it. Very comfortable for baby and she will sleep great there until she outgrows it. The mother will find it more adorable swaddling her baby in it.

They are made from stretchy but soft material to ensure extra comfort. For diaper change, they have an inverted zipper system too. And sleeping in there is some kind of self-soothing too for the baby.

There is no danger for the baby sleeping in such sleep sacks. They don’t cover the face of the baby like blankets. So, it can be used to sleep at night too.

  1. Breastfeeding Bottles

breastfeeding bottles

As soon as the breastfeeding stops, the new mommy will be needing them. In fact, she will be needing them during the breastfeeding time too.

Since she will have to clean them a lot, gift her multiple breastfeeding bottles so that she won’t have to buy them anytime near soon.

  1. Changing Clutch

Pretty soon the new mommy will start traveling with her baby and she will be needing lots of baby items to use on the go. Giving her such changing clutches is a precious gift since she can keep the wipes and other creams organized.

Keeping those items in a large bag will drive her crazy to find them easily. Save her from such trouble!

  1. Baby Swing

No matter how much the new mom loves her baby, she can’t hold her all the time. That’s why a baby swing is crucial for every new parent. Why not gift her that?

The little one will drive her crazy and she may find a hard time to fall asleep. A baby swing will calm the baby almost momentarily and the new mom can have her much-needed rest.

There are plenty of trusted brands that offer safe baby swings at an affordable cost. My favorite is Graco.

  1. Accurate Thermometer

The new momma may not know it yet but as an experienced parent you already know the newborn will get cold and fever more frequently than what she may understand.

This is a crucial device that every parent should have. An accurate thermometer will determine whether your friend should make a trip or go to the ER instead.

  1. Burp Cloths

Without any doubt, burp cloths are considered too great gift items in such circumstances. 100% cotton burp cloths can absorb better than any other cloths.

They are very sensitive to the delicate skin of the newborn and comfortable. As they are machine washable, your soon to mom friend can use it for several months.

  1. Baby Wrap

A very handy baby item that your friend will love to have to hold her baby snuggly and doing all the works. They are not complicated to wear and very safe for the baby.

If I were you, I would pick the slip-on type T-shirt style baby wrap. Sure, there are plenty of them but give the new mommy something that will be helpful for her for a long time.

  1. Newborn Sleeper

For the first few months, the new mommy will be sleeping with her baby in the same bed. But for the baby, she will be needing something special. Yes, the sleeper!

The beauty of it is that the mother can put it on her bed or anywhere she wishes. She can cook in the kitchen placing it nearby the window too. How efficient is that!

  1. Baby Carrier

plus size baby carrier

Help the soon-to-be-mom giving her a baby carrier so that she can go shopping conveniently with the baby. These snuggle sacks are perfectly safe for the baby and keep the little one comfortable.

Modern baby carriers come with attachment covers to safeguard the baby against the scorching sun, wind, and sudden cold. Until the baby becomes a toddler, it can be used for a very long time and the mom will always remember your gift.

New moms may find the baby wraps troubling with lots of knots and twists. In this case, she will appreciate a simple baby carrier that does not require mastery of experience.

  1. Car Seats & Strollers

This is probably the most common first-time mom to be gifts from close relatives.

As soon as she brings her newborn home, she will need a car seat for the baby. In fact, she will be needing it to bring her baby home from the hospital for proper support.

The newborn can spend a lot of time on the stroller and the parent will get a break each day. They cost a lot but a very thoughtful gift item for every parent.

  1. Fleece Bundler

She is gonna need it in the upcoming winter season for the baby. The winter coat is not safe for the baby. Instead, a fleece bundler can bundle the little one from head to toe without any hazards.

It’s a great combo for the baby car seat too. The whole of it is soft and comfy for the baby. Since they are machine washable, it can be used years after years. It fits there perfectly.

  1. Car Seat Footmuff

This is something that works just like the fleece bundler. Since it has multiple layers, the baby can use it for both the warm and cold seasons.

The thermal plush design keeps the baby comfy. Both the car seat footmuff and fleece bundler are great gifts for a newly pregnant friend.

  1. Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Imagine how the new mom can feed her newborn when she returns to work. Yes, she must pump her breastmilk using any pumping machine. It makes the pumping so easy!

This is one of the wonderful pregnancy gifts for first time moms from husband that every husband should gift to her better half. Right after giving birth, your wife will be needing it for balanced feeding.

  1. Baby Glider

A newborn needs to see her momma all the time even when she is working. A baby glider works like a charm where the baby can watch her momma working sitting there.

The baby can take naps too. The baby can sit there for hours and can fall sleep automatically. Thanks to its various positioning systems. That’s what has made the glider a wonderful gift item.

I know there are plenty of brands that offer such stuff but Graco is simply the pioneer and king. Don’t go for anything else.

  1. Video Baby Monitor

baby monitor with mobile app

As soon as the newborn starts sleeping in a separate room, the new mom must respond to the various needs during each night. She needs to ensure that the baby is sleeping well and safely.

Only one way that is possible is having a baby monitor with video and audio features. Such smart monitors can send an alarm to the parent when the baby is awake or make any movement.

Anyone can gift her that for her peace of mind that will keep serving for some years. Let the new parents feel some relaxation with such a useful gift.

  1. Diaper Genie

Expecting mothers love to make their long list of what they will be needed for the baby. The diaper genie is one of them. Cloths diapers seem adorable and economic, but in reality, the baby will sleep better with disposable diapers.

And the new mom will be needing it a lot of them for several for the first few years. Save her from such troubles and gift her a couple of diaper genie. It’s a cute gift item for every new parent.

  1. Baby Nail Clippers

Baby nails are really sharp and will cause painful scratch marks to the new parents. Nail clippers that are specifically designed for babies are safe and designed to cut nails from small fingers.

So, I consider it as another wonderful pregnancy gifts for new parents. No matter whether the baby is sleeping or awake, the new parent can always cut those sharper dagger nails.

  1. Peppermint Foot Lotion

Every pregnant woman has to suffer from swollen and sore feet. This is one of the most terrible pregnancy symptoms that you can help her to get some comfort.

If you are looking for a present for a pregnant friend, not for baby, such foot lotion is a good idea. It softens and moisturizes the calluses and heels and helps to relieve pains and soreness. It soothes the sore feet really well.

  1. Morning Sickness Candies

Morning sickness gets worse for the pregnant mom, especially during the first trimester. Such candies help a lot to ease the queasy tummy and morning sickness.

If you are someone close to her, you will know her taste. These candies are available in several tastes like lemon, sour raspberry, tangerine, and so on.

The sour taste of such candies will be her good friend during the entire pregnancy and she will crave for it each morning. For the expecting mom, a pack of such candies is a wonderful gift item.

  1. Pregnancy Demystified Book

There are a lot of uncertainties and confusion among newly expected mommies. Such printed or E-books are written by professionals and full of in-depth insights and tips.

She can learn all bout C-sections, necessary workouts, water-birth, and even how to maintain her sexual life during the pregnancy.

  1. Diaper Backpack

When the new mom will make small trips here and there with the newborn, she will need to carry a lot of diapers. I mean a LOT of them. How can she carry such diapers without a decent and cute diaper backpack?

Sure, there are plenty of ways to carry such bags but a backpack is always preferable since it will keep the hands of the mommy free.

Do not go for the Winnie the Pooh-style bag. Gift her a leather backpack that is made of pure leather and cowhide with lots of pockets and adjustable straps options.

  1. Ring Sling

When the new parent needs to hold the baby upright to avoid the baby reflux, the baby needs a ring sling. So if you are looking for sentimental gifts for pregnant sister, get her a ring sling.

If you don’t want to give her a baby wrap, give her this instead. Baby outgrows wraps too fast and a ring sling is still a good choice for a big baby. The new mom can carry her baby everywhere in the sling.

  1. Nursing Tank Tops

Being comfortable day and night is crucial for every new mother. She can’t constantly change her dresses. A nursing tank top is an answer to satisfy all the needs.

To make such tank tops comfortable, they are usually made from breathable fabric and that’s the reason they are so lightweight.

Yes, she can breastfeed her baby and sleep in it too. They are so soft and comfortable that she won’t be wearing it for months! They come with a built-in bra too!

  1. Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

Of course, the doctor will give her the right diet plan but you can still help her with a nutrition guide to ensure the perfect pregnancy. Pregnancy changes the eating habits of every mom differently.

It’s so helpful for the mom if she can find the right food for her own condition. And if she gets excited to try something different, she can check herself whether it will be good or bad for the baby and herself.

Such a nutrition book will take out all the guesswork and she can eat without worrying too much.

  1. Tea Starter Pack

The expectant momma will try to have something different in her drinks and such a tea starter pack comes with 10 to 12 tea flavor to satisfy her needs. All the flavors are targeted for the expectant mamas.

  1. Maternity/Nursing Pajamas

These special pajama sets for the pregnant women have featured waistband and top. A very useful gift so that she does not have to change it too often.

  1. Maternity Sweater

When you think of something like this as a gift item, you should know that it makes the soon-to-be mama comfortable whenever she needs some warmth. And she can look stylish too if you pick the right one for your friend.

  1. Foot Massager Roller

As you know the discomfort from the swollen and sore feet, you can gift her such foot massager roller to give her some comfort. Such a roller relieves such issues almost momentarily. She will be ever grateful for this great gift.

  1. Nipple Cream

A personal but very thoughtful gift item. If you are looking for a present for pregnant friend not for baby, then give her a nipple cream.

Trust me, she will be needing it desperately to keep her nipples moisturized. Without such creams, there will be cracks in there.

Make sure to give her a good-grade nipple cream so that it does not create any problem for the baby. They are totally plant-based and enriched with shea butter, marshmallow, and other natural ingredients.

  1. Electric Breast Pump

A must-have baby item for working moms. And if the new mom is your colleague, gifting her such a breast pump is a cool idea that she will be using for a long time.

Besides, the new mom can use it if she can’t breastfeed her baby directly. Yes, it can be painful for some moms! Only an electric breast pump machine can solve the problem.

However, do not give her any manual breast pump. Instead, give her an electric kind so that pumping breastmilk becomes an effortless experience for her.

  1. Crib Mobile

crib mobile for baby

This is an integral part of the nursery and to keep the baby engaged for hours and self-soothe her, such crib mobiles are second to none.

Apart from playing music, it comes with a nightlight and other stuffed toys. The newborn baby will love it. Besides, when she outgrows it – she can still use the music part as a growing kid.

So, if you are planning to gift the expecting mom something like this, make sure to give her a crib mobile with light and music.

  1. Food Pouch Holders

Kids love to play with everything including their foods. If the mom is not alert always, the kids will squeeze the foods everywhere and create a mess on the floor.

This is where the food pouch holders come into play. They effectively prevent the kids from squeezing foods, so it won’t be a nightmare for the new mom to do all those painful cleanings.

Such holders are very convenient to use. The mom can attach it to the stroller and she can keep all of her small and large pouches in there. Now, if you plan to gift her such holders, make sure they are FDA approved.

  1. All-Purpose Baby Wipes

To make the diaper changing task a little less gross, such baby wipes work like a charm. It will take some time for the new parent to get used to changing diapers and such wipes will help them a lot in this process.

The good thing about such wipes is that the mom can use it to clean up the face of the baby too. Yes, they are just perfect for the sensitive skin of the baby. Just make sure they are abrasive wipes.

Not just during the diaper change, the baby will make a mess while the mom feeds her too. There will be breastmilk or other baby food all over her face, neck, and on the belly too. Such quality wipes make the cleaning job so easy!

  1. Birthing Tips DVD

It’s even better than the books if she can get all the vital information on DVD. After watching such DVDs full of birthing tips. These instructional videos will help her to be prepared for birth in the coming months.

There are some tips that are not available in books. Since they contain real video content, there won’t be any confusion to understand.

Such DVDs boost her confidence and help to prepare her both mentally and physically. You can do a great job gifting her such useful DVDs.

  1. Baby Bouncer

Infants sleep on such bouncers well and they will keep sleeping there until they are 6 to 8 months old.

Since all the modern baby bouncers come with automatic vibrations, the infant will fall asleep almost monetarily.

The mom won’t be having any hard time being awake. The beauty of having such bouncers is that the parent can keep the baby close to them.

  1. Baby Rocker

Temper tantrum babies are hard to manage and the mommy will find it very difficult to calm her baby down. You can help her to solve the problem gifting her such rocker.

The new mommy will be buying it for sure because of its huge benefits. Such vibrating rocker clams the crying baby almost momentarily.

The alleviated seat helps the mom to put on and off the baby without hurting her back. The seat is machine washable and such rockers last for years!

All the modern baby rockers come with modern features like a mobile and other hanging toys for the baby to keep her engaged in there. If you are seriously looking for first time mom to be gifts, gift her that.

  1. Baby Shusher

Of course, there are plenty of ways to calm the baby but having an automatic baby shusher goes a long way and considered to be a blessing for new moms.

These are battery-operated, it does not keep the mommy engaged but calms the baby in no time. Being portable is another advantage, so the mom can take it anywhere she goes with the baby.

  1. Bottle Warmers

Once the baby stops breastfeeding, the non-stop bottle feeding will start for some years. To keep those bottles germ-free and clean, the mommy has to wash and warm those bottles.

The baby won’t drink anything else if the temperature is not right just like the breastmilk. Such warmer bottles can heat up the milk or formula food almost instantly. For busy parents, they are very useful!

You can reduce the workload by giving her a bottle warmer. She can take it anywhere so that she does have to look for warm water in unfamiliar places.

  1. Portable Play Yard

For outdoor fun and sports, such play yards are great. The new mom can take it anywhere she plans to make her trips.

It’s something where the baby will spend time playing with her toys and she can take a nap too. In fact, it works as a great portable crib for grandma’s house too for overnight staying there.

  1. Infant Bathtub

Giving a bath to the little one is scary for the new mom who will be dealing with this for the first time. Infants are delicate and dealing with them when wet is scary.

That’s where an infant bathtub comes in. They are specially designed (yes, comes with a hammock for the support) for the infant and they meet all the safety guidelines.

The new mom will just have to place it inside the sink. And then, she will be able to give her baby a nice bath.

  1. Nursing Cover

A lot of new moms hesitate to breastfeed her babies in front of other people at home and in public places. So, a nursing cover is something she needs until all the hesitations go away.

Not necessarily it has to be a nursing cover, any cover will do the job. But if you are gifting her something like this, make sure it’s a nursing cover that always stays in place.

Specifically nursing cover is easy to use. All she has to do is just hang it around her neck. Yes, there is a mechanism too (top boning) so that the mom can check on her infant.

  1. Self-Feeding Utensils

When the newborn comes in the family, the mother has to prepare different types of foods for different age-class family members. The mom needs to ensure food for younger and older kids.

To reduce the workload from the mom, gift her self-feeding utensils so that she can put soft foods for the youngest and other foods for older kids.

  1. Gripe Water & Gas Relief Drops

If you are looking for not so common pregnancy gifts for first time moms, think about giving her such gas relief drops and gripe water. Very important for babies who are having a hard time breastfeeding because of their tied tongues and lips.

When the new mom notices such symptoms, she will momentarily understand that her baby is suffering from gas. For the colic relief and relief from infant gas, such drops are second to none.

Such gas relief drops and gripe water are recommended by pediatricians, so they are perfectly safe for the baby. Give the expected mommy such useful items in advance so that she can be ready when the time comes.

  1. Co-Sleeper

It’s something with 3-sides and the 4th side goes directly up against the bed of the parent. When setting it up tight and right, it becomes a sturdy part of the baby without any movement.

This is necessary for the baby because the mother needs to constantly feed her. And she can do it without getting up from her bed.

As you can see, a co-sleeper is great to keep the baby close to her mommy. It’s a decent and common gift for newly pregnant friends. She will appreciate it a lot!

  1. Bedside Bassinet

newborn bassinet safety

A Halo bassinet is always an exciting gifting idea and the expecting mom will surely love it. The new mom can use it independently anywhere inside the house.

All such bassinets from the Halo are safe and meet all the US safety regulations. With adjustable height and other soothing attachments like music, the infant will love it sleep there.

There are some bassinets that can be attached to the bed too. In that case, it can be used as a bed-side sleeper too. Of course, it is expensive but it’s a wonderful gifting idea nonetheless.

  1. Home Birth Pool

Not everyone gives birth at the hospital and giving home birth with the presence of an experienced nurse still sounds good to some moms. If you are sure about the water birth, give her a home birth pool.

Waterbirth makes it easy for the mom and her baby to move with ease when in labor. In such a water pool, even the partner can join her there.

  1. Leather Baby Shoes

The expecting mom will buy a lot of stuff and one of the cute ones is baby shoes. Why don’t you save her from the trouble buying it? The mom will love it!

Very soon, the little one will start walking and such shoes will play a cute role. If you plan to give the baby something like this, don’t any hard-soled shoes for her.

Instead, buy soft-soled shoes for the baby made of leather. There are various types of them. But buy one that keeps the little feet warm in the winter and cold during the summer.

Get her such shoes that have some elasticity. Then it will fit nicely and stays in place. Wait until the baby comes out and decide to buy it accordingly.

  1. Feeder For Twins

If the new mom is your wife or you are just her friend and she gives birth a twin, this is a life-saver gift for the mom. She can feed the babies at once and can herself from lots of extra works.

It becomes very stressful feeding twins. Without such a feeder, the can would have to feed one first while the second one will make trouble. Trust me, it’s stressful.

Such feeding stations are intelligently designed so that the mom can sit comfortably while feeding her babies.

  1. Organic All-Purpose Balm

No matter how careful the parents are, baby skin irritation will happen every now and then. The new mommy will be needing a healing balm to heal these irritations.

Get her something that does not have any odor and made of natural ingredients. That way it will better for both the mom and the baby.

While wipe cleaning the baby, there may be skin irritation problems every now and then. Only such balms can heal the baby’s delicate skin.

If the baby has dry skin issue, such balms will her skin moisturized and will work as a restoring agent.

  1. Baby Formula Maker

food processor for baby food puree

Without any baby food maker, the life of any mom (not just the new one) will be so hard. She will spend most of her time preparing foods for the baby constantly and will have no time for her own.

A modern baby food maker has everything and with just the press of a button, the mother can prepare any food that she can imagine. Preparing formula food is a matter of a few minutes!

Some food makers have a bottle warming feature too. So, the mother can prepare foods in bulk and store them in the freezer. When needed, she can just warm it to feed her baby instantly.

  1. Belly Band

She will be needing a lot of maternity pants during the entire journey. But the size of the belly and hips will keep changing each day! So, to fix the in-between sizing problem, such belly bands can work like a charm!

Yes, these bands will save a lot of money for her. As they are machine washable and made of basically spandex and nylon, the soon to be a mom can use them for a long time.

Because of the adjustable feature, these will be a perfect match for the changing body of the new mom.

  1. Tea Thermos

Close relatives don’t notice it too often but gifting a tea thermos is a considerable gift from friends. New moms have a fear that they may spill the hot tea/coffee while holding the baby and drinking at the same time.

Such a thermos can maintain the temperature for a long time, it’s really convenient for every busy mom.

It may happen. But you can save her the trouble make her feel good with the wonderful thermos mug. She can even use it as a travel mug later when the kids grow older.

  1. White Noise Machine

What I have found that the most challenging part of parenting is that it’s really hard to keep the baby in sleep and promoting to fall asleep faster. It would literally drive me nuts.

Luckily, for modern and new parents, there are plenty of options to make it easy. Having a white noise machine is such a thing that helps a lot when it comes to baby sleep.

Noise from neighbors and streets make it hard for the baby to sleep. But with lullaby sounds from such a machine, the new mom will be able to help her baby sleep a lot faster.

Most of them come with auto-turn off feature, so the parent doesn’t have to be awake to deal with it.

  1. External Hard Drive

It comes less in people’s minds when it comes to gifting. I mean, what possibly a new mom can do with an external hard drive, right? Well, it’s really a good thing to have.

Think about all the photos during and after the pregnancy she will take for herself and her baby. If you are already a parent, then you know there will millions of photos!

If she wants them to store for years after years securely, there is literally no alternative to this.

I know this as a great gifting idea because I found it really neat and helpful when a friend of mine gifted me this. Thanks to Tina again!

  1. Baby Handprint Kit

Everyone loves to preserve the sweet memories of their children, it’s serious for the first time mom. A handprint kit is such a wonderful thing for the pregnant lady.

While I admit there are plenty of pregnancy keepsakes like sonogram frames and so on, I especially prefer the baby handprint kit. It will always be her adorable memory when the baby keeps growing.

Such kits are cute and very easy to preserve the sweet memories of the baby.

  1. Bras After Weight loss

strapless bra for small saggy breasts

Saggy breasts are a natural consequence when breastfeeding stops. The reason is pretty simple; the mother will lose weight like crazy!

All of her bras for giant boobs will become totally useless. She will be needing to buy a new bra for her small breasts. So, I consider it as a prominent one among all new mommy to be gifted.

  1. Caffeine Free Coffee

If the pregnant mommy used to drink coffee before the pregnancy, it will be difficult for her not to drink during this long period. Luckily, there is plenty of alternative to regular coffee.

Yes, I am talking about caffeine-free coffee. They are basically made from rye, barley, and other healthy ingredients.

  1. Healthy Snack

Naturally, she will be hungrier than ever before. Healthy snacks can play a great role in ensuring all nutrients and satisfying her cravings.

With beautiful packaging, you can find such snacks a lot. In fact, you can order them online and send them to her address on a regular basis.

  1. Lactation Cookies

You never know where there will be an ample supply of breastmilk for the first few months. She needs to ensure adequate supply for the newborn.

Several foods including such lactation cookies can help a lot in this regard. They taste great and give the expecting mama a sense of confidence.

  1. Adorable Sonogram Frame

Every new parent loves to keep all the 3 trimesters in an adorable photo frame. It’s adorable in the bedroom and very important for the baby when she becomes an adult. She will love it!

Such frames can hold multiple pictures and when it is full, the new momma can put in her bedroom or in the baby room.

I personally prefer a wooden sonogram frame for this purpose but you can pick anything that you like for the expecting mom.

  1. Pregnancy Stickers

The belly keeps growing every day and this happens only a few times in life. So, expecting mom loves to keep photos of her growing belly. A very neat way to keep records of how the baby is growing inside.

Gifting her such pregnancy stickers is a good idea so that she can show off her belly in more creative ways.

  1. Maternity Photoshoot

As I said, it’s not gonna come back in the near future. Help your friend or wife to keep the memories fresh forever with a professionally done maternity photoshoot.

Let her keep all those precious memories of the pregnancy and help her to get a maternity photoshoot.

  1. Robot Vacuum and Mop

I consider it the most thoughtful pregnancy gifts for first time moms from husband. Forget doing any cleaning work, it will be so much painful and nearly impossible to move her body.

But the floor needs to be clean always. A robot vacuum cleaner with a mop is something that can do this job very efficiently.

  1. Postnatal Vitamin

postnatal vitamins

You don’t know whether there will be an adequate supply of breastmilk for the baby. For the new mom, this is not so uncommon thing. Postnatal vitamins can help her in this regard.

  1. Online Prenatal Class

Why not buy her an online course on pregnancy? There is a lot of confusion among new moms and having a clear idea from experts can help her to get rid of such confusion.

She will learn every detail of labor and delivery. And when she does it with her partner, it will boost her confidence.

  1. Amazon Prime Membership

It’s so painful going to the stores to buy her all the necessities with her giant tummy. Buying her a prime membership can solve the problem and it’s a thoughtful gift.

Not just during the pregnancy, she will get the full benefit after giving birth. Things get run out faster than what new parents think. Quick online delivery in such cases is a life savior.

  1. Bio-Oil

Stretch marks from pregnancy are almost inevitable but from your experience (if you are already a mom) you know there is some stuff that can help a lot in this regard.

Bio-oil is something like that you can gift to the new mom. From my personal experience, I know this helps a lot to prevent stretch marks if applied daily from the second trimester.

Trust me, the new mom will thank you a lot for this precious gift that will save her from the crepey skin.

  1. Oil Diffuser

It’s perfect for everyone and every occasion. But it is more useful for your mom-to-be friend. Such oil diffusers come with lots of various oils.

The peppermint oil will help her with her mental clarity and the lavender oil will help her to sleep better. Giving her such oil diffuser is still a great one among all pregnancy gifts for first time moms from husband.

  1. Scratch-Off Calendar

Sure, there is various funny calendar exactly for this kind of purpose, but I find this particular calendar very funny. Each day, the expectant mom will scratch off the date until the baby reaches.

It not only makes the wait time fun; it contains lots of tips from experienced moms too. So, if you are looking for an innovative present for pregnant friend not for baby, this can be it!

  1. Pregnancy Shoes

shoes when pregnant

To deal with her swollen and sore feet and get some comfort, there is no alternative to such pregnancy shoes for sore feet. They are stylish too, so she can wear it both indoor and outdoor as well.

  1. Activity Book

No, it does not sound childish at all. It’s hard to pass the pregnancy time for such a prolonged period. To break her monotony from the boring time, why not give her an activity book?

She can pass the time writing her feeling, witty activities, or even drawing. Several years later, it will be a treasure for her!

  1. Letters to My Baby

A diary of such kind from the mother is a precious treasure for the baby when she becomes mature. Kids love to read such hand-written letters from their parents.

Besides, it will help the pregnant mom to pass time fruitfully and develop a very good habit of writing!

  1. Insulated Water Bottle

Due to rapid hormonal changes, a pregnant mom becomes more hot and sweaty. That’s the reason she needs to keep drinking water to keep her hydrated during the entire pregnancy.

Now, if you get her an insulated double-wall water bottle that can keep water cool for up to 24 hours, she will appreciate it.

  1. Memory Foam Anti-Skid Slippers

As the belly keeps growing until giving birth, at some point she can’t see past her tummy. So, it becomes impossible for her to tie her shoes.

Gifting her a pair of memory foam anti-skit slipper is a wonderful idea. They are very easy to put on and she can wear them for both outdoor and indoor walking.

  1. Acupressure Wristband

I know many people don’t believe such stuff but acupressure is doing great for more than hundreds of years.

An acupressure wristband helps with morning sickness which is common in new moms. It relieves them from nausea naturally.

  1. Labor Push Socks

These are really adorable and will be used during the most crucial time of her life – delivery! These cute push socks keep the feet warm and she can go through the labor time in style.

  1. Night Gown

Perfect for the delivery and the expecting mom can wear it several weeks before the delivery. They are beautiful and specifically designed for delivery where the nurses can have easy access.

  1. Crepe Skin Lotion

Lotion For Crepey Skin

A lot of people don’t know about this miracle lotion to get rid of their crepey skin. You can gift your expectant mommy friend such lotions for crepey skin which will eventually occur due to the pregnancy.

  1. Bath Salt

Do you know a pregnant mom suffers from insomnia and morning sickness? More so, they suffer from pains and aches. A nice salt bath brings great relief from such issues.

Apart from muscle relaxation, it helps with the healing process from the afterbirth pain too. You will be surprised knowing it improves the skin tone too!

  1. Breathable Maternity Belt

A pregnant woman suffers from severe back pain simply because of the growing belly. The size and weight contribute to such pain.

Getting even a little relief from such pain is a dream to her and a breathable maternity belt does an excellent job in this regard supporting her belly.

  1. Compression Socks

Varicose veins and swollen feet are the natural consequences of being pregnant. Trust me, it’s a very painful experience.

To help her with reduced pain and increased blood circulation, get her several pairs of compression socks. She will definitely thank you!

  1. Funny Pregnancy T-Shirt

There are plenty of exciting ways to show off the baby bump. Having such stuff with funny T-Shirts can add extra cuteness.

They come with cute baby images and slogan. You can gift her your very own customized shirts too. Mix your choices so that she can wear them during and after birth.


Being pregnant for the 10+ months and parenting for the first time is both daunting and challenging. This is the time when everyone should show their utmost love and support.

All these above-mentioned pregnancy gifts for first time moms are perfect to show that you care.