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DaVinci Jenny Lind Crib Reviews 2020 Based On Parents Experiences

With ‘out of the box’ spindle posts, optional wheel, and stationary sides, DaVinci Jenny Lind crib can be an outstanding addition to the nursery. With free toddler rail on some selected finishes, this 3-in-1 modern crib can give your baby a long-lasting heavenly touch for so many years to come.

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DaVinci Jenny Lind Crib
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Eye-Catching Colors
Where this crib has all of the popular colors, it has some rare color addition too. You can choose from 7 color variations e.g., Cherry, Ebony, Emerald, Lagoon, Sunshine, White and Fog Grey! It seems there are some questions about whether the Ebony color is very dark brown or black. Well, it’s black! As you can see, with that variety of color options, you can have your matching changing table or dresser easily.

Free Toddler Rail Dilemma!

This is where some parents get confused. Is the toddler bed conversion rail kit free or what? Because you can see that a lot of parents get their cribs without the toddler rail. But some got the toddler rail in the box. So what’s happening right?

Basically, the toddler rail comes with some selected finishes, not with all. So to speak frankly, whoever chooses these specified colors, they pay more than the other 4 colors. Now you can check it yourself!

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Technical Reviews of DaVinci Jenny Lind Crib

In this part, you will learn about crib dimensions, weight recommendation, mattress for baby and what you can do about the wheels.

Crib Specifications

It’s a 3-in-1 convertible crib made in Taiwan, so that lets you convert it from crib to toddler bed and daybed. The crib dimensions  are 54.6 X 30.4 X 41.1 inches. It’s a standard size crib, not a mini crib. The total weight of the crib is 45.5 pounds and all hardware is hidden.

The maximum weight recommendation for the toddler bed is 50 pounds whereas slats can hold up to 135 pounds. The slats have the perfect distance of 2 & ⅛ inches from each other. The maximum recommended of such slat distance is 2 & ⅜ inches, in case you wanna know.

Crib Assembly

The crib comes with an easy and detail assembly instructions manual. With easy write-up and pictures, anybody can assemble the crib in no time. Most parents reported to assemble it within just 30-40 minutes. Here is a quick video tutorial on how you can assemble it.

The Removable Wheels

Remember, these wheels are optional. But having such wheels in the crib makes it more beautiful. Besides, it lets you move into the room more conveniently. You will get a very sturdy crib even with the wheels on. Moreover, your crib will get some height with such wheels, right? If, for some reason you don’t like these wheels, you can always remove them.

How Many Mattress Position?

DaVinci Jenny Lind crib in Cherry color
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More mattress positions much better. The crib has four (4) adjustable mattresses position. This is the max number of mattress position you can get in any crib. And the crib mattress sits on metal springs.

So how does 4 mattress position help? For your infant, set the mattress at the topmost position. Also, make sure your infant sleeps on her back, not her belly to avoid possible SIDS. Also avoid using any comforters, pillow for the infant due to the same reason.

When your baby starts to move, lower the mattress position gradually as your baby grows. On the lowest mattress position setting, you will get almost 3 feet deep distance from the top of the crib rail. Such height is perfect for 1 to a 2-year-old baby. Of course, that height also depends on the crib thickness and height of your baby.

Changing the mattress position is not a big deal. It will take you max 10 minutes to change the mattress position.

Any mattress of any brand having a standard mattress size will fit properly in this crib. Some parents used Sealy Baby Ultra Mattress, Naturepedic mattress etc with this one. If you have a little budget for the crib, consider having Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress. Many parents have confirmed that it fits perfectly with Jenny Lind.

100% Solid Wood

The crib is made from 100% New Zealand pine wood from sustainable forests. DaVinci cares for the environment. Each of such sustainable forests is growing year after year. A lot of parents verified that the wood is solid, not some mix up of particle boards.

DaVinci Jenny Lind crib Safety Reviews

DaVinci jenny lind crib is GREENGUARD Gold Certified.As for safety reviews, the crib is a GREEN GUARD Gold Certified crib which is screened for 360 Volatile Organic Component (VOCs) and over 10,000 chemicals. What does it mean is that this crib is very low emitting in nature? That way the crib will contribute to better indoor air circulation.

The finishes of the crib are non-toxic. To ensure it, each crib has to go through the multi-step painting process. Also, the crib is lead and phthalate safe.

All the cribs of Million Dollar Baby which owns the DaVinci are JPMA Certified. That ensures that their cribs are ultra-safe and all their cribs have to go through an annual paint test.

Jenny Lind meets and exceeds ASTM International and U.S. CPSC safety standards. To sum up it all, the crib is perfectly safe for your baby.

Learn more about how strictly crib safety maintained by DaVinci.

Good To Know Information

Wondering if you can drop the sides of the crib? No! It’s a fixed side crib, so you can drop the side. To meet safety standards, you can’t find any cribs having drop sides.

What About Bumper?

There is no bumper with the crib and pediatricians recommend not to get it from other sources to use it. To meet CPSC safety standards, no crib should have any bumper, quilts, stuffed toys etc to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Crib Skirt Help

You can use a crib skirt to make it more beautiful to look at. On the highest mattress setting, there will be a distance of around 20.5 inches from the bottom of the mattress to the floor. That should help you determine the height of the skirt, right? You will get the best result using 16” skirt when you set the mattress at the top and using 10” skirt at the lowest mattress setting. Get your matching crib sets after you have the crib.

Warning Stickers Removal Tips

baby sleeping on cribLike all other cribs, it has a lot of warning stickers. You will face difficulty removing these warning stickers. The adhesive used in these stickers is so sticky that even after removing stickers, it will leave some residue. Now here the tip comes!

All you need to do, put a warm wet towel over these stickers for a few minutes, then these annoying stickers will rub off without leaving any residue!

The Height Issue

This is a crib having standard height. If you are too short and before we recommend you something else, we would like to let you know that a lot of ‘shortie’ moms having a height of 5’2” said they had no trouble.

If your height is your sole concern, we recommend you to check this article specially written for short moms.

Some Tiny Yet Useful Facts

You can use mobile with Jenny Lind crib.

Due to wheels, it’s easy to move around the room, but not from door to door because of its size.

The paint of the crib won’t naturally chip off. DaVinci did a great paint job. To save the crib from teeth mark or scratches, use a teething rail protector.

Spare parts are a big concern for parents and it’s pretty logical. You will be buying a crib to use it years after year. So, you may be in need of spare parts from now and then. The good news is yes! Spares parts are available for Jenny Lind. When you need them, just contact their customer support center.

You can’t lock the wheels. But if it is necessary, you can buy a caster that locks.

Amazing Experiences With Jenny Lind crib

sleeping baby with parent

Experience tells it all, right? Just reading what parents are talking about, what their feedback about the crib should be sufficient to make a reasonable decision. So, in this prolonged review, we will now talk about some good memories of some parents. This is what we have done in case of Babyletto, Dream On Me crib reviews.

I have come across a family recently. They have been using DaVinci Jenny Lind generation after generation. The father was in the crib, then he bought it for his 2 boys. Now, he is planning to buy a new one for his grandchild! Did you get your answer to why it is called a timelessly designed crib?

This is the best affordable green crib that money can buy, as said by a buyer of this crib. He was concerned about the environmental impact and was impressed by learning that this crib is solid pine wood from sustainable forests. These woods are carefully grown in New Zealand’s sustainable forests. He also loved learning that all the glues used in this crib are formaldehyde-free.

Many shared their experiences saying that they have been using Jenny Lind for about 6 years! Though using old crib is not recommended, yet you can get the idea of how long-lasting crib it is!

A lot of parents loved its sturdiness. They bought it as many verified it is safe to use and reasonably priced (FYI: Stork Craft & Graco actually produce lowest-priced crib). They said it’s a great crib for small places in modern times.

Some parents said it added a classic and timeless look in the room. They loved the prolonged sturdiness and vintage look of the crib.

Some parents are worried because of its minimalist design. Their concern is it feels lightweight. If you are one of them, rest assured, your baby is perfectly safe inside this crib. Even it’s perfectly safe for your toddler.

Some Bad Experiences

We talked about some pretty amazing experiences about this crib. But as you know, like everything, there will be some trouble with everything. Now we gonna talk about this to give you a perfect Davinci Jenny Lind stationary crib reviews.

A very tiny number of people maybe 2 or 3 reported having faulty metal spring with DaVinci Jenny Lind crib. Remember, this could create a serious threat to the baby. So, if that happens to you, unfortunately, without delay, contact with DaVinci and send them some pictures, videos (if possible). They will send the replacement of the faulty parts.

Some found broken parts, some also reported to have broken spindles after few months.

A little did not like the idea of not having locks on the wheel.

Frequently Asked Question About DaVinci Jenny Lind

It’s really amazing seeing lots of people are sending messages to our site’s Facebook page asking lots of questions about this crib. Most of them are common questions and I believe I have answered them in the above review. However, here are the answers to those most frequently asked questions:

Question: Is Jenny Lind a drop-side crib?

Answer: No! It’s a fixed side crib. You should always get a fixed side crib. And I believe there is no drop-side crib in the market right now.

Question: One of my relatives has gifted me the Naturepedic No-Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 252 Crib mattress. Can I use it with Jenny?

Answer: Yes! It fits perfectly and snugly.

Question: How hard assembling it? I am 7 months pregnant. Can I do it?

Answer: Rest assured, even though Jenny Lind is a little bit different (considering the wheel) than most other standard convertible cribs, the assembly is really EASY. Considering your present condition, you should not try to assemble it.

Question: I heard fitting ready-made skirt is problematic with this one. Is it true?

Answer: Some parents reported this issue as well. But you can always use a custom-made bed skirt. It’s really easy to make a crib skirt. Take it a DIY fun project 🙂

Question: Recently I was visiting my friend’s  house and I noticed the teething rail installed. Does Jenny Lind come with it?

Answer: Unfortunately no. You have to buy it separately. Until your baby starts biting, you don’t need it.

Question: I don’t want to use the casters. Can I take them off? If I take them off, will there be any issue with the stability?

Answer: Yes you can take them off. In fact, a lot of parents like you have done it. Jenny Lind is always stable whether you use the casters of taking them off.

Editorial Judgement

Considering vast positive reviews and impressive ratings of parents including their recommendations to friends and family and unbeatable price of the crib, DaVinci Jenny Lind crib definitely should be your ultimate choice. But before you do so, try reading as many reviews as you can from experienced parents. If you need to know anything more about this one, please ask in the comment box.

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