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Is a crib mattress the same as a toddler mattress?

In a single word to answer the question, ‘yes’. A crib mattress is the same as a toddler mattress. But you should also know the following facts as well:

image of a baby mattress

  • Since almost all the modern cribs are convertible, so you can convert them to a toddler bed and full-size bed. Convertible the crib to a toddler bed won’t change the overall dimension of the bed. So, the length and width of the crib and toddler bed are literally same. So, whatever mattress you have been using for the crib, is perfectly okay to use in the toddler bed. Just make sure the mattress is not too old.
  • Having two surfaced mattress is convenient. Let me explain it a little bit more. You need a firm surfaced baby mattress for the infant for the safety of the baby. It’s so important to avoid SIDS. However, a toddler will always like a soft surfaced mattress. There are some brands who offer dual surfaced baby mattress in a single one.
  • The snug fit of the mattress is much more important in a crib than in the toddler bed. So, if you already have a mattress for the crib but you have bought a new toddler bed for your youngster, you can still use the same mattress. There may not be a snug fit, but that’s still okay for a toddler.

If you are still wondering whether a crib mattress the same as a toddler mattress, just browse any renowned e-Commerce site and search for these mattresses. However, I would suggest you buy a new mattress for the infant because as per many experts old mattresses have some safety concern for the infant. But if you have a budget issue, you can use the old mattress only for your toddler. Let me know if you have anything else to know about it in the comment box.