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How To Start Breastfeeding After C Section?

breastfeeding a babyNowadays most of the couples perform their first delivery by Cesarian Section (C Section) in order to minimize their pregnancy risk especially if it is their first time of pregnancy.

What it does are making some changes in the mother’s body and making something challenging for further activities in particular for the mothers who wish to breastfeed their baby’s.

Breastfeeding is always affected by cesarean delivery no matter if it is well planned or accidental. It happens.

But, it doesn’t mean that breastfeeding is prohibited once you have done a cesarean delivery. You can breastfeed. In fact, you should. Because breastfeeding is very important for the newborn.

But, after cesarean delivery, as it does some changes to your body, you should obey some rules in order to breastfeed your child. We are going to discuss them now.

Let us get started.

The Child Should Be With You All The Time

Starting from the time of birth, your child should stay with you. In order to feed him/ her any time you want. If you can’t get to the newborn, ask the people around you to pass the newborn to you, so that you don’t have to take extra pressure. And keep the newborn with you.

Do it strictly if you are admitted to any clinic or hospital where nurses are not available all the time around you to help you feed the baby. Cause, you may not able to get up every time to feed your loved baby.

But, if you have anyone close to you like your life partner, your mother, friend, sister or anyone else to help you feed the baby 24/ 7 then it is okay. Even if you bring the baby at home, consider having a bassinet for breastfeeding to make it easy. Whatever you can manage, just make sure the baby is with you.

Use Breast Pump If Needed.

Sometimes. it is maybe not possible to breastfeed or the mother may not capable to supply to the newborn. In this kind situation, you can and should use a breast pump to feed the baby.

If you really are in a breast pumping situation, then you should breast pump in every two or three hours so that the baby gets enough food to live.

Take Treatment To Heal Your Pain

After the delivery, some of the pains remain. It can remain for long term if you do not medicate them immediately.

If you don’t, then your body may be dealing with it right now instead of healing to normal. So, help your body by medicating your delivery pain, so that it can go back to normal condition and concentrate on making breast milk for the baby instead of dealing with the pain.

Stay In The Hospital As Much As You Can

If everything goes okay and you have maintained all the advice the doctors have told you, then you are supposed to get released from the hospital earlier than even normal times. But, try to stay in the hospital the more time you can. The longer the better.


The longer you stay in the hospital the more you can be assured your baby is safe from the problem which appears just after the delivery.

Also, you can learn everything about nourishing a baby including breastfeeding at home, breastfeeding positions, etc.

Start Breastfeeding As Soon As Possible!

Even if you have anesthesia, you should start breastfeeding your child. Yes, anesthesia and this kind of other pains are normal after delivery. But this doesn’t affect that much to feed your child.

You should breastfeed your child as much quicker possible. The sooner the better. The best time to breastfeed your child is just after he/ she borns.

In point of fact, you should create a connection between you and your child within the first 24 hours of birth and breastfeeding is the best way to do it.

And it must be skin to skin connection among you and your baby. It strengthens the bond with your baby. It will also help to make it easy to breastfeed your baby.

Apart from it, skin to skin connection is very important for both the newborn and the mother even if the mother doesn’t breastfeed the baby for any reason like pain or insufficient supply of breast milk.

Just make sure that the baby gets breastfeed within the first 24 hours. Even if the mother or the baby is weak and can’t go for breastfeeding right now. Then they will wait, but if it is taking too long for the mother to recover then, someone else can help them do this. Cause the mother may be not able to supply the milk the baby needs, or the baby may not be capable enough to latch on the nipples.

The midwife can help the mother to do this or at least help the mother getting started for feeding the baby.

Keep It Continued

Once you have started breastfeeding your child, try not to stop it for at least the first 6 months. Do it at least once in one to three hours. Especially on the very day of your delivery, you may be in pain, but you should try your best to breastfeed.

In fact, It is not that much difficult to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding Positions

breastfeeding after c section

Positions play a vital rule of comfort in breastfeeding. There are two types of breastfeeding positions advised by doctors and health experts. Under Arm And Side-Lying.

Under Arm Position

In the underarm position, the baby should be under the mother’s arm while the mother should be supported by any pillow or mattress on her back.

Enough mattress or pillow should also be in support for the baby too.

Side-Lying Position

In  Side-Lying Position, the mother should lie on one side whatever she prefers to or feels comfortable too.

And the baby should be lying facing to the mother. Like the Under Arm Position pillows should be in support for mother in the back, plus in this position, the mother should take another pillow under her head. And the baby should be put as much close as possible with the mother. If the baby starts to cry, you can get a baby mobile to calm her down.