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Are Bassinets Safe? Get Rid of Your Fear!

baby sleeping on sleeper

Bassinets are quite common nowadays because most families use them. However, most of these families do not know about the safety of these sleeping devices.

There are different varieties of baby bassinets, those that rock by themselves and those that do not. They also come in different sizes and shapes. They are comfortable for infants but their safety may be compromised at some point.

Research shows that the type of bassinets and how it is used are the main determinants of safety. Most of the bassinets sold come with attachments for various uses.

These attachments can lead to the strangulation of a baby. When a baby gets trapped on these attachments, it is difficult for them to get out safely without help.

The infant may also not be in a position to ask for help. Since the parent might be away or asleep, prolonged trapping may lead to loss of breath and possible death.

A baby trapped on these attachments may also strain a lot to find a way out. This could result in injury and tiredness. The best thing to do is to ensure that strings or mobiles are far from the reach of infants.

Also, ensure that there are no hanging attachments that could get trapped on movable devices or people.

Another common mistake is adding extras to the bassinet. Most people add sheets, mattresses, or covers. Most parents add these materials to either improve comfort or bring warmth to the sleeping baby at night.

While it is important to take note of such factors, the same materials could be dangerous. They may also make the baby uncomfortable due to the increased temperature in the bassinet.

The baby tends to sweat a lot at night thus leading to the wetness of clothes. To avoid this, get a changing table for the baby as well.

Do not add stuffed animals or blankets to the bassinet because they can lead to suffocation. Suffocation mostly happens when these added materials fall on the head of the baby thus blocking their breathing system.

They may not be able to remove these materials from their nose or mouth making breathing difficult. If the situation continues for a longer time, the baby may die.

Incorrectly positioning a baby on the bassinet is dangerous as well. This should not be blamed on the bassinet but rather the parent. Some parents place their children on their stomachs.

Lying on the stomach makes the baby uncomfortable while sleeping leading to tiredness. In most cases, it leads to suffocation where the baby dies if it does not get assistance within a short time. Always ensure that the baby lies on the back.

While considering buying or using a bassinet, safety should be your priority. Buy a bassinet with a sturdy bottom. In this case, ensure that the base is wide to improve stability.

If the bassinet is not stable, it may fall off when placed on a bed. Accidents resulting from this scenario may lead to injuries.

If the baby falls with the head first touching the ground, it could lead to death depending on the distance. Always ensure that the bassinet is not placed on the edge of a bed or any supporting furniture.

Other accidents that may happen while using bassinets include those involving loose hardware. Ensure that a mattress fits well such that unwanted spaces do not occur.

Fix the mattress tightly to ensure that spaces are not left between the bars and the mattress. Also, confirm that loose hardware does not stick out. Accidents occur when a baby’s head, legs, or hands are trapped in between the spaces.

If the child is trapped lying at the wrong angle, it could lead to strains, bruises, or pains among other injuries. Suffocation may also happen if the baby’s head is trapped in those spaces.

The loose hardware sticking out also leads to injuries. The child may fall on them. If the given part is sharp, the baby will be injured. For blunt hardware, if a baby falls on them, it could lead to a lot of pain.

The best thing is to always ensure that such parts are firmly fixed where they belong. It is advisable to have a co-sleeper to frequently look after your child at night.

Bassinets are generally safe when used while being cautious. They are also comfortable and easy to carry around. Always ensure that the baby lies on its back. Keeping safety precautions will enable your baby to sleep safely and comfortably.

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