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Best Cooler For Traveling With Frozen Breast Milk To Buy In 2021

When you have the best cooler for traveling with frozen breast milk, you can continue your work life or travel peacefully. But that should be able to keep it frozen or cool for at least 12+ hours and store the pump and bottles. Surprisingly, there are a lot of them!

That creates a problem too. Which one really works? How can you be sure it won’t spoil the milk? Well, you have to trust other experienced moms who have actually used it. And you are in the right place to explore them right now!

Cooler For Transporting Breast Milk Comparison Table

PackIt Bottle Cooler
  • Color: 4
  • Cooling Time: 12+ hours
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  • Cooling Time: 12+ hours
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Medela Cooler Carrier
  • Cooling Time: Up to 12 hrs
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Kiinde Twist
  • Ice Pack 2
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Skip Hop
  • Feat. 2-way zipper
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5 Cooler For Traveling With Frozen Breast Milk Reviews 2021

cooler for transporting breast milk

Traveling with breast milk is always troublesome if you don’t have the right one. As you can see from the above table, I have carefully picked only the 5 out of so many breast milk storage bags.  

In terms of capacity, compact design, and durable operation of them – all the 5 are heavily recommended by experienced moms and physicians. 

PackIt Breast Milk Cooler

A great cooler for transporting breast milk from here and there. Including travel time on the air and in the car, you can find your frozen breast milk still frozen for 12+ hours. That’s how several moms have reviewed it. Trusted by caring moms and PackIt has already got huge recommendations.

best cooler for traveling with frozen breast milk from PackIt
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You can pack 6 small Medela bottles in it. Smash it to fit it in the freezer and expand to normal size conveniently. Pump your breast milk, store it in the freezer and you can carry them to the daycare or home to feed your baby without losing any food value. A true blessing for working moms.

You can totally stop worrying about damaging the milk. Traveling with breast milk internationally is totally possible when you have the PackIt. Lots of moms have made their trips home and aboard caring for the frozen milk in it and still found it frozen while feeding.

No need to think about any icepack. The design is cute and the overall construction is well-made. It does not form any condensation or sweat either. Because of its cute design, you can store it in your workplace freezer too. It will stand out.  

It does an outstanding job keeping everything inside cool no matter wherever you go. It has more space inside than most of its breast milk storage bags counterparts. If you are a daycare mom, you will love it. You can store your Tommee Tippe bottles snugly and conveniently.

Make your vacation more enjoyable keeping your baby happy with this. If you need to pump a lot and send breast milk to the daycare, do not miss the opportunity to get the PackIt breast milk cooler. Totally forget the need for having any gel or ice packs. Watch its official video demonstration.

More Features & Pros

  • 4 gorgeous looking colors.
  • Fully freezable cooler for breastmilk or formula food for your baby to keep them chilled hours after hours.
  • You can carry it on the plane. No problem.
  • Collapsible design for easy storage.
  • It features permanently built-in walls with non-toxic freezable cooling gel.
  • Greater capacity. You can easily carry 4 bottles of 5 oz each.
  • There is an interior freezable divider that you can fold down to store larger bottles.
  • Store it with breastmilk overnight (12 hours) to get the best result.


  • Not for you if you want to keep things cooler longer than a day.

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If you must have something with a larger capacity than the previous one I reviewed than Momcozy is the right choice. Apart from the frozen milk stored in bottles, you can carry all the sippy cups and snacks for your baby for a very long time. 

Momcozy cooler bag for breast milk
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Several moms made 10+ hours of the journey carrying their breastmilk. When the reached the daycare or home, they found their milk still frozen or at least cool. So, not just for extra capacity, if you need a cooler bag for breast milk for a longer period of traveling, Momcozy is right there for you.

If you are a working mom, you can carry your lunch box too. No need to carry two bags. Thanks to its really insane capacity. You will have to carry only one thing when you go to the daycare with all the items stored in it for your baby. 

Traveling with breast milk stored in bottles is a challenge. What if they don’t stay cool at the end? But I can assure you that even after 10+ hours, you will find them frozen as if they were in the freezer! Life becomes so relaxed and easy when you have this.

Let’s talk about its brilliant design and well construction. You will find the strap really handy when getting out of your car. There is a lower and upper compartment to store small and large bottles including the pump machine. More importantly, you can detach the divider to custom-fit everything.

Made from quality material and very durable to last for a long time. Very compact and sturdy build. Very convenient to carry with one hand. More so, you can wear it as your crossbody bag!

Pros & More Features

  • In addition to using it as a breastmilk cooler, you can use it as a picnic bag or wine carrier. All you have to do just remove the insulated compartment.
  • Larger bottles fit nicely too.
  • Water-proof construction. 
  • To have the double effect, you can add ice or gel packs too.
  • It features a 2-way unique zipper with a detachable buckle system.
  • Very easy to clean as well. Just soak with water and scrub with soap. And then hang it upside down to dry.


  • Sometimes, the top zipper sticks.

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Medela Breast Milk Cooler

Every mom knows Medela and about its quality. Before I go to an in-depth review, let me tell you that you will get the breast milk cooler with 4 breastfeeding bottles. A highly recommended one from parents to store and keep cool your pumped breastmilk at home and carry at home.

Medela Breast Milk Cooler
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Lots of parents actually waited for several months before writing their review about it. They liked to test it before saying anything. And guess what? They are all happy! And why not? It can keep milk and other snacks cool and frozen hours after hours! You can call it s your carry on freezer too.

The size is right and compact. You can conveniently store the ice pack and four 5oz bottles. If you are a nursing mother, it is a must cooler for you when you need to pump throughout the day and store them securely. 

Even after 10+ hours, it won’t let the breastmilk gets spoiled. Believe it or not, most physicians recommend this as the best cooler for traveling with frozen breast milk. 

Not just for working moms, you have to make day-long trips or travel on air, this will be your trusted carrier. To store the bottles securely, the inside of it is designed in bottled shaped. Brilliantly designed for Medela bottles. The bottles won’t shake even a little!

The ice pack is large enough to keep the bottles cool. No chance of spoiling your expressed milk that you pumped at work for hours. The good thing is you can still use it even after your baby stops breastfeeding and starts eating solids to carry such solid foods.

More Features & Pros

  • Very affordable price for a cooler bag for breast milk and 4 nice bottles (nipples not included).
  • Compact size and eye-catching design. The overall dimension is 5 ½ inches x 6 ¾ inches x 6 ¾ inches”. Yes, you can carry your baby’s sippy cups too.
  • The contour ice pack can store breastmilk for up to 12 hours.
  • You can easily store it in your Medela Sonata pump bag. You can put the entire cooler bag inside the freezer conveniently.
  • Completely BPA free and free of all harmful chemical agents.
  • Very lightweight. It weighs less than 2 pounds.


  • Not suitable for larger bottles with the ice pack in.

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Kiinde Twist

Another popular cooler for breast milk for working moms who travel a lot. It keeps the milk cool for the whole day long. If you don’t have a fridge at your work or don’t want to use one, Kiinde Twist is your lifesaver. On top of that, it comes in cheap!

Kiinde Twist storage bag
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The size is right and compact enough to fit into your pumping bag. The ice pack touches both the middle sections and you can keep bottles inside the bag keeping them upright. So, you don’t have to worry about leaking and the bag itself is leakproof.

You can easily put the entire cooler in your backpack for easy traveling. It makes your vacations really hassle-free. Because of its structured design, it can’t get squished which you will love a lot. As per many moms, the durability and overall quality is nice and trustworthy.

Your frozen milk will be secure for a very long time and there won’t be any flopping around. Unlike any other unorganized breast milk storage bag, this thing has got so much appreciation just for its organized feature. 

The separate zipper bag for the ice pack is a smart thinking. And the ice bags are so slim that you can fit it in any small freezer available anywhere. It was important to do so to keep everything nice and neat. For those who must use breastmilk bags several times a day, this is a must-have item for them.

It is more affordable than whatever I have reviewed above, but this is definitely not ‘cheap’ and there is no flimsy feeling. Already loved by thousands, and I am pretty sure it will make your traveling to work even neater!

Pros & More Features

  • Second to none when it comes to feeding your baby on the go! Perfect for every nursing mom.
  • Unsex design and beautifully crafted. A very practical solution for moms who pump at work or store frozen milk at the daycare.
  • You can store just pumped or frozen breast milk on its multiple pouches separately.
  • It comes with 2 large ice packs.
  • You can easily make it through TSA, no problem.


  • Not recommended for traveling with breast milk internationally if it takes 12+ hours.

Skip Hop

This is the last breast milk storage bags review and because of its cute design and affordable cost, it has already got huge appreciation from working moms and who love to travel a lot. With adjustable straps and buckle system, it is so easy to carry it anywhere you go.

Skip Hop Insulated CoolerThe capacity is not so bad. You can fit two 10 oz bottles inside and there will be still some room to spare. Or you can store more bottles of smaller sizes. Along with the ice pack, you can store three 4oz bottles.

This is really nice when something like this can fit large and smaller breastfeeding bottles for your baby. Besides, everyone carries a pumping bag, so space should not be an issue.

For 12+ hours of the cooling period, you will be needing to insert 2 ice packs. Only 1 won’t cut the job. If you put 2, you can keep your breast milk at least partially frozen for 24+ hours. Your pumping needs are 100% satisfied when you have the Skip Hop.

You can easily put it in any backpack and carry it conveniently. You can make your long tour confidently without worrying about not feeding your baby enough. It is TSA approved, so you can travel local and international trips more conveniently.

It keeps your baby’s milk safe for a longer period. All the bottles fit securely, so there is no chance of leaking as well.

More Features & Pros

  • Overall dimension of the bag is 6.75″L x 3.5″W x 9″H.
  • It features 2-way zippers for your convenient access.
  • Mesh pockets to store large/small bottles securely.
  • Normally the insulated bag can keep it cooler for 4+ hours. If you want more, you can add additional ice packs.


  • The included ice pack is not that great.

Final Verdict

Well, there you have it! Out of the 5 reviewed above, you should be able to get the best cooler for traveling with frozen breast milk that you can trust. Since there are huge positive reviews on each of them, you can pick anyone from your liking.