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11 Effective Ways To Motivate Your Kid To Become A Fast Learner

how to motivate your kids

Nobody said raising kids is easy, in fact, sometimes it will test your limit of patience. After the birth of your baby, the struggle of a parent starts when trying to make your baby sleeping in the bassinet. Since then, your baby starts to learn as well.

As a parent, you have a great role to play to teach your parents about all the things about life gradually. This is a tough job. But as a parent, you need to show the utmost patience level when dealing with your kids.

Some baby learns by their own but most of the time they need a little motivation to go on the great journey of learning. This is where your role comes in. You can leave a great impact on your kids during this journey.

In this article, I will show you some of the tips and tricks that you can follow to motivate your kids. I am sure you are already familiar with some of them. But it won’t hurt you rechecking these old and new techniques.

Motivation Techniques For Your Kids

Though most of the techniques will apply to the toddler but remember you can apply some of them for your baby as well.

Start By Setting Small Goals

As a start, they a small goal that is easy to achieve. Let’s say you have a toddler, just set a goal for him or her to keep the toddler bed organized. This is a very good place to start to teach a kid to take care of themselves.

Don’t expect outstanding performance from the very beginning. Let them get adapted to achieve something.

Reward/Celebrate The Accomplishment

Even a small reward or simply celebrating the accomplishment of the task assigned will motivate your kid a lot. You should emphasize more on the celebration to show your kids that you care a lot and his/her accomplishments mean a lot to you.

So many childcare experts have doubt about too much emphasis on the reward system. Their logic is pretty simple. Sometimes, your kid will stop accomplishing staff once you stop the reward. For a logical reason, you can’t always continue to reward your kid.

Keep Conversation Open

Meaningful conversation with your kids will motivate a lot. Sometimes, you kid may refuse to continue doing something like cleaning his own bed. In such situations, the expert recommends understanding the problem from your kid’s point of view.

Then explain to your kid why it is important to keep his/her bed organized and clean. Also, ask your kid how does it feel to complete this task. This will make your kid feel more friendly to you and he will be more open to listening to you.

Sometimes, show empathy to your kid. It’s a good thing. Ask your kid how you can help to accomplish the task as well.

A Little Competition Is Good

If you have more than one kid, then you can apply this technique. Set small competition among your kids. Take consideration of their age as well to set the competition. For example, you can set a completion for them on how fast they can remove all the scattered toys from their cribs.

Encourage As Much As You Can

Sometimes your kids can have self-doubt and as a parent, you should try to help your kids to get rid of it. Just tell you believe in them and they will do just great. This small encouragement will boost the confidence of your kids.

Always Stay Positive

Your kids will fail or will be unwilling to do any assigned task. As a kid, this is normal and you have to be positive always. An optimistic outlook from you will clear the doubt of self-confidence from your kids. Your positive approach will make them believe in themselves.

Lead By Example

This is self-explanatory. If you resolve conflict with your spouse in a loving and admirable way, your kids will learn it too to resolve their small conflicts with the siblings in a positive way.

Kids always follow their parents, so whatever you do in front of them, they will just copy you. Be good to yourself and your spouse, your kid will be just like you as well.

Discover The Passion Of Your Kid

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Give priorities to what your kids love to do. Give it a time to let them discover their passion themselves. In time, they will find their passion and you should encourage them to discover it. Keep encouraging until they discover their passion.

Accept The Imperfections Of Your Kid

Remember, they are kids and often you will find they lost their interest in finishing their chores. Don’t get upset though. You need to embrace their imperfections. Try to give them different tasks to accomplish. If they don’t like a particular chore to complete, switch it to other tasks.

Encourage Peer Pressure

A little pressure from their friends’ circle also helps to motivate kids. A little push from the peer group will make your kids accomplish tasks. Too much pressure can make things worse though. So you need to keep a sharp eye on that. Make sure it does not get out of control. Make sure your kid does not become a victim of bullying. To make things friendly, let your kid’s friend ride with your baby on his ride on electric car.

Make The Plan Ahead

You need a good plan to motivate your kids. People keep saying a good plan is more like getting the job done by 50% already! Help your kid to make strategies so that they can achieve their goals.

Teach them how to make a step by step strategies to achieve a goal.


As an adult, why do you keep going to your office or whatever you do for your living? What keeps you going? The salary? If your office stops to pay you or you don’t get enough from your business, would you continue to do so?

Place yourself in the position of your kid. Imagine why your kids need motivation as you do. They are not adult like you, so they need more motivation than you do. So that your kid can have a good future and become independent, your kid needs you and your support.

Never stop trying to keep your kids motivated. That’s the best thing you can do for your kids.