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How To Clean A Pack N Play? [With Video Tutorial]

For the safety and good health of your baby, you do everything humanly possible for your baby, right? From medication to ensure the best sleeping environment, do you everything. It’s so natural you think only the better for your baby.

But have you ever considered the pack and play safety? I am talking about the cleaning safety point of view. You surely do have the idea how much dirty a playpen can be, right? This is where your baby plays, sleeps, eats, and often pees and poops.

As the playpen is mostly used as the travel crib, you surely visited the sea beach with the playpen, right? Well, guess what? A lot of sands also get attached to the playpen.

So to keep the baby safe from a dirty pack n play, you need to clean it at least once a week. But before that, you need to learn how to clean the pack and play, right?

In this article, I will show you how to clean the playpen easily without much hassle.

Step By Step Guides on How to Clean a Pack n Play

Step 1: Whenever you plan to clean a pack n play, it’s also a great opportunity for you to check whether there is any wear and tear in the pack n play. If there are any worn out parts, fix it first before cleaning.

Step 2: Then it’s time to clean the sand from the playpen (of course, only if you have visited the beach with your baby taking the pack n play). The sand can damage the rail rock of the pack n play. Before you start any cleaning, get rid of the sand first.

Step 3: To clean the pack n play properly, you need to disassemble the playpen first. If you have only a basic playpen, all you have to remove is the mattress.

But if your playpen has the attached napper, changer, or bassinet – you need to detach them as well. Watch the YouTube video on how to disassemble a pack n play.

Step 4: This is the most important step because in this step you will learn how to wash the pack n play. There are several methods shared by several parents and experts. I will explain the easiest procedure first.

You need to wash the pack n play either in your garage or just anywhere on the outside. Mix detergent and warm water in a container. Then dip a sponge into it and start wiping from the top part of the pack n play.

Be extra careful while cleaning the net of the pack n play. You can protect the netting by placing one hand on the back of the net while you scrub it with the sponge.

Assuming you are done cleaning the net, you can now proceed to clean the bottom part of the pack n play. Scrub the bottom part very well and rinse off the detergent using your hand shower. Use any dry towel to dry the pack n play or you can allow the playpen to air dry.

Step 5: If your pack n play has the attached napper and changer, I assume you have detached it as I said above. Now using only water and soap you can clean the changer and allow it to drip dry. Machine wash the napper in cold water and let it drip dry as well.

To clean the bassinet you need to hand wash it using only water and detergent. Also, let it drip dry.

You need to clean the mattress of the pack n play as well. Remove the mattress cover from the mattress and separately machine washes it. To wash the mattress itself, scrub it with a soapy cloth. Using hand shower, rinse off it and let the sun dry it for you.

Pro Tips: If you notice there is mold in the pack n play, instead of air dry or drip dry, keep it under the sun for few hours after washing. You can rub the mold affected area using vinegar.

This is the end of the entire process of cleaning a pack n play. Now, watch a YouTube video of the entire process so that you can understand it very clearly. As the parent of the kid, you are responsible for the safety of your baby! In this video, you will learn something new as well about cleaning the pack n play.

Summing Up

Whether you are using it as the travel crib or as a normal crib, your little one spends a significant amount of time in the pack n play. You don’t want your kid get affected by a dirty pack n play. So, keep it clean as frequently as possible. If your baby spends most of the time of a day in the playpen, clean it at least once a week.