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Best Baby Carrier For Plus Size Mom For Comfort & Safety To Buy In 2021

For the first few months, your little one needs to be as close as possible all the time. Only the best baby carrier for plus size mom can make it possible by ensuring comfort for both of you.

That means there should be padded shoulder straps for you and it has to adjustable to fit your curve.

Luckily, many renowned brands have come forward with various plus size baby carriers. All you have to do just pick the right one that ensures safety and comfort for the baby as well.

Baby Carriers For Plus Size Moms Comparison Table

Baby Tula Discover
  • Adjustable? Yes
  • Color: 8
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Baby Tula Explore
  • Adjustable? Yes
  • Color: 11
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LÍLLÉbaby 360° Ergonomic Carrier
  • Adjustable? Yes
  • Color: 19
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LÍLLÉbaby 6-Position Carrier
  • Adjustable? Yes
  • Color: 19
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zimo Soft Carrier
  • Adjustable? Yes
  • Color: 2
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Infantino Flip
  • Adjustable? Yes
  • Color: 2
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6 Baby Wrap Carrier For Plus Size Mom Reviews 2021

plus size baby carrier

Keeping in mind that all the hormonal changes, stress, and inadequate sleep tend to leave new mothers with some extra pounds, here is our review of the baby carrier for plus size parents.

So, let’s dig a little deeper with the reviews.

Baby Tula Discover

The Free-To-Grow series of Tula Baby Carrier is perfect for parents who seek both style and comfort for their little ones.

Made from 100% OEKO-TEX Standard certified cotton, this extremely lightweight and breathable carrier is meant to ensure high levels of comfort for both the baby and the parents.

Newborns and Toddlers up to the age of 4/5 weighing between 7 to 45 pounds can fit into this carrier.

But wait, there’s more.

best baby carrier for plus size mom from Baby Tula
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The carrier’s unique features certainly make it a suitable baby carrier for plus size moms.

To begin with, its innovative body panel lets you adjust the width in three different positions and the height in two positions in order to fit body sizes and ensure the ease of carrying your baby in a snug position. 

And the best part?

You can also put this on and fasten the straps on your own without any help.

The carrier is designed to allow you to carry your baby on your back and the front, while the baby can sit comfortably in the M-Position, allowing a healthy hip and spine development of your tiny one. 

Especially in the case of newborns, their necks and shoulders are too weak to support their heads, and this requires attention when carrying them.

With Tula’s Dual-adjustment padded straps, the carrier provides support for the neck and shoulders so you can be least bothered about hurting the baby.

Not only that, but its wide-padded waistband also helps in evenly spreading the weight, which adds on to the comfort. Good for you.

The best bit about the Tula Discover Baby carrier is its fancy patterns, and not to mention the large pouch at the front, which can be used to keep your phone and other essentials. In short, this is a highly comfortable baby carrier for babies and parents of varying sizes and heights. 

This product just gets better and better, right? You can also think about it as a gift for newly pregnant friend.

Key Features 

  • Fabric is soft yet sturdy, which makes it suitable for holding a newborn, and is machine-washable.
  • Easy to put on once set properly.
  • Need not use an insert, so suitable for newborns.
  • Comes with a removable hood that can be used for protection.
  • Straps are highly comfortable for you.


  • You can keep keys or phones in the front pocket.
  • The cotton is breathable yet robust.
  • Small hence portable enough to carry literally anywhere.
  • Straightforward to adjust.
  • Design is handy and cute.


  • Insufficient head support for newborns or sleeping babies.
  • Fabric is thick, could get hot under the sun, or if used for a more extended period.

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Baby Tula Explore

This particular adjustable carrier is designed ergonomically to fit. With its Explore Baby carrier series, Tula makes up for the shortcomings of the Discover series by allowing you to carry your baby in 6 different positions, including a front-facing-out position.

Baby Tula Explore
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It has padded adjustable shoulder straps, which not caters to your level of comfort; it also makes it yet another great baby carrier for plus-size moms.

Still not convinced.   

The carrier also accommodates a wide padded waistband that maximizes comfort by evenly distributing the baby’s weight and also padded leg openings that ensures comfort for the baby.

To add to it, this carrier features an adjustable padded head support pillow that can be used in multiple positions to provide support for the newborns or sleeping babies.

Since you can adjust the width and height of the carrier in different settings, this baby carrier is suitable for babies from 0 to 4 years of age (Weighing between 7 to 45 pounds).

Most importantly, the carrier is made with machine-washable soft, breathable cotton fabric, and what’s more, is the number of design and color options you get to choose from. There is also a removable hood and a storage pocket.

What you want more? 

Here is a great story based on how Baby Tula become a great success.

Key Features:

 Suitable for petite, tall, slender, as well as plus size parents

  • Designed for long time use without hurting the back.
  • Can easily switch positions from back to front and from forward-facing to inward-facing.
  • Provides sufficient space and support for bulky babies, even in the forward-facing position.
  • Fabric is colorful, soft and does not feel hot against the body.
  • Suitable for nursing the baby in the front position.


  • Easy storage.
  • Intuitive and stylish design to suit your class.
  • Effortless to wear.
  • You can customize it according to your needs.
  • Versatile, thus it adjusts to several positions.
  • Pattern is absolutely delightful.
  • Padding is incredibly soft, as well as comfortable.


  • Setting up to fit might take some time initially, so switching between users of varying sizes might be a little time-consuming.
  • The material is thick, which might cause overheating in hot weather.

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LÍLLÉbaby 360° Ergonomic Carrier

The All Seasons Baby carrier from Líllébaby is designed to maximize safety and comfort. What really sets this carrier apart is its Temperature Control Panel that makes it suitable for use for all seasons round the year.

LÍLLÉbaby 360° Ergonomic Carrier
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You can zip the panel up for warmth and zip and roll it down to reveal a cool and breathable mesh, so your baby is comfortable in all weathers.

As if that’s not enough, it features six carrying positions, including back, front inward, front-outward (Front facing), as well as hip positions.

The carrier is designed to allow you to adjust the side panels, seat, and leg openings so that your baby is held tight against you while you can be hands-free while taking a stroll in the park or just doing the chores.

In fact, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute has deemed this feature great for the baby’s hip and spine development.

Comfort is further enhanced by its unique lumbar support at the lower back that helps to distribute weight evenly and relieving pressure off your back.

Even though the shoulder straps and waist belts are adjustable, the lumbar support restricts the extent to which the waist belt can be pulled together and tightened, making this an even more ideal baby carrier for plus size and a perfect baby carrier for large breasts, even beyond size 18!

Yes, it’s that good.

Key Features

  • The carrier is extremely lightweight, so it is easy on your body
  • No extra inserts are required.
  • Lumbar support is efficient is absorbing the weight and is suitable for parents with back problems.
  • Straps can be used in Cross-position when carrying the baby in the front for increased comfort.
  • It comes with a re-positional seat that can be adjusted as you like.
  • Option for head support and comes with a removable hood.
  • It has six different positions. 


  • User-friendly hence, even if you’re a first-time mom or dad, you will get a hold of it quickly
  • Color is pretty yet not over-bearing.
  • Supports the shoulders.
  • It’s safe and stable.
  • Comes with a safety system in case it opens.
  • To protect your baby from rain and sun, it comes with a hood.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Stays in shape for a long time.
  • Has a convenient design that includes pockets.
  • For warm weather, it offers mesh. 


  • There is no padding in the leg openings and therefore, might not be suitable for long period usage.
  • There might be too many dangling straps.

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LÍLLÉbaby Ergonomic Carrier

This complete Airflow versatile Baby carrier from Líllébaby combines versatility with comfort, to give you and your baby the best experience.

This baby carrier is designed to ensure proper ventilation and temperature control with its breathable mesh, making it highly appropriate for hot seasons. Sounds impressive, right?

LÍLLÉbaby Ergonomic Carrier
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To make things better, it comes with a head shed, also made of a breathable mesh that can be clipped above the baby’s head to protect it from the rays of the sun and can be easily slipped into the front pouch when not in use. 

Then again, the shoulder straps and waist belt can be adjusted at several settings to fit any size perfectly, making it one of the best baby carriers for plus size moms. 

Besides that, adjustable side panels allow you to widen & narrow the seat for comfortable hip positioning as the baby grows, without having to torture its legs and spine development.

This lightweight carrier made from high-quality cotton that is machine washable without any chances of discoloration or shrinking.

The carrier is designed to allow you to use it in 6 carrying styles, just like the Complete. 

All-Seasons Líllébaby carrier while steadily holding them close to your body. You can go for a walk, for hiking, or do all your daily work, with your hands-free. Because of its versatile applications, many women have called it the best baby carrier for plus size mom.

Key Features 

  • The straps are well-cushioned and thick.
  • Very sturdy, so you can go absolutely hands-free without having to worry about your child falling out.
  • Very easy to put on and take off.
  • The lumbar support works perfectively to provide enough support and comfort.
  • Extra head support for newborns


  • Perfect fit for anyone.
  • You can keep keys, pacifiers, money, and phone to the pocket.
  • It goes a long way.
  • The back support is so comfortable.
  • The fabric is so comfy, soft, and, most importantly, effortless to clean.
  • You can go entirely hands-free, which makes your life so easy.
  • Incredibly straightforward to use.
  • The weight distributed evenly.
  • Well-built, hence can carry healthy children easily.
  • Never gives any pressure to your back or neck.


  • Changing the width of the seat can be a little troublesome, and there are the carrier provides two width seats as opposed to three in most other carriers.
  • The neck support is not Removable.
  • Weighing at 2.25 pounds, the item is a little bulky for skinny moms.
  • Washing is not as fun as I thought.

Zimo Baby Soft Carrier

This plus size baby carrier from Zimo is customized to provide the highest safety for your child while at the same time caring for your comfort.

Zimo Baby Soft Carrier
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Made of soft, durable mesh, this baby carrier allows sufficient airflow making it comfortable and breathable for your baby, and it is equipped with lock buckles that ensure that the child is secure.

The fabric is easy to clean and wash. Sounds fun, right?

Interestingly enough, you are left with four different carrying options, including back and front (Both inward and outward).

At the same time, your baby can sit in the M position for better hip development.

In fact, it comes with adjustable head and leg support that provides proper support for the baby’s head, neck, spine, and hips. 

What’s more, the straps and waist belts are adjustable, so not only it is suitable for different sizes of carriers but also can be used for children of varying sizes up to toddlerhood. (7-45 Lbs).

And the point?

This is a very light baby carrier, weighing only about 0.825 pounds, so it is super easy to carry even with the baby on it. Together with its super soft fabric, lightweight, movable parts, and ventilation, it makes a perfect baby carrier for your baby. 

Key Features

  • Extremely lightweight; thus, you will find it incredibly easy to carry.
  • Easy to use without secondary help
  • Has an attached bib in the front
  • The clips on the straps are astonishingly sturdy
  • Easy to store, in fact, you can keep it any convenient place.


  • Workmanship is absolutely top-notch.
  • Material is so smooth and squishy.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Fits wonderfully.
  • Portable, therefore, you can carry it anywhere.
  • Suitable for summer.
  • Has an elegant design, not bulky or big.
  • Adaptable to variable sizes.
  • Supports your baby neck.


  • No sufficient head support, making it questionable for use for children under three months.
  • Could be challenging to set up the first time. You can take help from the instructions.

Infantino Flip Carrier

This Convertible baby carrier for plus size mom from Infantino is designed to be flexible. It accommodates infants within 8 to as high as 32 pounds comfortably, thanks to its highly adjustable design and convertible seat.

Infantino Flip Carrier
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Adjustable straps, waist belts, leg openings, and seats provide the perfect fit for both the baby and the parent while its unique convertible seat makes it suitable for both growing infants.

But that just one side of the story, so what’s more?

The convertible seat can be set at a narrow position for newborns with head support, while it can be easily switched to a wide position for toddlers without the need for any kind of insert. Sounds good, right?

Last but not least, the baby can be carried in 4 different positions, including Front Facing-in narrow, Front Facing-in Wide, Front Facing-out, and lastly, the backpack style.

The carrier comes with a bib to protect your clothing and the carrier, but in any case, you need to clean the carrier; there is no need for worry – the carrier is completely machine washable.

Key Features

 Sufficient support for small infants’ back and neck

  • At only 1.3 pounds, the carrier is extremely lightweight.
  • Fabric is soft and prevents overheating, so suitable for summer.
  • Lumbar support provides support for the back. 


  • Durable and flexible to use.
  • Breathable material makes your whole experience more comfortable.
  • Hold your baby like a gem.
  • You can do your work easily while carrying your child.
  • Adjusts so brilliantly.
  • Wraps are so spectacularly handy yet cute.
  • Effortless to put on.


  • Although the shoulder straps are padded, they are very thick, making it a little uncomfortable for a long time. use.
  • Lots of Clips to buckle.
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Best Baby Wrap Carrier For Plus Size Mom Buying Guide

I have reviewed those plus size baby carriers in such a manner so that you can make the pick easily. However, everyone’s choice is different.

So there is another thing you should do to satisfy yourself 100%. You just have to make sure about what factors you should pay attention to. Here are some of those factors:

  • The Right Type

You can hold your little one in various positions according to your convenience. Different carriers offer different carrying styles. Choose the one that matches your preferred style.

  • Baby Safety

Even if there is a slight chance that the safety of your baby may be endangered, you should avoid it no matter how comfortable it is for yourself. Is it okayed by the appropriate authority? This is the first thing you should notice.

  • Maximum Comfort

All the baby carriers for plus size moms are claimed to be comfortable for the mom and infant. But how do you ensure that? Well, you will just have to look for some features that ensure comfort.  

Infants like to sleep on it, so you should get one that has a padded headrest. Now, think about your comfort too. Carriers with padded shoulder straps and waistbands should be your choice to evenly distribute the weight of the baby.  

Avoid using too tight or too loose carries for the comfort of your baby.

  • Perfect Fit

The safety of your baby and comfort of you and your baby won’t be ensured if it does not fit. For a plus-size mom, you need to make sure they are adjustable and fit easily your curves.

  • Weight of Your Baby

Know the right weight of your baby while buying one NOT the age. It has a lot to do with your back pain. If you choose the wrong one, there will be acute back pain.

  • Sturdy Material

Learn every detail before you buy one. It should provide enough support for the weight of your baby to hold her securely. Gather enough information on the durability of the straps, belts, buckles, and so on.  

  • Greater Adjustability

As your baby grows, you should be able to adjust it to ensure safety and comfort. Babies grow fast in their early stages and if you pick a non-adjustable one, she will outgrow it soon.

You will have no other option but to buy a new one. So, make sure it has all the adjustable features to deal with such issues in the future.

  • Read Reviews & Instruction

Only the plus-size parents can tell the real condition of the baby carrier for plus size parents accurately. They got a first-hand experience.

So, read their reviews and if possible ask them your question. Finally, when you got yours, make sure to follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

Final Verdict

You will find different types of baby carriers in the market. Although we have only covered the structured baby carriers, you might as well prefer other types of carriers.

You might get a different baby wrap carrier for plus-size mom as well as slings. Whatever be your choice as per your preferences or budget, we suggest you to bear in mind certain things.

To begin with, you should always prioritize comfort for both yourself and the baby, customization and fit, ease of use, climate, and the options to use it in flexible positions.

Babies tend to grow fast, and as they grow, they tend to get fascinated by their surroundings. The baby carrier should cater to their comfort, and being able to adjust the carrier’s size as the baby grows is always a plus.

That’s all for today. Good luck in your quest to find the best baby carrier for plus-size mom that meets your requirement and style. If you have any queries, comment below, please.