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Best Food Processor For Baby Food To Buy In 2021

Only the best food processor for baby food can help you make fresh foods fast each time. It saves time and money too. You will never feel the necessity of buying pre-made baby foods from the store when you have this.

I know when we think about any such baby food processors, brands like Beaba and QOOC pop in our minds. Yes, I have reviewed them, but I have also reviewed some more popular brands than them as well.

Best Food Processor For Baby Food Comparison Table

homia Dansa
  • Feat. 8-in-1 Operation
  • Color: 2
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Babymoov Duo Meal Station
  • Feat. 6-in-1 Operation
  • Capacity: Large
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homia Infano
  • Feat. 7-in-1 Operation
  • Extra Info. Dishwasher Safe
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QOOC Baby Food Maker
  • Feat. 4-in-1 Operation
  • Extra Info. Dishwasher Safe
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BEABA Babycook
  • Feat. 4-in-1 Operation
  • Extra Info. BPA free
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5 Baby Food Makers Reviews 2021

food processor for baby food puree

All the 5 models are from trusted brands and recommended by thousands of hundreds of happy parents. You won’t regret having any of them.

However, to make it simple for you, I have sorted them based on their popularity among busy moms. 

homia  Dansa

You want to prepare baby food fast and easy, this is what you must have. It’s that plain and simple! And it’s not me talking that way… it’s the recommendation of thousands of happy mommies.

When you have it, you literally won’t be needing any other devices/tools to prepare healthy foods for your baby.

best food processor for baby food from homia
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It’s not just a baby food steamer and blender, it’s the 8-in-1 processor. Not just for chopping, warming, and defrosting it’s perfect for cooking food, making juice, and sterilizing baby bottles and sippy cups too.

And doing all so is so easy no matter how clumsy you are.

With its 3 baskets, you can make different foods at a time. Stream 3 different items and then just blend. No need to wait.

This is probably the fastest food processor for baby food puree too than other baby food makers. Various nannies and experienced mommies have reviewed it that way. 

You will find the defrosting and food warming feature a lot more useful. For busy parents, it’s a blessing!

Prepare food/purees in advance and store them in the freezer. Defrost and warm them whenever you need them. It has so many other features to explore. Life is so much easier, right? 

Food preparation has never been so easy when you got this. In less than 20 minutes, you can prepare broccoli, carrot, chicken, or any baby food you can think of. The legit blades can chop veggies, fruits, other foods in no time. It steams food faster too.

The effort-less clean-up after each food preparation is priceless. Just throw the cups in the dishwasher. You can heat up all baby bottles to make them germ-free too.

Nothing complex to run it. All you have do is to be attentive about the water level and stream time.

More Features & Pros

  • Available in 3 colors: Peach, Blue, and Green.
  • With 650-watt heating power and 150-watt blending power, it’s super fast!
  • Digital and intuitive touchscreen control panel. Press one button to steam and another to chop. Everything is so easy. 
  • Safe and healthy baby food in no time! It’s a BPA free unit and FDA certified, so no health hazard. 
  • Being dishwasher safe cups makes it super simple to wash.
  • Do not make more than 12 oz food at a time.
  • It works like any ordinary blender. So, you can prepare a wide range of foods. Also, it is louder when working as well which is normal. Nothing to worried. 
  • The stirring up catches water from streaming really well. You can add those water while blending.
  • It’s made of plastic but there won’t be any plastic smell in any food. There won’t be any warping or wilting too. Compact design and very sturdy!
  • Defrost any baby food including frozen breastmilk or baby formula milk in the bags. 
  • 110V power. Perfect voltage for the U.S.
  • It features a great overheat safety mechanism. 


  • Smaller opening mouth.

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Babymoov Duo Meal Station

You need a multi-dimensional and large-capacity food processor for baby food puree to make life easier. The Duo Meal Station from Babymoov has exactly done so.

It’s very easy to clean, unlike baby food makers. There are so many other reasons why smart mommies have recommended it a lot.

Babymoov Duo Meal Station
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It’s the right kind of baby food steamer and blender you have been looking for so many times. Yes, you can blend and steam at the same time!

How cool is that! That’s the reason why it’s called Duo Meal station. More so, you can just throw it in the dishwasher to clean it when you are done.

The price is good and it’s more versatile than many other baby food makers. The compact design has already impressed a lot of people and you will find it too easy to use.

No complex operation required. Perfectly safe. The intelligent auto-off feature is great to have in case you forget. 

All the food nutrients are intact when you prepare food with Due Meal. At the bottom part of the steamer, you will find the water containing vital nutrients that you can add back while blending to keep the food value intact.

Thinking about prepping multiple meals at once? With 9 cups, it’s so big that you can puree veggies and other baby foods for your little one and store them for later feeding.

You can prepare your own meal too. That’s the reason I have included this one in my baby food makers reviews. 

In a nutshell, it does it all and it does it quickly. Fruits? Veggies? You name it! Within a few minutes, you can prepare them all. If you want to get rid of store-bought food for your baby and prepare something for yourself – this is something you should seriously consider. 

Why Should You Buy It?

  • It’s not just a blender or steamer. You can use it to store food, defrost and warm food too. Hell…you can use it as a sterilizer or bottle warmer to clean breastfeeding bottles too! 6-in-1 operation! Don’t worry. Every operation is easily explained in the manual.
  • The vitamins, minerals, and the natural flavor of food are perfectly preserved and protected. It catches broth perfectly so you can reuse it when blending.
  • In total, there are 3-speed blenders and 2 steamer baskets. All of them are easily programmable to prepare healthy food for your baby assigning specific cooking time.
  • Highly intelligent operation with the latest technology. It alerts you timely as and when required.  
  • You can just warm water for your little one too. 
  • Making smoothies and oatmeal has never been so easy!
  • Do you want to cook rice with it? Yes, you can with the steamer part.
  • Completely safe for you and your baby. Totally BPA free.


  • The blender part is not so powerful.
  • For steamed food, sometimes you have to scoop it out. 

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homia Infano

Another all-in-one food processor for baby food puree from the popular brand homia. Stream, blend, clean, disinfect – everything is so easy when you have the 7-in-1 Infano.

It’s more versatile than your wild imagination. Prepare a small meal for now or make several and store them for feeding later. 

homia Infano
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From formula banana shakes to zucchini,  prepare fresh carrots, peas, potatoes, and so on at your pace. It blends so smoothly that you have not experienced it before.

It’s more like a one-stop workstation in your kitchen for all the baby food that is there to make your life easy. When you have this, you have no rush! 

It’s a life-saver for busy moms. Prepping food without a food maker for baby is tiresome and daunting. Not just prepping food, think about sanitizing all those pacifiers, nipples, bottles too.

But when you have this, all daunting tasks become a matter of pressing the buttons. Yes, you can use it to clean and disinfection purposes too. 

Preparing meat and vegetables has never been so easy. It does it fast and it does it right. No food value lost at all. The smell won’t get mixed up if you follow the manual and common sense. So, even if your baby is a picky eater, you are good to go!

When you think about getting the best food processor for baby food puree, homia should be your trusted brand. It’s totally hassle-free and already trusted by countless parents. Cleaning the processor itself is a blessing too. All cups as dishwashers are safe!

For steaming, it should not take more than 15 minutes. The puree making is a lot faster. But the cool part that you will love most is its quiet operation. I am not saying it’s silent, but a lot quieter than other brands and other blenders. 

Why Should You Get It?

  • Whatever you can expect from a food processor, the 7-in-1 Infano delivers without disappointing you. Heat, reheat, defrost, chop – simply go wild!
  • From 4 to 10+ months old baby, it can handle all the baby food necessary. Carrot/Apple/Spinach puree to steamed yam cake, you can prepare them all. 
  • No cheap plastic used what you normally get from baby food makers. Only high-quality Tritan plastic used to make the body parts. 
  • The design is beautiful as well. Matches the kitchen perfectly.
  • Don’t get worried hearing plastic parts. It’s completely BPA free and permitted by the FDA
  • Intuitive control panel with timer for steaming. 
  • All the cups are very easy to remove, clean, and disinfect. Cleaning the water tank is easy as well. Just add water and press the ‘clean’ button. You are done!
  • No disturbing noise while steaming, but there will be a little bit of noise while blending.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Very helpful after-sales service. Drop your query and they will get back to you soon.


  • Small capacity. 

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QOOC Baby Food Maker

In case you are looking for a cheap model but that can get the job done efficiently, so I have included this one in my review.

Yes, QOOC is cheap but not that bad. In fact, the brand is pretty popular and familiar among lots of parents. The recommendations and positive feedback are promising too.

QOOC Baby Food Maker
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It’s very small in size and lots of busy parents simply hate it for that. But let me assure you something. It can make enough food that you can feed your baby for up to 3 times at least.

So, yes the capacity is limited but it’s still a good choice for parents who only want to give fresh foods to their loving babies. 

QOOC blends and steams perfectly. You won’t have any regret about the two most vital features. It makes puree so smooth that even your will picky baby will love it.

No, a regular blend can’t do the job right when it comes to baby food. Not just for making food and puree, you can use it to reheat food too. All on in place!

Now, imagine how time-consuming it would be to prepare all those foods using a separate blender and steamer. 

You would have to steam them in a rice cooker and then use an immersion blender. And don’t don’t forget about scooping off the food from the blender. 

All these are time-consuming and sometimes take hours. Don’t forget, you lose the food value (steaming water) during this process too. 

But with the QOOC baby food maker, it’s just a matter of a couple of minutes preserving the pureed. And it does not make all that noisy sounds. You can still make food while your loving little one is sleeping without creating any disturbance for her. 

It’s not just the faster process I am talking about, you will be bewildered seeing how easy it can get preparing baby food.

More Features & Pros

  • A perfect choice for busy moms and dads who want to prepare foods within just 15 minutes.
  • Made from premium materials and it’s shatterproof. So, make foods with confidence.
  • Not just foods for infants, it’s suitable to make and cook butternut squash,  sweet potato chunks, peas, and so on too. 
  • BPA and lead-free. Completely safe for your baby’s health.
  • Beautiful design and smaller in size. The compact design helps to put it in the kitchen conveniently.
  • No chance of losing food nutrients. There is a special button for that!
  • The steaming baskets have a solid food capacity of 300g. 
  • Many have recommended this just because it is so simple and convenient to use. 
  • A great recipe book and e-recipe access for more items to explore. And they get updated constantly.
  • Perfectly dishwasher safe.
  • Supports 120 volts electricity which is most common in the U.S. It supports any standard wall socket as well.


  • Limited capacity, not suitable for working moms.

Beaba Baby Food Maker Review

The last baby food maker reviews and it’s the most familiar Beaba baby food maker! But let’s start with the ‘not so great’ thing about it.

It overheats due to repeated use constantly and for that, it gets some significant negative feedback from parents. But there are tons of positive feedback as well. 

Beaba Baby Food Maker
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That’s interesting, right? Apparently, the problem gets serious only when you steam a lot too quickly. Only then, you will face the burnout problem.

Other than that, it’s the holy grail to lots of moms. Not just baby foods, you can make snacks for you and your family members too.

No need to waste time washing a large pot or steamer when you have the Beaba baby food maker. It’s perfect to stream entrees and vegetables. As the baby grows, their appetite changes.

So, you will have to prepare various types of foods quickly. This baby food steamer and blender are perfect to handle such situations. 

No matter what you hear or read here and there, you can still make foods in advance and store them in the freezer. The reason is pretty simple.

You can cook/prepare food on both sides simultaneously. It’s a heaven-sent food processor for baby food puree who simply don’t have time to prepare fresh foods each time. 

It makes homemade baby food making processes super simple. Many happy moms have confirmed the fact that sometimes it’s even faster than processing pre-made baby food from stores when you have this.

Think about all the money you will be saving from NOT buying those pre-made baby foods from the store. Then the price of it will seem fair to you.

The food quality and consistency are perfect. No loss of food value. If you don’t follow the instruction manual precisely, your expectations won’t be met and you will end up leaving another negative review.

Lots of parents left negative reviews simply because they did not follow the manual. Here is an official instructional video for you.

Pros of Beaba Baby Food Maker

  • From a trusted brand by millions who have been serving for 25+ years.
  • Available in 3 beautiful colors with a compact design to match any kitchen decor. 
  • It features stainless steel made water reservoir that is not available in many models I have reviewed above.
  • One-hand operation for convenient usage. 
  • Safe food for your baby each time for a long time. Totally BPA and lead-free. 
  • Separate non-staining two pitchers to make different foods at the same time. There will be enough leftovers to preserve in the freezer. 
  • Perfect for cooking fish and meats too, not just veggies and fruit smoothies. 
  • It comes with a great recipe booklet to prepare tasty and nutrition enriched baby foods. 
  • Quieter operation than traditional blenders or steamers. 
  • Automatic operation. You don’t need to keep in mind the timing. A thoughtful pregnancy gift for first time moms from husband.


  • It’s a little bit costly and you can blend only on one side. 
Buying Guide For The Best Food Maker For Baby

A lot of technicalities involved when it comes to buying such stuff. And the price is a big factor too since they are not cheap. You should go cheap for anything when it involves your baby either. 

However, it’s always a good thing to understand what to look for when you decide to buy something new. It’s true even more when this is a first time experience for you. Have a look at the following important factors:

  • Manual Vs. Electric Version

If you are looking for inexpensive units, probably the manual version would be a good choice for you. But let me remind you – they take a lot of time to prepare food.

On the other hand, electric baby food processors act fast and it’s too easy to use. Takes less time to clean as well.

  • Capacity

I am talking about food processing capacity in each batch. Having a large capacity is a blessing for busy parents. You can prepare foods for the whole week and put them in the freezer.

Most modern units can defrost those frozen foods whenever necessary. Saves a lot of time and hassle each day. 

However, if you like to provide fresh foods each time for your loving kids, you should not be too strict about the large capacity. Rather, you should pay attention to other features mentioned here.

  • Multitasking

Yes, any decent unit should be able to process multiple foods at the same time. From smoothies to cooking meat or fish, it should be able to handle them all.

  • Dishwasher Safe

No one loves cleaning tasks. It would a matter of great convenience if you could simply throw all the cups into the dishwasher for easy cleaning. All the models I have reviewed above, let you do exactly that!

  • Safety

Mostly plastics are used to make them. That’s what makes it important to ensure that they are BPA and lead-free. But most importantly, make sure they are FDA approved.

You do not want to jeopardize the health of your little one. Luckily, all the units I reviewed above are BPA and lead-free

  • Less Noise

Sometimes, you will have to prepare food when your kid is sleeping. You do not want to wake her up during the cooking. Traditional blenders or steamers produce too much noise. The first 3 I have reviewed above are famous for making less noise.

  • Price & Brand

I never recommend any cheap stuff for your baby. I simply don’t trust them and I always trust brands. Look, I get the idea that some of my recommended baby food makers are costly, but they last for a really long time. Eventually, your investment will pay off.

Final Verdict

Congratulations! You had the most valuable patients to complete this review! I did spend considerable time reading and researching to write this article.

My work will be successful only if it helps you get the best food processor for baby food you have been looking for some time. Let me know your thoughts in the comment box.