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For The New Mom: How To Take Care Of A Baby?

Having a baby is a dream for every couple. It’s the baby that brings the whole new world of joy. While you are so much happy with your newborn baby, it’s not so uncommon that most new parents don’t have much idea how to take care of their baby. This article will help you to learn how to take care of your baby properly.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Baby

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The following tips are not limited to take care of the baby. But these are the most vital ways to take the best care of your little one.

  • The most important tips and helps you can get from the nurse of the hospital where the baby was born. The nurse can teach you how to hold the baby and even how to burp and change the diaper.
  • When you return home from the hospital with your baby and there is no granny to take care of the baby, you may feel a little bit intimidated. You should hire a baby nurse for the first couple of weeks. The nurse will teach you some other things like how to breastfeed your baby and so on. Take the help of your doctor/hospital to find such nurses.
  • Diaper change will be the most challenging part of being a new parent. Always keep a sufficient number of diapers, ointment, and diaper wipes. At least 10 times you need to change the diaper each day. While changing, lay down your baby on his/her back and remove the diaper. Use the diaper wipes to clean the genital area of the baby gently.
  • A rash is a common concern while diapering a baby. If you notice the rash, use the doctor recommended ointment to the affected area. To keep the rash happening at a minimum, change the diaper as early as possible.
  • A newborn baby will sleep day and night on an average of at least 18 hours a day! As you can see, most of the time your baby will be spending on sleeping. So you need to make sure the sleeping environment is comfortable for the baby. For the first 5 to 6 months, you should get a baby bassinet for the baby with relatively hard mattress surface.
  • Show your baby that you love him or her. It’s more like falling in love with your little one. Physical closeness increases the bondage of the baby and the parents which ultimately lead to the emotional development of the baby.

Feeding The Baby

I must admit it’s the most challenging part of parenting. But whatever you do, never force your baby to eat or drink. It will make the situation worse. An infant usually eats at a gap of every 2 to 3 hours.

You may either go for the breastfeeding (which is always recommended) or formula-recommended (if your doctor recommends it). Whatever feeding method you choose, you must notice whether your baby is hungry or no. Normally when the newborn makes sucking noises, it tells you that it’s the feeding time.

You must also know, whether your baby is eating sufficiently or not. If you prefer breastfeeding, your baby should have at least 6 dirty diapers. And I must tell you again, don’t force your baby to eat.

Precautions To Take Care Of A Baby

It feels so heavenly to touch and hold the baby. In fact, every one of your family will touch and hold your baby every day. So you need to follow some safety precautions for the maximum safety of your baby.

  • The immune system of the baby is so weak and they are prone to infections so easily. So, before holding your baby, make sure to wash your hands with liquid sanitizer each time. Make sure your other family members and friends also wash their hands before holding your little one.
  • Never ever shake the baby. Shaking the baby may result in bleeding in the brain or even may lead to death. This is something you should always keep in mind until the baby becomes a toddler.
  • Make sure you fasten the baby into the stroller or car seat.
  • When you put your baby in the crib, do not keep any loose items like toys inside the crib.
  • Swaddling is a good idea to limit the movement of the baby but make sure to keep the legs free. This will keep the baby warm and helps to sleep better.


The above information presented above is just a gist of what you need to do for your baby. Your baby has no one but you and fully depended on you. Just keep that thing in your mind and you will figure out yourself what you need to do to take care of your baby. Spend good times with your baby!