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6 Changing Table Alternatives That You Can Try NOW!

Due to many reasons, you may be looking for the changing table alternatives. Maybe there is not enough space in the baby room or maybe you don’t just have the budget for a new changing table.

A new good quality changing table may cost you around $200. This is why so many parents with a tight budget and limited space looking for changing table alternatives.

A changing table specifically designed for nursery purposes has definitely some advantages. But there are some changing table alternatives that you can try to have the main job done.

Using these alternatives you can still change the diaper of the baby comfortably without hurting your back.

6 Changing Table Alternatives

I have shortlisted 6 changing table alternatives that you may try. A lot of parents have tried them and found it effective as the best alternative to traditional changing tables. See for yourself!

Vintage Style with Dresser

changing table in the nursery
Image Credit: Flickr

Yes, you have guessed it right; you can actually use the dresser as the changing table and give it a vintage look. I am not recommending a vintage crib because it is not safe for the baby, but definitely, you can use a vintage dresser.

Working drawers and a comfortable height will make the dresser a great changing table. Even if you don’t have a vintage drawer, you can get it from the flea market at a very cheap cost.

  • Repurposing Used Dresser

Do you have an old but functional dresser that is not aesthetically pleasing to look at? Well, with a little DIY home project you can give it a new look. Or you can hire someone from the refinishing shop to do the job for you.

Trust me on this, your old dresser will have a new life and it’s a great alternative to changing table if you are on a tight budget schedule. Besides, it will leave the space that was occupied by it in the storage.

  • Folding Changing Table

This is an independent changing table but you can fold it to save space in the baby room. These changing tables provide you the same benefits of a traditional changing table but save you a lot of pain from stressful installation.

These are great options for parents who are living in a rented house because they are easily portable. More to this, they are really economical, so even if you are buying a new one, it will not break your bank account.

  • Crib with Changing Table

There are some cribs with attached changing table in the market. They are both cost-saving and space-saving. You are getting both the crib and the changing table within your budget. Most of these attached changing tables can be separate.

For parents with a limited budget and little space in the baby room, this is another great independent changing table alternative.

  • Mix and Match

Some parents go crazy about a matching changing table. Yes, it looks fine to have a matching changing table with the crib, but if your budget is not enough for a changing table, buy a dresser and set up a changing tray on top of that.

Different color of crib and changing table may give your nursery a beautiful look.

  • Add Extra Beauty/Feature

Whether you buy the new changing table or use the old dresser, you can always add some extra beauty to it. Make sure it meets up your needs and matches your nursery overall.

Summing Up

Even if you don’t want an alternative to the changing table, this article will definitely help. It’s a great opportunity to learn how you can use different things as the changing table and save the money to use at another source.

If you found this article helpful, please do share. Anyone from your friends and families may need it.

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