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Best Crib Mobile For Baby Brain Development To Buy In 2020

To simply put, most parents pick the best crib mobile for baby brain development from Fisher-Price and Tiny Love. Both of them have several types of mobiles for the nursery and a lot of them are so popular among parents. As choices vary so they have a lot of variations just to satisfy everyone. 

Recommended Best Mobile For Baby Brain Development

Have a look at the following comparison table to check what I am covering here.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet
  • Music?: Yes
  • Projection?: Yes
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Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams
  • Music?: Yes
  • Night Light?: Yes
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Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove
  • Music?: Yes
  • Toys?: Yes
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GEENNY Boutique Sea Turtle
  • Music?: Yes
  • Toys?: Yes
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SHILOH Decoration
  • Music?: Yes
  • Toys?: Yes
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Manhattan Toy
  • Music?: No
  • Special:: Cards
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Fisher-Price Deluxe Projection
  • Music?: Yes
  • Projection?: Yes
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Top 10 Mobile For Baby Brain Development Reviews 2020

All the mobiles are from trusted brands and highly recommended by satisfied parents who have been using them for a long time. All of them meet strict safety regulations of the U.S. and EU.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection

best mobile for baby brain development from Fisher Price
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This one is my number one recommendation and probably you will end up buying this musical mobile for crib. And why not?

It has everything that a decent one should have. Fisher-Price Precious Planet has more than thousands of positive parents’ reviews and recommendations.

Among all Fisher Price mobiles, this baby crib mobile with lights and music is in the market for a very long time and there are lots of repeated buyers. And I am pretty sure, once you get to know the mobile better, you will also buy it for your upcoming baby too! 

Like thousands of parents, I must say this is a high-quality option for your little one’s nursery. Read parents’ reviews, and you will also understand why this is the greatest so far.

Features And Pros Of Precious Planet

    • Universal: No matter how unusual is your newborn’s bed, this one will fit nicely! Foolproof! Remember not all nursery mobiles will fit in every bed of newborns. Also,  it has a remote control and the mobile runs on batteries. Made of plastic, so pretty long-lasting! Converts to a great crib-side music box with ceiling projection for older babies.
    • Engaging Projection: The fascinating light show with colorful animal-themed style will keep your baby wondering for a very long time. The delicately designed canopy makes the projection more vivid and soothing.
    • 3 Musical Settings: One thing is very common for every baby. They do love music. If you choose this one, you get 20 minutes of music ranging from Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. Moreover, it has sounds of nature and ocean, or heartbeat and white noise womb. Definitely, with this one, you can set the mood of your little one with these kinds of music. Indeed, it’s the top-rated musical mobile among all musical mobiles for baby cribs.
    • 4 Plush Characters: Great combo of a teal whale, white polar bear, green alligator, and yellow lion for the visual development of your baby. Talk about these loving animals to your baby, she will love the mobile.
    • Battery Requirement: For this baby crib musical mobile, you need to buy 4 pieces of D batteries. For the remote, you need to buy 2 AAA batteries.

Cons Of Fisher-Price Precious Planet Projection

  • When the projector is on, there will be a loud and squeaky clicking noise. The mobile will not bother your baby but YOU! It’s a universal problem 🙁
  • Not suitable as pack n play mobiles.

Despite the fact that there are some limitations on this musical mobile for crib, it’s the top one among all of them.

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Tiny Love Crib Mobile

Tiny Love
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To many parents, eye-catching Sweet Island Dreams is another unique mobile. With its multi-directional characters movement and soothing night light, it will be a great companion for your baby day and night.

If any of your friends and family recommended any tiny love mobiles, this is the one!

It has everything included that should be in any top quality baby mobile. From music box to projector and friendly puppet like animals, it has everything!

And the best part….?

You get it for a very reasonable price which is really cost saving as it lasts a really long time. Even at the end of 5 months of your baby, you can convert the mobile to a crib side musical box and night light for a fun night. Watch the video to see what you are getting:

Its unisex design makes it a great crib mobile with lights and music for your boy or baby girl. Let’s learn more about this mobile.

Features & Pros Of Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams

  • Fits Any Standard Crib: From mini to standard size, you can fit the mobile with any newborns’ bed that has rails. Fits pretty well with most selling DaVinci Kalani 4 in 1 convertible crib and like cribs. The easy-to-install knob of the musical box fits securely to any standard size little bed.
  • 3 Friendly Animals: The island-themed model features a green tree (the arm for crib) with a friendly puppet like animals like a giraffe, bird, and monkey. When these animals move with music, your tiny love crib mobile will be more attentive gradually.
  • 4 Melodic Tunes: No matter whether your little one is sleeping or playing in the bed, the 4 soothing tunes will make it even pleasurable! The music plays for 20 minutes non-stop which you can control with the remote that comes free! It’s a great baby mobile.
  • The night light and music are optional meaning you can turn them off when you need to do so.

Cons Of Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams

  • Buzzing motorboat sounds will annoy you! Since there is only 2 volume level in the remote, always use the lower one.

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Tiny Love Meadow Days Soothe ‘n Groove

Tiny Love
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If your baby loves music much, then Tiny Love Soothe n groove musical mobile should be your ultimate choice. It has more than DOUBLE musical features than two mobiles reviewed above.

Whereas most of them lose their utility within 5 to 6 months of your baby, this baby crib mobile with lights and music can be a great companion even for the toddler too!

Tiny Love and parents say that the mobile grows with your baby from a baby mobile to a stand-alone music box that a toddler can carry on her own and control it.

To carry the mobile, there is a cute handle attached to the music box. The great length of music and correlation between price and quality makes it another high-quality baby mobiles for development.

Watch the video to check for yourself what you are getting.

You gonna need 3 C batteries to make it work. Duracell it is what most parents recommend.

Noteworthy Features Of Tiny Love Crib Mobile

  • 3 different colors to make it perfect for baby boy or girl. Choose from Blue, Meadow Days, and Tiny Princess (Pink).
  • 6 different musical categories and 18 different tones. These will definitely soothe the baby and helps to sleep.
  • 40 minutes of non-repeating and continuous music
  • The special soothing motion of the mobile can keep your baby’s attention and keep her engaged.
  • Baby Friendly colorful buttons so that your toddler can activate and change the music on her own.
  • Two high-quality speakers to keep the sound natural and soothing. Also, very easy to control the volume of the music.
  • You can turn off the light when the music is turned on.
  • Works on all types of standard size beds that have slats. Even if your bassinet has slats, you can use the mobile. The example of some of them is Babyletto cribs, DaVinci cribs and so on.

Cons Of Tiny Love soothe n groove

  • Not suitable as pack n play mobiles.
  • No projector. Yes, there is a cool night light option though.

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So far I have reviewed 3 most selling and popular mobiles that I have recommended in the above price comparison table. But there are still some other that are selling pretty well and getting parents’ attention so quickly.

So as promised before, I have reviewed another 7 of them. Have a cup of coffee and read them all if you could not already make your decision from the above-recommended list.

Tiny Love Classic Developmental 0 Months plus

Tiny Love
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As the name suggests, this crib mobile with lights and music is one of the highest quality portable baby mobile and UPDATED version of the best baby mobiles that was introduced a few years back.

For the visual development of your baby,  the black and white spirals will really help. The mobile is designed to revolve (vertically and circular way) so that there is always a happy and funny face to the baby.

And the cool part….?

It grows with your little one. That means once done with the infant, you can convert it to crib-side music box and night light for the toddler.

It can play music for 20 minutes at a stretch to keep your baby calm. It features a cylinder with friendly cotton made animals. They don’t get dirty and you don’t need to wash them.

That’s not all….

You already know that most of them make weird sounds when turned on, right? Well,  a lot of parents verified the fact that this crib mobiles does not make such an annoying noise.

Like a lot of parents, you can also spend kitchen time tension free installing the mobile to the bed. This baby mobile for crib will keep your baby engaged as long as you need it. The mobile is designed to entertain the baby not help her sleep. Watch the video on the portable baby mobile.

Features & Other Pros

  • Battery (4 C batteries required) operated and made of plastic.
  • Fits to even crib with very wide rails!
  • Lots of repeated happy buyers!
  • The clicking sounds from the beads not annoying, it’s really cute.

Not Cool Stuffs

  • Does not fit most of the pack n play and bassinet. The mobile requires slats to be attached which is most common to any standard bed of little one.
  • No remote control.
  • No projector. The night light of the mobile can do the job though.

GEENNY Boutique Sea Turtle

Click On Image To Check 20 more styles on Amazon

GEENNY is widely popular producing high-quality crib bedding sets. Need something for the nursery that fits any nursery theme you can imagine, go for it. Unbeatable price and top quality make it so demanding in the market.

Musical mobile from GEENNY is also highly appreciated by lots of satisfied parents. Cowboy or western theme, you name it! They have all the styles to make the nursery more beautiful.

The mobile is made of cotton, polyester, and plastic. Comes with fabric cover. Machine or hand washable. Held up pretty well even after several washes.  If you bought their crib bedding sets, then you need to have this one to coordinate with the nursery.

Cost is relatively much lower in comparison with previously discussed. So many parents appreciated GEENNY not just for being competitive but also for the quality.

The mobile is a universal fit to any standard size kids’ bed, no matter how thick is the rails. The mobile is pretty durable and secured pretty well to any crib. Very easy to assemble. 

The cute lullaby plays up to 4 minutes to make your baby calm and falls to sleep in a short time. The music will create a serene environment in the nursery. If your baby starts crying, just play it. Definitely, she will stop crying! And the matching lampshade that you can buy along with baby mobiles. That’s why so many parents call it another best crib mobile.

Features & Pros Of GEENNY

  • The dimension is 2 x 13 x 5 inches with 1.3 pounds of weight. Pretty lightweight.
  • 21 totally out of the box styles to match any nursery bedding sets. Before buying, browse all the styles and colors to the right match for your baby girl or boy. Colors are more vibrant than the pictures. GEENNY really need to improve their product photography!
  • Durable. Works just fine even after several years.
  • Not battery powered, wind mechanism.
  • High-quality materials used for this mobile.
  • Unbeatable price for such a gorgeous one. Lots of high compliments just for its great quality and declared it another great mobile for baby brain development.
  • Match perfectly with crib bedding sets offered by GEENNY.
  • If you have mobiles with battery, this for you. Not battery operated but spins pretty well with the wind.


  • Soothing music, but plays for a very short time.
  • A Little bit small in size.
  • No projector or night light.

Fisher-Price Deluxe: Projection Mobile

Fisher Price Rainforest
Click on image to check price on Amazon

Fisher Price rainforest baby crib musical mobile is a great unit among popular crib mobiles with projector loved by the countless number of parents. You can use the rainforest-themed baby mobile in the nursery as well as the music box can be used with the stroller.

When your little angel outgrows it, simply convert the mobile to a tabletop musical projection soother for the older baby or even for the toddler bed. And the sweet thing about this one is that it clips to any stroller canopy!

As you can see, it gonna pay off for a very long time and it’s durable in nature. The mobile features a vivid color of the rainforest with smiling and friendly animals.

For the brain development of your baby, you need to familiarize your baby with colors, characters, lights, motions, and music. These are helpful not just to entertain but to create a bedtime routine, develop eye-tracking, and most importantly stimulate sight and hearing senses.

You gonna love all of them with this rainforest musical mobile for crib at a very cheap price.

In a nutshell,  it’s great a brahms lullaby baby mobile to keep your little one happy and engaged from dawn to dusk.  It can soothe the baby at naptime or bedtime with its soft music, eye-catching light show, and rainforest happy animals rotating slowly over the head of your baby. You can control the mobile using their smart connect free app.  Here is a demo for you on how to operate the mobile with your smartphone.

Features & Pros:

  • 3 Audio Modes: Up To 30 minutes of lullaby music comes with nature sounds and white noise.
  • 3 Rainforest Pals: To entertain and comfort your baby, the mobile comes with 3 soft and smiling rainforest animals. When you are not with your baby, these pals will keep the company.
  • The dimension of it is 11 x 15.6 x 3.7 inches with a weight of 2.5 pounds.
  • It’s battery-operated, so you will need 4 AA batteries. However, for the first time, you will get the batteries included. Batteries should last 2 months if you use the mbile daily.
  • Visually appealing projector for starring light show on the ceiling and on the walls.
  • Perfectly suitable for all standard size beds including bassinets.


  • Does not work on a pack n play.
  • Incidents of falling on the baby.

Fisher-Price Smart Connect Deluxe

Fisher Price Smart connect deluxe
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A fully modern musical projection mobile that you can operate directly with your smartphone or tab. Using Fisher Price free smart connect app, you have direct control over the mobile (devices from Apple preferred). With that app, you can activate it, light show projector, and night light. Looking for something with lights? Go for it.

And the smart messaging can sense any sounds in the nursery and send signals to your smartphone to let you know what’s going on. In fact, it has Bluetooth to do that all.

Fisher Price introduced the Smart Connect Deluxe Projection musical mobile recently and a lot of parents are already in love with it. It’s another great crib mobile with lights and music for any standard or convertible bed. The mobile fits pretty good even with a crib with attached changer.

With its animal friends and light-show on canopy or ceiling, your baby will develop visual and eye-tracking abilities. When you need to be busy with making the meal or just some time for your own, the mobile will keep your little one happy and engaged in exploring things and develop imagination.

When your baby is not sleeping and you have free time, just point out him those sweet faces animals and name them with your baby. Maybe she will understand nothing, but one thing pretty sure about this is that your little one will definitely love such interactions.

Features & Pros :

  • The dimension is 11.8 x 15.8 x 23.6 inches with a weight of 3 pounds.
  • To operate the mobile you gonna need 4 D batteries.
  • The projection mobile comes with lights projector that lasts long.
  • 3 soothing kinds of music which lots of parents found useful and effective for their baby. Also, available nature sounds or white sounds to help babies to fall asleep quickly. Continuous 30 minutes of music will do a BIG job done for you.
  • Convertible: Once your baby outgrows the mobile, you can convert the musical mobile to a crib soother for older babies.
  • Plastic made so you don’t need to wash the mobile.


  • Can’t be used with a play yard or pack n play.

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Snuggle Cub Soother

another fisher price
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The reason I have included this baby crib mobile in this article is it’s unique in design and huge parents love and they consider it as another unique mobile.

The design is completely different than the rest of the Fisher Price mobiles. And the price is also relatively higher than the rest of them.

It’s unique in other senses too. With this one, this was the first time Fisher-Price introduced the motion in the base of the mobile.

When the baby elephants on the base rotate overhead, they nuzzle toward each other which is really cute and your baby will definitely love mobile.

The bird you see on the base of it is the activation point of music that plays up to 20 minutes continuously to keep your baby calm and helps to sleep.

There two toggling branches on the overhead and at the end of each of these branches there is plush zoo animal as a company to your baby. Now, that’s not all why I think it’s one of the safest baby mobiles for baby brain development, there are more. Read along.

Features & Pros Of Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Snuggle Cub

  • Attach to almost any standard bed. In fact, Fisher-Price has a pending patent of a whole new level of attaching mechanism.
  • The dimension is 23 x 10.5 x 4 inches with a weight of 4.41 pounds. Not so lightweight, eh?
  • It’s battery operated and C size battery is recommended.
  • Apart from pressing buttons, it also comes with remote control.
  • Lullaby type nature sounds to soothe the baby. Nature sounds are great for nap time. Comes with 2 different volume levels to adjust sounds.
  • Proven to be sturdy and long-lasting musical mobile for crib.
  • If your baby is too old for the mobile, take apart the mobile and keep the base attached to the crib for music.
  • Have perfect height for any newborn’s bed so that your baby can see it all!
  • Lots of parents recommendation as to the top-quality baby mobile because there are enough bells and whistles which are missing in most other mobiles available in the market.

Cons Of Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Snuggle Cub

  • Not suitable for pack n play and play yard.
  • Spinning and the music has to go all together, you can’t control them separately. Some parents don’t like it.

Carter’s Sea Collection

Carter's Sea Collection
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How about a sea collection themed model for baby girl (if you take off the arm cover which you can, it will be for boys too) as your desired baby mobiles? Or you may be looking for a pink crib mobile? It’s available in five colors, so you can use for your boy and girl as well.

Your baby gonna love Carter’s Sea Collection’s amazing and adorable sea creatures (a smiling octopus, two fish, a crab, and a seahorse). And those are cheap plastic made.

All the sea creatures are plush 100% polyester made and crib arm has a beautiful cover. The mobile looks like a very high priced baby mobile but you can have it at a very affordable price.

If you don’t feel comfortable around battery operated mobile and just want to have plain, simple yet highly beautiful baby mobile for your loving daughter, this mobile is just for you.

In very short time, many parents already have bought the mobile for the nursery decor. 

Features & Pros Of Carter’s Sea Collection

  • Available in 5 colors. You can choose from Lily, Laguna Collection, Sea Collection, the mix of pink/aqua/grey, and the mix of navy/light blue/white.
  • The dimension is 13.1 x 9.1 x 6.6 inches with a weight of more or less 2 pounds.
  • Nicely match with Carter’s nursery bedding sets.
  • Wind operated, so you don’t have to go for the hassle of battery changing. Lots of parents really like this idea.
  • Perfectly safe for your baby. No dangerous elements like lead, phthalate, BPA, and latex.
  • Very high average parents review.
  • Helps to soothe your princess to sleep by playing cute Brahms Lullaby.
  • The mobile comes with the arm cover.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Cleaning this crib mobile takes very little effort. Only surface clean is recommended.
  • Perfectly fits every standard size bed for kids.
  • Recommended for the newborn to the age of 5 months.

Cons Of Carter’s Sea Collection

  • The duration of the music is really small.
  • Not battery operated. The wind will do the job though. You need to continue winding it up.
  • Some parents have described the mobile as like fragile crib mobiles.

Sweet Jojo Designs Military Camouflage Army

Sweet Jojo Army Style
Click on image to check price on Amazon

For boys nursery theme decor, it would be a great choice. Deep inside the mind of every boy (nowadays girls too), he has a curiosity of what the Army does and want to be part of the mobile.

This is why you should consider it if you want to have something completely different and out of the box ideas.

And more importantly,  if you did not already buy a crib bedding sets, they have exact matching bedding sets namely “Sweet Jojo Designs Green and Brown Camo Camouflage Military Baby Boy Bedding 9pc Set”. You can buy it simultaneously with this baby mobile.

Now, let’s see what you are getting with this baby crib mobile. Along with the great frame, you will get canopy with stuffed toys and matching arm cover.

A great collection for your baby to dive into imaginary adventures. Cradle song that the music box plays is actually soothing Brahm’s Lullaby.

The mobile is pretty lightweight (only 2 pounds) musical mobile for crib and very easy to assemble.

Other Features  of Sweet Jojo Designs

  • Made of plastic and cotton.
  • The dimension is 13 x 0.7 x 6 inches.
  • Though target gender is male, still it’s a good choice for the girl to become adventurous.
  • May not work on larger rails. So, take the measurement first.
  • Very easy to put together.
  • Lots of high appreciation for the quality and cuteness of experienced parents.


If you fall in love with musical mobiles, your little mobile will do the same. You need something that can satisfy you and your baby will ultimately love it. SHILOH is the exact thing that you need.

SHILOHWith excellent quality soft material and ambient music that is adjustable, it’s a great addition to your baby crib. So many moms are in love with this and they have highly recommended the mobile for parents who are desperately looking for this thing.

Let’s look at some facts why so many parents have left great feedback about the mobile. First of all, it is totally baby focused. All the insects are downward-facing; meaning your baby can directly look at them and see them clearly.

This is intelligent thinking for a definite reason. Instead of satisfying the eyes of the parents, this crib mobile is totally focused on the baby. Besides, for the first few months, baby can detect only high contrast colors like black, white, and red. This crib mounted mobile has considered it as well.

Just by touching it, you will feel the thick material and will understand this is a great baby mobile that is meant to last for a very long time. It’s not hard to assemble it either. You can do it in less 10 minutes.

From 60 music, it’s more than enough to keep your baby happy and fall asleep quickly. Use the up and down volume controller depending on the situation. The mobile has the automatic shut off features of playing after 30 minutes, so it won’t keep you awake as well to shut it off manually.

It’s a little bit expensive in comparison with others, but you won’t regret spending money on it. Read some of the parents’ reviews, you will understand why. Your baby will love it and it will make the transition to the bed a breeze for you.

What Moms Like Most?

  1. No toxic elements. Even if your baby accidentally bites the mobile, he/she will be safe. ASTM certified product. Lead and BPA free material.
  2. Convenient buttons for music, spin, volume, etc.
  3. Holder with adjustable heights. It can only fit the rail which must be within 1.8 inches.
  4. No noise while rotating. You can individually on/off the music/rotating.
  5. Lots of music including some of Disney’s popular has made it a great musical mobile.
  6. Hand washable toys. So, the health of your baby is perfectly safe from the mobile.
  7. Suitable for both crib and playpen.
  8. A great unit for the sight and sound development of the baby. A moderately stimulating device for the baby. You do not want too stimulating for your little one.

What Moms Did Not Like?

  • Somewhat difficult to disassemble.
  • Not suitable to attach the mobile to any bassinet or mini crib.

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant

Sometimes it gets really hard to keep the calm in the bed. So your hands get tied and your daily life becomes so tiresome. For such temper tantrum babies, you need something that can really keep them engaged and calm alone in the crib. Award-winning Wimmer-Ferguson infant stim-mobile has exactly done that possible with this baby crib mobile.

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-FergusonIt will not just distract the baby from you, it will keep your little one happy! It’s just perfect in every way and you will be remained calm looking at them. You will have enough time on your own. It’s exactly how so many moms have left their feedbacks.

So many moms have confirmed the fact that this crib mobile worked so well to keep their babies quiet for the first few rough months. They tried other fancy mobiles, but nothing worked so well like this black and white mobile.

I would like to point out a very specific problem (!) before you get too excited. If you must have automatically rotating toys, it’s not for you. The toys will rotate on their own if you leave the fan on. The wind then will do the job.

I know from my experience that some babies hate musical projection mobile for crib. Some babies even hate spinning toys. For such babies, this is definitely a great choice. Remember, too stimulating is never good the newborn.

The safety of your baby comes first. That’s the reason moms like to do their own research. Lots of moms have already done that and you can take advantage of the mobile to save your time. They finally concluded this mobile is so far their best purchase! There are no toxic elements in these baby mobiles.

What I Like Most:

  1. Helping moms and babies since 1988. You definitely want stuff like this from a trusted brand.
  2. Eye-catching bold pattern to catch the attention of the newborn.
  3. For the vision development of the babies, all the graphics cards are marked for the age.
  4. The adjustable cord will help moms to change the card’s distance from the babies.
  5. Researched based black and white nursery mobile for baby brain development of the babies. It features 10 interchangeable cards. So, when the baby can distinguish color, change the color from black and white to more high contrast combination.
  6. The arm lock will fit most nursery beds and some pack and play in the market.
  7. Highly recommended by moms and more importantly – the mobile will cost you very low.

Things I Don’t Like:

  • Does not rotate automatically.
  • Many parents did not like the loose pieces! Seems like they may fall off anytime. Make sure you snap these pieces tight. The mobile won’t be a problem then.
  • Not suitable for the bassinet.
  • It’s not a musical mobile.

Starry Night From Tiny Love Projection Mobile

Oh boy…another crib mobiles from the Tiny Love! Tiny Love seems to dominate this market and Starry Night is another great crib mounted mobile from them. As usual, the Starry Night comes with all the latest and automatic features.

Tiny Love Starry NightIt comes with the music and projector. You can individually control each of them. All of them have separate on/off button. So you can control the mobile the way your baby loves it most.

Like all the time, Tiny Love has done a great job with the music. Not a single one of them is annoying. They will not keep your baby awake. All the sleep lullabies and classical music are very soothing and help to sleep quickly. It features the timer as well, so you don’t have to manually turn off the music.

You should know that too stimulating stuff is not good for the baby. That’s the reason, baby experts recommend avoiding these fancy stuff. Rest assured, the projector, in this case, is not too stimulating. The light is not too bright.

Not only it just keeps the baby happy and calm when alone, but the mobile also works great to keep them distracted while you need to do some chores or change the diapers or just to have some time for your own.

So many moms consider it as a life-saver. They were scared how they were gonna transition the baby from the bassinet to the nursery bed. This baby crib mobile with lights and music just did everything seem so easy for them. Their babies actually loved it. This beautiful crib has made their every night time and nap time so easy and relaxing.

It’s a great deal considering its price and what it offers. If you compare it with others out there, it’s a great musical mobile to have. It comes with a long-lasting battery as well; so you don’t have to change it in the near future.

Why Tiny Love Starry Night Is Great?

  1. Comes with a removable canopy and 3 beautiful toys.
  2. Fit’s almost every nursery bed due to its universal attachment.
  3. Projector emits lights (starts and moon) onto the canopy or the ceiling.
  4. 30 minutes of soothing music with 4 different volume adjustments.
  5. The mobile grows with the development of your baby; don’t forget it’s a 3-in-1 baby crib musical mobile.
  6. You can completely remove the toys and the canopy so that your baby can play with the music box & projector only when she/he grows.

Cons of Starry Night

  • Not so helpful to help the baby falls in sleep. Some babies even find the mobile stimulating and keep awake.
  • Has a problem with smooth rotation in some cases.
Consider  These Factors To Get Crib Mobile For Baby Brain Development

crib mobile for baby

Literally, there are a countless number of manufacturers with lots of variation. And it’s really hard to pick the right mobile in the haystack. You really should consider the only ONE fact first before picking any:

  1. Will it fit the nursery bed? Fitting with the bed is a BIG issue! A lot of parents ended up picking any wrong crib mobiles. Not all of them will fit your crib even if your nursery bed is slightly unusual.
  2. What sort of movement do you want from the mobile? Do you want it to wind operated or battery operated? As you can see, I have reviewed both of them. The problem of the battery-operated baby crib musical mobile is that you need to change the batteries often. But for the extra feature like great movement and music, it is a must.
  3. Do you want toys too? Of course, you do! In fact, without toys it is incomplete. But what sort of toys? That depends on the gender of your baby and the theme of the nursery.
  4. Take a better look at the theme of your baby nursery. The mobile should fit the theme of your nursery. Since they are available in multiple colors and themes, you should match it with the theme of your nursery.
  5. Do your baby like the lullaby? If so, it should be a musical mobile for crib. Most of the babies like to listen to music before fall asleep.

Learn more about how to choose a baby crib mobile in this YouTube video,

Pro Safety Tips: Remove it ASAP when your baby can reach it as a part of newborn child safety. Do not use it for babies aged more than 5 months.

If it can be converted to a crib side music box and/or projector, then you can use it for the toddlers. Make sure you install it properly to avoid unpleasant situations(fall on baby).

Price is literally the same for all the mobiles and it is within your budget. You should be able to get the right crib mounted mobile.

Yes, there are some other issues to consider like musical mobile or not, wall hanging or crib hanging, etc. You are welcome to keep that in mind while picking your desired mobile.

I have done the hard work to make it easier for you to pick the right baby crib musical mobile for baby brain development for your best baby crib

Why Do You Need the Safest Mobile For Brain Development?

If you can get the right crib mobiles for your baby, it can bring lots of advantages for you and your little one. Almost every parent either buys a mobile or build it themselves. They do it only for one purpose. All of them want to make their babies happy. Now, let’s see why do you need it as well:

  1. A True Companion: It’s time to do a reality check. Are you a working mom? If so, I am pretty sure you keep you have a nanny at home to look after your baby. Maybe you keep your little one to its grandpa’s house? But you always miss your baby, right? Now, if you have the desired crib mobiles, your little one will always have a companion no matter where she is.
  2. Add Value To The Nursery: Without a mobile, your little nursery is incomplete, right? Especially, if your neighbors have it and you don’t, it will feel TOTALLY incomplete. So, you need to have it to make your nursery complete. In addition, to give your baby company, it adds true beauty to your nursery.
  3. Baby’s Development: Discussed it many times. They are developed not just to make the baby happy, they can actually develop the brain & auditory capacity of the baby. They are equipped with toys, different types of moving toys. That develops baby’s imaginary power. Also, most of them also come with soothing music. That develops auditory power as well.
  4. Better Sleep: Let’s face it. Every parent has a difficult time getting their baby to sleep. Sometimes, it becomes a nightmare! Now, set up a mobile and see the magic yourself! With moving toys and soothing kinds of music, your baby will fall asleep really fast. You don’t have to spend hours after hours to fall him asleep. So, not just the baby, it’s a true friend to yourself as well.
Is It A Safety Threat?

baby mobile for cribTo answer simply, No. There are a lot of controversies across the internet, especially on forum sites about it.

Some are claiming to be a baby expert and they claim that it can posses a safety hazard. On the other hand, a lot of them are saying, no they are not.

A countless number of parents have been using mobiles for so many years without any trouble.

So, why there are so many controversies?

It’s true that any loose object nearby the infant can posses a safety hazard. That includes soft toys, mattress, pillows etc. Your baby can choke or suffocate due to these elements. However, it is safe for your little angel if installed properly.

All you have to do just make sure it is attached to the nursery bed in a way where your baby can’t touch it. Also, there should not be any loose parts. Here are some safety tips that you can follow:

  1. Install it at a distance of at least 12 inches away from the baby. Try to install it tightly so that even if your baby can reach it and start pulling, it does not fall down and hit the baby.
  2. Remove it from the nursery bed when your baby has turned 6 months old. If you don’t want to remove it because your baby is in deep love with it, you can install it on the ceiling. That way, your baby can never reach it.
Final Thought

Right after the convertble nursery bed and baby mattress, you need a crib mobile. On Amazon, there is plenty of them from where you can get the perfect mobile for the bed. But I am pretty sure you will end up buying your best crib mobile for baby brain development from the top 10 I have reviewed above.

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  1. I am a new mom and I am reading a lot about kids and kids’ safety especially. What I have found out from various sites like BabyCenter that it is not recommended for safety reasons. On that forum, lots of new moms also said that these can be hazardous since you can’t be near the crib always.

    Are there really that many safety issues? Yes, I have read that you are recommending not to put it near the baby where she can touch it. But still, what should I do? Safety is much important to me than keeping my baby happy.

    • Hi, Emily!

      Thanks for your comment. I understand your hesitation about it. There are lots of groups where moms are sharing concern about the safety of it. And this is so normal to worry about that. But guess what, you need to be careful installing and selecting it. That’s all it takes to have a safe one. Make sure there are no loose parts. Attach it to the wall or on the crib tightly so that it won’t fall over the baby.

      Really if you can make sure of that, there is no potential hazard.

  2. I am thinking about buying a rotating model for my baby. She is just 7 months old. Is it okay to buy it for my baby having such ages? People are saying lots of negative stuff about it, so I am a little bit confused.

    • Hi DeanSmall!

      Extremely sorry for the late reply and thanks to you for your comment and interest. As I have said many times, these are not safe for the baby ONLY when they are not installing properly or you have bought a mobile with loose parts.

      If the installed one is not falling apart or your baby can’t reach it on her own, it is perfectly safe! They are perfectly suitable to soothe the baby when you are not around them.

      Buying a rotating musical model is a good idea. The moving toys will keep the baby busy looking at them and the lullaby music is great to soothe the baby and help them to fall asleep fast.

      Let me know if you have anything to know about it. I am always here to answer your question.


  3. Nice article! Really extensive reviews I have found online. It contains so much vital information! But I heard on the different forum some mommy saying that it is not recommended as they possess some threats to the baby! Yes, so many other mommies also are using them for their little ones. So, which one to trust? Are those really a threat to baby safety?

    • Hi FirstCorey!

      Thank for your nice comment. I am extremely sorry for the late reply. All of them reviewed above are perfectly safe when installed properly in the right place. As in the article you have read above, I explained pretty clearly that you should install it at a distance where the baby can’t reach it or it won’t fall over the baby.

      Installing it in the right place is so important. Some mommies are saying they as unsafe for the baby, simply because they have some bad experiences with it. Maybe they did not install it properly.

      So, if you think you need one to soothe the baby, read the manual and safety cautions first. Then install just like the manual says. Make sure your baby can’t reach it.


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