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Best Bra For Saggy Breasts After Breastfeeding And Weight Loss

Boobs after breastfeeding or weight loss program will get saggy. In addition to regular physical exercise, you should have the best bra for saggy breasts after breastfeeding that push up nicely and gives you a ‘perky’ look. 

The problem of strapless bras or maternity bra is that they don’t have enough support to give your that much lift and firmness. You should only trust the recommendations of women who have gone through this phase.

Bra For Large Saggy Breasts Comparison Table

Bali Shaping Bra
  • Color/Size: Multiple
  • Our Rating(Out of 5): 4.9
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Glamorise Sport Bra
  • Color/Size: Multiple
  • Our Rating(Out of 5): 4.8
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Vanity Fair
  • Color/Size: Multiple
  • Our Rating(Out of 5): 4.7
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Playtex Love
  • Color/Size: Multiple
  • Our Rating(Out of 5): 4.6
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Glamorise Elite
  • Color/Size: Multiple
  • Our Rating(Out of 5): 4.5
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5 Bra For Saggy Breasts After Weight Loss Reviews 2020

bra for saggy deflated breasts

As soon as you have anyone from the table, you can stop worrying about your breastfeeding boobs that are deflated and sagging. Each one of them is already trusted and recommended by thousands of women for their great support. Let’s have in-depth reviews now.

Bali Shaping Bra

The extraordinary support it provides is awesome! This has everything that you expect from a lifting bra. That’s the reason I have decided to talk about it first in my anti sagging bra reviews. The coverage is decent and undoubtedly very comfortable.

best bra for saggy breasts after weight loss from bali
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The shaping contour cups do a great job keeping your boobs ‘perky’. The saggy look disappears momentarily! Because of its spandex material, it stretches. So, it will work great as bras after weight loss too.

If you gain weight, it will still work for you. Very long-term and practical solution.

Apart from keeping you in shape, it’s undeniably comfortable. This is the first thing you will notice when wearing this shaping bra.

Trust me, great comfort is a must and this is exactly what you look for from any supporting bra for saggy deflated breasts during the breastfeeding period.

With great support and padding, this is the perfect choice for your breastfeeding boobs.

The fit is awesome, you can choose from a large sizing chart. It keeps your bust up and tight. It makes your boobs look firm as well. It looks and fits great under your fitted top too.

Many breastfeeding moms with sagging boobs have confirmed the fact that it makes your bust looks natural and shapely. If you think the straps would be problematic, you are wrong. Because of its stretchy feature, you won’t have any problem with that.

A top of the line comfortable wireless bra with support is what you need to gain your confidence back. You can go outside knowing you are looking great in good shape. Lots of moms have already ditched their expensive underwire bras for this.

Already thousands of women have left their feedback saying it does a great job holding their shaggy breasts. It makes their breasts attractive once again. And for the price, it’s simply unbeatable.

More Features & Pros

  • From Small to 3X-Large, it’s perfect for everyone. For all sizes, it will give you a nice shape. It’s in the middle of sport and regular bra. But unquestionably more comfortable than both of them.
  • Wide color range. All the colors are true and what you see in the image.
  • Made of soft material to ensure next-level comfort.
  • Great maternity bra as well. Very stretchy to pull over.
  • A lightly padded lifting bra that keeps you comfortable for the whole day.
  • It improves shapes with great support. You do not want too much support because it will make you uncomfortable then.
  • Ample support for small to large bust. 
  • It comes with removable pads too.
  • Hand washes recommended.
  • Perfect to be worn with any dress including t-shirts. It goes nicely with anything!


  • Depending on your breast shape and size, the straps may create a problem. Sometimes they don’t stay in place!
  • Not so great support for DD cup size.

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Glamorise Double-Layer

Boobs after breastfeeding become saggy and you need great support to lift them up. If the previous one was not enough for your demand for extraordinary support, you can’t say no to the double-layer sports bra from Glamorise.

Nothing can come close to a sports bra when it comes to supporting.

Glamorise Double-Layer Sport Bra
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It’s called the Breast Breaker! No more bounce no more shagging, exactly what you expect from a sports bra for saggy breasts. It holds your boobs so tightly that there is no escape from it.

The grip is so strong that there is no chance of even a slight wiggling. 

You need to work-out after giving birth to regain your shape. And this is exactly what you need for that.

Yes, it will make you slightly discomfort too. Of course, you should not expect the same level of comfort from a regular bra.

But it will give you the confidence that you are in charge, not your boobs when you go to public places. Besides, it’s comfortable enough to run with.

No pressure on your shoulder at all. Thanks to its wide band. The moulded cups won’t cut into your shoulder and neck area. For really giant boobs, it’s really a blessing.

Even for the uneven boobs too. All credits go to its innovative panel! It literally lets you have separate arrangements for your uneven saggy boobs.

No shaking no movement at all. A complete lockdown is what you may call it. You can do all the things like jumping, running, even be a trampoline artist!

Before you get excited, let me remind you again. It’s not a household bra. It’s for serious activity and to give your breasts a great lifting.

Your rest the body may bounce, it will keep your ‘headlights’ totally immobile and perky. Not just a confidence boost, it makes you comfortable with your body and mind too. And you don’t have to break your bank account to get this either.

Pros & More Features

  • 6 sporty colors to choose from a wide range of sizing charts. Fits comfortably with no shifting whatsoever.
  • It features a plush adjustable hook and eye closures to protect your back. Plastic hook, not metal.
  • Wide padded straps won’t create any pressure on your shoulder.
  • Innovative mesh front panel lets you have 4 different bounce controls. 
  • A breathable and comfortable bra for saggy breasts after weight loss.
  • Noticeable lift and impact support. Thanks to it’s wire-free reinforced cups.
  • Enough movement mechanism with its 2-way back stretch feature. Don’t worry, it won’t let the bra to move even a little.
  • Very sturdy but won’t dig into your armpits.
  • No chance to show the nipples.
  • Complete wire-free bust support. So, it does not require any padding or any inserts. You won’t be needing them.
  • Won’t make your breasts look weird one big breast either. No weird uni-boob looks!
  • Completely machine washable.


  • Not your regular bra.

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Vanity Fair Minimizer

Another great bra that lifts and hides your sagged appearance ensuring utmost comfort. Unlike other bras for flat saggy breasts, the underwire does not poke, hurt, or pinch at all.

Overall, it does not make you feel uncomfortable in any way like rubbing yet gives you great support.

Vanity Fair Underwire Bra
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After trying several of them, Vanity Fair seems to fulfill all the expectations of women who love to get back their shape.

It caught attention rapidly because of its attention to detail. It’s strong and durable yet super soft. There is no chance it will dig into your shoulder.

The durable hook in the back does not rub or scratch. The contour and flatter cups are supportive and super soft too.

No, it won’t overly flatten your chest but it will compress and contour nicely. You can now wear all of your pretty dresses including shirts confidently.

And don’t forget it’s impressive comfort, something you never expect from this category of bra for large saggy breasts.

No matter how large bust you got, it keeps them in place. No movement at all even if you bend over. 

Your boobs will always be in a place where they are supposed to. Many women have actually done their experiments wearing them and confirmed this fact. No need to readjust while bending over! Your all struggles are simply gone with your large bust.

Because of its full-coverage feature, no matter how giant boobs you got – the fit will always be phenomenal. You can waste your money going to the stores and try expensive brands, but if you want to get the job done, you need the Vanity Fair.

The straps are brilliantly thought out as well. They are wider than their normal counterparts. They are firm yet soft and stretchy. They will never hurt your shoulder. The firm and wideband won’t squish you either.

Why Should You Get Vanity Fair?

  • 19 beautiful colors.
  • From 36D to 44DDD, they got it covered for everyone.
  • The straps always stay in place because of their back adjustment feature. They will never slip-off or slide. They don’t get saggy or loose. More importantly, it makes your back super smooth.
  • No sore shoulder anymore. You can wear it under any dresses including a nursing tank top.
  • Reduce your bust noticeably.
  • No-spill and full-coverage. It covers the side breast tissue really well.
  • Made of nylon and spandex. Stretchy, strong yet comfortable. Extraordinary support to give your bust a great lift. 
  • You will get a beautiful round lifted shape.
  • The fabric on the cups is so stretchy that you will think it belongs to the sports bra for saggy breast type.
  • It features 4-way stretch fabric in the back. Very smooth.
  • There is so much love for this minimizer bra.
  • If you hate padding, this is for you. The thick material does the job. Great nipple coverage too.


  • It lifts! But no liner 🙁

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Playtex My Curves

A balconette style bra that lifts and is very comfortable. The underwire will keep your bust in place comfortably. No popping out! If you hate heavily padded cups, you will love them.

The cups and straps are lightly padded with good support and this is what you want as the best bra for saggy breasts after breastfeeding.

Playtex My Curves
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Who does not like a lifted teardrop shape with modesty? Many women have confirmed its lifting capacity.

It has already made lots of women sexy once again! Without adding any extra bulk, the moulded cups will give you great support beyond your expectation. 

The back is breathable and looks like made of mesh with adjustable straps. So, for the whole day wearing them, these are great and comfortable.

Made of soft material but the support is priceless. It gives your bust a very good shape. No ‘droopy’ feel at all.

Playtex bras are so affordable that you can replace all of your collections within your budget. Lots of repeated users with saggy boobs have confirmed it’s unmatched comfort and great support. Great support for the whole day long gives your precious confidence boost too.

If you want a good looking shape under your clothes, Playtex is for you. Thanks to its substantial yet comfortable and adjustable straps. It fits great and reduces your bust in size. Little to no chance of being disappointed. All positive feedback is simply remarkable.

With casual looks, it gives you a great fit too. It makes your boobs secure as you expect. Breastfeeding moms who could never think of anything else but Victoria’s Secret have recommended this. And they are affordable, they won’t cost you much. 

For lift and support, Playtex is godsent. This is exactly what countless moms have reviewed. Make some time and read their reviews. Only then you will understand why you need this to make you look great again.

Why Should You Get Playtex?

  • 32 incredibly beautiful colors for this molded bra.
  • From 36B to 46DD, perfect fit for everyone who needs an extra lift. All are U.S. sizes. As long as you get your size right, it will fit very well. No chance of sticking out of your breasts.
  • Very soft material with seamless soft lining. It comes with an eye and hooks closure. There are 3 hooks in total.
  • Raise your hands up or bend over, it won’t shift around or ride up. You won’t see this great feature in most bras of this same price range.
  • It features seamless foam cups to give you a shapely look under any dress you like. Contoured and very smooth.
  • It makes your boobs round lifted, no cone-shaped.
  • Straps are very comfortable for the whole day. Won’t slip-off either.
  • Lightly padded, very modest.
  • Great uplift. It will meet your expectations. If you are looking for gifts for pregnant friend ideas, think about it!


  • May accentuate your back rolls.

Glamorise Elite

The last anti sagging bra reviews and if you are looking for a sports bra for saggy breasts, this is for you. Now, the main criticism for sports bras is that they are not comfortable.

Well, this is not the case for this one. Huge recommendations for its comfort and uplifting feature.

Glamorise Wirefree Sports Bra
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With smooth and soft material, it ensures your extra comfort. It comes with extraordinary support too.

Don’t get worried about your generous cleavage too. The built-in extra coverage will take care of it nicely. This exactly what you need to make your dull breastfeeding boobs perky again.

Many women have reviewed it as a true blessing for women with flat saggy breasts. Even with a snug fit, many have confirmed to have great comfort.

The level of support is way better than your regular bras. It’s more like a dream comes true to get rid of all unpleasant experiences.

It’s adjustable and breathable to ensure your great fit and comfort. Many women have trusted all of its positive reviews just to get extra support and a little lifting. And they are all happy to trust those experienced women.

Let’s talk about its coverage. Since it’s a sports bra, let’s just admit it has super support. The coverage it provides is great too. You can do yoga and even when you are upside down, it will keep your boobs hidden. No matter how large-chested you are, you can do everything you want.

More Features & Pros

  • 4 colors to choose from.
  • 34C to giant 54H, suitable for every woman with saggy boobs. All are U.S sizing.
  • A total wire-free sports bra.
  • Perfect for total bounce control. 100% lockdown!
  • It features adjustable hooks and eye closure. 
  • Great comfort and support.
  • No shoulder pressure at all. Thanks to its adjustable and padded straps. Perfect to protect your back as well.
  • It features a camisole design for your bust containment. And apparently, it does a great job to ensure that.
  • No spills out when you bend over. Just a little movement maybe.
  • It does not give any monoboob/uni-boob weird look at all.


  • For higher impacts, it will get a little bouncy.
Final Verdict

I covered some really good supporting bras that can really make a difference to give you a nice shape or lift. As soon as you get the best bra for saggy breasts after breastfeeding that meets and exceeds your expectations, I would suggest getting a couple of it. 

And lastly, a girl to girl advice, there is no alternative to physical exercise to get everything in shape permanently.