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Can Newborns Drink Cold Breast Milk? – Short Answer “Yes!”

Your newborn gets all the natural vitamins and minerals from the breastmilk. She gets the much-required antioxidant from the breastmilk that is present in your body. Unless the pediatrician says something different depending on the mom’s condition, there is no alternative to breastmilk.

The milk that comes out of the mom’s breasts is warm; so most moms think they should always give their newborns warm breast milk. That’s why parents buy bassinets to make breastfeeding easier. They want all the best things to keep the baby healthy and happy.

In the most ideal situation, breastfeeding is the best practice. But in reality, it is really challenging for lots of moms. If you are a working mom, then sometimes it may seem impossible.

You will be sleepwalking along with your crying& hungry baby if she wakes up at 3 a.m. You will rush to the refrigerator to get the stored cold milk to feed the baby. There will be little to no time warming up the milk. I have gone through this phase so I know what I am talking about. I believe you do too.

Can Babies Drink Cold Breast Milk?

Can Newborns Drink Cold Breast Milk

Apparently, a lot of moms pump their breast milk and store it to the fridge so that the baby sitter or other family members can feed the newborn when you are not around. As a mother, if you do this, no need to feel guilty about it. But the question is can the newborn drink cold milk?

In short, Yes.

A lot of moms give their babies cold breast milk and you might be wondering whether these moms are doing something wrong or not. No, they are not!

Your baby will wake up in the middle of the night several times. You have to feed her to stop the temper tantrum. So, you warm the milk and give it to her.

That’s okay. But if it seems painful to you warming up milk in the middle of the night, you can stop doing so. There is nothing wrong with cold milk. Not just the breast milk, you can give your baby any cold milk as long as your baby drinks it.

Now, you might be wondering whether the cold milk will do any harm to the baby or not. To simply put, not at all.I faced the same dilemma many years ago with my first daughter and I talked to the pediatrician about it.

He said there is nothing wrong with storing your breastmilk and feeding the baby later even if it is cold. No need to warm the milk or the bottle. Believe it or not, he warned me about warming the milk or the bottle because the milk can be too hot for the newborn. In the worst-case scenario, hot milk can burn the mouth, tongue, or throat!

But you have to make sure this cold milk is not too old. Make sure there is no funny smell. You should not be taking any risk of feeding your baby any rotten milk.

Vital Tips
If you don’t want to give cold milk to your baby, don’t. You are welcome to warm it up if that makes you comfortable. However, never ever try to heat up the milk inside a microwave oven.

Your baby will receive the same nutrients from the cold milk. Now, you might be wondering how long you can store the milk in the fridge. Any warm milk is good to feed for up to 4 hours.

Besides, you can store the milk in the fridge for up to 7 days. But, you should not test the limit! As I said, make sure there is no funny smell coming from the cold milk. This is very important.

Refusal Is Normal

In some situations, your baby may refuse to drink the cold milk for the first few days which is completely normal. The regular breastfeeding teaches your baby to expect warm milk when hungry always.

But she will get used to it. Just give it some time. Practice it gradually. Instead of giving the cold milk right away, gradually lower the temperature of the milk. After a few days, give her the cold milk directly and I am pretty sure she won’t refuse.

Don’t forget to shake the cold milk before you give it to your baby. The fat layer of the milk will be separated if it is cold. It’s a little tough to mix the fat layer with the milk but you have to shake the milk properly to do that.

A properly shaken cold milk ensures the healthy weight gain of your baby along with the newborn’s good night sleep.

Steps To Preserve & Feed Cold Breastmilk

Now that you have learned there is nothing wrong feeding the newborn cold breastmilk, you should learn the proper steps to preserve it and feed the baby. Follow these step by step guides:

  1. Before you pump the breastmilk, make sure the pump is clean. To ensure that, clean the pump with hot water. Using the breast pump, you can store the breastmilk for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator in the bottle.
  2. You will find different shapes of the bottle in the market. The bottle you will be using to feed the baby should have the shape of the breast to avoid confusion. Remember, your baby may refuse to drink the cold milk, so you should do everything to keep her comfortable and familiar.
  3. When it’s feeding time, comfortably sit on a chair holding your baby. Offer the bottle of the cold breastmilk and if you are lucky your newborn will be more than happy to drink. If not follow the gradually lowering the temperature technique, I mentioned above.

Wrapping It Up

At this point, there should not be any confusion or hesitation giving your newborn any cold breastmilk. A lot of moms have been doing it for a very long time and there is no report indicating doing any harm. If you are a working mom or you have any other good reasons, you can start giving your newborn cold breast milk from today!