Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 convertible crib is the most selling and preferred crib model than all other babyletto crib models. It’s a rounded spindle mid-century modern design and a versatile style for any nursery set. We have written this babyletto Hudson crib reviews based on actual experiences of parents and their recommendations.

Features Babyletto Hudson Crib

Babyletto Hudson crib reviews
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We believe you should know the technical details first about this crib. After reading the Babyletto Hudson crib reviews, you will know every technical detail not only about this model but also of almost any crib from any brand like Stork Craft and Graco.

It comes with six (6) distinguished color: espresso,  white, gray, washed natural, espresso/white and gray/white. As you can see, you have a wide range of color selection option at the almost same price. You can have matching changer dresser with this model at the best price. In case, you want to have a built-in changing table with the crib, read our Top 5 Convertible Baby Crib with Changing Table Attached article.

The size/dimension of the assembled crib is 54 X 29.8 X 35 inches. Want to know about shipping dimensions? The Crib comes in one box and the box dimension is 58” X 34” X 7”. As you can see, it’s a lower profile standard size crib, NOT a mini crib, though the height is low.

Here is quick video walkthrough on Babyletto Hudson Convertible crib for you.

To be more precise, the exact height of the crib is 35 inches. Just for your information, Babyletto Modo and Mercer have the same height. Maximum recommended weight limit is 50 pounds meaning you should not use it when your baby reaches 50 pounds limit.

The measurement from the floor to the bottom of the crib is 6 inches. So, underneath the crib, you can clean or put diapers there too. The best part is you can fit any standard size baby mattress of any brand like standard size Naturepedic mattress.

There are 48 rails in total. 16 rails are on the long side and 8 rails on the short side. The rails on the corner are flat but the central rails are round.

Worried about the weight and size of the crib whether you can move it or not? You can move the assembled crib from room to room if your door supports. But assembling the crib in the baby room is always advisable.

The Hudson 3 in 1 convertible crib is made from New Zealand pine wood. This is not just the claim of the company. While preparing Babyletto Hudson crib reviews, we found that It’s also a verified fact by many parents. It’s also lead and phthalate safe and has non-toxic finishes.

But what you will love most is that toddler rail is included with this model. So as your baby grows, you can convert it to one of the best kids beds to a day bed. Like many parents, it will be big money saver for you too. But remember, you need to buy the mattress separately.

Want to learn more? Keep reading Babyletto Hudson crib reviews.

Safety Measures Taken By Hudson Model

Babyletto Hudson crib is GREENGUARD Gold Certified.You may already know about different safety issues associated with cribs. The Hudson 3 in 1 convertible crib is GREENGUARD GOLD CERTIFIED, means it is screened for 360 VOCs and over 10K chemicals. It meets all safety standards like ASTM international and U.S CPSC safety standards.

Space between the slats is 2 inches apart which is pretty safe. The acceptable measure of such space is maximum 2 & ⅜ inches. Hands and feet of your baby can fit through the spindles. You will love the round railings as the little arms and legs of your baby won’t ever get stuck.

Watch the crib safety video made by Million Dollar Baby Company.

Why Parents Love Babyletto hudson crib?

Babyletto Hudson 3 in 1 Convertible crib
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Enough with technical details? Let’s learn why parents just love it or what to love about the crib.

The crib comes with a baby shower gift. You can be pretty much sure your baby will love the shower gift. It does not come free with many brands.

It has 4 level of adjustable mattress settings. So if you need higher mattress setting for infant and vice versa, it should be perfect for you.

As the height is 35 inches, it is also perfect for short moms having a height issue. Short moms can easily pick up and lay down the baby without having any trouble or back pain in particular. To additionally lower the crib, you can completely remove the legs from the crib.

If you are tall, you may seem 35 inches is too short compared to the height of most other standard cribs (42” – 45”). But many tall parents who actually used this model, they did not have any trouble. They simply lowered the mattress settings and there were no worries about the baby getting out.

Customer Satisfaction Graph Of Babyletto Hudson CribMany parents like to have bumpers. Like them, if you want to use bumpers, you can. Though it is not advisable as they are considered to be a possible cause of SIDS/crib death.

Babyletto Hudson crib is pretty sturdy. You can take apart the crib and reassemble it as many times as you want without affecting its sturdiness.

Do you want to use crib bedding sets like a crib skirt on it? You can! You may need a little bit of adjustment because of the way the corners connect to the frame.

Assembling the crib is fairly easy. The crib comes with clear assembly instructions, you should not have any trouble to assemble it.

Cons: Some Facts You Should Be Aware

In our Babyletto Hudson crib reviews, we would like talk about some cons about this crib too. Many parents recommended that the crib should have rail protector or teething rail to protect it from the baby who likes to bite.

Some parents also recommend that if you don’t use a crib skirt, the dark brown metal frame that holds the mattress will be very obvious and it will bother you.

Also, it’s price is a little bit pricey than many other cribs. In fact, with the price of Babyletto Hudson, you can get two cheap baby cribs under $100.

There are no levers. But some parents love them. Unfortunately, the crib does not have any levelers. However, if you want to add it, the feet of the crib are pretty solid so you can drill a hole and add them.

It might sound quite unusual but we want you to know about it. Someone reported that legs of her baby get stuck in bars. Someone also said while moving the assembled crib, the painted legs scratched up wood floors. But you don’t have to get scratched floors if you assemble the crib in the right place in the very first time, right?

Our Verdict On Babyletto Hudson Crib Reviews

We have discussed all the features, positive and negative reviews, real experience of moms and dads regarding the Hudson model. We also shared some valuable recommendations of experienced parents that might be useful for you.

Moreover, we advise you to talk to your friends and family who have experience using this model to get more precise data. In our final verdict, we can say Babyletto Hudson crib will be a great choice for your little angel. To add more beauty, consider buying a baby mobile too.

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