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15 Common Signs Of Stress In Toddlers – Detect ASAP!

stressed baby

An adult can handle stress in lots of ways, but that’s not the case for your little one. In most of the cases, they don’t know what’s bothering them. The situation gets worse when this continues for a long time. This is where you need to play as a behavioral …

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Newborn Sleeps: Is My Baby Sleeping Too Much?

baby sleeping due to sleep apnea

As per National Sleep Foundation, a newborn sleep for 14 to 18 hours each day. And, no matter how long your newborn baby is sleeping, it is not too much as long as your baby is healthy and growing naturally. In fact, if your baby is sleeping more than that, …

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11 Effective Ways To Motivate Your Kid To Become A Fast Learner

how to motivate your kids

Nobody said raising kids is easy, in fact, sometimes it will test your limit of patience. After the birth of your baby, the struggle of a parent starts when trying to make your baby sleeping in the bassinet. Since then, your baby starts to learn as well. As a parent, …

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