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Do Babies Need A Crib Mobile? [With Arguments From Both Sides]

crib mobile for baby

For the new parents, a crib mobile is an essential part of the baby nursery. It seems incomplete without a mobile. Various brands like Fisher-Price have some popular crib mobile. To many parents, these mobiles are really popular.

But then again, there are some parents and child experts who are opposed to a crib mobile. To such parents, such mobiles are not necessary at all. They consider it totally waste of money and sometimes consider it hazardous to the baby.

Before I draw any conclusion, I would like to mention the logic behind the both of the parties. I will mention why a baby mobile is necessary and also why it is not. Then we can safely draw any conclusion. So, here you go!

Why Babies Need A Mobile:

  • Crib mobile provides the stimulation and it has been proved to develop the memory of the baby and it helps the baby to understand cause and effect. I know there are some controversies, but some child experts have expressed their opinion saying that crib mobile can help the development of the brain of the baby.
  • Helps to sense development of the baby. She can see, touch, and hear it. A great tool for baby’s early childhood education.
  • Many parents have confirmed that crib mobile assists in sleeping of the baby. It’s a great tool to train your baby when to sleep.
  • It helps to develop the sense of entertaining himself. This is something that helps to grow the confidence level of the baby as they grow.
  • The music of the crib is entertaining for the baby and helps to fall asleep quickly. The lullaby or the womb sounds really help the baby to fall asleep quickly.
  • Add extra beauty to the nursery. They are so cheap but can add more beauty!
  • Crib mobile can keep baby busy when they are awake and let you do some work of your own. When the baby is alone and awake, she needs some kind of companionship and the crib mobile can do that job effectively. With a crib mobile, your baby will be never alone.
  • Some mobiles come with the music system. So when the baby outgrows the mobile, she can use the music box and keep herself entertaining.

Why Babies Don’t Need A Mobile:

  • Some parents consider it as the distraction of sleep of the baby. They prefer when the baby is in the crib, the baby should be sleeping not staring at the mobile.
  • Crib mobile has many loose parts like toys and so on. These loose parts posses choking hazard for the baby. Many parents don’t prefer the mobile simply because of this reason.
  • Many parents think that it will crash down. Sometimes, it is true if you don’t install it properly.
  • Few parents reported that it helped not so much to comfort the baby. Some consider it more decorative than useful.
  • You may need to buy several ones to see which one your baby likes most. You never know whether your baby will like a simple mobile or a mobile with lighting and music.


So you have read both the sides of a crib mobile. I believe this will help to decide whether you should go for a crib mobile or not. Personally what I think? Well, if you are a busy mom like me doing jobs or other works at home, a crib mobile is a must-have item in the nursery.

With a crib mobile installed in the nursery safely, I get some extra free time for myself to do some works, maybe making some baby food?