Best Crib Bedding Sets For Boys And Girls In 2020

DK Leigh, SoHo, and Nojo are the leading manufacturer of best crib bedding sets for boys and girls. Each of their best nursery bedding sets will give a perfect nursery theme for your little one.

Babies are sensitive and they always need extra care. For extra care, you need something in addition to a crib. A convertible crib without one is incomplete and does not fulfill its purpose.

Best Crib Bedding Sets For Boys

It really depends on a lot of factors to choose the best one. Based on parents reviews and recommendations here are our recommended 3 for boys. You will find detailed reviews on each of them. However, there are other crib sets that are also popular.


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GEENNY Boutique
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NoJo Dreamland
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GEENNY (Constructor)
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SoHo Designs
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Little Bedding by NoJo
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Top 10 Baby boy crib bedding sets Reviews

There are are some best baby crib sets available for sale. And a lot of them are selling really well. From them, very few are much more appreciated and recommended by parents. 

So, as promised before, in addition to our recommended list, here are 10 top selling and recommended bedding sets for your nursery.

DK Leigh

best crib bedding sets by DK Leigh
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Most of the parents want to have the best nursery bedding sets for boys, but it is not always possible to afford because of the high price. If you are looking for a designer set but within a low price rate then the DK Leigh is perfect for you. Check out more about it below.

Features & Benefits

  • It is made of 100% pure cotton, so you get better quality and comfort.
  • Total 4 different styles to match your nursery crib from any brand like DaVinci or Babyletto.
  • It has a designer look.
  • It is for a standard size crib.
  • It has seven (7) individual pieces so you can have a cohesive look. The pieces are two decorative pillows, diaper stacker, crib skirt, fitted crib sheet, bumper and crib quilt. The dimension of the crib quilt is 34” x 34”.
  • It also features a stunning embroidered accents.


  • Widely recommended baby shower gift by parents.
  • Has a high-quality cotton fabric. It won’t irritate your baby’s skin.
  • Comes with an owl blanket.
  • High-quality colors that won’t fade away easily.
  • Features a sidelining that is safe for the baby.
  • The cotton makes it not only soft but also pretty and comfortable.


  • Not washable with hot water.


As you can see that at a cheap rate you can get a high-quality crib set if you choose the DK Leigh. Although it’s not washable with hot water that’s not a problem at all. You can simply use cold water instead. So for a designer look at a cheap rate, you can try this product. If you choose this one, to have even more coordinated look consider buying DK Leigh Frog Baby Musical Mobile. Or you can simply get any of the baby mobile as you wish.

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Baby Teddy Bear By GEENNY

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If you need even more items, consider having this one. As you can see, it has everything you need and the price is really reasonable. It’s 100% boutique and made of cotton, Polyester. A lot of satisfied parents already loved it and recommended the sets for their friends and families.

Features & Benefits

  • The set is for standard size crib, not mini cribs. Easily fits popular crib like DaVinci Kalani convertible crib.
  • 13 piece includes a crib quilt (dimension: 36 x 45″), a crib bumper (with dimension of 10 x 158″), Fitted Crib Sheet (for standard size crib mattress with dimension of 28 x 52″), 2 Window Valances (dimension: 16 x 58″), Crib Skirt (dimension: 28 x 52″), Diaper Stacker, Toy Bag (dimension: 14 x 20″), 2 Decorative Accent Pillows (dimension: 10 x 10″), 3 Wall Art Decor Hangings
  • The crib set offers extremely soft bedding that is highly comfortable for the baby.
  • Will not fall apart when you wash it with hot or cold water.
  • Stitching quality of the product is amazing, so you don’t have to worry about it getting ripped.
  • The colors are so amazing that it will match the baby’s room perfectly.


  • Contains a crib bumper so that the baby is safe.
  • Amazing soft bedding allows feeling very comfortable.
  • Includes two window valances so that the baby stays safe.
  • Stitching quality is very good.
  • Contains toy bags for the toys of the baby and a dust bag for the dust also.


  • 13 pieces but not a musical crib mobile included 🙁


Undoubtedly, it is very suitable and highly recommended for baby boys. In fact, it is one of the cheap baby boy sets. So you can check this out if you are looking for a crib set.

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If you are looking for a cheap crib, then Dreamland Teddy from Nojo is one of the best baby boy crib bedding sets within your budget. It contains ten different pieces that make a complete set. Also, this product features a musical mobile as well. It’s all you need to have a coordinated nursery theme.

An included musical mobile is too rare in available options. A crib mobile alone cost not less $30. Besides, it has huge positive parents reviews and recommendations. So you can check out below to know more about the Little Bedding by NoJo.

Features & Benefits

  • 2 version for your little king! You can choose from Monkey Blue and Teddy Green.
  • Items Included: printed comforter, two crib sheets, a dust ruffle, diaper stacker, musical mobile, diaper stacker, birth certificate, one wall hanging (contains only teddy bears, no letters), two sheets of wall decals
  • This is a standard size one. Good fits for any popular crib like Babyletto Hudson Or Babyletto Modo crib.
  • The colors are bright so the baby will always stay joyful.
  • You can wash it with cold water but use nonchlorine bleach while washing so the product doesn’t get damaged.
  • If you choose the monkey version, there are three little monkeys that jump on the bed so it makes the product playful and fun.
  • Do not use an iron to dry the sheets because it may damage the set. Just tumble dry with low heat so the product stays good.


  • The product is not flimsy.
  • Has two wall decals sheets.
  • The quilt is lightweight.
  • Contains an adorable monkey motif.


  • Wall decals may peel off.


This is a great but cheap baby crib sets for boys in case of a monkey themed crib. Also, the musical feature is very amazing. Though the wall decals may peel off, you can use glue from the beginning to get rid of the problem.

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Trend Lab Paisley Park

Trend Lab
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The Trend Lab Paisley Park is the right choice because it decorates you little nursery room so well. Your little lamb will love baby barnyard animals and ultimately be his bed time friends.

It has so much love from lots of parents and you will get 4 most essential items that are must for every cheap baby bedding sets for boys.

Features & Benefits

  • Perfect for any standard size crib like Delta Children convertible crib.
  • What you are getting is a quilt, a fitted crib sheet, a skirt to add more beauty to your crib, 4 piece bumper (remove these bumpers as soon as your little one can stand).
  • The Trend Lab Paisley Park has 100% cotton bumper with polyester ultra-suede so the baby stays comfortable.
  • Safety is not an issue because front and back coverlet is both 100% cotton twill.
  • 5 different themes to match your choice.
  • It is easier for you tie things to the crib because the bumper pieces contain several ties.
  • Colors of the set won’t fade away even after washing for a long time.


  • Bumper, coverlet and percale stripes are all cotton.
  • Colors won’t fade easily because it has high-quality cotton.
  • Slipcover Bumper is helpful for covering.
  • It saves a lot of space.


  • Doesn’t comes with a musical mobile considering its higher price.


Though the Trend Lab Paisley Park doesn’t contain any mobile it is not a major problem. You can always buy Trend Lab Musical Mobile for the baby. The important thing is that this is a great choice for boys when it comes to saving some space. So you can without a doubt try this for saving space.

Boy Constructor By GEENNY

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Baby boy constructor theme is great for kids with the dream. Your enthusiastic little king will love all the constructor works with this set.

Besides, safety and comfort are the two most important things for the baby. But it is difficult to find a crib set that offers both.

Well, don’t worry as the GEENNY Boutique 13 Piece is here. It is one of the best baby crib sets for Boys when it comes to safety and comfort at the same time. Let’s find out more.

Watch the video to check what you are getting.

Features & Benefits

  • The baby constructor theme includes 1 comforter, 1 bumper, 1 fitted crib sheet, 1 skirt, 2 window valances, 1 diaper stacker, 1 toy bag and 2 throw pillows, 3 wall art decor hangings.
  • Also, it has matching accessories like a Lampshade, musical mobile, and extra window valence which you need to buy separately.
  • The set is machine washable so you don’t have to worry about it getting old or dirty.
  • It is a regular size model.
  • The stitching quality is amazing. So you will get a designer looking product.
  • The color is bright but it is best as a baby boy crib bedding sets.


  • High parents reviews.
  • Comforter makes sure the baby is comfortable.
  • The bumper also helps in case of safety.
  • Extra window valance makes it more attractive.
  • Washable with water both hot and cold.
  • Amazing stitching for durability.


  • The diaper bag is a little thin.


If you want your baby boy to feel more comfortable you can see that this product helps. Also, the 13 pieces Baby Constructor set focuses on the safety as well. Though the diaper bag is a little thin it’s always changeable. So you can try out this product.

Star and Moon Combo By GEENNY

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Another great one from GEENNY! It features stars and the moon for your dreamy little king with 13 items. And you can get it at a reasonable price. Also, the brown and blue color combination just made it so adorable. Remember, GEENNY is a very long time in the market and you would be surprised they have lots of repeat customers because of their quality products.

This one is really appreciated by lots of parents and it’s their recommended best baby crib sets for their friends and families.

It has additional matching accessories like Musical Mobile, Lamp Shade, and Extra Window Valance. Of course, you need to buy them separately.

Items Included: It’s a great crib bedding set for any standard size crib like Babyletto Mercer. When you buy it, you will get one comforter, one bumper, one fitted sheet, one skirt, two window valances (16 x 58 inches each), one diaper stacker, one toy bag and two throw pillows, three wall art decor hangings.

SoHo Designs

SoHo Designs
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How about a rock star theme? Surely your rock star baby will love it. From guitar to drum, it has all of them! And what about the quality and parents recommendation? Very HIGH!

But the best part of this set is that the price is not sky high and pretty reasonable considering what you are getting. Also, it fits all the cribs and toddler beds for boys.

You can check out more about the product below.

Features & Benefits

  • The set includes a crib quilt, a crib bumper for safety 1 fitted crib mattress sheet,1 crib skirt (Dust Ruffle), a diaper stacker, two Window Valances, one Toy Bag, a baby pillow, a baby bib.
  • Also, includes 3 pcs Diaper Bag with Changing Pad & Bottle Case.
  • The included crib quilt is hand embroidery.
  • Includes a crib bumper that is also hand embroidery.
  • Has a crib skirt that is dust ruffle allowing you to never have dust.


  • Hand embroidery crib makes it safer.
  • Crib skirt contains dust ruffle so it’s always dust free.
  • Diaper stack allows holding the diapers.
  • Includes changing bag for baby.
  • Contains bag straps for the baby.


  • Has a slightly bad odor.


Asides from the bad odor the SoHo Rock Band Baby Crib gives a nice comfort to the baby. The odor isn’t that bad but the crib is a very high-quality crib. You also get different bonus materials with the set so it is worth to have this crib at your home.

Bedtime Originals Jungle Buddies

Bedtime Originals
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Let your kid lives in nature! This one is a great combination of brown and yellow to perfectly features a jungle life. If you are looking for cheap baby boy bedding sets for crib then the Bedtime Originals Jungle Buddies is perfect for you.

Not only because it’s cheap, but it is also very comfortable and it will match with the baby’s room perfectly. From below you learn more about this product.

Features & Benefits

  • The Bedtime Originals Jungle Buddies features the oversized elephant and his friends. You little king will love it!
  • The 3 items you are getting is a quilt (34” X 43.5′), sheet (28” x 52”) and dust ruffle (10″ drop). All are good for a standard size crib.
  • With some extra money, you can buy exact matching Jungle Buddies Bumper and Musical Mobile.
  • Maintenance Tips: It’s machine washable but does not use bleach and iron on lowest settings.


  • Contains pure cotton.
  • Features the darling owl tootsie.
  • Includes quilt and fitted sheets.
  • Has olefin in the dust ruffle.
  • The dust ruffle is 10-inch drop.


  • Cannot use hot water to wash.


Although hot water is not suitable for the Bedtime Originals Lavender Woods cold water is suitable. So the problem is not major at all. The main thing is that the product is very comfortable. Also, it is a cheap crib bedding sets for a boy. So your money won’t be wasted if you try this product.

Trend Lab Dr. Seuss

Trend Lab
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It is rare to find a crib that gives comfort and has nice stitching with 100% cotton bumpers. So if you are searching for one then stop searching. Because you can now find all the above qualities in the Trend Lab Dr. Seuss Crib. Check out below to know more about this amazing product.

Features & Benefits

  • The Trend Lab Dr. Seuss features a bumper that is 100% cotton and polyester.
  • Crib quilt, sheets, and skirts are also a hundred percent cotton.
  • This crib bedding is a regular size crib set.
  • It has a 4 piece bumper that helps to have a safe crib.
  • The crib skirt has a 10-inch drop that is very suitable for a baby.
  • Crib sheet contains a 10-inch deep pocket that helps to contain some important things.


  • 100% cotton on the bumper for safety.
  • 10-inch drop on the crib skirt.
  • The pocket is deep for keeping more stuff.
  • The bedding pieces will cover all basics.
  • Stitching quality is also amazing.


  • Doesn’t come with a pillow.


Although the product doesn’t have a pillow you can buy one separately. The best thing about this product is that it is one of those cheap boy crib bedding sets that are highly comfortable and also the stitching is amazing. So choose this product for having a comfortable crib with good stitching.

So far we have discussed all of the affordable baby bedding sets for boys. Remember, they are all recommended by lots of parents. Now it’s time for your princess. Just like boys, we have also top 10 sets for girls. These are also highly reviewed and recommended by parents. So, here we go!

Best Crib Bedding Sets For Girls

If you don’t want to read all the 10 reviews and like to go the best one directly, here are my recommended 3. Surely, along with these 3, we have also included 7 more reviews on girls baby crib sets in case you want to read.

  1. Little Bedding by NoJo

    Little Bedding
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    Want the best but cheap baby crib sets for girls without much research on your own? This is the right choice for you. Among all baby girl baby crib sets, this is the best selling and reviewed by parents.

    And the good news? It’s within your budget. As per many parents, it’s the best deal on nursery bedding sets for girls that money can buy.

    To give a cohesive look to your nursery, it includes comforter, two crib sheets, dust ruffle, diaper organizer, musical mobile, birth certificate, one wall hanging, two sheets of wall decals. All are great for a standard size crib like Jenny Lind convertible crib.

    The bedsheet is little hard and thin, but still, this is the best deal. Machine washable in cold water separately, if needed you can use only non-chlorine bleach. But do not iron!

    Since this is our recommended crib bedding sets for girls, to have a complete set and ensure the additional safety of your little one, consider buying a crib bumper. You can buy 3 little monkeys crib bumper from the same brand.

  2. American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Minky Dot

    American Baby Co.
    Click On Image To Check 9 more colors!

    A simple but super soft one that ensures guaranteed comfort for your little one. It is suitable for all standard size crib and toddler mattress.

    It includes Heavenly soft crib bumper, reversible comforter, 100% cotton fitted crib sheet, and 100% cotton dust ruffle.

    Yes, the price is higher compared to other baby crib sets for girls. There is a direct relationship between cost & quality, right? Also, notice it does include a crib bumper which you don’t get with most other crib beddings sets.

    Can’t stress it more, but parents love it super softness and they have recommended it to their friends and families. Its high ratings are really charming.

    With the same crib bedding set from the American Baby Company, you can buy their contoured changing pad cover and mattress pad cover to add more beauty!

    It is also machine washable with same colors mild detergent. Air dry it but do not iron.

  3. BreathableBaby

    Breathable baby
    Read More Reviews On Amazon

    A cheap baby crib sets under $100 which are great for any standard size crib. If your budget is way low but still want an one that can get the job done, this one is for you.

    Yes, it’s a cheap baby bedding sets for the girl, but it’s comfortable and safe for your little one. Has very high positive parents review and recommendations. In fact, it is pediatrician evaluated and recommended.

    It includes breathable mesh crib liner which is way safer than the traditional bumper, breathable nursery blanket ( being breathable will reduce the danger of overheating which is normal for traditional blanket), crib skirt to add more beauty to your nursery.

    Getting breathable of these items are necessary to have a suffocation risk free standard size crib. Also, it ensures not to re-breathe carbon dioxide. How they do it? They have used an advanced technology called A.C.T air channel technology fabric so that it can maximize the air flow.

  4. Disney My Friend Mickey

    Check Other Styles On Amazon

    Surely your little queen loves Mickey. Disney has a great but cheap crib bedding sets for girl featuring the Mickey theme. In fact, you can get this awesome one under $100. So, what are those 4 pieces?

    Appliqued Comforter (with the dimension of 42 x 33″), crib sheet that fits any standard size crib mattress, dust ruffle (having 12” drop), appliqued window valance (having the dimension of 60″ x 14″).

    Whereas the comforter has 100% polyester fiber fill, the rest of the bedding sets has 55% cotton and 45% polyester.

    It has 7 other themes like Go Mickey, Little Racer, Monsters at play, Nemo wavy days, Petal’s perfect, Pooh’s play date, and Wild about you. You should check them all before buying to check which one fits best to your little nursery.

    You should machine wash them separately in cold water and when needed use only non-chlorine bleach. Never ever dry clean!

  5. Boutique Pink Gray Elephant

    Read More Reviews On Amazon

    If your budget is a little bit higher and doesn’t want to go cheap for your little one, consider this 13 pieces standard size sets. You can’t imagine how high parents recommendation this one has.

    Yes, it’s a little bit costly and materials are not the world’s best, but still, you will love this one. Don’t forget it has 13 important bedding items like a comforter, bumper (that goes all the around), fitted sheet, skirt, diaper stacker, 2 window valances (having a dimension of 16 x 52 inches), toy bag, 3 wall art decor hangings, and 2 throw pillows.

    Buying them separately will cost you a lot more! You can check the individual price of such items on Amazon, then you will decide why buying this nursery bedding sets for girls is way more cost saving.

    Lots of parents love the matching lamp and musical mobile along with this one. You need to buy them separately.

  6. Trend Lab Dr. Seuss Oh, The Places You’ll Go

    Trend Lab
    Check Other 4 Styles On Amazon

    For those who are looking for a minimalist one, this is for you. It has everything that is must for a decent nursery.

    It’s a cheap baby bedding sets for girl and you will get a crib sheet, quilt and crib skirt. You can’t imagine a crib without these 3 items. To ensure utmost comfort, the crib sheet and skirt is 100% cotton.

    Parents love its great mixture of the bold stripe, charming dot, and cute swirl and they have recommended it for you! The set is for a standard size crib mattress ( 52″ x 28″). The quilt has a dimension of 35″ x 45″.

    If you love this one and want to add a little beauty more, then consider buying Trend Lab Dr. Seuss Musical Mobile. It fits almost any crib. Having this musical crib mobile helps to follow the characters and focus.

  7. Disney Dumbo

    Click On Image To Read More Reviews On Amazon

    Another top-notch but affordable sets for baby girl from Disney. As per parents, this one is a true example of everything that is expensive is not always a good thing to purchase. If your daughter loves the elephant, without hesitation go for it.

    The set includes 3 most necessary baby crib sets like an appliqued comforter, fitted crib sheet, and dust ruffle. Really soft and incredibly beautiful to perfectly match your nursery. And you are getting all of these above three cheap baby crib sets for girls at a very cheap cost.

    The crib sheet has a dimension of 28 x 52″ and fits any standard size crib like DaVinci Jayden convertible crib. And if that helps, the comforter measures exactly 42 x 33″.

    With its very high parents’ reviews, you should be confident to have this cute one.

  8. NoJo Dreamer

    NoJo Dreamer
    Read More Reviews On Amazon

    Looking for a pink/grey theme for your nursery or maybe a jungle theme? Yep, Nojo covered it with this one.

    The call it a dreamer collection and the really HIGH parent’s positive reviews justify that. With its 8 vital items that are must for a baby girl, it’s a clever choice for smart parents. So, what are those items?

    You will get a double-sided comforter with a dimension of 36″ x 45″,  2 crib sheets having dimension of 28″ x 52″,  dust ruffle with 16″ drop, printed pillow having dimension of 10 x 14,  a diaper organizer with measurement of 15 x 6 x 20, and super soft Blanket with dimension of 30 x44.

    All of them you can get at an affordable price. Yes, it’s not a cheap baby bedding sets for girl, but you won’t hesitate to spend much when you see them all!

  9. Carter’s Sea Collection

    Click to check other 4 styles on Amazon

    Okay, bad thing first. You are getting only 4 pieces at a comparatively higher price that we have talked so far. Yes, the price is higher. But again just like other parents who already bought it, you may also fall in love with it once you see it and touch each of these 4 items. This is what parents talked about.

    The sea collection (perfect blend of sweet creatures like whale, octopus, crab, and fish) from Carter is the entirely different theme and definitely out of the box ideas. With 100% cotton, definitely, it’s a great cheap baby crib sets for girls which will be super comfortable for your little princess. So, let’s see what items you are getting…

    I should have mentioned it earlier, yes the set is only suitable for a standard size crib. And you will be getting a comforter (with a dimension of 36″ x 45″), dust ruffle (with 14” drop), sheet (perfect for a standard size crib mattress with a dimension of 28 X 52”), and a nursery organizer. 

  10. Butterfly/Floral Pink Combo Antique Chic

    Just Born
    Click To Check Other 6 Styles On Amazon

    Just born introduced it recently for your little princess and it got huge parent’s attention within very short times. It has 10 color combination just to cover whatever color is your favorite. And includes 7 most important cheap baby crib sets items like 100% cotton fitted crib sheet (28” X 52”), dust ruffle and comforter. Yep, it’s for a standard size crib.

    Coordinating with pink and butterfly, the set features songbirds, blooming flowers, and lovely butterflies. These are your little princes’ favorites. And yes, this one is not that cheap but it’s affordable and within your budget.

    Although the picture shows a crib and changing table, they don’t come with the sets. You really should take a look at this on Amazon and read some parents’ reviews.

How to Choose a crib bedding set?

There are certain things you need to know while choosing one. We have discussed them below.

  • First of all, you need to see that if the model has the items you desire. For example fitted sheets, bumpers, crib skirts, baby pillows, diaper stacks, etc. When you find all the items you need then you can choose that one for your baby.
  • Next, you should look for the features. Features like if it is washable or not, if the fitting is snug or not, if the materials are healthy or not.
  • After selecting the items and features go for the size. Some parents like to have a large set and some like to have small ones. You can choose the one according to your desire.
  • Finally, you should choose by comparing the price and quality. As it is for the baby you should always focus on the quality first. You will see that not all of them that are costly have good quality. So even if you are looking for a cheap one focus on the quality first.

Critical Safety Advice: Never compromise the safety of your baby for just to have a beautiful nursery. Almost all the baby crib sets include a bumper. As per expert, once your child can stand, just remove the bumper to avoid SIDS. Also, make sure any decorative pillows are not inside the crib with babies. And lastly, you need to make sure the fitted crib sheet fits snugly your kid mattress.

Now that you know how to choose the perfect crib and some safety tips, you can start knowing about some of the best cribs from below.

Final Verdict On Best Baby Crib Sets

From this review, you have come to learn about some of the best crib bedding sets for boys and girls. You can see that there different types of such sets for different interests and purposes. A baby crib is very essential when it comes to the baby’s safety as well as its comfort.

The products that we have discussed in this review are all amazing one way or another. But each of them has their own specialty. So based on your choice you can have the perfect crib for your baby boy or girl. Hope, this review was helpful for you.

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