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Can Baby Sleep In Pack N Play Napper & How To Get Her To In Sleep?

Sure! Baby pack and play is designed that way so that your baby can use it as a napper with supervision. But probably I should not oversimplified this. There is some more safety information that you should be aware of as well.

I believe you already know some key differences in pack n play vs. crib. Each type has its own features and purposes. When it comes to sleeping in a baby pack and play, you should be fully informed about everything.

Can Baby Sleep In Bottom Of Pack N Play?

can baby sleep in pack n play napper

When you decide to visit grandma’s house for the first time with your newborn baby, you get worried about the sleeping of your little one if there is no standard crib. And such cribs are expensive, so most parents buy a pack n play type portable crib for grandma’s house.

Now, when you ask any experienced mommy or research yourself, you will find a lot of controversial information regarding whether your baby can sleep safely in the napper or not.

People might have different experiences but we should always listen to what the experts, pediatricians, or regulatory bodies say, right?

Your baby can sleep in there until he/she can rollover. This happens when your baby reaches 15 months more or less. But as long as she can’t roll over herself, she is safe.

There are plenty of play yard that you can buy with removable napper or bassinet. But you must ensure they meet all the safety regulations and the latest federal standards.

But how do you ensure that?

If you are a new mom, the main reason you are wondering whether your baby can sleep in a pack ‘n play napper because you are worried about the safety. And you are right, you should think about safety first.

Almost every pediatrician will tell you that pack n plays are a safe sleeping environment for your baby which is true. But that must be safety approved. Every pack ‘n play you see in the market is safe for sleeping if it is CPSC certified.

There are breathable mesh sides and they have thin but firm mattress pad. So, they have every feature to prevent SIDS. Let me assure you again, yes your pack n play is another safe sleeping place for your baby under proper supervision.

Your Role To Ensure Further Safety

Now, let’s say you got a safety certified one, is the job done ensuring the safety of your baby. NO! Every pack ‘n play comes with lots of instructions. You must follow them.

Some common instructions but the most important ones are keeping your baby supervised. Yes, your newborn baby should never sleep alone without any adult supervision. You don’t have to stay awake while your baby is sleeping to do the supervision.

Many such nappers come with a head support pillow. This is something you don’t need and infect The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) discourages this because of its potential safety hazards.

So, you should get rid of the pillow because it does not serve any purpose. It does not make your baby comfortable sleeping in the napper. Do not keep any toys or other baby stuff in there too. Your baby will sleep comfortably no matter how all you have to do is to make sure it is safe.

Unsupervised sleeping for your baby is not recommended even if she sleeps in a standard crib. Just get a baby monitor from a trusted brand and then you should be good to go! Your overnight stay in grandma’s house will be pleasant and tension-free.

So, as an alert mommy, this is what you should verify first when you get your first pack n play.  And another thing to keep in mind that, you should never ever consider using such a napper as an alternative to a regular crib. As long as you use it for overnight sleep, you are good.

How To Get Newborn To Sleep In Pack N Play?

By now we have established that it’s okay to let your LO sleep in the pack n play as long as you keep it supervised. It’s perfectly safe for your baby to sleep in a pack ‘n play. But some new moms still wonder how they can get their babies to sleep in there in the first place.

Well, the mechanism is pretty much the same. If you can do it in the crib or bassinet, you can do it in the play yard too. But still, I can offer you some helpful tips in this regard:

  • Make It Familiar

This is what you should try it home first, not at grandma’s house. If your baby has just finished co-sleeping, it will take some time for her to adjust sleeping the pack n play.  Allow her to play in there for a few hours before you try her to get in sleep there.

This small (but very important) play will make the play yard familiar and it will be easy for her to sleep in there without making a fuss.

  • Keep It Close

And by that I mean you should keep the pack n play inside the living room so that your baby can see you anytime she wants. This will help to grow her confidence and a much-needed sense of safety. Do the same until you move her to the nursery.

  • Make It Fun

I strongly advise against any toys in the play yard or crib while your baby is sleeping. But before she falls asleep, you can put some toys in there so that she can play. Remove those toys as soon as she falls asleep.

  • Play A Soothing Music

Yes, subtle music helps them to sleep well too. There are plenty of womb music that you can play to get her to sleep faster. You can play it on a portable crib mobile.

  • Have Patience

Patience is the key. Your baby won’t start sleeping at the bottom of the pack and play overnight. You need to try the above tips for several days before it happens. It will happen, but you must have patience.


Parenting is hard and there are certain ways to follow to make it easy. Having a play yard is useful both for the baby and parents to make life easier and fun.

I believe there is no confusion in your mind regarding can baby sleep in pack n play napper. Just follow the above tips, and you along with your baby will be fine.