Best Travel Crib Reviews 2019 [With Safety Tips And Assembly Video]

Unless you want to waste your money buying a worse travel bed, you need to read the article at least once. The best way to get the best travel crib is to trust other parents’ recommendations and reviews. Of Course, you need to consider features, cost, and safety reviews as well.

Travel cribs are available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials, which can result in a challenging moment once you decide to buy one. Some of us choose to buy a Playard due to the design and colors that attract us.

But is that right?

For you to buy the best pack and play, you need to look for features that will let you benefit from the best value of money. As such, it is crucial for you to have an idea of how to select the best baby travel crib, as well as some of the cribs available. In this article, we have covered this in detail for you. Have a look for you to make the best buy.

Best Travel Crib Comparison Table

Your time is precious! You save you some time and have a better comparison among all, here is comparison table to pick the best baby travel crib. You can get detail review on each of them along with some other popular portable cribs.

Most Popular Travel Crib review

All of the following travel crib review has been made based on parents recommendations and testimonials. Tried to include all the vital information about these so that you can make the right choice and don’t get frustrated.

1. Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard

Summer Infant Pop 'N Play Deluxe Ultimate Playard
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Have you been looking for the best pack and play for your little ones to take with you to the beach, park or for use in the backyard? If so, this is one of the best Playards to give a try. At only 12.2 pounds, it is ultralight and folds into a compact size to allow you to carry it with a lot of ease. It also comes with a convenient travel bag with a strap to allow you to carry it.

Another plus of the best infant travel bed is that it does not take much time to set up or take down. This makes it a perfect pack n play for outdoor activities. When you order for one of these, it comes with a fully assembled metal frame.

As such, you only have to pop it open and secure the buckles. Once this is done, you get your kids in there for them to enjoy their new playing area. When done using it, unclip the floor buckles and push it inwards and there you have it ready for storage.

When open, the Playard measures 14 square feet to create an ample play area for your little ones. It features a water-resistant floor. Hence, you can set it on damp grass and be sure that the water will not reach your kids.

What’s more is that it helps to protect surfaces from spills when used in an inside setting. The Playard features mesh sides. These allow you to leave your kids there and still be sure to observe them at a distance. It also allows a free air circulation for your little ones.

Once you take this best travel pack n play for outdoor activities, you can fix a canopy on it to protect your kids from the harmful UV rays. The canopy is sold differently and fixes easily on the portable Playard without the need of an expert installation. To more than thousands of parents, it’s another best travel crib that can serve for very long time.

Features Of Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable

  1. A product measurement of 38 x 7 x 7 inches and 12.2-pounds weight.
  2. An all-round-air mesh construction for better visibility.
  3. A water-resistant floor for use on damp grass.
  4. An ultra-lightweight frame for portability.
  5. Ability to fold into a compact size for portability and storage.
  6. A separately sold Pop ‘n’ Play canopy for use in an outdoor setting.
  7. Black metal surrounding and a green floor.
  8. A lead-free metal construction for durability and safety for your kids.
  9. Available in two styles Playard and Playard with canopy

Pros Of Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable

  • It folds up easily and neatly.
  • It is sturdy.
  • Just like any best baby travel bed, it is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It offers lots of space and playroom for a couple of kids.
  • It does not allow water to get in through the bottom surface.

Pros Of Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable

  • Side metal bars and rods do not feature any insulation

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2. Graco Pack ‘n’ Play with Cuddle Cove Rocking

Playard from graco with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat
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As one of the best portable cribs, this Playard will grow with your baby. It includes a bassinet use with babies under 15 pounds and those who are unable to push up on hands and knees.

It also features a rocking seat for babies under 15 pounds and three months, those who cannot roll over. More to this, it acts as a Playard for kids with a height below 35″ and those who cant climb out. As such, no need to spend additional cash to get another pack and play for your kid.

Another plus of the Cuddle Cove Rocking seat is the included handles. These allow you to bring your little one wherever you go, allowing him/her to remain by your side at all times. What’s more is that you can calm your baby while in the crib without getting him out.

This is due to the built-in vibration on the rocking seat and bassinet. They produce five musical melodies, and five fun sounds meant to calm your baby even without your presence. With this Playard, you can always maintain a clean playing and resting place for your baby since the seat includes a machine washable fabric that removes and cleans up easily.

What’s more is that you can place the baby essentials in an easy-to-access place due to the three featured cubbies. As such, no need to keep moving to the babies room once you need wipes, diapers or clothes to change your baby.

What makes this the best baby play yard is its ability to fold into a compact size and the convenient carrying bag that allows you to carry it with a lot of ease. Even better, the fact that it features meshed sides make it highly convenient since you can be sure to have your toddler sleep without getting suffocated.

Features Of Graco Pack ‘n’ Play Playard with Cuddle Cove Rocking

  • A machine washable fabric and a durable plastic frame construction.
  • Available in two colors Winslet and Rittenhouse.
  • An enhanced electronic module that entertains your baby.
  • A canopy on the cuddle cove rocking seat to protect the baby from bright light.
  • A convenient carrying bag to easily maneuver the Playard.
  • A cushioned diaper for comfortable diaper changing.
  • Three cubbies to keep baby essentials at an easy to reach place.
  • A product dimension of 28.5 x 50 x 33.2 inches and 32.5-pounds weight.
  • A changing table for babies under 25 lbs.
  • A bassinet for babies under 15 lbs.
  • A Playard for kids under 35″ tall and those who can’t climb. Highly recommended by parents as another best travel crib.

Pros Of Graco Pack ‘n’ Play Playard with Cuddle Cove Rocking

  • It grows with the baby from an infant to a toddler.
  • It has a gentle vibration that calms the baby.
  • It features soft fabrics that cuddle the baby.
  • The bassinet feature handles for easy carrying.
  • It features beautiful patterns.
  • It is sturdy and well built

Cons Of Graco Pack ‘n’ Play Playard with Cuddle Cove Rocking

  • Instructions accompanying the Playard are not clear.
  • Assembly takes a lot of time.

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3. Cosco Funsport Play Yard

 Cosco funsport play yard
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As one of the best Playards, the cheap travel crib is lightweight, portable and functional. It sets up easily since it takes less than a minute. It comes when fully assembled requiring you only to pop it open so that it is ready for use without bringing a lot of hassle to you.

The Playard includes built-in wheels which allow you to move it around, enabling you to have your baby at your side at all times. Once done using it, it folds up quickly to a compact size so that you can put it back in the included bag without a hitch. As another best baby play yard for toddler, it is available in 19 different colors to give you a range to select from.

As such, you can be sure to have the best travel bed that will perfectly match your decor. Among the available colors are blue, black, elephant squares, elephant puzzle, comer, floral pop, flower garden, among others.

Features Of Cosco Funsport Play Yard

  • 19 available colors to give you the best one to fit your decor and needs.
  • Included wheels to move it easily in the house.
  • Ability to fold up into a compact design.
  • A travel bag to allow you to move it with ease.
  • It measures 40.2 x 30 x 28.2 inches and weighs 21.4 pounds

Pros Of Cosco Funsport Play Yard

  • It sets up quickly and easily.
  • The reasonably priced travel crib is highly recommended as another best travel crib.
  • It has a beautiful design.
  • It is well built and sturdy.
  • Cushioning is comfortable for the baby.
  • It comes at a great price.
  • It folds up easily for storage.

Cons Of Cosco Funsport Play Yard

  • It is heavy.

4. Graco Pack ‘n’ Play with Newborn Napper Elite

Graco Newborn Napper Elite Playard
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This is another pack ‘n’ play playard for moms who need a versatile playard. It easily converts to a toddler bed, providing you with the convenience of keeping your travel time much efficient for a long time. It is equipped with a canopy style and comes with a storage holder for the secured holding of baby belongings.

As such, it provides a hassle-free way for you to keep your baby comfortable. The canopy will protect your baby from the sun while traveling and make the sleep of your little one non-disturbing, which makes it a great and best travel bed.

What’s more is that it easily converts to a Playard for children less than 35″ tall and those unable to climb. Therefore, this means that this Playard will grow with your infant to when he/she becomes a toddler.

Another notable point is the convenient soft velour fabrics of the playard. The fabrics are also soft and beautifully styled which cuddle your baby for naps. More to this is that its inbuilt changer will make diaper changing more secure and trouble-free.

Because of the storage hamper, you can be sure to remain always organized since you can store the diapers, wipe and other essential products for your baby. This also makes them easily accessible which is a great plus for you.

Another feature included in this best toddler travel bed is the MP3 docking station that features that lets you play child’s favorite music to calm the baby. These amuse your baby making him/her enjoy his/her stay there. More to this is an airy mesh that surrounds the playard. As such, you can be sure to observe what your baby is doing while it also serves to ensure enough air circulation for a napping baby.

It’s costly but definitely another best travel pack n play that folds quickly to allow you to carry it with ease. Thanks to the Graco push-button that makes it quick and hassle-free to fold it for storage. When you want to move with this Playard, carrying it is easy due to the featured carry bag where the folded Playard fits.

Features Of Graco Pack ‘n’ Play Playard with Newborn Napper Elite

  • Comes with a quilted mattress pad to create a cozy playard and another best travel crib.
  • Easy to clean diaper changing table.
  • A Playard that supports toddlers of up to 35″ tall.
  • Handy storage pockets for wipes, toys, and diapers.
  • Removable napper station for the infant.
  • An airy mesh that provides enough air circulation.
  • A Graco push-button to fold the playard for storage.
  • A product measurement of 40 x 28.5 x 33.2 inches and 32.4-pounds weight.
  • The dimension of the mattress is  27″ X 38″ with 1” thick foam.
  • A locking button for a hassle-free conversion of the of the napper to a toddler bed.

Pros Of Graco Pack ‘n’ Play Playard with Newborn Napper Elite

  • Grows with the baby.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Long-time sturdy and well built.
  • Napper is secured on both ends and completely removable.
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • It folds up easily for a move.
  • It is easy to move around due to the included wheels.

Cons Of Graco Pack ‘n’ Play Playard with Newborn Napper Elite

  • Costly playard!
  • Heavy as well.

5. Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard

Disney Sweet Wonder Playard
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This is not a cheap travel crib but it provides a comfortable and relaxing place for your little one both at home or on the go. Because of it’s newborn bassinet feature, organizer, and travel carry bag, it is one of the best travel cribs that will serve your kid and make your travel time much more effective and hassle-free for a very long time. Due to its durable frame, it provides sufficient support for your kid ensuring that he/she doesn’t trip over while on it.

The crib features the most convenient folding option. These fold easily to a compact design, while they make it highly convenient for you to move the portable crib around the house.

More to this, as another best baby travel bed, there is a removable toy bar with Disney toys to amuse your baby and keep him engaged while awake. Even better, it includes a convenient carry bag from where you can place the folded Playard when traveling. Hence, you can be sure to move with the Playard with a lot of ease.

Another feature that makes this the best travelling crib is the airy mesh sides. This not only ensures that your little one gets enough access to breathing air when asleep, you can always see your baby because of its open-view feature. Hence, no worries about your baby suffocating when left to nap inside here.

The bag includes an organizer pocket on the side from where you can place the essential products of your baby. It is recommended for use by kids who are less than 35″ tall and those who cannot climb out of it.

Features Of Sweet Disney Wonder Play Yard

  • Made in China and meets all the U.S. safety standards.
  • 2 wheels and feet to fold to a compact design.
  • Airy mesh sides that provide enough ventilation for the baby.
  • An organizer side pocket to store essential products and changer to change diapers.
  • A durable frame that provides optimal support.
  • 6 colors to match your choice.
  • A convenient carry bag to carry the travel bed when traveling.
  • The best travel pack n play has a dimension of 31 x 19.5 x 31 inches and a 33.33-pounds weight

Pros Of Sweet Disney Wonder Play Yard

  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Comes with the floor board that can be used as the mattress..
  • Unisex design. Perfect for your baby boy or girl.
  • The dimension of the floor board is 36 inches x 25 inches.
  • It folds up easily.
  • The best toddler travel bed comes with a sturdy carrying bag.

Cons Of Sweet Disney Wonder Play Yard

  • Netting seems cheap.

6. Cosco Kontiki Funsport Play Yard

Cosco Kontiki funsport playard
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Minimalist design, affordable cost, lightweight operation and great mobility as made it another best travel crib. It comes in simple mechanism that quickly and easily folds up to allow you to set it up and take it down more quickly. That saves a lot of time and let you play more of the day with your little one.

As such, this makes it easy to carry along making it one of the best baby travel crib. Even better, the Playard is in one package, meaning that it is even easier for you to carry it. It measures 28″ wide x 39″ long and 23″ high inches while it weighs 21.9 pounds so that it takes a small room size while making it easy to move along.

What’s more is that it includes folding feet and wheels. These make it more compact when folded to make it easy for you when you want to carry or put it into storage. When you want to get a space for your baby to catch a nap, this playard can give you to create the perfect spot for your little one.

More to this is that when you want to store or move it, you can simply fold it into a compact size. Then use the included carry bag to store it anywhere you want. Even you will find plenty of space in your car while planning a small vacation which makes it another best baby play yard.

You can take this toddler travel bed anywhere considering that it comes with a convenient carry bag where it perfectly fits once folded. The play yard provides a conducive environment for your napping baby since it features an air mesh on all sides for a convenient ventilation and air circulation. It’s not just so much convenient making your travel time hassle-free, your little angel is always safe inside this one. Lets you have a mental peace as well.

Features Of Cosco Kontiki Funsport

  1. Made in China but meets regulations of United States.
  2. Improved mechanism to easily fold the playard within no time.
  3. Folding feet and wheels.
  4. An instruction manual for reference when setting up.
  5. A durable frame construction.
  6. For use by both girls and boys under 15 pounds.
  7. It measures 28″ wide x 39″ long and 23″ high and weighs 21.9 pounds.
  8. Any mattress having a dimension of 25″ x 38″ will feet perfectly. If you want to use any sheet, consider having a mini crib sheet.
  9. As the best travel pack n play, it features all the modern travel cribs’ features.
  10. An air mesh on all sides of the playard for an effective air circulation.

Pros Of Cosco Kontiki Funsport

  • It is definitely another best baby travel bed that is reasonably priced.
  • It grows with your baby.
  • Fits perfectly in a small room.
  • It easily folds up for carrying and storing.
  • No bad smell.
  • It features a sturdy construction.
  • This best portable toddler bed comes with carrying bag for convenient carriage.
  • Plenty of space for a baby to sleep.
  • There is no specific weight limit. Your baby can use it until he/she can climb out of the play yard or reaches 35 inches in height.

Cons Of Cosco Kontiki Funsport

  • Little bit small in size.
  • It takes time to set up and take it down because of it’s little bit complex rails.

7. Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages

Graco travel lite crib
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When looking for the best travel crib, this baby crib is worth considering. It features a durable construction and a signature push-button fold. The button allows you to fold it easily and without any hassle. As such, the crib folds into a compact size to allow you to fit it into its convenient carrying bag for easy moving.

Moreover, the crib includes a removable travel bassinet. This provides a safe and secure place for your little one to nap. Another plus of the bassinet is that it is adjustable. As such, it will accommodate your growing baby eliminating the need for you to buy a new crib for your growing kid.

With this crib, you do not need a big space to store it. It features a space-saving design to allow you to place it anywhere in your room, and at the same time allow you to travel with it. More to this is that it includes a canopy with a toy bar. This allows you to use it in an outdoor setting and a room with a bright light since this acts to shield your baby from bright light.

Whats more is that the toy bar acts to amuse the baby and calm him to allow him or her to remain there alone. Another plus of the crib is the airy mesh. With this, you do not have to worry about leaving your baby lying inside there since it allows air to flow in freely providing your baby with maximum ventilation.

Features Of Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages

  1. Three colors available Manor, Winslet, and Alma.
  2. A versatile crib that easily converts to a Playard.
  3. A product dimension of 23.2 x 33.5 x 32.2 inches and a 19-pounds weight.
  4. A height-adjustable bassinet to grow with the baby.
  5. Playard for use by kids under 35″ tall.
  6. A canopy with soft toys to soothe the baby.
  7. Built-in wheels to easily maneuver the crib.
  8. A convenient carrying bag for traveling.
  9. Air mesh on all sides for sufficient ventilation.
  10. A Graco push button to conveniently close the Playard

Pros Of Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages

  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Wheels make it easy to move around.
  • It is affordable.
  • The included pad is comfortable to touch.
  • It folds up and down easily.
  • The colors are attractive.
  • The crib is well built.

Cons Of Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages

  • Mattress does not feature enough padding

8. Dream On Me Zodiak Portable Playard

Dream On Me Zodiak portable playard
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A mesh sided portable playard that easily folds for travel and storage. Yes, Dream On Me Zodiak has it all and with its lots of happy parents, this is definitely another best travel crib. To make your travel easier, it comes with a travel bag as well. And the best part? It’s a cheap travel crib as well.

Whereas the frame of the playard is made of lightweight aluminum with locking casters to move easily, the rest of the entire playard is made of polyester foam fabric to make it soft and safe for the baby. It comes in 6 colors, so it is just another perfect travel bed for boys and girls (anyone under 36 inches).

With its sturdy construction which remains that way for many years, Dream On Me Zodiak will be a perfect playard for naps and travel. Assembling and folding are really simple. A lot of parents confirmed that it is a really easier job than most other playards.

Cleaning of the best baby play yard for toddler is easy as well. Wipe with a damp cloth and let it air dry.

More Features Of Dream On Me Zodiak Portable Playard

  • The assembled dimension of the playard is L40 X W28 X H32 and the shipping dimension is 30 X 10 X 10 inches. You gonna need a mattress for this, so you are welcome to buy any mini crib mattress.
  • It is meant for babies weighing up to 16 pounds. The playard itself weighs only 16.2 pounds.
  • Available in 6 colors to make easy to fit in any room. Choose from Beige, Gray, Gray/Green, Gray/Pink, Navy, Coffee/Blue.
  • Easy Tote Handle.
  • Features a padded floor.

9. Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center

Baby Trend Deluxe Playard
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How many pack and play are there with vibrations and music? Definitely not many! They call it the nursery center because it has everything you need for the nursery. This is why I call it an elite class portable travel crib, but this time it’s from Baby Trend.

To avail this one, you need to spend a little bit more. A decent budget is required. But it’s totally worths every penny you spend. It’s not just a playard to make travel more perfect, it’s a haven nest for your little one for its so many useful features.

Sturdy construction with lots of storage. You can completely remove the bassinet and canopy. So much customization possibilities. When the play yard is not in use, use it as a changing table with simple flip away. The one hand locking mechanism makes it so easy! And to make your baby always calm and happy, the music center will come handy with 2 styles of music. The nightlight and vibration features are so helpful keeping the baby calm.

Easily foldable to carry without any problem while traveling. And yes, it comes with a travel bag to carry it. To move it here and there, it is equipped with large wheels with the brake system. Keeping diapers, dresses, towels, the lotion is so easy with its organizer. As I said before, it worths every penny.

There are 3 mesh sides to ensure ample ventilation for the baby. And when you take off the changing table and bassinets, it turns into a great toddler pack n play. Yes, you are paying a good sum of money, but you can use it for a very long time.

More features & Pros of Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center

  • Available in 2 adorable colors: Heaven wood and Hudson.
  • The dimension of the playard is 39.75″W x 28″L x 32″H with a weight of 29 pounds.
  • Super handy solution if you have a small space.
  • Comes with a bassinet pad.
  • High-quality fabric with beautiful looks.
  • Parents are in deep love for its’ really cool changing table.
  • So much appreciation from lots of parents. They have recommended it as the best travel crib for their friends and families. Parents call it the Cadillac of playard!
  • Very sturdy even after several assembly and disassembly. Even after so many years, it is serving parents with confident.
  • Considering everything it offers, it is still very much affordable.

Cons of Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center

  • Few parents said to have funny smell.
  • Assembling takes reasonable time.
  • You can’t wash the fabric.

10. Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard

Ingenuity smart playard
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Yep, Graco is leading the pack ‘n’ play travel crib market but there are some other brands like Ingenuity is getting parents’ appreciation for their smart playard solution as well. The simple and smart playard from Ingenuity is another all in one napping and playing solution for your baby while you travel a lot. I am afraid; it’s not a cheap travel crib but the quality and features it offers…really worth every penny!

It’s not just it is equipped with bassinets, storage pockets, changing tables, toy bar and so on, it is definitely another best baby playpen because literally, you can totally remove them part by part for cleaning purposes. All the fabrics are machine washable. You can simply unzip those fabrics and parts like the mattress, diaper changing table, the Dream Centre bassinet for the infant etc.

The breathable mesh sides are made of high-quality fabrics and ensure plenty of air always. The bassinet is highly comfortable and safe for the infant. You can’t use the bassinet alone outside of the playard though. The handy storage pockets are so helpful to keep baby stuff like wipes, diapers, and toys organized always.

To make your travel time totally hassle-free, the OneLessStep feature lets you fold the travel crib without removing the bassinet. To conveniently store it, it comes with a travel bag. Transportation will become super hand for your next trip.

Tips: The playard mode is NOT recommended for the sleeping of the baby. The bottom of the playard is sturdy enough for the baby to play. Also, for the safety reasons of your baby, don’t add any pillow, comforter or extra padding to the playard. Now, watch the official assembly video!

More Features & Pros of Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard

  • The dimension of the playard is 31.2 x 10.5 x 15.8 inches with a weight of 20 pounds. The bassinet has the perfect height so that you don’t have to bend over and hurt your back.
  • Perfect size for any bedroom size. Keep your baby in your eye-sight.
  • Green color. Unisex design, so it is suitable for your baby girl or boy.
  • Elevated changing table can be taken off while not in use.
  • Adorable toys with the toy bar to keep the baby engaged.
  • Machine washable parts.
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions.
  • Highly parents’ recommended best travel pack n play for the baby when you need to travel with the little one or just need some break.
  • The price is still competitive considering its great versatilities. You can use it for the infant and for the toddler as well.

Cons of Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard

  • Temporarily you may face smell.

11. Joovy New Room² Portable Playard

Joovy playard
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This is the last best travel crib reviews. If you have twins, it should be the best baby playpen for you. It has more than 10 square feet of play space which is more than enough for the twin. Not just indoors, it is perfect as an outdoor playard as well. Set up and folding is super easy and it comes with a travel bag, so transportation is convenient as well.

To make the movement easy enough, it is equipped with 2 wheels.

The large mesh windows let you to have 360 degrees view. You and your baby can see each other and there will be ample air to breathe. Joovy Room Squared is a durable and well-built playard to serve your baby years after years. To ensure the comfort of your baby, it comes with a soft cotton sheet and it is machine washable!

Apart from the sheet, it comes with a diaper changing table as well. The changing table can hold baby weighs up to 25 pounds.

Joovy is little bit heavy and bigger, but if you have twin or you need bigger space for the baby while traveling or overnight stay, it comes really handy.

If you have twin baby or a friend of your baby wants to sleep/play with him/her, it is conveniently possible. It includes a divider so that two babies can sleep without interrupting each other. Now, watch the official promo video from Joovy!

More Features & Pros of Joovy New Room2 Portable Playard

  • The dimension of the playard is 39.75 x 39.75 x 31 inches with 29.6 pounds.
  • Super soft sheets to ensure the maximum comfort of the baby. It’s completely waterproof.
  • Your baby is always safe inside this playard. Now you can have peace of mind while your little one is playing inside this sturdy and safe playard.
  • Lower profile corners.  So your baby can see you and everyone.
  • Parents from growing families call it the workhorse because of its sturdy construction.

Cons of Joovy New Room2 Portable Playard

  • Need relatively large space. Before travel, take note of the place where you are going to set it up.
  • Heavy!
Best travel crib buying guide

Before having a look at the review of the best baby travel bed for your baby, let’s have a brief look at what you should consider for you to make the best buy. This guide should be your lead while looking for the best portable crib.

best travel crib from graco
Image Credit: Graco
  • Type of travel crib – You should have an idea of the design of the best Playard to buy. Decide whether to get the one that folds to look like a portable crib or one that folds into a mini-cocoon-like tent.
  • Ease of use – You need to determine the time it takes to assemble and disassemble the baby crib. Consider one that takes a little time to fix and one that will not stress you when assembling.
  • Portability – Another factor to consider in your selection is how easy it is to carry the crib. Best portable baby bed features a design that folds up easily to allow you to put them in your bag.
  • Age and weight sustainability – Ensure that your baby will fit into the crib and that the crib can manage to hold the weight of your baby without breaking.
  • Mattress padding– The best portable crib should include a kid mattress that features enough padding. So, be sure to select one with a padding that will make your baby comfortable.
  • Cost – Finally, check at the price that you will have to pay for the crib. The price needs to be reasonable based on the features that the crib includes.
Safety Guideline For Your Travel Crib

You spend a lot of money to get the best baby travel crib not just to have a baby nap, you need to make sure your baby is safe inside it. I know traveling is fun, especially when you travel with your baby, your little one enjoys it so much! To ensure the safety of your baby, you need a safe travel crib. Follow the following safety guidelines for your playard/pack ‘n’ play to avoid unpleasant situations:

  1. Never Buy Old Travel Crib: It’s been a long time since travel cribs are in the market. Lots of pack ‘n’ play have been recalled due to updated safety rules. So, if you buy an old one, there may be a safety concern for the baby. Always buy a new one to make the travel time safe for the baby.
  2. Avoid Sharp Edge Playard: It’s pretty rare that playards have sharp edges nowadays. Modern safety regulations require round and soft edges so that the baby never gets hurt. Even though it’s  rare, but you should double check about this while buying a new one.
  3. Abide By The Weight & Height Limit: There is a standard weight limit for a travel crib. Different playards have different weight limits. However, you should never use the playard once the baby reaches the weight limit specified for that playard or when the height of the baby reaches 35 inches whichever comes first.
  4. Don’t Buy Mattress, Pad, & Sheet: Some pack ‘n’ play comes with those and some don’t. You should use only those mattress, pad, and sheet that comes with the travel crib. It is not recommended to buy those from other brands and use it with your pack ‘n’ play of another brand. Because the brand never tested those mattresses from other brands.
  5. Playard is NOT a replacement of Crib: Pack ‘n’ play/playard – they are all good only as a travel crib and suitable to have nap only. That does not mean you don’t need a regular crib. Only a crib is a permanent solution for your baby to have complete sleep.

Now, let’s watch what the expert says about travel crib safety.

Final Verdict On Best Portable Crib

The portable cribs reviewed above are the great beds to provide you with the best value for money. They include the features that best travel crib should include while they come at affordable prices. Therefore, I urge you to give them a try and be sure to have spent your hard-earned money on the best product.

Best Travel Crib Reviews 2018 [With Safety Tips And Assembly Video]
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Best Travel Crib Reviews 2018 [With Safety Tips And Assembly Video]
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