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How To Put A Toddler Bed Together? [Instructional Video Included]

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]onverting a baby crib is relatively easy but if you have recently bought a toddler bed, you have to put it together from scratch. I remember the hassle and confusion when I bought the Delta toddler bed for my firstborn. There are so many nuts and joints!

Luckily, every bed comes with an instruction manual. But if you don’t have it or lost it, you should collect it first. You will be in a miserable situation if you don’t follow the manual. In this article, I will only cover the universal set up which is common to pretty much every bed with little differences.

6 Steps To Put A Toddler Bed Together

How To Put A Toddler Bed Together

I will share my experience about how I put together my Delta toddler bed. But if you are looking for Paw Patrol or Minnie Mouse wooden toddler bed instructions, you will find this step by step guideline useful too.

[box type=”warning” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Warning: You should follow the instruction manual that comes with your model. And you have to follow these instructions in an orderly fashion. Failure to do so will make the bed hazardous for your toddler.[/box]

  1. Check Every Parts & Piece

Whenever you receive the delivery package, check everything. Make sure the delivery comes with every little piece. If you notice any damage parts or missing pieces, return the delivery to the seller. In general, you should receive the following parts and pieces:

  • Headboard and footboard (stickers, if any).
  • Safety rail.
  • Male/female bar.
  • Fabric support.
  • Long and short leg.

Alternatively, if you need toddler bed replacement screws or other parts, you can contact the seller/manufacturer as well.

  1. Assemble The Mattress Support

Once you are 100% sure you have everything and no part is missing, it’s time to assemble the bed. You should start by assembling the mattress support. Slide the two male and 1 female bar though the fabric tunnel. Insert the crossbar through the tunnel as well. You will find 2 holes on both of the male bars. Insert the crossbar into these holes first before you do so for the female bar.

Now, let’s deal with the center crossbar.

You will find 2 center holes on the male bars. Insert the center crossbar on these holes. But make sure the holes on the center crossbar and the 2 male bars are perfectly aligned. Use 2 screws to attach it to both male bars.

Now, let’s deal with the female bar. There is a hole in the female bar. Slide the crossbar into that hole and through the tunnel of the fabric.

Do the same for the male bar too. To do that, slide the bar through the fabric tunnel and make the connection to the male bar. You have to rotate the female bar inward and raise the unconnected side so that the female bar and the crossbar get joined.

  1. Assemble the Toddler Bed

Let’s start assembling the headboard first. Locate the plastic plug where you have to push the open end of the long leg. You can find it under the knob located on the one side of the headboard.

Once you align the hole with the hole on the headboard, use a bolt to attach the leg to the headboard. Repeat the entire process again for the other leg. Also, you should follow the same process to assemble the footboard.

  1. Make The Frame Connection

Once the headboard and the footboard are assembled, it’s time to connect the two to the bed frame. The flat ends of the bed frame should be inside the legs of the headboard and footboard. You will find pre-drilled holes on the bed frame. Insert the locking nuts and bolts into such holes.

  1. Attach The Center Leg

This will provide the necessary support for the weight of your toddler. Use the locking nuts and bolts to attach it. Do the same for the opposite side. If your toddled bed comes with stickers for the headboard and footboard, it’s time to deal with them.

The sticker on the headboard should be facing in but for the footboard, do the opposite.

  1. Set Up The Safety Rails

The safety rails will ensure your toddler won’t fall from the bed while sleeping. Whether you have a Dream On Me toddler bed or Minnie Mouse toddler bed – all of them come with the safety rails.

Attach it on the long leg which is part of the headboard. When the holes of the center leg and safety rail is perfectly aligning, use locking nuts and bolts to attach it.  These nuts and bolts should be tightly secured. Now, do the same for the other one.

Here is the complete video tutorial:

Some Don’ts About Toddler Bed

Toddlers are very much curious and love to do some adventures when they are on their own. To make sure your toddler doesn’t get creating with the bed and to ensure an utmost safe bed, here are some don’ts that you should be aware of:

  • Is there a window in your toddler bedroom with drapes or blinds? If so, do not place the bed near that window to avoid strangulation from the cords of such drapes or blinds.
  • You should not be using a water mattress with any such bed.
  • Do not tie any pacifier, necklaces, or other baby items to the parts of the toddler bed.
  • In addition to the toddler if you have an infant, do not put that infant on this bed. The maximum recommended age is from 15 months to 5 years. If the weight of the toddler is more than 50 lbs., stop using the bed as well.
  • To avoid suffocation of your baby, do not introduce any comforter or padding to the bed.
  • Stop using the bed if you notice any parts or the bed itself is damaged or broken.
  • Never settle for any substitute parts.
  • If you have to refinish the bed, use non-toxic finish only.

Wrapping It Up

You won’t find many helpful resources on how to put a toddler bed together, so I have written this article as a helpful guide. But let me remind you again, the manual that comes with the bed should be your ultimate guide. If you can’t put it together yourself, take the help of your partner or friendly & experienced neighbor.