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How to assemble a convertible crib?

Having trouble assembling your new bought crib? It’s so natural that, if you are new in this, it might scare you. First, watch the video how to assemble a convertible crib:

Still having trouble? Okay, if so, then read the tips from wikihow. They have step by step guideline including pictures which are super easy to understand.

The above two instructions are for standard size crib, not mini crib. Though mini cribs have almost similar assembly instruction, cribs on wheels are more relative to easy. Most of the travel cribs don’t any assembly at all!

Whenever you decide to start assembling the crib, make sure to read the manual very carefully. Very first make sure there are all the necessary parts in the box which is must-have for an assembled crib. If not or something is damaged,  contact the manufacturer immediately and get a replacement. After you are confident that you can now assemble the crib, start doing it. You may take help from other family members as well.

Once you are done with assembling your convertible crib properly, you have no tension of putting your little on it. Transforming the crib into one of the safest toddler beds is really easy. Just take out the front rail and you are done!

Why do you need to assemble the crib the right way?

The safety of your little one depends on it. A wrongly or poorly assembled crib is so much hazardous for the baby that I can’t even describe it in words. It’s not just a cause of SIDS, it can really damage the body construction of the baby inviting lots of pain!

Even if though you have the mattress for kids, it won’t properly fit. The snug fit of the mattress is so much vital. So, make sure you have assembled the crib the right way.