13 Diaper Changing Tips To Make It Easy, Germ-Free, And Less Stinky

Without any doubt, diaper changing is a disgusting job no matter how many useful tips you follow. But following some effective tips can make your job easier and less stinky. Here are the 13 useful diaper changing tips that you can follow:

13 Diaper Changing Tips

diaper changing tips

Split The Duty

While being the parent for the first time is enthusiastic, changing the diaper is NOT. From the very first poop of your baby, you should split the diaper changing duty with your partner. That will make your and your partner’s life very easy.

Don’t take the full responsibility to yourself. Parenthood is all about sharing the duties and enjoying together. You can split the duty between night and day just like so many other parents. Or you can make your own arrangements.

Use The Changing Table

A changing table will make your diaper changing duty a lot easier. So get a sturdy changing table. Using a changing table is good for the baby and yourself as well. Because you don’t have to kneel to change the diaper.

Use the safety straps of the changing table to ensure the safety of your baby. If there is no safety belt, make sure to place one hand of yours always on the baby to avoid the fall from the changing table.

Get Ready Everything

While changing the diaper make sure you have everything ready to complete the task. If you forget something like a new diaper, or rash ointment in the middle of the diaper change, the chance of spreading germs around the house will be doubled.

Besides, you may have to leave the baby alone while grabbing stuff from the cabinets. So don’t make the mistakes, make sure you have everything before you start changing your baby’s diaper.

Distract Your Baby

Bring some toys while changing the diaper. This will keep your baby distracted and make your job easier. If you are a first-time parent then you have no idea how difficult it is to change the diaper of squirming baby.

If you have to fight with your baby while changing the diaper, things will get messy and germs will spread in the wide area. But a toy of your baby’s favorite can distract him/her and you can change the diaper without any fuss.

Different Treatment For Girls

Wipe cleaning the baby girl is different than wipe cleaning of the baby boy. While wipe cleaning your baby boy, you can do it from front to the back or back to the front – there is no problem.

But for the baby girl, you should always wipe clean from the front to the back of your baby to avoid infections. You should also be careful if your baby boy has the circumcised penis.

Wash The Hands Of Your Baby

baby wearing diaperBelieve it or not, unfortunately, your baby will touch the poop or used diaper no matter how careful you are with his hands or legs. This is pretty normal. So, no matter whether you have noticed or not, you should always wash the hands of your baby after changing the diaper and before dressing him up.

This will ensure the further safety of your baby and keep him safe from any virus and bacteria.

Be Careful While Rolling Up Diaper

Here comes the most challenging part. If your baby continuously shrieking and kicking you in the chin while rolling up the diaper, it’s really hard.

But somehow if you can roll up the diaper and reseal it with adhesive tabs, the diaper will have a ball shape which is more or less germ-free.

Wash Your Hands

While changing the baby diaper, you are in direct contact with a countless number of germs. Mostly your hands get dirty with germs. Make sure to wash your hands immediately after you have finished changing the diaper.

If the basin is not nearby you to wash your hands, you can use the alcohol-based gel. Make sure your baby can’t reach the get easily. Just put it away from the kids.

Tame the Scent

Apart from the germs, there is a problem of stink while changing the diaper. For first time parents, it can be even a traumatic experience to have. You can contain the stink very easily using essential oil. Many parents have shared this trick in their blog posts.

For serious stink, you can use the mentholated or minty product on the inside of the dust musk. That should solve the problem of stink while changing the diaper.

Be Careful With Diaper Rash

First of all, don’t get worried if you notice it for the first time. It happens to almost every child while they use any sort of diaper. Cool down your head. There is a solution for diaper rash. Yes, your baby may be irritated due to the rash. Use scent-free wipes only in this situation.

Make sure the skin of your baby is completely dry after you have cleaned him. You can use creams and paste to control the rashes or consult with the doctor first.

Clean the Changing Area

No matter which placed you have used as the changing area may be on a changing table, maybe on the floor, or maybe on the crib (yes, there are cribs with the changing table attached), you must clean the changing area immediately after you are done.

You can disinfect the changing are by regularly wipe cleaning the area with soap and water. If you use any diaper pail, don’t forget to clean it as well.

Develop a Routine

You should apply the same ways of changing the diaper again and again. Change the diaper, use the wet wipe to clean the genital, apply some cream, and install a new diaper. Following the same rule all the time will make your job a lot easier and each time it will take less time.

The baby will be accustomed to the routine and won’t make much trouble.

Changing Diaper While Traveling

If you travel with your baby, sometimes you have to change the diaper while you are on the go. Bring a big changing pad is a pretty good idea for these situations. Change the diaper and throw the used diaper in the trash can.

If you can’t find a trash can nearby you, the carry plastic bags in your diaper bag and used the plastic bag to seal the used diapers. Whenever you find a trash can, throw it then. Don’t forget to clean the changing pad afterward.


While changing the diaper is a disgusting job, this may bring close to your baby. You can make direct eye-contact with your baby. Cherish those moments.