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DaVinci Jayden Crib Reviews 2020 : A Great Combo Of Safety & Design

Jayden is the most selling convertible crib among all of their other crib models. The crib’s curved back and simple solid slats like Jenny Lind of the same brand have made this totally unique.  Many parents said it’s the right alternative for high expensive cribs. Getting this crib for your little one will give you the best value for your money. At the end of reading DaVinci Jayden crib reviews, you will know why.

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Solid Wood & Varied Colors

DaVinci Jayden crib reviews
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In this article, we will discuss all the details, what parents are talking about it and definitely some of their recommendations. And all the information we provide will be based on truth and truth only. Before making your final decision, you can verify our information. Just talk to your friends and family who used them.

Solid Pine Wood

Are you tired of having a crib made from veneer, MDF or particleboard? In DaVinci Jayden crib, it is solid wood. They used only sustainable New Zealand pine wood in all of their DaVinci cribs. The wood is thick and when assembled, you will get a sturdy crib for a much longer time.

Incredible Colors

You just love to have a matching crib with your changer dresser and room, right? Just like Dream On Me’s crib DaVinci Jayden crib can be a great option for you. All Jayden crib collection comes with four (4) incredibly beautiful colors like ebony, espresso, slate, and white. The great thing is that you can have matching dressers too.

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Technical Reviews Of DaVinci Jayden Crib

DaVinci Jayden crib in Black color
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Let’s cover some technical details to the DaVinci Jayden crib reviews. It’s a 4 in 1 convertible crib. You may already know that you can convert it from crib to toddler bed, daybed and a full-size bed. The excellent part? Conversion rails like Toddler rail come absolutely free! Literally, that saves you more or less $100. You need to buy the full-size bed conversion kit separately.

Assembly is really easy,  in fact, a lot of pregnant women did the job easily. The crib comes with great assembly instructions. Apply some common sense with the crib manual, and you should be able to assemble it yourself. One piece of advice – set up the crib in the baby room. Once you assembled the crib, you can not move it through doorways as it does not have any wheels and it’s a relatively heavy crib.

Crib Specifications

The dimension of the crib is 58.2 X 31.1 X 48.4 inches. That is the perfect size for medium and tall parents. If you are a short mom and still want to use it, you have to lower the mattress position. Frankly speaking, a mom having a height of 5’2” verified that she had no problem using the crib.

Until your baby reaches 50 pounds, you can use it as a toddler bed. This is the maximum recommended weight limit. But for a full-size bed, the weight limit is 500 pounds.

The distance between the slats of this crib is 2 inches apart ( within recommended limit of 2 & ⅜ inches) having 1.75 inches wide and the strength of slat is 135 pounds.

It might be helpful for you to know that the height of the back rail is 48.4 inches where is front rail is 34 inches in height. If your baby likes to bite, you can use teething rail/guards to protect the rail from denting.

Four Adjustable Mattress Position

DaVinci Jayden crib has four (4) adjustable mattress support systems. You can’t find that not only in any mini cribs but in many standard size crib too. Metal springs actually support the mattress. All hardware is perfectly hidden. With four adjustable mattress settings, you can set it to the top level for the infant and gradually lower the mattress.

Besides, you can adjust the mattress as per your convenience to pick up and lower the baby. Changing the mattress position is easy enough for all. Literally, you can use almost any mattress for baby of any brand having standard mattress size. Just in case you wanna know, you need to buy the mattress separately too.

Good To Know Facts About Davinci Jayden

All cribs of DaVinci is safe for your baby. This model also is a GREENGUARD Gold Certified and meets all crib safety standards. You can watch the video how strictly Million Dollar Baby maintains crib safety.

Love you use a crib skirt? DaVinci Jayden crib allows you to use a crib skirt to beautify it more. You can use mobile too. A lot of parents used mobile like Fisher Price 2 in 1 projection mobile, Nojo beautiful butterfly mobile etc. You can get a nursery bedding sets from here.

There is pretty much space beneath the crib. Underneath the crib’s front side, space is 5.5” and sides have 5” space between the floor to the rail. More than enough space to clean underneath the crib and to put something of your baby.

Many moms confirmed even after a long time there was no paint chipping from the crib.

It’s pretty important to know that the front panel of the crib doesn’t have ‘drop down’ for your easier access to the baby. In fact, you won’t find this feature in any crib nowadays as it is hazardous for your baby, it is no longer permitted.

Best Experiences With DaVinci Jayden Crib

davinci jayden crib - experience quotesRemember, all the good things we talked about this crib here, are based on real experiences. Now, in this DaVinci Jayden crib reviews, we will actually talk about some real experiences of some parents.

Unless you want to spend more than the U.S. $1000, it’s almost impossible to get a solid wood crib. Even you will find the many low priced cribs claim to have solid wood. But they did not mention, the top layer of their cribs is nothing but a thin layer of veneer applied with glue! Don’t get panicked if you have a plan to buy a low priced crib. Surely you can get quality cribs at low price from Stork Craft and Graco

Most parents loved DaVinci Jayden crib as it is absolutely made from solid pine wood.

Some parents recommended it to their friends as it was gorgeous, very sturdy and obviously the best value for the money.

Some had their crib under the rain for a prolonged time due to an unavoidable situation. The box was totally soaked. When assembled they were just astonished as they did not find any problem at all.

Cons of DaVinci Jayden Crib

It’s really good to know some cons before making any decision. This is what we do while writing any review.

Like almost any fragile product, some parents got their crib damaged due to delivery. But you really should not worry about it as you will get a replacement for any damaged parts.

Some had trouble aligning the crib legs with the headboard. They complained to the company and got replaced their damaged parts.

Very few reported having their cribs having chips in the wood, aligning problem in the edges. As always, in these situations don’t hesitate to contact the company. They will absolutely replace any damaged parts without any questions asked.

Our Recommendation

We discussed all about Jayden including the good part and some bad parts. But remember, all the bad parts (almost equal to zero in proportionate to good parts) are totally solvable without spending any money.

In our judgment, if the design seems great to you; don’t think anything else about the crib. Just get it for your baby and you will get the best value for your money. And if you like to add anything more to DaVinci Jayden crib reviews, just let us know in the comment box.

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