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113 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids At Home To Develop Brain & Health

You always want your kids to be active. It means they are healthy and their mental development is on the right track. An active kid has more disease-resistance antibody than who is not.

So, the importance of indoor physical activities for kids is paramount.

What they do at home is basically for fun and excitement which is good. But you can introduce new things to do make it fun + educational. But never try to take the fun out of it.

In this giant article, I have talked about all such active indoor games for kids.

Indoor Activities For Kids At Home

indoor activities for kids

Here are a few such activities I will be talking about:

  • Balloon Tennis
  • Blindfolded Makeovers
  • Karaoke Night
  • Fun With Slime
  • Crafting Beaded Jewelry
  • Indoor Fashion Show
  • Scavenger Hunting In Dark
  • Wheelbarrow Puzzle Walk
  • Pom Pom Balls Racing
  • Bucket Stilts

113 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

I really took my time to write this mega article. I have talked about 100 of such indoor activities that will stimulate the brain of your baby as well as help to develop them physically. Have a cup of coffee and keep reading.

  1. RC Car Race

Yes, you can do it indoor and let that be a highly competitive race with an award system. Surely, your kids have Remote Control cars but if they don’t, get them NOW!

On your whistle, your kids will start racing and whoever can touch the target first will be awarded a cool prize.

  1. Pop-up Art Gallery

drawing for art gallery

The home art exhibition with the drawings of our kids is both fun and helps them to be creative at the same time. It keeps them engaged for a long time. Search everywhere in your home and find all the paint, glue, markers, papers, etc.

Now let your kid be creative with their drawing. Encourage them to draw both 3D and 2D drawings. Now exhibit those artworks separately (both shelves and hanging them from strings work).

  1. Balloon Tennis

Okay, the game is pretty straightforward but full of excitement. Use a fly swatter and keep hitting the balloon so that it does not hit the floor.

Make sure to arrange this game where there is plenty of open space. You do not want your kids to flip over furniture and hurt themselves badly.

  1. Make Paper Airplanes

paper aeroplaneI still remember I used to make such paper airplanes and it was one of my kids’ favorite and fun indoor activities for kids. But if your kids start it for the first time, it won’t be easy. They need your help.

As you know, all you need is a piece of paper. If you forgot, watch some YouTube videos on it and teach your little ones.

  1. Indoor Hunting

It’s always exciting even if your kids do it indoor. It’s not hard at all to arrange such indoor hunting as well. It could be either a scavenger hunting where you kids have to find all the items from all over the house.

Or you can make it clue-based hunting where one clue will lead to another and ultimately to the exciting prize.

  1. Blindfolded Makeovers

To make it even more exciting, make it a blindfolded makeover. It does not have to involve your favorite and expensive makeups. Find your old cosmetics, nail polishes, hairdressers, etc.

Now, give your kid a makeover the way you like. Now, ask your kid to do the same for you. Take selfie. I am pretty sure your kid will love it very much. And remember, it does not have to blindfolded. It’s just an idea.

  1. Tricky Brain Teaser

This works like answering a tricky question where your kids have to think about the problem first before answering it. There are plenty of books of such brain teasers that you can buy and apply some of it when needed. Keep the book hidden from the kids.

  1. Reading & Listening Marathon

kids reading

Very old but very effective indoor activity to pass a great time. Your kids love to listen to your reading their favorite storybooks. It can be their favorite Harry Potter or just the Runaway Bunny.

If you get tired, both of you can pass a good time listening to a great audiobook/podcast too.

  1. Write an Old-Fashioned Letter

No one writes a letter nowadays but you can revive it and make it a fun experience with your kids. Ask your kids to write a letter to their favorite teacher or classmate.

Drawing in postcards and sending it to the teacher is still one of many cool indoor activities for 2 year olds.

  1. Would You Rather Game

Write some ‘would you rather’ type questions on a piece of paper and put them in a jar. Now as your kids to pick up and let them answer honestly. Only pick tough questions and check what they would do.

  1. Karaoke Night

Karaoke night becomes exciting when both of you and your kids participate. Don’t hesitate if you have never done this before. You must show confidence to encourage your kids to do it.

  1. Nintendo Game Night

Get any Nintendo game console for kids and you can pass long hours with excitement and fun. There are plenty of them and they are cheap, so there is no problem getting multiple game consoles so that you can play with your kids.

  1. Indoor Camping

You can let them do the camping indoor too and for that, you don’t have to deal with mud and mosquitoes. Make the pop-up tents indoor or make a fort with pillows and blankets indoor.

There are plenty of ready-made camping sets that you can buy as well. Your objective should be making it as exciting and real as possible.

  1. Fun Science Experiment

indoor science experiment with kidsWithout a lot of preparation and set-up, there are plenty of ways to do a fun science experiment. Hopefully, all the necessary items are available in the house too. There are plenty of ideas. Let me just give you one.

Get a water jar full of water and make could out of shaving cream on top of that jar. Now, drop by drop (one drop at a time) add blue water.

Soon, your kid will get blue rain as the cloud saturates and the blue water will be cycling in the jar.

  1. Own Pizza Toppings

It’s time to get creative with dinner. This is something that should involve all the family members including kids. Now, everyone will make their own pizza dough.

Since everyone will add their own toppings, no one can complain and that includes your kids too.

  1. Mad Libs/Word Games

Mad libs have been exciting since a long time ago and you can still do it with your kids to have some fun. If you don’t know how it works, let me explain it in plain terms. It takes several people to write a story.

The first person will write the first line to write a story. It can be of anything. The second person will add the second line seeing the first line. The third one will write the 3rd line seeing the 2nd line only.

And it will continue like this. Of course, it will mean nothing but when you read the whole story loudly, it will be fun!

  1. Movies and TV Shows

When you need to pass a very long time indoor stuck with kids, children’s movies and their favorite TV shows can go a long way to keep engaged and entertained.

Now, the screen time should not be used too frequently but when you do make sure it’s damn entertaining.

Pick a particular Disney movies for a particular day and enjoy it with your kids. You can do the same with cartoons too.

  1. Fun With Slime

Playing with slime is always fun for kids. They like to make various shapes and characters out of them. But instead of using ready-made slime, you can instruct them to make their own slime.

You don’t need too many ingredients to teach them how to make slime. 2 or 3 items washable school-grade glue, glitter, saline solution, baking sodas, etc. are more than enough.

  1. Play-Doh

A very exciting play to develop the motor skill and imagination of your kids. Play-Doh is not only colorful and squishy, it brings tons of fun too. There are plenty of them to buy from the market but you can make it at home too.

  1. Crafting Beaded Jewelry

Crafting encourages both creativity and a sense of achievement. Your kids can fully express their creativity and have fun at the same time when the see the end result.

Why not tell your kids to make friendship bracelets for their friends? It will make them socially engaged too.

  1. Play Hide And Seek

It promotes self-control and mental flexibility and it improves your kids’ working memory too. I can still remember my childhood playing hide and seek and I can still see how enjoyable and exciting that was!

Let your kids have some memorable funs playing hide and seek too. You should participate with them to relive the memory again.

  1. Indoor Swimming

kids indoor swimming

Swimming in the pool is always fun and exciting. Great for your body and bodies for your kids too. Make it a competition like who can finish first in a swimming marathon.

Even the little one can participate in swimming. But ensure adequate swimming aids for kids first.

  1. Write Thank-You Notes

Nothing should be taken for granted. The teachers in the school praised and appreciate your kids,  the kids from your neighborhood spend time playing with your kids, plenty of people send you gifts each year. It’s one of such free indoor activities for kids that won’t cost you anything.

Now, it’s time for your kids to be thankful to them. Ask them to write nice Thank-You notes and send them to the addresses accordingly. This little gesture will teach your kids a valuable life lesson which is gratitude.

  1. Family Play

Why not stage a family play? It boosts confidence and creativity too. Every bigger thing happens from a very little step in the family. Who knows where your kids will land in the future?

On various occasions, you can help your kids to stage a family drama where you will participate too. Everyone loves a nice family show!

  1. Play A Card Game

Right after the chess game, a card game helps to spend a long idle time comfortably. It sharpens the brain of your kid too. There are plenty of easy card games that you can teach your kids to play.

How about just 20/20? A very easy card game to play but it will take hours to finish just a game.

  1. Various Board Games

Your kids can learn very important life lessons playing board games. Games like payday or monopoly will teach them financial plans. Also, other games like Hoot Owl Hoot can teach them teamwork.

They are not just fun games but stimulates the brain of your kids too.

  1. Potato Stamp Holiday Cards

For multiple occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and other holidays – your kids can spend quality time making festive potato stamps. Send those cards to their loved ones and let them feel connected.

You don’t need many ingredients for that. Some paper, potatoes, and paint will be more than enough.

  1. Make Robot Costumes

Of course, you have plenty of cardboard boxes in your collection. It’s time to make something good out of it. Yes, your kids can use those boxes to make robot costumes for themselves.

Crafting such robot costumes help with the imagination and spend an enjoyable time while stuck at home.

  1. Make A Volcano

Making a volcano out of vinegar and baking soda is easy. It will give your kids a sense of doing a scientific experiment. To make something like real lava, let them use washable paint to give it an explosive look. Don’t worry, it’s safe for them totally.

  1. Painting An Accent Wall

If you let them paint the accent wall of their room, it will give them a sense of achievement and pride. I know it takes courage to allow kids to do that but with our strict supervision and rules, I am pretty confident it will be a successful project.

  1. Playing With Finger Puppets

Just using their fingers, they can have tons of funs playing with finger puppets. The crafting is easy. Help your kids make their fabric puppets and teach them how to make fun out of it.

  1. Tic-Tac-Toe Game

This is a century-old game but still a great source of enjoyment for kids. You can add a modern twist to the classic tic-tac-toe game to make it more exciting. There are plenty of DIY pieces that you can add like stones, cookies, felt, etc.

  1. Make Airplanes & Runways

You don’t need many things for this. Only toilet paper or paper towel roll will be enough. Yes, seriously, your kids can make airplanes out of them! If they want to make runways for more fun, let them use tape for that.

  1. Indoor Laser Maze

It’s both thrilling and helps to develop the strategic thinking of your kids. Kids love to play spy game and indoor laser maze is one of such exciting games that thrills them a lot. Just in the hallway let them set up the maze.

You can get them any streamers to make the laser maze easily and make it one of their insense indoor activities for kids at home.

  1. Play Bingo!

Playing numbers or alphabet bingo is both fun and educational. Let them shout louder saying ‘Bingo!’ once they successfully recognize a number or letter. Teach them how to play the bingo game.

  1. Origami Crafts

free indoor activities for kids - origami

Well, it’s originated from Japan but it’s favorite all over the world. Surely your kids will love to make some origami crafts. Let them make whatever they like. Download instructions from the internet and show them the print-out.

Starts from easy crafts and various shapes. It’s very encouraging stuff to help your kids become creative.

  1. Bucket Stilts

Walking around the hours with bucket stilts is fun and your kids will find it highly entertaining and challenging. There are plenty of toy buckets that you can use. Let them make their own bucket tilts, help them if they need your assistance.

  1. Do Jumping jacks

A great physical exercise for everyone. But when kids do it, they get tremendous fun doing jumping jacks with you. Make your idle time productive with jumping jacks and encourage your kids to participate.

A sound body is a prerequisite to have a happy life for your kids.

  1. Let Them Play With Toy Cart

Pretending to sell ice-cream and other stuff is a great source of joy for your child. Along with LeapFrog Cart, there plenty of toys for 2 years old kids that you can buy online to make it happen.

  1. Bathtub Time

Just let them do whatever they like to do there. Kids love it in there and playing with soapy water in the bathtub is always a fun thing to do. No matter how messy they create there, it will remain there. Of course, you should supervise it.

  1. Indoor Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline does not always have to be outside. Yes, you can use air-mattress to let your kids have the same exciting experience indoor. Just blow up your air-mattress and let your kids jump on it.

  1. Puzzles Game

These are not just fun to do, it sharpens the brain too. Take advantage of such puzzles and workbooks. You can find lots of them just browsing the internet. Introduce the award system upon the most successful cracks of such puzzles.

  1. Snacks In Shapes

It’s a tricky way too for kids who don’t like to eat adequately. Let your kids use cookie-cutter make various shapes like the star on sandwiches. There are plenty of other cutters as well to bring variations.

  1. Dinner + Movie

Dinner does not have to bring each day. Be innovative to make it fun and enjoyable. You can have dinner with your kids watching movies too. Do it in your living room or wherever it is possible.

  1. Balloon Tennis

Use your tennis racket to play balloon tennis with your children. If you don’t have such rackets, you can use fly swatters too. Your kids will feel energetic and find it exciting playing such indoor games for kids. I would take it to the next level streaming the game online!

  1. Catapults/Trebuchet

I don’t need to remind you how exciting it is but at least let me remind you that your kids can play it indoor too. In fact, you can help them to make such catapults as well. It’s a no-brainer.

All you need is chopsticks and rubber. Plenty of YouTube videos are there to help you out.

  1. Sensory Bin

Kids love to play with water and cups, so playing with such sensory bins will enable your kids to pass great time for hours! The main challenge is to learn how to put together such sensory bins.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of ideas on the internet that you can follow.

  1. Salt Painting

A great art activity for kids and you don’t need so much things to provide. All you need is watercolor, salt, and glue. When your kids mix water to the salt, it will absorb it and give cool color. No matter how old are your kids, they will love it.

  1. Ice Melting Fun

First, your kids need to make some shapes/characters out of ice. Now, they will get huge entertainment seeing melting those ice shapes. I still see my 6 years old daughter have great fun on ice melting activity.

  1. Cardboard Tube Marble Runs

Get cardboard for your kids and if they already have some marbles, your kids can play marble runs indoor! In case you don’t know, there are marble races happening professionally too.

Make it a competitive race for your kids and award them a prize who can finish first to make it one of their favorite fun indoor activities for kids.

  1. Sliding In Ball Pit

Sliding in a ball pit is a blasting indoor activity for 2 year olds, but a little older can play too if the ball pit is a little bit larger. Whatever your case, there are plenty of inflatable pools or pits online and you should get one first.

Then, fill it with plastic balls and add a small slide. Your kids will get plenty of un climbing up and sliding down the pool. Hours of pure entertainment for them!

  1. Crayon Push Game

Pushing crayons is not only a fun game, it develops their motor skill too. A very valuable life lessons. This is how it should be played. Get an empty oatmeal container and make some holes in it. Let your kids slide the crayons through those holes. Very easy, right?

  1. Pom Pom Balls Racing

indoor games for kids - marble runPom pom balls have various fun usages and just like marble racing, your kids can race pom pom balls too. It helps a lot to develop their competitive nature too. It’s very easy to play as well.

Just make a track on your floor and let them blow the balls with a straw.

  1. Target Golfing

Yes, there is a great way to enjoy golf indoor too. And the best way to play such a game is to target golfing. All you need is a cardboard box and make some entry holes with numbers.

Now, allow your kids to hit the golf ball towards the target hole and whoever can score the most will get an exciting award!

  1. Indoor S’mores For Kids

There are plenty of recipes on indoor S’mores and this really a good idea to spend quality time indoor with your kids. As a parent, we always love to impress your kids with tasty snacks and indoor S’mores is such a thing.

  1. Indoor Swing & Crash Pad

To make such indoor activities for kids possible, you need to ensure the safety of your kids first. This is a somewhat exciting but destructive activity. Hang the swing from the ceiling and let them swing and crash. Just make sure your kiddos don’t hurt themselves.

  1. Pool Noodles Playhouse

Sometimes, you can buy pool noodles in bulk and if you are lucky you can buy them cheaply. Get as many as you can. Then make a playhouse with those pool noodles and bedsheets. This is how it helps. Your kids can spend hours happily and you can have some peace of your own.

  1. Indoor Climbing

Bring outdoor fun in your home! Very easy to set up in the basement or wherever you can but it guarantees hours of excitement for your kids. These things are complete packages that come with everything.

From rock-climbing wall to jungle gym and simple climbing, it has everything. For soft landing, it has a cool bed. So, in case of falling down, your highly energetic kids won’t hurt themselves.

  1. Coloring Cardboard Box

Your little one loves to draw everywhere. Sometimes, they make the wall so messy it becomes hard to swallow. But never discourage your kiddoes when it comes to coloring. It’s a great one among all those creative indoor activities for 2 to 3 year olds.

Instead, put your kid inside a cardboard box and give her a crayon. Now, let her color the walls of the box until she is down with it!

  1. Cotton Ball Painting

Painting does not have to be difficult and sometimes all it needs is cotton balls. Attach cotton balls with a clothespin and dip it in the paint. Now, let your kids start painting.

When they are done, just throw away the cotton ball.

You don’t need many of them but keep extra cotton balls nearby them. And to keep things neater, a muffin tin is a good idea.

  1. Make Custom Dessert Bar

Let’s get fun in the kitchen too and it’s a great way to be creative as well. Challenge your baby to make his own desert bar. There are plenty of toppings like M&Ms, frosting, sprinkles.

Encourage your teen to add those to their favorite cream sundae or cupcake. Making them comfortable in the kitchen will help you later a lot.

  1. Shake Your & Their Bodies

It does help with their physical development a lot. When kids can’t go to their playground, it’s time to take care of their body indoor. Dancing is one of such indoor physical activities for kids that helps with mental development too.

Make a favorite playlist and run the loud sound system. Their bodies will automatically shake and if not, dance with them to encourage them.

  1. Indoor Pillow Sumo

It’s all-time fun and totally non-violent.  All your kids need is 2 pillows for each, rope,  and large t-shirts. Help them to stuck pillows to the front and back of them and bind them with rope.

Then cover the whole set up with the large t-shirt. Let them ram each other. Again, do not worry. They won’t get hurt.

  1. DIY Moon Sand

As you have already noticed, kids love to get their hands dirty. Making DIY moon sand is such hands-on indoor activities for kids that your kids will enjoy for sure. They like to play dirty and you should allow them every now and then.

  1. Bowling With Tin Can

Hey! Everyone loves to bowl. Your kids too. If they can’t do it outdoor, they can do it indoor. Get some old tin cans and paint them. Now, grab a medium-size football and they can have their very own bowling game at home!

  1. Knock the Balls With Nerf Gun

For this, your kids will be needing a Nerf gun and some tennis balls. They will need a cardboard box as the base and some paper towel tubes. Let them put those balls on the tubes and make the set up on the cardboard box.

Now let them hit those balls with a Nerf gun. The more they can shoot, they more they can earn points. And finally a winner!

  1. Tossing Balls To Bins

From a particular distance, let them toss some tennis/any other balls on the bins. Tossing the balls on the bins may seem like an easy game which is true, but it gives huge entertainment to kids who are stuck inside their homes.

  1. Balloon Hitting

I don’t know if the title name justifies it but the rule is your kid will keep hitting the balloon and never let it touch the ground. For older kids, it will be an easy game, so make it harder.

You can let them handle two balloons at the same time or tie one of their hands behind their back. This is the most classic balloon game which brings a great deal of joy.

  1. Exciting Penguin Waddle

The rule is there will be a balloon stuck between the knees of your kid and they must waddle across the room towards the finish the line without dropping it. If they drop it, they must start it from the start line again.

For teenagers, you can set a rule where you must go around some tough obstacles to teach the target line.

  1. Tapping The Balloon

Another exciting balloon game where you need to attach a balloon with a string and hang it on our doorway. Make sure it is higher than the arm’s reach of your kids.

Now challenge them to jump and touch the balloon. It gets tiring very quickly, so count them how many times they can touch it in a row.

  1. Volleyball With Balloon

Playing volleyball with a balloon is pretty straightforward and a great one among all indoor activities for kids. Set a string between two chairs and let your kids hit the balloon back and forth without letting it touch the floor. You can participate with them if you have only one.

  1. Sticky Spider Web

If you use any painter’s tape, you can easily make a sticky spider web on your doorway opening. Let them throw anything lightweight like balloons or any other stuff on the web. The game is the more object they can stick on the web, the more points they get.

  1. Sticky Note Game

It’s both educational and physical activity for your kids. Attach some stick notes on the back of a door with the various letter on each of them randomly. From 1 foot or two, let your kid throw a softball on such letters like hit Q or now hit P, something like that.

Make the collect the ball by themselves. Lots of running and bending over are a great form of physical exercise for them.

  1. Daunting Alligator Alley

Scatter pillows or even better some stuffed animals on the floor. Now make sure your kids can jump on those pillows without tumbling over. The game is they can’t land on the empty space (water) but have to cross the entire ally.

If they land on something without the pillows, they will be considered eaten by the alligators.

  1. Crab Walk

Crab walk is challenging but if you teach your kids how to do it, it’s easy. Now, set up a competition among them and see who can finish the race faster. Once they do it comfortably, attached stuffed animals on their stomachs to make it more challenging.

  1. Indoor Croquet

You can make it yourself using toilet paper rolls or you can buy the entire croquet set from online. You can make it exciting and more fun for kids adding extra rules. Your kids have to do something like doing 10 jumping jacks once the ball goes through the tunnel.

  1. The Movement Chain

It’s an interactive game for kids that involves at least 2 of them. The first person will perform an activity like planking for 30 seconds or jumping 2 times. The 2nd kid will do the same and add an extra activity of its own.

Now, 3rd one (1st kid) one will perform all the 2 activities of the 2nd person and add another extra. This way it will go on until a participant forgets to perform all the activities sequentially.

  1. Potato Drop Into Bucket

Out of so many indoor games for kids, the potato drop is silly but very entertaining for your children. There will be a potato stuck between the knees of your kids and they have to finish a race where they will drop the potato into a bowl/bucket.

They will be disqualified if they drop the potato during the race or touch it with hands. When disqualified, they have to start all over again.

  1. The Imitation Game

It will be more fun if you participate with your kid. In short, both of you will stand face to face at a distance of nearly 1 foot. Now, tell your kid to follow whatever move you make.

Do 10 rep of jumping jacks and ask your child to do that. Do some monkey dance, and encourage your kids to follow you.

Now, switch the roles and you follow whatever moves your kid makes. Both of you will have tremendous fun and pretty soon both of you will become tired. A great form of physical exercise for both of you!

  1. Airplane Landing

Your kids will master their crawling and skipping skills playing the airplane landing game. You can make paper airplanes or buy any ready-made ones. Now throw the plane and let the kids collect it and bring it to the starting point.

The main point here is that your kids can’t walk to bring the plane back, they must crawl or skip instead.

  1. Cotton Ball Balancing Game

Many people play such indoor activities for kids differently. But here is an idea for you.

The game is your kid will hold a cotton ball on a spoon and has to walk from one room to another. If he walks to fast, the feather-weight cotton ball will fly off. The only way to win this game is to balance perfectly.

  1. Puzzle Piece Hunt

If you already have a wooden board puzzle, it will be easy for you to set it up. Hide all the pieces of the puzzle throughout the house and let your kid find them and add together.

As you can see, it’s not just a brain game, it involves a great deal of physical activity too. Your kid will love it and even beg for playing it again and again.

  1. Ride-On Car Race

two seater ride on car with remote

I already talked about RC cars’ competition, but you can make it more exciting if it’s a kid’s ride-on car with parental remote control competition. The race is only possible if there is plenty of empty space available inside.

Keep the remote control with you if someone gets too excited with speed.

  1. Crib Mattress Slide

Just prop the crib mattress on your bed and do something for the soft landing – the fun never gets old. Now, let your kid go up and slide down over and over again until it gets boring. When your kid is stuck inside and nothing to do, this can be a pretty intense play for them.

  1. Lego Color Hunt

A very easy to execute a game that will keep your kids engaged happily for hours. This is what you should do. Get some colored papers and some 10/12 Lego pieces of the same color. Meaning, if the paper is red, get 10 red Leg pieces. Make 3 or 4 of such sets.

Now, hide those Lego pieces everywhere and layout the paper on the table. Ask your kids to find all those Legos and put them on the respective colored paper.

Clock them so that you can crown a winner. When they find all the pieces, tell them to make a shape or rainbow out of those pieces.

  1. ABC Hunt

indoor games for kids - abc huntYour kids don’t need anything else but some buckets. Give your kids buckets and instruct them to collect items that have alphabetic characters in them.

For example, they will put an apple in the bucket because it has the alphabet ‘A’. Time them so that they can collect most of the items within the designated time.

  1. Matching Color Hunting

It’s another exciting hunting game ideas for your kids so that they can make their boring indoor times enjoyable. Get some colored painting chips from your nearby hardware store and give one to each of your kids.

Now, the game is they must collect items that match that color. Again, don’t forget to time them so that you can determine a winner.

  1. Scavenger Hunting In Dark

Now, that’s an exciting hunting game your kids will find daunting. For this, you have to select a room that can too pretty dark when the lights are off and all the blinds are closed.

Now, send your kids in that room with flashlights to find hidden items from there. You can be 100% sure your kids will find this game really exciting.

  1. Use The Garage

When you move out of the car from the garage, there is a pretty open space for the kids to play there with all of their toys. In such open space, your kids can go wild with their scooters, hockey, and other toys.

You can use it for any other indoor physical activities for 3 – 5 year olds that need a bigger space. Your kids will get the outdoor experience here.

  1. Let Them Play Basketball

To break the monotony of stuck life, playing basketball is one of such indoor activities for kids that develop their bodies and bring utmost joy.

If your kids have a basketball hoop and a soft foam ball, they are ready to have the full fun of playing basketball. If you don’t have the hoop, you can use any laundry baskets instead. If you don’t have a soft foam ball, use any football.

Now, place the basket on the stairs or hang it from the door handle. You can use your own imagination to place it anywhere that suits your kids best.  And just like that, it’s pretty easy to have the fun of playing basketball inside.

  1. Indoor Skating

Without scratching the floor, your kids can skate and have outdoor fun inside. All they need is mittens and hats. To prevent the floor scratching and to have an ample amount of slides, let them use dryer sheets.

  1. Indoor Soccer

Yes, your kids can play soccer inside too. If there is no such free space, free up the garage and let them play there. Bring the nets from outside and set it up.

If there is no nets, use any plastic cups or tapes instead. Now, if your kids have any soft foam ball, they can play soccer inside.

  1. Marble ‘n’ Spoon Race

I still remember this to enjoy a lot in an annual sports day at my school. You can arrange such competition among your kids in your home too. Give them spoons with marble no top in their hands first.

Now, let them finish a course without the marble touching the floor.

You can make it more competitive too. Instead of holding the spoon with their hands, place the handle of the spoons in their mouth and tie their hands behind their back. Not ask them to finish the course.

  1. Pillow Case Race

Your kids need to step in those pillowcases and hold those around their waists. Now, set the competition to finish the line hopping. The fun of it will drive them crazy!

In your childhood, you may remember it as the ‘potato case’ race. It’s the same thing and your kids can have fun playing it indoor.

  1. Race of 3-Legged!

It helps with kids’ motor skills and increased bonding among siblings. This is what you should do. Bind their legs together with something soft and let the finish a line from point A to point B. They must coordinate themselves to successfully finish the race.

  1. Fun With Hula Hoop

You know the drill. Now, you just need to set the ground rules. Here are some ideas for you. The winner will be the one who can do the most circles around their waists. You can let them do it with their arms or legs.

There are plenty of other ways to get creative with such hula hoops. All you have to do is just use your imagination. Even the little one can have fun with it. Put it on the floor and tell her to jump in or out. Still, lots of fun!

  1. The Jumping Limbo

The old good game that never ceases to bring joy to kids. Your kids have to jump over a rope. And the bar will be slightly increased once they are comfortable with a certain height.

For the rope, you can choose crepe paper or anything stretchy. You should make your kids run in circles and jump over the rope. It’s one of the oldest indoor physical activities for kids that still make indoor time joyful.

  1. Games For Special Kids

Autism has become more common in our lives. If you have autistic kids, there are still plenty of best toys for nonverbal autism that your special kids can play indoor.

There are jumper, toy block sets, arrow sets, and other games that your kids can play.

  1. Drawing On Butcher Paper

Being creating on a big unbroken piece of paper is always exciting and something different for your kids. Put it up on the wall if you have such a space or just unroll it on the floor and let them draw whatever they like.

  1. In-depth Crafting

For in-depth crafting, you can supply them with heavy-duty art supplies like pom-poms, glue, etc. Let them organize the pom-poms by color or whatever creativity they can apply. A great way to pass wonderful times indoor.

  1. Magic Potions

Let your kids make some magic potions just like what they were on Harry Potter. There are plenty of ways to make such potions but the easiest one is to let them mix all of your unused cosmetics. The end result will be something like a love potion!

  1. Exciting Wheelbarrow Puzzle Walk

If you are not familiar with this game, your kid will have to walk on her hands and collect pieces of a puzzle to complete it. This is what you should do.

Get any wooden puzzle board and scatter the pieces on the floor. Now, grab the ankles of your kid and have her walk on her hands, and instruct her to collect all the pieces one by one. She will keep doing so until she completes the puzzle board.

  1. Popping The Bubbles!

Popping The BubblesI have never seen a kid who does not like bubbles. I still remember the old jolly days where my kids would spend hours playing with bubbles.

I did not make them challenging but I strongly recommend you do. Get a want and blow some bubbles.

Now challenge your kid to pop all of them before they hit the grounds. As you can see, it involves lots of jumping and diving. Pretty helpful activity for sound health!

  1. Insect Movement Game

Let your kids follow the movements of various bugs. Let them crawl like a caterpillar or flap their hands like a butterfly. It’s the easiest game that will blast your kids for sure.

If you run out of ideas on insect movement, browse the internet for some cool ideas.

  1. UNO Movement Game

You will find a similarity between the UNO movement game and the dice game. Get some of your UNO cards and write funny activities on each of these cards.

Now, when your kids flip over their cards, they must complete the tasks as determined by their UNO cards.

  1. Indoor Fashion Show

First of all, every kid loves to dress-up cool, and performing in a fashion show is just intriguing for her. You can give her the dream comes true experience doing in an indoor fashion show.

Use craft paper or tape to create a runway. Or you can use your imagination to create a stage for it.

With the music on, invite your dressed up kid to perform their best walk. Based on their creativity and style, award them points to crown a winner.

  1. Movement Charades

So the game is easy. One of your kids will imitate the signature move of her favorite player/superheroes, the rest must guess the name. Whoever can guess the name correctly will get a point.

  1. Just Listen to Music

Spending hours listening to favorite music is priceless. The same goes for the children and toddlers too. They love to hear their special music, rhymes, and audiobooks too.

If you have a kid with autism, make sure to get any noise-canceling headphones for autism so that she can enjoy her idle time indoor happily.

  1. Routine Choreograph

Routine ChoreographEvery child has a passion. Maybe your child loves to dance or goes to the theater.

The main thing about this activity is that you will challenge your child to choreograph a routine of such activity that she must perform in front of you.

Your kid will practice a lot and she will do it independently. She will keep practicing until it is perfect.

  1. Building Structures

free indoor activities for kids - Building Structures

Just using cards, toy blocks, boxes, pillows, etc. – your kids can make various buildings of their favorites. Show them how to make cool building structures out of just popsicle sticks.

Show them YouTube videos on such building makings and challenge them to make their own. Whoever can build the largest one will get an award.

111. Simple Magic Show

You can get creative with your own magic show but let me give you an idea. Get 3 cups and place a coin under one of them.

Now, shuffle those cups in front of your kids and ask them which cup has the coin. Each time they become successful, it will bring great joy to them.

You can take it even to the next level being a little bit of sneaky. Keep the cups near the edge of the corner of the table and secretly drop it so that your kids can’t notice.

When they will see none of the cups have the coin, the surprising eyes will amaze you too.

112.  Dance & Freeze!

For your toddlers, it will be a challenging and exciting game to play. On a loud volume, play your kid’s favorite tune and let them dance.

Now, randomly you will instruct them to freeze and they will remain freeze just the way they find themselves at that moment.

Make it even more challenging by instructing them to freeze in specific poses like any specific animal or shape.

113. Classic Hide and Seek

Can you imagine any indoor games without the hide and seek? Yes, I did not forget about it.

It’s a classic game where your kid will cover her eyes and ears and other kid will hide somewhere in your home. When she opened her eyes, she must find the hidden one within a pre-set time.


The list of fun indoor activities for kids is limitless but I have mentioned some funniest and exciting of them so that they can develop their brain and physical fitness.

This list will keep updating. So, mention your favorite active indoor games for kids in the comment box and I will add in the near future!