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Babyletto Mercer Crib Reviews 2021: Features Under Storage Drawer!

Don’t you just love to have an under-crib drawer for additional storage in your crib? Babyletto Mercer crib (get it from Amazon) has it for you. The beautiful underneath drawer makes it quite unique from the Babyletto Hudson and Modo crib.

Besides, having an absolutely free toddler rail makes it more demanding among parents. We will discuss every pros and con in the Mercer crib reviews based on absolutely true facts and experiences of parents.

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Details of Babyletto Mercer Crib

Babyletto Mercer crib
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After reading the whole reviews on Babyletto Mercer crib, you will know every technical aspect ranging from color variation to safety aspects and much more!

Wide Color Variation

Having four (4) color options like Espresso, Grey and White tone, White and White/Espresso tone makes it just perfect for your baby room. No matter what color your baby room is, it will just match perfectly.

Also, you can have matching changing table and dresser with it to make it even better. Did you know you can have a crib with an attached changing table? 

Sustainable Pine Wood

Babyletto Mercer crib is made from sustainable New Zealand pine wood. The company put a huge emphasis on environmental issues and if you care about mother earth, you really should thank Babyletto.

Also for the under crib drawer, they use CARB II compliant MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). You really should not worry about MDF. When any MDF is CARB II compliant, it has much lower Formaldehyde emissions.

Crib Technical Details

Babyletto Mercer crib
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These are the most important pieces of information that most parents tend to overlook.

But it’s really important for you to know the product size, what mattress size does it support, etc. We will give you the most elaborate information about them.

The dimension of the crib is 53.9 X 30 X 35 inches. With that dimension, this is the perfect size crib for your baby room having small spaces.

Besides, the rectangular corners of the crib will just align perfectly with the wall of the room.

While having a height of 35 inches makes it more perfect for short moms, it’s not less suitable for tall parents too. That’s a verified fact.

All hardware is hidden, so you don’t have to get an awkward-looking crib. The weight of the crib is 67 pounds and the maximum recommended weight limit is 50 pounds. The slats strength of the crib is 135 pounds.

One useful tip for you! Make sure you assemble the Mercer in the final place where you to put it ultimately. This is because, the crib is heavy and pretty big in size, and it does not have any wheels to move easily.

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Adjustable Mattress Positions

There is four (4) adjustable mattress setting position. For the infant, you can set the mattress to the highest level and as the baby grows you can lower the mattress settings over the passage of time.

Having 4 adjustable mattress settings makes it the most suitable crib for both short moms and tall parents.  It takes more or less 10 minutes to adjust the mattress.

When you set the mattress to the highest level you can see the contents of the drawer. If that makes you uncomfortable, you can use a crib skirt that will hide it.

Besides, using a crib skirt makes your crib more beautiful. To add more beauty, consider having a crib bedding set with it.

Any standard size mattress will fit in this crib.

Safety Reviews

When it comes to the safety of your baby, you can’t be less careful about it. All Babyletto cribs are GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

This certification indicates products are screened for over 360 VOCs and over 10,000 chemicals. The finish of the crib is non-toxic and they have the gut to say it is written where most crib manufacturers don’t.

Like other models, Babyletto Mercer crib meets ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards. Now, if you are overly concerned about the safety of your baby, you can just relax by choosing Babyletto cribs.

As bumper is considered to be one of many causes of SIDS/Crib death, the crib does not come with a bumper. You really should not use any bumper at all.

Million Dollar Baby who owns Babyletto strictly main crib safety. Watch how.

Facts You Should Know About Babyletto Mercer Crib
Babyletto Mercer crib
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The drawer is a little over 4 inches deep obviously not very shallow. Some parents said they were able to fit some diapers, small blankets, and other things for their little one without any difficulty opening/close the drawer.

Also many verified that the storage drawer will slide pretty well even if the crib is used on carpet or rug.

There is no divider between the drawer and the mattress. When you set the mattress at the upper level, you can see things in the drawer.

But no dust or anything will collect in the things you put in the drawer. Also, you can always use a crib skirt like many parents did when you set the baby mattress at a higher level.

The crib is sturdy when assembled and it’s pretty easy to assemble as it comes with a handy assembly instruction.

The New Zealand pine wood used in this crib is soft. Remember, babies like to chew naturally. Softwood in such case is beneficial for the baby’s teeth or gums.

Some Good Memories

Here are some memories of parents who used it, talked about it and wrote some reviews on it. We have summarized it for you.

A mom used it for more than five years and still happy with it. As she said she would definitely recommend it to friends and family to buy it.

At first, she thought the drawer was pretty flimsy, but after two years she was just happy to see the drawer was working pretty fine. She thought she could not use a mobile but later on, she figured it out and used Fisher-Price Rainforest Waterfall Soother.

Babyletto Mercer convertible crib's customer satisfaction graphMany parents moved from state to state several times over the year.

They disassembled it and reassembled it many times. Still, Babyletto Mercer crib was sturdy and they found no issues.

They also recommended assembling the crib inside the baby room because once assembled you can’t move it through doors.

Many parents confirmed the Mercer crib has no odor at all.

One mom had very weak lungs so she had to be careful about the odor and chemicals. She bought it as there is no smell. Besides many visitors came to see the baby room and complemented the crib.

Someone hated expensive ornate designed crib. She loved the hidden screws and chic designed mercer crib.

FAQ Of Babyletto Mercer Convertible Crib

Question: After converting the crib to a toddler bed, there is a big gap between the between the rail and the under-storage drawer. Why is that? How to solve it?

Answer: Did you read the assembly instructions thoroughly? Some parents seem to face the same problem. It only happens when you assemble the crib in the wrong direction. Read the manual again try to understand what went wrong. Also, if you wish, you could completely remove the drawer.

Question: Just like the crib, is the drawer made of pine wood? It does not look like that.

Answer: The crib is made of pine wood but the drawer is made of MDF and particle board. It’s okay, you have nothing to worry. The crib and drawer are perfectly sturdy and safe for the baby.

Question: I have carpet on the floor of the nursery room. I am a little bit worried whether drawer storage will slide smoothly.

Answer: Many parents have assembled the crib with the drawer on the carpet and kept it that way without any problem. So, the drawer will slide just fine even if you put the crib on the carpet or rug.

Question: Can I use a skirt with the crib?

Answer: Yes you can use a skirt. But you should not do that because of the drawer. The skirt will create a problem for the drawer to open and close smoothly. It’s just not practical to use a skirt with the Mercer crib if you are planning to use the drawer without any problem.

Question: So I have read the entire reviews on Babyletto Mercer but I could not find whether there is any divider between the drawer and the mattress. I am just worried whether some kind of dust will store on the drawer from the mattress.

Answer: You should not worry about that. Many have been using the Mercer crib for some years and they did not face such kind of problem. So, you can stop worrying.

Problems Parents Faced & Solutions to It

Babyletto Mercer crib is a 3 1 convertible crib. You can convert it from a crib to one of the best rated toddler beds and a day bed. You can’t convert it to a full-size bed.

Some parents faced trouble to open/close the crib when they used a crib skirt. You should use a crib skirt only when you set the mattress at the upper level and then you would not face such a problem.

Only a few complained about the softwood. But remember the crib is pretty sturdy to hold your baby and due to the softwood, your baby won’t hurt herself when to bump or chew on it.

Very few faced trouble with the pictorial instruction manual though it should not happen if you read the manual carefully and apply some common sense.

If your baby likes to bite, the paint will come off and leave a dent. Using a teething rail protector is advisable in this case.

Also, it’s not an inexpensive baby crib. Price is a little high for some parents on a tight budget.

The Final Verdict

We discussed literally all about this crib, right? We talked about all the pros and cons of it. We also mentioned some real experiences of parents.

If you love to have additional storage built-in with the crib perfectly designed for modern families, Babyletto Mercer crib is perfect for you.

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