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Best Maternity Bra For Large Bust With Great Support And Comfort

When it comes to boobs sore and pain in the back, you need the best maternity bra for large bust from Bravado or Kindred Bravely. With extraordinary support and super-soft fabric, they can give you the next level of comfort that you have been looking for desperately. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get it, in fact, there are plenty of affordable nursing bras that can exceed your expectations. All you need is the right place to find them. And you are in the right place right now!

Wireless Bras For Big Busts Comparison Table

Bravado Seamless Bra
  • Color: 15
  • Size: Multiple
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Kindred Bravely
  • Color: 8
  • Size: Multiple (Busty Size)
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Bravado Wireless Bra
  • Color: 10
  • Size: Multiple
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CAKYE Racerback Bra
  • Color: 18
  • Size: Multiple
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Cake Nursing Bra
  • Color: 3
  • Size: Multiple
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5 Maternity Bra For Large Bust Reviews 2020

bras for large breasts

All the bras for sore breasts during pregnancy shown in the above comparison table are recommended by women with giant boobs. They suffered a lot and ultimately found their relief wearing them. Let’s have a detailed review on each of them.

Bravado Nursing Bra Review

You need something functional and comfortable to breastfeed your baby. And without any doubt, Bravado is the most comfortable bra for large bust to deal with sore breasts. Very soft materials used to make this nursing lingerie. And thousands of hundreds of positive feedback is simply priceless!

best maternity bra for large bust from Bravado
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Not just comfortable, it will make you look comfortable too. Without any worries, it gives you a great shape. When you have a breastfeeding baby, basically this is what you want: look great and be comfortable, right?

Lots of nursing moms with boobs sore have appreciated the strong cup clasps. With your one hand, you can undo and redo it. And the beauty is you won’t lose the elastic strap that connects that strap to the cup while breastfeeding! It’s so convenient!

There is no chance of developing mastitis for the continuous use of Bravado. The reason is pretty straightforward. The elastic does not stretch and Bravado did not use any underwire as well. So, it won’t create any extra pressure on your ducts. There are a lot more other features you will love about this.

It stretches nicely and without any difficulty, it beautifully covers the range of the two cups. So, if you need to fluctuate a little, it will come in handy. For extra breathability and maximum comfort, you will love the removable cup feature. 

And if you think the removable pads make you look misshapen, you can simply toss them out! Don’t worry, there won’t be any leaking issue without them even if you have really large breasts.

At night, simply take them out and at day time, put them on back easily. And, don’t worry, it is very leak-proof. It can catch even very small leaks. How can you say no to such a great wireless bra for large bust?

It’s durable and it will last through the entire journey of your breastfeeding. It works as a great lifting bra for your saggy breast too. Many moms have confirmed that it lasted for 3+ years. You can’t tell the same for many other nursing bras.

Pros & More Features

  • Made of high-quality cotton and polyester. No thin or flimsy feeling at all. Quality material, so they will holp up nice. 
  • Multiple sizes are available. Do you have 40DD or even more? No worry, they got all the sizes. And it comes with multiple color choices too.
  • To make the shape look great during this maternity and nursing time, it features a 4-way stretching fabric.
  • No more insecure feeling, it will give your shape back once again.
  • Very convenient and easy to use. 
  • No underwire, yet very supportive. You do need a great support for your large busts. 
  • It both lifts and separates well. So, if you are looking for a great bra for lift and side support, Bravado it is!


  • Not so cool for shallow breasts.
  • Confusing sizing chart. 

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Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra

If you are looking for affordable wireless bras for big busts, Kindred Bravely is a good brand to trust. You don’t see ‘busty’ in the sizing chart of most brands, but you will be thrilled seeing exactly that in this case. It got even more positive feedback than the previous one I reviewed above.

Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra
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Of course, it is comfortable. Thanks to its very soft and comfortable fabric. The bra has 2 layers and the seam is hidden. So, there are no irritation points at all. It will make the nursing or breastfeeding experience a better one but what you will like is that it fits darn good. The cups fit great too. 

Since it does not have an actual elastic band, so the quality is even better and it has made it even more comfortable. Yes, you can sleep wearing it too and you won’t even notice it is on. Apart from breastfeeding your little one, you can do the pumping with it too. Everything is so easy when you have the Kindred Bravely.

The material is not just too soft, it is very thick and sturdy too. After exceeding all the expectations, most have declared it as the most comfortable bra for large bust ever made. And they are not exaggerating at all. They did try several brands and came to this conclusion. 

It’s just a fact that it holds the breasts really well without being constricting. There won’t be any paint on your shoulders, back, or sides at all.  What more beautiful is that the edges of the straps won’t be rough. They won’t do any rubbing under your arm or anywhere whatsoever! 

You should seriously think about it if you are looking for something with no elastic or scratchy trims. For extremely sensitive skin, it is a blessing!

More Features & Pros

  • Specifically crafted for busty size (DD/E cups and beyond). Of course, it has all the other sizes too.
  • To cover the larger busts, it features expanded cap fabrics. Very supportive! You will be shocked seeing how much support it provides for busty boobs.
  • 8 beautiful colors. Along with its brilliant cup shape, you won’t feel uncomfortable going out at all with your baby.
  • Make your big boobs perky again with this ultra-soft and smooth bra. They are breathable too.
  • Very stretchy yet sturdy. It won’t constrict your ribcage at all.
  • It does not feature any annoying bulky pads. But for more coverage, you will find the double lining very helpful.
  • Made of super soft fabric. A great combo of spandex and rayon of bamboo. 
  • Very thick fabric. Even after several times of washing, there is no sign of pilling.
  • Simple pull-on style. No hooks or snaps. Very easy pull-aside breastfeeding access.
  • The stretchy bra grows with your fluctuating breasts too. it can be a very thoughtful first time mom to be gift for your pregnant friend as well.
  • Incredible reviews from countless busty women. 


  • A little bit saggy.

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Bravado Maternity Bra

Well, Bravado is a prominent nursing lingerie brand, so don’t be surprised to see another Bravado nursing bra review. It’s a racerback, so you can distribute the stress of big breasts on your shoulders. With great cleavage coverage than the previously reviewed one of the same brand, it has got so many positive reviews too.

Bravado Maternity Bra
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It provides very easy nursing access and it is comfortable too. If you have really large breasts and having trouble sleeping on it, you will find it really comforting. You can’t get the same from lots of other bras for sore breasts during pregnancy. But due to lack of much padding, the nipple area is a little bit more visible.

Getting just the right amount of support and comfort is hard to get, but that is exactly what you will get from it. As you have probably understood by now that Bravado is undeniably a king when it comes to delivering the best maternity bra for large bust, right?

For busty ladies, it provides great support. But then again, you should not expect the same level of support that a sports bra can provide. The support is better than most other body silk seamless nursing bras from various non-brands. Money well spent is what countless women with sore breasts said. 

It is recommended by a lot of large-chested women from here and there. It is comfortable because it is breathable. Completely machine washable and dryable too. Every time it will look brand new! You can’t expect the same from cheap nylon made nursing bras.

Apart from being super comfy, many women with giant boobs have confirmed the fact that it provides moderate support. It’s thin, so you will be better off having the dark color to hide stains from nipple creams and leaked milk.

For women with larger cup sizes, this is the one among the few wireless bras for big busts that have ample support. Some women even reviewed it saying the support is more like sports bras. You can sleep comfortably and go out to do some errands wearing it.

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More Features & Pros

  • Available in 10 colors. If you like to go out wearing it, you should pick any darker color.
  • All sizes have a full-cup variation too. It literally covers everything!
  • Made of spandex, modal, and cotton where the percentage of cotton is 49%. Very soft to make you feel comfortable all the time.
  • Only dry clean recommended.
  • A perfect blend of comfort and support. You can’t get the same even if you spend too much on highly expensive brands.
  • Complete wire-free design with racerback style. A perfect choice to breastfeed your baby everywhere. It ensures maximum skin to skin contact with your baby. Thanks to its full drop-away feature.
  • It makes pumping easier and hassle-free too.
  • If you are looking for unlined bras for large breasts, look no further.
  • You can sleep in this thing, so it’s a game-changer for most women.


  • No padding and thin.

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CAKYE Racerback Bra

This is the most affordable nursing bras so far I have reviewed. You will get 3 in each pack and each pack costs you way more than whatever I reviewed above. Also not just cheap, they are comfortable and very good at keeping your larger boobs in place while sleeping. 

CAKYE Racerback Bra
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If you are looking for a very fast way of feeding your hungry baby, CAKEY racerback is your answer. Just pull it to the side and you can feed your baby right away! And apart from being very comfortable, you can wear them all day long since they offer a good amount of support too. That’s what the racerback does for you.

It offers very roomy cups and fits well. But you have to make sure you follow the sizing chart correctly. Apart from being comfy maternity sleep and lounge bras, they last for a long time too. Made of very high-quality materials and does not feel cheap at all.

The straps are thicker than most models you have tried so far which is good. They won’t lose their support after a while. And for such good quality and comfort, the price is simply unbeatable. You can look more here and there, but you will return to this if you are looking for an affordable solution.

Lots of women have confirmed that the fabric is super soft. Having soft fabric is the precondition to have comfort and deal with boobs sore, right? Not just for feeding your baby, you can use it as a regular bra too. It does not cause any pinching or bulging at all. 

Everything is very smooth, some women even call it the softest one they even own. The seam around the edges is so great. Not stretchy or elastic at all. Sometimes, you will even forget you are wearing it! And look at the design yourself. Aren’t they cute?

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Pros & More Features

  • From small to extra-large, the size is just right even for your giant boobs.
  • Lots of adorable color combos. Each pack contains 3 and each of them are of different colors.
  • Made of cotton, spandex, and modal. Very stretchy, it will never squeeze your breasts. 
  • Very minimalist design and easy to use. Only one hand is required to deal with the drop-down cups for quickly feeding your baby. Very easy pull-aside access. 
  • If you hate the shoulder straps from slipping off, you will love its racerback design. Very handy to reduce pressure/stress from your shoulders and back.
  • You can easily place your nursing pads (pads not included). Thanks to its built-in bag. Perfect to wear during your pregnancy and as a nursing bra later. 
  • Perfect for the whole day wearing. No disturbing hooks or clasps. 
  • Great breathability to ensure greater comfort.


  • Not much elasticity. 

Cake Nursing Bra

I have included this in my reviews because it provides support just like any high-end sport bras. I am not exaggerating even a little. Women with bigger boobs simply love it mostly because of its extraordinary support that you won’t get from many maternity bras. And the number of these women is not little.

Cake Nursing Bra
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Ladies with giant boobs often suffer from back pain. With severe back pain from their literally cartoonish sized bigger breasts, lots of women got instant relief from such pain wearing the Cake nursing bra. It will make your size several pounds smaller too!

With enough support, you can do jumping jacks and run. Yes, your breast will bounce a little, but that’s ignorable. I strongly recommend this for women with a bigger bust only if you want to work out daily.

Because of its extraordinary support, many women have it in multiples so that you can wear them all the time, and washing it can’t cause the back pain to come back. I advise it you do the same if you are looking for nursing lingerie that has excellent support like sports bras. And yes, you can machine wash them.

Apart from being very flattering, it gives a great lift too. Not just supportive, it’s comfortable too. It makes nursing a breeze. Very easy to breastfeed your baby. The design looks awesome and it is super soft as well. And more importantly, it covers everything!

It’s a well-constructed bra too. Everything is carefully planned and designed. If you prefer the racerback design, it’s perfect. If you love the straps style, even better. Yes, you are reading it right, both the racerback and straps are optional. The straps won’t dig into your shoulders too.

Almost every woman who has tried the Cake nursing bra so far confirmed that it does a brilliant job of separating and building. And for all those great features, it won’t cost you a fortune. Very much affordable.

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More Features & Pros

  • 3 beautiful colors to choose from.
  • If you are a fitness mama and you have to breastfeed your baby regularly, you will love it. 
  • No matter how bigger boobs you got, they got it covered. Huge size chart! You will be thrilled about its great fit.
  • Heavy-duty sports bra style support. Such a level of support is a must for you if you want to get into shape through exercising.
  • Since it has underwire, you will find it really useful in your daily work-out.
  • Forget about being uncomfortable as long as you have it on.
  • For minimal bounce, supportive construction is just great.
  • Saying it’s just a heavy-duty supportive bra does injustice to it, it is comfortable as well for your sore breasts. Very soft on your sensitive skin too.


  • Not so easy access during the breastfeeding time. But still, recommended if you really need great support.
Final Verdict

Look, it’s all about greater comfort, flexibility, and moderate support that you expect from the best maternity bra for large bust. Undoubtedly, Bravado is a pioneer and market leader in this field, but keep your eyes open as I have shown above.