Best Toddler Bed For 2 Year Old To Buy In 2019 [Buying Guide & Safety Tips]

For your little angel, you need the best toddler bed for 2 year old not just for the sound sleep, but also for the safety as well. If you already have a convertible crib, just convert it. But if you need to buy a new kid bed, Dream On Me Classic kid bed is the most popular and recommended by more than thousands of parents. After that, Delta Children Plastic/Wood youngster beds are also popular.

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Best Toddler Bed For 2 Year Old

If your angel has started to climb out his/her crib, it’s time for you to have a youngster bed. Based on parents recommendation, the right combination of price and quality, long-lasting sturdiness, the following 3 are the most popular and safest youngster beds for sale.

As you can see from the above recommended 3 beds, Dream On Me Classic totter bed is our recommendation for you. Among the above-mentioned toddler beds, Dream On Me Classic is the most reviewed for recommended for friends and families. You will get extensive reviews on it very first.

Top 10 Toddler Bed For 2 Year Old Reviews

Now it’s time to give you an in-depth review of each of the most popular and recommended toddler bed. Remember, all the reviews are based on parent’s feedback regarding those beds.

If you have a boy, you need to have kid bedding sets for boys. But if you have a girl, you need kid bedding sets for girls. I have two tips in this regard, so please don’t forget to read them!

Dream On Me Classic Kid Bed

The Best Toddler Bed For 2 Year Old
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Believe in Brand! Dream On Me (also known as DOM) is on the market for a very LONG time. Other than the kid bed, Dream On Me is famous for its crib and I have an entire review on popular cribs of Dream On Me.

Dream On Me Classic Kid Bed has more than thousands of positive parents reviews and recommendations. Simplicity in design and certified in safety makes it the highly recommended toddler bed for boys or girls.

If you don’t have any particular type of choice in mind, then just for it. You really don’t have to read this pretty BIG article. Just check the following graph on its customer satisfaction level.

Best toddler beds from Dream On Me

Pros of DOM Classic Kid Bed

  • Made from 100% solid wood of sustainable forests. It’s a pretty sturdy kid bed and will remain the same even after several assembly and reassembly.
  • A vast range of color. No matter which color you like, it comes with that. You can choose from 10 non-toxic finishes like Black, Cherry, Espresso, Natural, Pink, White, Lime Green, Cool Grey, Fuchsia Pink, and  Wave Blue! The price of DOM classic varies with these finishes.
  • Safe in all way. In fact, it meets U.S. CPSC and ASTM International safety standards. All the finishes go through the rigorous multi-step painting process to ensure non-toxic finishes. With its two side safety rails and middle legs, you have nothing to worry.
  • The assembled dimension of the crib is 57 x 28 x 30 inches. As you can see, it’s a standard size youngster bed and you can use any standard size crib mattress. Though Dream On Me recommends using Dream On Me Spring Crib and Kid Bed Mattress and I recommend it too! The fact is, the mattress is also highly recommended by thousands of parents!
  • It sits very low to the floor which is great for the toddler to get in or out of the bed.
  • Comes with all assembly tools required. Assembly is really easy and it should not take you more than 20 minutes to assemble it. But read the assembly instruction first that comes with it.
  • The maximum recommended weight of the bed is 50 pounds which are more than enough. It’s pretty lightweight and has the only weight of 16.5 pounds. The shipping weight of the bed is 18.2 pounds, in case, you wanna know.

Cons of DOM Classic Kid Bed

Some parents reported these problems they faced. If you are TOO unlucky, you can face them too!

  • Defective holes and missing parts. My recommendation: Contact with Dream On Me immediately and they will take care of the issue.
  • Complex assembly instructions.

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Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed For Boys Or Girls

Todder bed for girl
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In one word, this one is your toddler’s “Dreams Come True” bed. It features all the favorite characters of your toddler. Yes, it’s headboard, footboard, and side rails are made of plastic and you have nothing to worry about it.

I mean, if you are anxious about plastic, rest assured these plastic is high quality and certified to be safe by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

In my opinion, if you like to have the right toddler bed which will definitely be loved by your little angel within your budget, this one is right for you. Not just me! Delta Children Plastic youngster bed is also recommended by hundreds of parents.

Watch the official plastic totter bed assembly video from DaVinci.

Pros of Delta Children Plastic kid Bed

  • Hundreds of parents appreciation and reviews.
  • It’s JPMA certified. That means it meets or exceeds U.S. CPSC and ASTM International safety standards. With its two attached guardrails, your baby is just perfectly safe.
  • Made from the sturdy and everlasting steel frame and high-quality plastic.
  • To spark the imagination of your baby, the headboard and footboard of the kid bed have 16 styles of his/her favorite cartoons.
  • If you are looking for kid beds for boys, then choose from the style of Disney Toddler/Pixar Cars, Marvel Spider-Man, Nick Jr. Blaze/The Monster Machines, Nick Jr. PAW Patrol, Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles.
  • But if you are looking for kid beds for girls, then you can choose from Disney Frozen, Disney Junior Sofia The First, Disney Minnie Mouse, Disney Princes Kid bed, Nick Jr. Dora The Explorer.
  • The assembled dimension of the youngster bed is 53.94″L x 29.13″W x 26.18″H. With only 26.18” height, the bed sits very low to the ground to make it easy for the toddler to get into and out of the bed. Very EASY to assemble it.
  • That’s also is the dimension of a perfect standard size kid bed where you can fit any standard size crib mattress. If you did not buy a crib mattress already, consider buying Dream On Me Spring Crib & Toddler mattress, as it’s recommended with this one.
  • Though the maximum recommended weight of the totter bed is 50 pounds, as per many parents’ experiment, it can hold more than 300 pounds! And that makes sense right? Don’t forget, the mainframe that actually holds the weight is made of pure steel!
  • The weight of the crib itself is only 18 pounds. So, you should be able to move it easily without any difficulty.

Cons of Delta Children Plastic kid Bed

For any of these following troubles, you can get a replacement. Just contact them.

  • You may face a hurdle to attach cartoon stickers to the headboard and footboard.
  • In some rare cases, the mattress won’t fit properly due to the faulty middle bar.

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Now that you have 3 extensive reviews on my recommended safest kid beds for boys or girls, there are still 7 popular kid beds for sale on Amazon to cover. These are also recommended by thousands of parents, and I believe you will like them too.

Orbelle: Another Great Bed For Toddler

Orbelle toddler bed for boy or girl
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This is another parents’ appreciated toddler bed with rails. It’s also a perfect one who have already outgrown their cribs and too small for an adult bed. Comes with headboard, footboard, and side rails.

Its unisex design makes it another top-rated bed for toddler boy or girls. Just pick the color as per your requirement.

If you don’t have a pre set mind for other brands, you really should not read the rest of this really BIG article. Just go for it!

Pros Of Orbelle kid Bed

  • The right way to get the perfect toddler bed is to buy the one which has mostly positive reviews and recommendations from parents who have already bought it. As mentioned earlier, Orbelle is the most reviewed and recommended among all our recommended kid bed.
  • A really affordable price that should be within anyone’s budget. Among cheap totter beds, this one is just great.
  • Made from solid wood that lasts really wrong. There plastic youngster beds in the market and you will get a review on them too. If you don’t like any plastic material, Orbelle is your wise option.
  • Comes with 7 beautiful colors to match your nursery. Choose as per your nursery theme from Dark Cherry, Grey, Natural, Pink, White, Espresso, and French White.
  • A great and safe kid bed. To ensure the safety of your toddler, it has two side safety rails (having a length of 23 inches) so that your toddler doesn’t fall out while sleeping. FYI: side rails are part of the main frame, so you can’t take either one of them off even if you wish for whatever reason.
  • Has center legs to give it more stability.
  • It has the perfect dimension of standard size totter bed. The dimension of Orbelle is 53 x 30 x 26.5 inches. With that dimension, you can fit any standard size crib mattress from any brand (I mean it!). FYI: No kid bed supports ‘twin mattress’.
  • There is no kid bed with mattress included, so you need to buy one. Consider buying Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Stars a Plenty Baby Mattress. It’s recommended by more than thousands!
  • It sits to very low which is great for the toddler. Also, after the assembly, it can fit through any standard size doorways.
  • Maximum weight limit of Orbelle is 60 pounds. It’s pretty enough strength to hold your toddler. The bed itself has a weight of only 17 pounds which is pretty lightweight.
  • Assembly of the youngster bed is really easy. All you need is a screwdriver as the Allan wrench comes with it. Even your assembly skill is worst, you should be able to assemble it without any trouble. Just follow the instructions.

Cons of Orbelle Totter Bed

Just like any earthly things, it has some pretty FEW bad reviews and I like to let you know these too.

  • VERY FEW found their Orbelle having poorly aligned holes. They had to use a drill machine to make it perfect.
  • Some found cracks in the wood, missing parts, etc. But their customer service is really quick and they will give you a new one or issue the full refund without any problem.

Kid Bed With Rails All Around

For extra security, kid bed with rails all around is preferable to so many parents. Keeping that in mind, Delta Children has introduced two wood youngster beds for boys and girls.

These two kid beds are made of solid wood and feature all the favorite characters of your toddler. If having rails all around is must for you, either one of these 2 will be your safest kid beds.

1) Delta Children Wood Kid Bed

toddler bed for boys
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For some reason, if you don’t like the plastic headboard, footboard, and guard rails of the above mentioned Delta Children Plastic Kid Bed, they introduced a wooden version of it.

This is another top-rated toddler bed with rails all around. You can choose this kid bed for your girl too. It has girls’ favorite character version.

To make the bedtime fun for your toddler, it has cartoons of his/her dream characters all over the bed. Already purchased and reviewed by more than hundreds of parents and recommended it to their friends and families too.

Pros of Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed

  • Strong & sturdy wood construction. Comes with a slatted frame.
  • The assembled dimension of the toddler bed is 54.53″L x 29.92″W x 18.90″H. Sits very low to the ground, almost to the floor!
  • Fits any standard size infant mattress of any brand. However if you are planning to buy a new one, a large number of parents recommended to use Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Stars a Plenty Baby Mattress. It’s a crib mattress loved by thousands of satisfied parents.
  • Safe in every way. Just like the Delta Children Plastic youngster Bed, it is also JPMA certified. Also, meets or exceeds U.S. CPSC and ASTM International safety standards. It’s two pretty high guard rails ensure extra safety while your toddler is sleeping.
  • Available in 4 colors with your toddler’s favorite characters. If you are looking for affordable toddler beds for boys, you can choose from Disney/Pixar Cars, Nick Jr. PAW Patrol, and Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But if you are looking for kid beds for girls, choose the Disney Frozen!
  • The weight of the bed is 39.8 pounds.
  • Incredible customer service. Some parents reported getting a replacement within the day for faulty parts.

Cons of Delta Children Wood kid Bed

  • Pretty rare, but very FEW reported to have a smell.
  • Some received scratched or already dented bed.
  • Missing pieces incidents.

As mentioned earlier, contact the seller. They will replace it ASAP!

2) Delta Children Interactive Wood Toddler Bed

toddler bed with rails all around
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Another great safety rail toddler bed with rails all around. As the name indicates, it really is an interactive toddler bed that helps to make kids learning system more enjoyable.

At the footboard, there is a before the bed checklist for activities like wearing pajamas, going to the bathroom, brushing teeth etc! Once your toddler checks them all, she/he will know it’s bedtime.

Also, there is a removable date and time spinners at the footboard. So, it will help toddlers to learn the days of the week and how to read a clock!

It’s totally safe for your little one. To give your kid a safe sleeping environment, it comes with elevated sides. Now, there is no chance of falling out of the bed while your kid is in sleep. Besides, these are laboratory tested and awarded JPMA certified. You can’t find any safety hazard anywhere about this bed. Now you can sleep at peace knowing your kid is sleeping in the safest sleeping environment as well.

To make assembly easier for you, watch the assembly video made from DaVinci.

Pros Of Delta Children Interactive Wood Toddler Bed

  • JPMA certified toddler bed. It also meets or exceeds U.S. CPSC and ASTM International safety standards. Non-removable elevated sides of the toddler bed ensure a safe sleeping environment.
  • Corners of the bed is round, not pointy for some extra security for your kid.
  • Since the rails on both sides go all the way across, no danger of falling out from the bed.
  • Made from strong and sturdy wood.
  • Don’t think about the maximum weight capacity of the bed. The mattress sits on 3 wooden boards and practically sits on the floor. There is no danger of fall injuries. Perfect for adventurous kids.
  • Assembled dimension is  53.25″L x 28.75″W x 19″H. With only 19 inches in height, this one sits very low nearly to the floor. Assembly is really EASY. Fits any standard size crib mattress.
  • Even if you have an existing standard size mattress, you can use it too. You can buy the bed with a mattress as well.
  • Most parents love the vivid color and funny characters.
  • Comes in two styles. Decorated in colorful graphics of kids favorite Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Cons Of Delta Children Interactive Wood Toddler Bed

  • As it practically sits on the floor, some did not like it.
  • Very few reported to have a smell from it and some found missing parts.

Sleigh Toddler Bed With Storage From Dream On Me

toddler bed with storage drawer
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Having one of the top-quality toddler bed with storage underneath is an added bonus. If you are looking for it, Dream On Me Classic Sleigh Toddler Bed is a great option for you.

It’s a perfect sleigh design kid bed for your little angel. Its classic unisex design makes it perfect for your little king or queen who has already outgrown their cribs. If you do some extra research and read some parents’ reviews, you will find that people are calling it a seriously cute bed for the kid!

Sturdy wood construction and strong slats will hold your toddler perfectly even they love to jump on this bed all the time! Even after several times assembly and reassembly, lots of parents found it sturdy as the new.

With its storage drawer, you can put all necessary clothes, towels, and so on there. Most of the parents find the storage drawer very useful. Very high-quality non-toxic finish. Even though it costs a little more than their plastic counterparts, in the long run, you will get the maximum value for your money.

Pros of Dream On Me Classic Sleigh Toddler Bed

  • Standard size toddler bed. The assembled dimension of the bed is 57 x 30 x 28 inches. It’s a perfect dimension to fit any standard size crib mattress. Fits crib sheets as well.
  • Comes in 11 popular colors. Choose from Black, Blue, Cherry, Espresso, Natural, White, Lime Green, Blush Pink, Cool Grey, Fuschia Pink, and Wave Blue as per your nursery theme.
  • U.S. CPSC certified. Meets ASTM International safety standards so it’s JPMA certified. To ensure more safety, it comes with two high guard rails and there is wooden mattress support rail.
  • You can easily remove the side railings if you need to.
  • Maximum recommended weight is 50 pounds and the bed itself weighs 24 pounds. It’s quite sturdy for toddlers even for the rambunctious ones.
  • Very competitive market price. Many parents call it the wisest investment they have made.

Cons of Dream On Me Classic Sleigh kid Bed

  • Some parents had trouble assembling it and recommended to use at least two persons while assembling.
  • Some found cracks in the wood and missing parts.
  • You can’t fit any crib skirt with this one.

If that happens to you too, contact them. They will replace any defective/missing parts.

DaVinci Sleigh kid Bed Reviews

DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed
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When you can’t just settle for the cheap looking cribs and your kid needs something that looks gorgeous and elegant, Consider this one from DaVinci. Its another one of the safest toddler beds from DaVinci. DaVinci which is actually owned by the Million Dollar Baby (MDB) family has a reputation for manufacturing quality and safe baby furniture.

It has introduced the Sleigh Kid bed recently has achieved massive popularity in a very short time. It has a very high positive parents’ reviews and recommendations for their friends and family.

Sleigh Kid Bed is made of sturdy solid wood and has a beautifully minimalist design. It’s a pretty lightweight and lower profile bed for easy reach. Several parents confirmed the fact that kids with lots of jumping days after day could not make it lose. Proven to be sturdy years after years.

Pros Of DaVinci Sleigh Kid Bed

  • Assembled dimension is 57 x 29.6 x 28.1 inches. Fits any standard size crib mattress. Assembly is fairly easy.
  • For easy reach, it’s just a perfect lower bed. Less danger of serious fall injury.
  • Rounded edges so that your little angel does not hurt himself/herself. You don’t need to buy any corner protectors. Also, it meets ASTM International safety standards. Considered to be another safest toddler bed.
  • With permanently fixed side rails, your kid is safe from falling out of the bed while sleeping. The side rails are also made of wood.
  • Maximum recommended weight is 50 pounds but a lot of parents verified it can hold way more than that! It has the most strength slats to hold your toddler and YOU!
  • Pretty lightweight, so if you need to move it from one room to another, it’s really easy. Don’t worry, it won’t lose its sturdiness.
  • Beautiful non-toxic finish. Lead and phthalate safe.
  • For quality and style, the cost is so perfect. You will be amazed seeing it’s high appreciation and recommendations from parents.

Cons Of DaVinci Sleigh kid Bed

  • Only one finish: Espresso!

Delta Children 3D-Footboard Kid Bed For Boys & Girls

delta children 3D footboard toddler bed
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Delta Children continues to surprise the parents with their creative ideas. And just like that, they have another masterpiece in a kid bed. Yes, I am talking about their 3D-FootboardKid Bed.

With this 3D kid bed, your little one will enter into a magical world which he/she always cherishes. With colorful graphics featuring kids favorite characters, Delta Children 3 kid bed can make your toddler’s dreams come true.

Leaving the crib maybe emotional for the baby. But when your kid will see his/her favorite character at the footboard in 3D style affordable toddler bed, the transition from crib to bed will be much more fun! You kid will love it. Lots of parents have expressed their opinion like how their kids were so much happy adapting to this toddler bed.

As it sits very low to the ground (distance between ground to bed is about 4 inches), your baby can climb in or out easily. There are guardrails to keep your baby secure. And the good news is you can completely remove those guardrails if your kid wants at daytime.

Pros Of Delta Children 3D-Footboard kid Bed

  • Made from the durable sturdy steel frame and high-quality plastic. Many parents verified that it remains sturdy even after several years.
  • Comes with 6 different kids favorite characters. Choose from Disney Princess, Pink, Red, Disney. Pixar CARS, Doc Mcstuffins, and Ninja Turtles.
  • Safe for your toddler. It features two high attached guard rails to ensure nighttime safety. Just like any other Delta Children kid bed, it is also JPMA certified. Meets or exceeds U.S. CPSC and ASTM International safety standards.
  • Fits any standard size crib mattress. The assembled dimension of the kid bed is 53.94″L x 29.13”W x 26.18”H.
  • The maximum weight limit is 50 pounds. But parents verified it can hold way more than that. If you become paranoid, use cardboard under for additional support.

Cons Of Delta Children 3D-Footboard kid Bed

  • Some had troubles with side rails.
  • Felt flimsy while moving to another room.

DaVinci Elizabeth II Convertible Toddler Bed Reviews

It’s a convertible kid bed, meaning you can convert it to a full-size bed when the time comes. Pretty good choice if you don’t want to spend additional money on a full-size bed which eventually you gonna need it.

It’s a quite different youngster bed than any other beds I discussed above in design. It’s a kid bed but still, has the crib feel. About quality, you already know about DaVinci, right? Sure you have heard about their Jenny Lind! You can trust them!

Just like all other beds from DaVinci, this one meets or expects ASTM International and U.S. CPSC safety standards. All the finishes are non-toxic and gone through the multi-step painting process. So, you can skip all the safety concerns of your kid. Its sturdy construction ensures safe sleeping heaven for your kid years after year. Best investment decision you can make.

When it’s a little bit pricey than other kid bed discussed above, I think it really worth it, at least as per many parents’ opinion.

Pros Of Davinci Elizabeth II Convertible kid Bed

  • Made from 100% solid wood of New Zealand pine forests. No particleboard! With lots of happy parents, it’s definitely another toddler bed that needs your attention.
  • The assembled dimension of the kid bed is 55.2 x 29.8 x 32.5 inches. It’s pretty low to the floor, so no danger for your kid to fall out of the bed. Fits any standard size crib mattress. In fact, if you have a mattress from your existing standard size crib, you can use it too.
  • Comes in two colors: Espresso (true color) and White.
  • Highly suitable for a small space. Your kid can play with the extra spaces it saves.
  • 2 side rails for added security. No chance of falling out of the bed while sleeping.
  • Very easy to assemble. Comes with everything needed for the assembly. Read the manual first to speed up the assembly process and avoid frustration.
  • Caring customer support is always there to help you out.
  • Huge parents recommendations.
  • Maximum recommended weight of 50 pounds.

Cons Of Davinci Elizabeth II Convertible kid Bed

  • Some faced trouble while converting to a full-size bed.
  • Made of wood, so it’s so easy to get dented.

Big Oshi Contemporary Design Toddler Bed

big oshi contemporary design toddler bed
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A great designer bed/daybed for your toddler. It’s tailored made keeping safety in mind. While it’s new on the market, but getting parents’ appreciation real fast!

Big Oshi contemporary toddler bed is made out of pure solid pine wood (it’s real wood and verified by parents). With its sleek design, you can have a cool nursery which your kid will love it.

Though it’s made of pure solid wood, the price is really affordable and should be within your budget. As per many parents, it’s a great transitional bed for the price and definitely another great toddler bed.

Pros Of Big Oshi Toddler Bed

  • The assembled dimension of the kid bed is 53 x 30 x 24.6 inches. It sits very low to the ground. Perfectly fits any standard crib mattress of any brand.
  • Highly safe for your angel. Meets ASTM International safety standards. The two non-removable side rails will ensure more added security for a safe sleeping environment.
  • Many parents confirmed there had no experience of bad smell. Ohh! By the way, it comes with 5 non-toxic finishes: Cherry, Espresso, Grey, Natural, and White.

Cons Of Big Oshi Toddler Bed

  • Some had trouble assembling it.
  • Broken pieces issue.

I believe you have found your desired bed from the above I have reviewed. From wherever you get your bed, as a final checklist keep the following in your mind while deciding.

General Buying Guide To Pick The Best Toddler Bed

baby sleeping on the toddler bed

I believe you already have understood the fact that buying the toddler bed is a little bit more difficult than buying a crib or a bassinet. The variation of the toddler bed is countless. The design is ever changing. The cost varies a lot as well.

As you can see, a lot of questions need to be answered before you make up your mind. Don’t worry; you are in the right place. Just keep the following points in your mind:

  1. Listen To Your Kid: At this stage, they like to make the decision on their own. Since you are buying this bed for your kid, his/her preference should have priority. They watch a lot of cartoons and get the idea from there. Besides, leaving the crib may be a traumatic experience for the kid. Giving importance to his/her choice will help to recover quickly.
  2. Wooden or Plastic? There are different types of wooden and plastic made beds. Wooden beds are a little bit costly than their plastic counterparts but they don’t look cheap. They are also available in different colors to meet the various needs of your boy or baby girl. The same things are also available for the plastic made toddler beds. Just because they are made of plastic, that does not make them cheap low-quality beds. In fact, all the dream characters of kids are more available on plastic beds than their wooden counterparts.
  3. Safety Features: You know your toddler, they can go crazy playing in their bed sometimes. So, you need to be really careful while buying a toddler bed for your baby. Make sure the bed is sturdy enough and there are no sharp edges in the bed. The rounded edge is welcome to ensure the safety of your baby.
  4. Weight Limit: All the toddler beds have their own weight limit. Some parents forget that which can lead to deadly accidents. Read very carefully the weight limit of the bed and keep that in your mind. When your kid outgrows the weight limit, simply transfer him/her to the full-size bed.
  5. Matching Design: Every toddler room has its own theme. Every furniture should match that theme. So, while buying the toddler bed, make sure it matches the theme of the toddler room.
  6. Extra Features: Do you need extra features like the storage under the bed. Most parents like to have this feature. You can put kid’s stuff like toys, dresses, etc. Does not cost much but have great advantages. Some beds come with headboard and footboard. Some footboards are designed like sleigh style. Some beds come with canopy as well. So, you need to make up your mind about these features first.

As you can see, there are lots of different features to consider to get the perfect bed for toddler. But above all, you need to listen to your kid. Give his/her choice the ultimate preferences.

Kid Beds For Boys Buying Tips

As a cool toddler bed for boys, if you decided to buy the Nick Jr. PAW Patrol version of above-mentioned Plastic OR Wood kid bed, consider buying “Paw Patrol Kid Bedding Set”.

It completes the toddler bed. It brings all the PAW Patrol characters altogether and will bring a wide smile on your toddler’s face. The reversible quilted bedspread has a dimension of  42″ x 58″. It will fit any standard toddler and crib mattress.

The two side print Pillowcase has a dimension of 20″ x 28″ and features Rubble Chase Marshall and Skye.

Buying Tips On Toddler Bed For Girls

Girls are choosy! You must have the right type of bed for kid bed comforter, pillowcase, so on to make the kid bed perfect. Consider buying Disney 4 Piece Minnie’s Fluttery Friends Kid Bedding Set”.

It comes with all the important 4 pieces necessary to have a perfect youngster bed for girls. Yes, it has a comforter, pillowcase, top sheet, and fitted sheet.

The good news is it will not cost you much and it’s recommended by hundreds of parents. Ohh! Did I mention the seller is Disney? Oops!

Is There Any Safety Threat in Toddler Bed?
toddler sleepin on the bed
Safety on the bed is a must!

No, the toddler bed is perfectly safe. Since your kid has already overcome the infant stage, there is no chance of SIDS. Besides, these beds have very low height. So, even if your baby falls out of the bed, there is no chance of critical injury. However, you are recommended to follow these tips from experienced parents:

  • There should not be any gap between the bed and the wall of the toddler’s room. Very dangerous if there is any gap! The headboard of the bed should be in touch with the wall.
  • You should buy the bed with headboard and footboard. Even better, if you get the bed with guard rails on both sides. That way, even on sleep, your kid won’t fall out of the bed.
  • At regular interval check the sturdiness of the bed. Make sure nuts and bolts are tightened (if there are any).
Final Thoughts On Most Selling Toddler Beds For 2 Year Old

I discussed every type of youngster bed that you can imagine. Pretty sure, you can find your dream kid bed from the above. I have also made my own recommendation on the very first of this article. You are welcome to choose from there.

Although I believe I cover everything regarding a totter bed, you are welcome to ask any question regarding any issue about choosing the best toddler bed.

Best Toddler Bed For 2 Year Old To Buy In 2019 [Buying Guide & Safety Tips]
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Best Toddler Bed For 2 Year Old To Buy In 2019 [Buying Guide & Safety Tips]
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    From the article it seems these plastic toddler bed are not that much expensive. Besides, I did some research and found out a toddler bed conversion kit also costs almost $50. So buying the plastic toddler bed is not a issue for me but are those sturdy and how long they can serve?

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