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Best Bottle For Breastfed Baby Who Refuses Bottle To Buy In 2021

It can get frustrating if you don’t have the best bottle for breastfed baby who refuses bottle to keep your baby fed well. By now, you have probably figured out babies can get seriously picky.

And you are not alone facing this issue. Lots of parents have gone through this phase.

Luckily, through experiments and various trials and errors, many parents have found their success on some particular breastfeeding bottles. So, you can stop worrying about it now.

Comparison Table Of Bottle For Breastfed Baby Who Refuses Bottle

Comotomo Baby Bottle
  • Size: 2
  • Color: 2
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Medela Gift Set
  • Feat. BPA Free
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Lansinoh Bottles
  • Feat. Anti-colic
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Tommee Tippee
  • Feat. Multi-set
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Philips Avent
  • Set: 2/4 pack
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NUK Baby Bottle
  • Feat. Multi-color/Multi-pack
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Tommee Tippee
  • Feat. Multi-pack
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7 Bottles For Breastfed Babies Reviews 2021

breastfeeding bottles

Now that you have the list of breastfeeding bottles that work, it’s time for the in-depth reviews. All these baby bottles for newborns and vetted and reviewed by experienced mommies.

I have covered the most popular brands like Comotomo and Lansinoh breastfeeding bottles. Of course, I have included some other brands too.

There are many more additional features that you will find with different bottles of different brands. Prices may vary for different designs and we have tried to find the one that works for you.

The 7 models I have discussed in this guide include a built-in anti-colic system that is suitable for breastfeeding.

Comotomo Baby Bottle

Most babies, while bottle feeding, swallow some air that fills their stomachs with gas. According to breastfeeding experts, they commented that the baby had too much gas in her stomach.

If you’ve ever dealt with a colic baby (the baby cries all day), you know it can be frustrating.

best bottle for breastfed baby who refuses bottle from comotomo
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Fortunately, manufacturers have made bottles with designs designed to reduce the amount of gas they consume when feeding babies.

Comotomo is a naturally felt baby bottle. But there is no better alternative than breast milk and you can even look at this bottle if you feed your baby.

Comotomo Baby Bottle, a naturally felt green, is based on its versatile design and useful features.

It equips this imported product with an ultra-wide neck design that makes it easy to clean the container and cap well without using a brush or using a smart baby food processor.

It is also important to keep a reserve if the mother produces less milk.

However, this product is on top but some kids don’t like them. It is suitable for babies who are shifting from breastfeeding to breastfeeding.

They shape the nipple like a natural breast to enable your baby to latch well during feeding. It makes the bottle from silicone so it feels very soft and supple so they feed it to increase the milk supply.

Tea in a Comotomo baby bottle has two anti-colic vents that allow air to circulate inside the bottle and prevent the formation of milk bubbles so your baby is less likely to have gas, colic, or sputum/reflux. So the fact that this bottle is leak-free is great.

One of the good features of this bottle is that it is easy to clean, the manufacturers designed it with a wide neck. You can load it into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Also, keep this bottle safe in the microwave or boiling water which is sure to disinfect the bottle to keep your baby safe.


  1. Creative design that incorporates ultra-wide-neck features for the bottle.
  2. The bottle is safe in the microwave, boiling water, dishwasher and sterilizer.
  3. Easy to clean.
  4. Great design.
  5. Loop free.
  6. It’s like holding the bottle.
  7. Vents that let out excess air.


  1. It is difficult to say the exact flow of breast milk as there is no flow label or mark.
  2. Oz markings are not easy to see.

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Medela Breastfeeding Bottles

Breastfeeding brings the healthiest life to your baby. However, nowadays many mothers are breastfeeding with extra bottles of breast milk or formula milk in hand to meet their growing and breast milk supply.

Medela Breastfeeding Bottles
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Of these, breastfeeding using Medela products as a unique reconstruction-based model selects the next best option.

These Medela breastmilk bottles are attractively designed for safe, long-term storage of breast milk.

In it, you can pump breast milk directly into baby bottles and store them. You can feed your baby using the same bottle.

It makes these with high-quality ingredients that make the bottles from a protected plastic to keep the beneficial properties of breast milk.

You also find it ideal for the safe storage of breast milk in the fridge. One of its features is that colored ounces and millimeter markers make it easy to measure the exact amount of milk you express.

This may seem like a common feature, yet it makes the pump not only more comfortable but also easier to grip. After trying other manual pumps in the past, any mother can explain how advanced this breast pump is.

One of the features of this model is that it does not require a battery to run. This pump is light in weight and small in size.

Medela breast pumps have long been known for their reliability. It is also designed in such a way that both bottle sizes allow you to store your breast milk safely in the long run without losing any natural beneficial properties.

You can easily carry it anywhere as these are known as lightweight Medela Breastmilk Bottles.

This model is easy to set up, as you don’t have to take out the whole device as many times as you need. The breast pump holds up to four bottles and the ice packs included include efficient and cool for hours on end.

Also, all Medela breastmilk bottles, pump parts, and accessories – and always – are made without BPA.

Also made from durable, double-layer material and built-in double zipper seal to keep your breast milk safely stored in the fridge. These bottles are dishwasher-safest for convenient cleaning.


  1. Easy to use the manual breast pump. Perfect to be used alongside breastfeeding bassinet.
  2. Smooth handle action with adjustable grip.
  3. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  4. Portable breast pump to take anywhere.
  5. Very comfortable experience for a woman.


  1. The build quality of these bottles is not at the top.

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Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles

Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles
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Did you know that a perfectly good bottle can be a favorite for a baby? They are one of them. The Lansinoh breastfeeding bottles for babies are made specifically for breastfed babies.

These bottles are equipped with natural wave nipples which is a product that is clinically proven to reduce nipple confusion.

The wide base of this bottle is also liked by many parents because of how easy it is to draw comfortably for the baby’s hand. Founded by mothers, it is hard to go wrong with Lassinoh bottles.

Baby bottles come in a range of different sizes, shapes, and materials so you should know about the unique needs of your baby before buying.

These quality baby bottles are highly compatible with other Lansinoh models. The Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump, the Lansinoh Manual Pump, the Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump, as well as the Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bottles are well suited for use by parents who use these bottles.

Also known as a perfect baby bottle for newborns.

You can be sure of its quality and safety because the brand founded by a smart breastfeeding mother. As proof, the brand has already supported moms with its high quality and award-winning products for over 35 years.

These include nursing pads, breast pumps, nipple creams, breast milk collection bags, and more.

Breastfeeding bottles to Lansinoh have a unique air venting system that reduces the baby’s gas intake, which is a potential cause of shortness of breath and spitting.

It also enables the baby to use the same natural feeding actions that teach breastfeeding babies while breastfeeding and prolongs the baby’s breastfeeding.

In addition to the nipple, the rest of the bottle is made of sturdy plastic and a wide, easy-to-clean neck. Many Maoists have discovered that the bottle fits most other brands of breasts.

The wide base of the bottle is also preferred by many parents because of how easy it is to draw comfortably for the baby’s hand. Founded by mothers, it’s hard to go wrong with Lansinoh bottles.


  1. A perfect baby bottles for newborns.
  2. Progress comes with development.
  3. Good for reducing sinus drainage.
  4. Great choice even for kids.


  1. For very few babies the nipple can be very fast.
  2. The flexibility of the nipples means they can sometimes crack and leak.

Tommee Tippee Newborn Baby Bottle

Tommee Tippee
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If you are looking for the right breastfeeding bottle for your baby that protects the baby from problems like colic and reflux then this bottle is for you.

Most new parents are surprised to learn that there are different types of baby bottles out there.

With so many different options, many parents are confused about which bottle to use when feeding their children.

Using the wrong bottle for your baby can not only make feeding slower and less enjoyable but can also cause problems such as colic and reflux. So you can use the Tommy Tippy anti-colic bottle to keep your baby healthy.

Anti-colic bottles of nearby nature work by blowing air through the valve while feeding the baby Tommy Tippy.

The valley prevents milk from entering the bottle by slowly flowing through the nipple.

The little air that manages to enter is quickly eliminated through the valve. Nearby Nature Tommee Tippee Award-winning BPA Free Anti Colic Bottle makes the baby feel as much of the mother’s breasts as possible due to their unique design.

When switching from breastfeeding to breastfeeding, these bottles may be a good choice. These provide natural stretching and flexion of the nipple and therefore make feeding stress-free.

It is one of the top bottled milk babies on the market today. The most important part is the super-sensitive flow nipple which gives the baby a comfortable meal. The nipples are very smooth silicone, which feels close to the skin.

Moreover, it is an anti-colic col it removes the anti-colic valve ensures optimal air intake, and provides less discomfort for the baby.

Our Close to Nature baby bottles feature a smooth-latch breast level that mimics the stretch and flexibility of the mother’s breast, while the super-sensitive anti-colic valve provides less air intake and less discomfort.

This set features many features that come on the market, including extra nipples, neonatal pacifiers, removable bottle handles, and a wide range of things, including a cleaning brush. Many parents have already called it the best bottle for the shallow latch.


  1. These help the baby to groin very well.
  2. Do not leak
  3. It’s easy to clear that they don’t have too many parts
  4. They are sterile, compatible with all Tommy Tippy’s nursing requirements, breast pumps, and bottle warmers.


  1. Frequent cleaning results in the bottle closing the measurement instructions very quickly.

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle

According to modern mothers, bottled milk is one of the best advances for infants. This is the best option that most mothers use to carry their baby’s milk, especially if they travel long distances.

Philips Avent
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Although most mothers find it challenging to choose the best anti-colic baby bottle, understanding the different types and differences in the market may be their best option.

One of the most important decisions you can make as a mother is to choose the best bottle of milk for your baby.

However, bottled milk is not easily available in the market due to different varieties. So you can try the Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle for your baby.

The Philips Avent natural 11-ounce bottle is the most natural way to feed the bottle. This natural bottle wide and sized nipple promotes natural latch-on so you can easily breastfeed and combine.

The design of our flexible nipples combined with comfortable petals allows the baby to move naturally during feeding.

The wide breast-shaped nipple encourages natural latch-on so you can combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Our flexible spiral design combined with comfortable petals allows the baby to move naturally during feeding.

The nipples have airflex vent technology that is designed to expel air away from the baby’s abdomen to reduce colic and discomfort.

Philips Avent Natural Bottle Philips Avent range is designed in such a way that you mix some of our breast pumps, bottles, and cups to create a product as your baby grows!

It also had an ergonomic shape that was comfortable for parents to hold and easily held in favor of the little fingers.

It is not only comfortable but also makes it easy to fill and clean the simple and wide bottleneck with just a few parts. You don’t get that in many bottles for breastfed babies.

This bottle is made from a BPA free high-quality material polypropylene that works easily with all nipples and caps from the natural line. And these are the reasons why happy mommies call it the best bottle for the breastfed baby who refuses the bottle.

The Philips Avent natural bottle is known as an advanced anti-colic system bottle and weighs 7.8 ounces. One of the features of this bottle is that it does not require any battery to handle.

Also due to the unique size, the bottle can be easily and firmly held in any direction for any comfort even for a small hand of a child.


  1. Wide nipple with built-in air vents
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. Wide neck enabling easy cleaning and filling
  4. No battery required
  5. Easy to clean


  1. 1. This baby bottle is on the heavy side

NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottle

Breastfed baby refusing bottle and cry loudly, or despite being fed, it can cause stomach discomfort. From my experience, one of the most common pains that our baby can have is a gassy stomach.

There are different types of baby bottles on the market today like sippy cups for babies.

NUK Natural Baby Bottle
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The NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottle is one of the anti-colic, anti-choking, breast-like, and anti-reflux bottles. If you are looking for a suitable bottle for a small child, then this is for you.

This bottle carries a valve, straw, and a hole nipple that pushes the air behind or outside the bottle and collects at the level of the breast, and mixes with the milk.

The Nuk Natural Baby Bottle has an anti-colic air system to prevent colic and gas. They design it to make the nipple flexible and avoid nipple confusion, easy to use for the baby.

The nipple changes shape in your baby’s mouth in the same way when you are breastfeeding.

The low-flow nipple has three holes, while the maximum flow of the cluster is nine. This very super soft silicone nipple is the same size as the mother’s nursing breast for a familiar fit.

The flexible nipple can move with the baby for an unbroken nipple. It also has an advanced 1-piece anti-colic air system to help reduce colic, gas, and saliva.

NUK Simply Natural Bottles provides anti-colic air system nipples to prevent spitting and suffocation. These bottles meet all safety standards. Also, it’s a glass bottle for breastfed babies, which is always free of BPA and BPA free plastic nipples.

Its variable-flow nipples are made to ensure easy attachment NUK Simply Natural Bottles Advanced Anti-Colic Air System makes feeding time more comfortable for everyone.

Also, these Triton bottles are odor and stain-resistant and easy to use and clean. When feeding your baby, the vent should be with the nipple under the baby’s nose.

Each package contains three bottles with anti-colic breasts for low, medium, and high flow. Also, no battery is required to handle it. This set weighs 8.5 ounces and is made from odor and stain-resistant glass that is easy to clean.


  1. The line of measurement never fades.
  2. The material is thick and durable.
  3. Kids latch easily.
  4. No need batteries.


  1. Flat nipples are difficult to clean

Tommee Tippee Baby Bottle

If you use plastic bottles for baby milk, choose Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle. Plastic baby bottles are no longer recommended because the ingredients are toxic to children. Amazing discoveries have been made about child care.

Tommee Tippee
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They make everything from glass baby bottles with safe and high-quality ingredients. This package contains four bottles and has a different flow rate for each bottle.

It also comes with super sensitive bottle nipples, and its glass components make it a suitable product for newborns.

It makes it an ideal product for breastfeeding. It also has an anti-colic design that reduces the risk of vomiting and burping.

The nipples of this bottle are designed by the best breastfeeding experts in the world where they try to mimic the natural flexibility, movement, and expansion of women’s breasts.

It is made from soft silicone that feels like human skin and comes with a super-sensitive valve to remove excess airflow.

Thus, it ensures that our baby consumes less air while encouraging the feeding activity of his birth. Our Close to Nature bottle is guaranteed to be acceptable to newborns and children who are sensitive to the baby.

This reduces the excess airflow to the nipple close to nature with anti-colic valves, so babies receive more milk and less air.

This bottle is very wide and easy to wash. If you do not have a bottle brush with you at the moment, you can easily clean it with a sponge or towel. It comes with only 4 parts, such as a bottle, nipple, and collar, so it is very easy to assemble.

The weight of this bottle 9.6 ounces and its size is 9.4 x 4.9 x 3.3 inches. One of its features is that it does not require any battery to operate. This bottle is usually kept in 3 ways – it is often kept in the same way as a standard, wide neck bottle.


  1. Anti-click design for a smooth transformation
  2. The bottles are BPA free and very easy to clean.
  3. These are dishwasher and microwave safe.
  4. Easy to use
  5. No need battery


  1. Despite the slow flow lick, the milk can come out a little faster.
  2. Placing the nipple on top of the bottle can be a bit complicated.

Final Thoughts

Are you still looking for the best bottle for a breastfed baby who refuses the bottle? Well, as you have seen, there are plenty of baby bottles on the market these days that keep your baby healthy and safe.

If you know what kind of bottles you need, it is more convenient to look for the perfect glass baby bottle.

We finally learned that feeding a baby is so important, and when it comes to switching from your breast to a bottle, we understand the importance of finding the best one for your baby.

After a long study, we compiled this list of bottle mouths, bottle parts, and bottle materials. Always make sure you are using a glass baby bottle to feed the baby. The bottle has a nipple and anti-colic properties that keep your baby safe and secure.