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How To Organize Baby Changing Table?

beautiful changing table

Changing diapers can get messy at times. This is why you need a dedicated baby changing table. It can be attached to your baby crib or be an entirely independent set of furniture. Either way, there are a few basic rules to consider for the perfect baby changing environment. Enough of the lecture, let’s get started, shall we?

First Things First; Invest in A Good Changing Table

If you’ve already purchased your changing table, skip this bit and move on to the next section. A good changing table should have several storage units. Drawers are the most ideal because they keep your baby’s items enclosed away from dust and unavoidable dirt. However, an open shelve is also recommended to keep the extra-large items that won’t fit into drawers.

The height of your changing table should be such that you don’t bend while changing. Since this is a place you’ll be spending several hours in a day (oh yes, babies pee and poop that much!), bending will cause you major back issues. And for a mom who just delivered, that back needs a couple more months to heal before you start straining it.

Prioritize What You Use Most

Baby wipes and diapers are the first on our list of priorities. Keep these within reach. If possible, dedicate an entire drawer for diapers and wipes. Trust me; you’ll need more and more. And the idea of refilling after one or two diaper changes sucks.

Place a Caddy Within Reach for Tiny Essentials

Most of your baby things will come in small sizes. Organizing them in drawers and shelves can be a bit messy especially for items that you use regularly. A caddy will be your best solution. These items include; baby powder, wipes, diaper rash cream, your hand sanitizer, the baby’s toy, and sometimes, especially at night, toss in a few diapers for a quick change. Although that depends on the size of your caddy as well.

Add Extra Bins

For the perfect changing station, you obviously need a diaper pail. With a diaper pail, you will need a deodorizer and a few sets of diaper pail liners. Other than that, an extra bin will be home for the dirty linen. You should never mix dirty baby clothes with clean ones. Your baby might get an infection in the process.

Finally, for items that naturally won’t fold neatly, get an extra bin and toss them in. Nobody needs to see messy folds, and you have no time to keep folding and lining the edges with pins for them to stay put. What matters most is that your station remains neat.

Strategic Location of the Changing Mat

For shorter moms, where you place the changing mat matters a lot. For example, you could have the mat placed towards one end as opposed to placing it at the center. This will allow you to be in contact with the baby’s legs during changing hence better reach.

Similarly, placing the mat at the center for taller moms is ideal. It gives you more room to place two caddys on each side of the mat. That means you can access more items easily.

Set Up An Entertainment Spot For Your Munchkin  

Most babies hate diaper changes. Some will cry and get restless making it almost impossible for you to wipe that butt. An entertainment spot would be ideal to distract your tot and keep them entertained. This can be a simple toy, a projected animation on one side of the wall, or a Bluetooth speaker playing some soothing baby music near the baby crib. Depending on how fussy your baby can get, come up with the most practical entertainment idea.

Keep It Simple

Avoid congesting up your changing station with stuff. Unless you have an extremely spacious changing table, keep away what you will not be using soon. For example, pack enough diapers for a week or so and store the extra packets in your baby’s closet. The more space you create the better your experience will be while dressing up your baby. It also enhances a neat overall look.

The Bottom Line

Motherhood can be challenging if you are the disorganized type. When a baby needs attention, they need it fast. Diaper leaks and accidents can be corrected quickly if you have the perfect “emergency center”. That said, the above tips are easy to implement, and within a few days, you will be a super mom.