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Learn From Experienced Granny: Can Baby Sleep With Pacifier?

baby sucking pacifier

Yes, your baby can sleep with the pacifier. You may possibly be heard a lot of negative thoughts on the blogs about the pacifier. Around 75% to 85% infant and toddlers use pacifier around the world.

Though at the very first I said that your baby can sleep with a pacifier, as a parent you should know more about such pacifiers. That ranges from why you need the pacifier, potential danger from the pacifier, and what you can do to make it safe for your little one. So, stay with me.

Benefits of Pacifiers

I will talk about potential bad effects of pacifiers on the latter part of this article. But for now, let’s see what a pacifier can do for you and your family.

  • It may sound unbelievable, but it’s true that pacifier can reduce the chance of SIDS! Let me explain it in details. When a baby sucks a pacifier, he is actually in light sleep mode. So, the change of stop breathing is very low while your baby is sucking the pacifier.
  • Pacifier can ensure more air circulation for the baby. It is scientifically proven that when the pacifier is in the mouth of the baby, it keeps the airway open for the baby.
  • Even the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recommended that when you put down the baby to sleep, give him a pacifier. But do not force it if your baby doesn’t like it.
  • It helps to self-soothe the baby. At night, sleeping alone in the nursery can be daunting for the baby, especially if he awakes in the middle of the night. A pacifier can help the baby to go back to the sleep quickly.
  • Pacifiers meet the lingering sucking needs of the baby. Even the tummy is full; baby likes to suck the nipple. Only a pacifier can help you out here.

Clearing Some Confusions About Pacifiers

I believe you have heard a lot of rumors about the potential danger of the pacifiers. While very few of them are true, most of them are false. Now, I will talk about that misconception help you have a clear picture.

  • The most common gossip is you should not give the pacifier while breastfeeding.  Well, it’s not true. Various studies have found it useful giving the newborn a pacifier. But make sure you don’t give it while the baby is still hungry. First, feed the baby in full, then give him the pacifier to keep him calm and fall asleep fast.
  • Another common fear among the new parents is that pacifiers can damage the teeth of the baby. Until your baby reaches 2 years old milestone, it’s not true. But at the end of years 2, sucking pacifiers may lead to the damage of the baby’s teeth.
  • Some studies show that sucking pacifiers may cause the ear infection of the baby. It is only true when your baby has a history of ear infection already. Also, some studies have found that babies above 6 months old who use pacifiers are prone to yeast infection in the mouth and intestinal infection as well.
  • While traveling, let your baby suck the pacifier in the travel crib. She will remain calm and happy.

Safety Tips For The Pacifiers

pacifier sucking cute babyUsing pacifiers is somewhat a must. But as a parent, you need to be a little bit skeptical and careful while giving it to your little one. Follow these safety guidelines:

  1. Make sure the pacifier is made of a single piece of plastic so that it’s parts don’t fall off.
  2. The same pacifier may not be suitable for all the babies of different ages. For example, a pacifier for the infant may be the reason of choking hazard of the toddler. So, choose the size of the pacifier as per the age of your baby. Before giving it to the baby, notice carefully whether your baby can swallow it completely.
  3. Never attach the pacifier to the baby crib, clothes, or baby’s toys. It may result in strangulation of the baby while in sleep.
  4. You don’t need to make the pacifier tasty. So don’t add any sugar, honey, or anything else to make it tasty for the baby. It will damage the teeth of the baby.
  5. Check the pacifier every day. Excessive sucking may cause the pacifier to be torn and discolored. Change it immediately and get a new one.

When Should You Give The Pacifier?

During the first month of the baby, you should not give him the pacifier. During this time, you should make him accustomed to the breastfeeding. At the end of the first month, you can now give the pacifier.

Giving the pacifier does not mean your job is done. While a pacifier helps the baby to fall asleep fast, you should try cuddling and swaddling as well.

Pacifier Cleaning Tips

Used pacifiers are the sweet home for the germs. A professor of forensic sciences namely Richard Thomas Glass, Ph.D. has found fungi plus bacteria in the pacifiers. Clean these pacifiers daily with hot water and liquid hand washing soap. You should do the same whenever they are dropped.

Last Words On Pacifier

Without any fear, you can give the pacifier to your little one. It will help him sleep better and help you sleep better with your partner as well. Just follow the above-mentioned tips and precautions to keep your baby safe.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends and families and help them know the truth behind giving the pacifiers to the babies.