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How To Prevent Toddler From Climbing Out Of Crib?

baby on crib

Having a toddler sounds cute and adorable, I mean, it really is. But my little nugget sometimes makes me damn nervous. This started when he learned to climb out of the crib.

I was very concerned about the matter as he keeps climbing out of his crib repeatedly within minutes. Ugh! Yes, almost all of we parents have this same tension building up around this stage. Not that it is anything unusual, and in fact, seeing toddlers pulling these out-of-nowhere jailbreaks is common.

So, is it concerning to see you toddler or child on the wrong side of his crib bars? Hell yes! Toddlers aren’t gangsters in the hood and they should not be breaking the bars too. You can’t have further sips of your coffee watching your little champ figuring out how to escape the crib. Don’t even think of ignoring it.

Whether it is the convertible crib or a travel crib in any of your trips, stay super alert. If your child is frequently climbing out of the crib, it waves red flags for you. Your precious little buddy can get hurt falling from the crib, and this becomes even worse when the room has no carpets. Besides, a jailbreak in the middle of the night is more exposed to risks.

Let me give you 8 tips to handle toddlers climbing from their cribs. Don’t worry if your baby is rolling out of the infant mattress, any of the tips will make you a way out too.

Never Think of a Crib Tent

You read it right! Crib tents suck and they suck real bad. These are made of mesh and designed to zip close right over the top of your crib. So technically crib tent can seem like the best solution for your concern. But, really is it?

No! In fact, these can be the cause of danger to your lovely child and are not safe at all. I highly discourage using a crib tent, although it might work with some parents. It frames up the crib and entails exposure to potential suffocation.

Therefore, first and foremost, don’t think of crib tents as a solution for your toddler climbing out of the crib.

Use a Sleep Sack

This is the first thing I recommend trying, especially for those who have babies learning to drip out of the crib. Because most of the children do not tend to try climbing from their cribs earlier before 20 months.

Nonetheless, we also know babies under 10 months throwing themselves from their cribs. Now, these are exceptions for natural born climbers who achieve crawling, standing and walking badges early.

Try a sleep slack, if so is the case with your child. This enfolds your baby’s legs and feet and sets a limit to demotivate your child from doing any climbing stunt all on a sudden. Sleep sacks fairly leave enough room for the baby to move restfully within the borders.

Lower the Mattresses

An easy tip we often miss for certain reasons. Simply lowering the crib mattress might help, move it to the lowest of positions. However, this works fine for younger toddlers or smaller babies by lessening the leverage help to climb out.

Empty the Crib

If you have lots of toys and crib bumpers in your baby’s crib, then these are helping your toddler to use as levers and get out. They are smart and you should know it. Remove all of them so that she gets nothing to hoist her up to the rails.

Stay Reactionless

Children love reactions from their parents. Yeah, badass attentions seekers. Haha. So when you see you child climbing out, the only thing you gotta do is, not to react to the stunt. Do not give her the attention she wants, okay?

Stop letting her come along and lie in your bed. If you do, this encourages her to do it again and again. Show a bit of rudeness(fake obviously), and strictly let her know, you do not like what she did. And then put her back in her space.

Keep an Eyeball

Keep an eye on your baby from a distance. Maybe from a place where she can’t see you. Wait and observe her moves. Soon as she attempts to climb out, tell her “NO”. Tell her that she shouldn’t be doing it. Hopefully, she will learn to play and stay inside after this happens a few time.

Call for Safety

This is the kind of the least you can do. I mean, if we can’t stop her climbing out repeatedly, then let’s just keep her safe at least. Just throw some pillows and paddings around her crib. Also, remove any nearby sharp of rock-solid objects that could hurt your baby doll.

Otherwise, I suggest lowering the rails of the bed assigning a couch next to it. This way, you won’t have to worry about any fall.

Switch to a Bed

This is what you do when nothing works for your baby. It is the most effective and easy solution for older toddlers. Imagine, if your child does not have a crib to climb! Makes sense, right?

Get a bed for your toddler! If you are tight on budget or want to make it work quickly, a mattress on the floor does the job for you. The fun fact is, I personally love this idea the most. When you have the mattress set right on the damn floor, you absolutely have no exposure to falls.

This trick also helps when you have younger and smaller babies flinging themselves of the infant mattress.

Wrapping Up (This isn’t a tip anyway)

Our anxiety for the children is celestial. So we gotta be patient while dealing with things our little monkeys do. Try one after one of the tips above, take the time. Move to the next if the previous seem fruitless. Be creative with the tips, like use the sleep sack and lower the crib mattress at the same time.

If you make epic fails, then your toddler is probably up for a transition to bed. FYI, this transition time ranges from 18 to 24 months depending on the growth. So when your child hits the second birthday, switch her to a bed. Kudos!