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How To Make A Crib Skirt For Your Convertible Crib?

Image Credit: Babyletto

Making a crib skirt isn’t that tough if you know how. In this article what I’m about to show you is a ‘’No-Sew” cheap DIY process of making a crib skirt.

If you are a lazy bum like me and stink at using sewing machines than this article is for you.

Making a crib skirt without a sewing machine sounds crazy, right?

Let me tell you my part of the story. I suck at using a sewing machine, even though I have one. I can barely sew in a straight line.

So, I have been doing some research and found a nifty little trick that doesn’t require a sewing machine.

I tried that out and was really amazed by how great that skirt turned out. That’s why I want to share this DIY process of making a crib skirt so that you too can make one for your baby cribs.

This process is super easy, you can make a crib skirt in less than an hour and it’s inexpensive as well.

The best part of this process is that you don’t even need to touch a needle, thread or a sewing machine. You can also match the skirt with the crib mattress.

Here is what you’ll need to complete this project.

Things you’ll need

  • The first thing you’ll need is a One to One & Half Yard of your favorite fabric. It’s better to go for a geometric pattern fabric. I’ll tell you why later.
  • A pair of fabric scissors for cutting the fabric.
  • Measuring tape. Go for those flexible ones, they are super handy when it comes to measuring the height and length of the crib.
  • Two different kinds of Velcro. The first kind is the Sticky Back Velcro that sticks to any hard surface and the other one is the Fabric Fusion Velcro.
  • One Heat’n Bond Ultra Hold hem tape. I recommend using this one because they are washable.
  • Your iron. It’s the key thing in this DIY project. It makes everything come together.
  • One hour of your time.

Note that you can find all of these at your local craft store. Don’t worry about using a Velcro or tape, because by the end of this project you’ll find yourself making a professional looking and seamless crib skirt.

Come on, now! Let’s get to work.

How To Make A Crib Skirt Step By Step

Here is the exact step by step process that I used to make a crib skirt.


As they say, Measure twice cut once. You need to measure two things –

  • From the base of the mattress to all the way to the floor for the height of the crib skirt.
  • Also measure lengthwise so that you know how long you need to make it.

Tips: Add an inch on each end. So basically, that is two inches on each of your measurement.

I have a small baby crib, mine was like this –

  • Height: 18.5” and added two inches and final cut were 20.5”.
  • Length: 50” and the final cut were 52”.


Remember that I told you to get a geometric pattern fabric? The pattern helps a lot because you don’t have to do any fancy cutting. You can just follow the pattern and cut in the same spot into the pattern.

It makes it easy and the design sticks out well. A little tip from this lazy editor. Make sure you iron the fabric after cutting.

 Here Comes the Bonding Seam

Take your bonding seam, leave an inch gap from the edge and put the sticky side down and the paper side up. Fold the fabric over the seam and make sure that you have a one-inch seam allowance.


Now run your iron really slow over it. The Velcro is going to bond to the fabric. When you are done ironing, peel the layer and the sticky residue will be underneath. Finally fold your seam back over and run your iron over it again.

Another reason to get the geometric pattern is that you can match and fold the seam line up according to the pattern. Do this for both sides.

Finished? Notice that the bottom hem is left out? You need to fold the bottom that is going to run across the floor. Fold the edge and run your iron in it at an angle, continue your iron along the bottom hem.

Leave one end un-hemmed because that’s the part that is going to attach to the crib.

Attaching The Crib Skirt

Take out the crib mattress from the crib. You need to attach the skirt from the inside. Mark of three different spots on the fabric to attach the Velcro’s. Make sure you attach using the Velcro on the inside, that way it won’t look awkward.

Take out the Velcro, attach the hard surface Velcro to the fabric Velcro. It’s like two different Velcro stuck together.

For the fabric Velcro, attach that to the back of the fabric. Take your iron and run it over the fabric. Iron over it for 90 seconds.

Now take another Velcro that is going to get adhered inside of the crib. You need to stick it on the fabric Velcro. All you need to do now is tack it down inside the crib and push it firmly.

Repeat these steps for each side. And there you go, easily removable, easily washable, 100% DIY crib skirt.

Final Thoughts

It took me almost one hour to finish making a new set of crib skirt that can match perfectly with crib, the mattress, and even the baby mobile as well. The best part about making your own crib skirt is that you can customize it as you like. It also makes the room look super cute.

Why make your own when you can buy one? Well, this entire project cost me only 35 bucks. Which is pretty inexpensive don’t you think?

Crib skirts normally can be quite expensive. You also have the option to choose your own design of fabric to match your other furniture.

Another cool feature of this is that you can use the bottom of the crib as a storage place. You can put diapers, blankets, toys etc.

That’s why I’ve decided to share my thoughts on how to make a crib skirt. Hope you liked this article. Let us know how you made your DIY crib skirt in the comments below.

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