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12 Activities For 2 Year Old Autistic Child For Multi-sensory Development

Kids with autism have special needs and very unique characteristics. But they do have some shared number of activities for 2 year old autistic child that you can try to improve their social communication skills and calming them when they are agitated.

The right way is to observe your autistic baby and notice what they like to do. You should introduce newer activities, fun sports, and so on to increase the number of his/her involvement.

12 Activities For Autistic Kids

activities for 2 year old autistic child

Since they have a wide range of different behaviors, you must try new things. They will show special attention to some particular games/activities, but you should keep introducing new things to do in their life.

I have shortlisted 12 of such activities for kids with autism that are their common favorites. Not necessarily your special baby will like all of them, but there is nothing wrong to try introducing something new to broaden his involvements.

Get Her Special Toys

There are plenty of fun toys for autistic babies like the jumper, drill set, arrow & bow set, and so on. For the various sensory development of your baby, these toys are second to none. They stimulate the brain and body of your baby too.

Keeping your baby active and engaged will help her to learn new things each day. Introduce new toys every now and then and make a list of her favorites.

The Mud Kitchen

Kids who love sensory activities love such mud kitchens a lot. If there is a vacant space in the nursery or anywhere to set it up permanently, give this a serious thought.

There are plenty of readymade mud kitchen full of utensils and other tools so that your 2 year old autistic baby can play. Or you can make one yourself if you are a handyman. There are plenty of YouTube videos on it.

Sand Play

A great sensory development activity for special child. It helps to develop the sense of touch of your autistic baby but most importantly it’s fun to play! The long hours of molding and shaping the sand helps with the imagination of your baby.

Encourage your kid to build a sandcastle. Make one yourself and then encourage your baby to follow you. You don’t have to go to the sea beach each time. Use kinetic sand to do the same indoor.

Play With Slime

Every kid loves it and this is a great indoor sensory activity for kids with special needs. Download several slime recipes from online and tell your kids to make various objects as instructed. This is not just fun crafting for younger children, you can make it a scientific slime activity too.

Snacks Sorting

It is both fun and great educational activities too. Your baby will learn basic math! Get a pack of multicolor snacks or snacks that comes with various sizes and shapes. You can use any other foods too that meet the purpose.

Now ask her to sort these based on color/size/shapes. Now, you can take it to the next level to teach your baby basic mathematical skills like adding and subtracting. Motivation is key when it comes to math. So, offer awards upon successful completion.

Visual Skills Development

To develop visual perception skills, there are plenty of activities for kids with autism. One of which is playing with Lego blocks.

Encourage your baby to build his favorite model/animal/building out of Lego blocks. There are plenty of educational toys for 2 years old out there you can try for this purpose.

Another creative and much effective play is letting your kid identifying objects just by touch. Put all of her favorite toys in a bag then let her touch one toy(don’t let her see it) and encourage her to draw it.

Your special child will be familiar with shapes and characters much faster that way.

The Smelling Game!

Kids love to explore and learn new things, your special baby certainly wants to learn more about her senses. This is a brain-boosting game where your baby will be able to learn more about various scents. Out of so many fun games for autistic kids, this is a great one!

Get some small containers (bottles/jam jars) and fill them with different fragrant ingredients like soap, lavender, orange, and so on. Seal the jars now. Tell your baby to open each jar one by one and encourage her to identify the smell.

Blindfolded Testing Game

After the smelling game, it’s time to develop the sense of taste of various foods. Of course, your baby won’t like each all the foods of various tastes but until you try you don’t know that for sure. Blindfold your baby and introduce new taste each time and let her identify what food it is.

Foods like bread, jelly, yogurt, tomato sauces, etc. are some of them you can try one by one. There are plenty of games for kids with autism and tasting is both fun and educational.

Playing With Water

Kids love to play with water in any form. Introducing water to them while encouraging to splash, fill, pour, etc. is very much enjoyable to kids. Let them play with their favorite toys in there too.

These activities with water are both relaxing and develop their communication skills too. Introduce new items like buckets, toy boats, and scoopers to keep it more entertaining.

Under your direct supervision, let her swim in the swimming pool. Special babies are normally afraid of water, so it may take some time to get used to it.

Toy Car Wash

I am not talking about actual car washing here. Your baby has some ride-on cars or other plastic cars. Encourage her to wash those toys herself. You can set a car washing station in the nursery or outside.

Give her a bowl of water, towel/brush, and soap. You may have already noticed that kids love to play with soapy water. Your baby will certainly love to scrub her toy cars and clean them off.

Auditory Sense Development Activity

Listening to music and singing is one of the great communication activities for autism to develop verbal communication skills. There are plenty of headphones for autistic kids. Get one and encourage your baby to listen to her favorite music.

When listening to her favorite songs, it will develop her auditory and motor parts of the brain. Pick those songs that encourage people to move their bodies or just encourage them to clap. Tell your baby to dance with the music too.

How Those Activities For 2 Year Old Autistic Child Help?

activities for kids with autism

I mentioned some benefits of those activities listed above. But I think you need them in one place organized. As a parent of a baby with autism, you can need to help her with her multi-sensory development. Above activities help in this regard as:

  1. Development of taste to encourage your baby in various foods. You can encourage her to prepare such foods to make it more participative and interactive.
  2. Listening to her favorite music stimulates the auditory sense of special kids.
  3. Playing with sand and water help to stimulate the tactile sense.
  4. Fun sports with colors develop visual perfection skills.
  5. Playing with slides and swings help to develop the vestibular and proprioceptive senses.

It needs your active participation to develop such sensory development. Autistic kids are obsessed with things to do they like and they don’t engage in other activities if you don’t introduce new things to do.

I have listed 12 activities for autistic kids but there are plenty of them too. Once they are comfortable with these activities, you should try new things.


Of course, it must pay extra attention to your special child. She will learn and develop the basic skills of life more from you than anyone else. That’s the reason you need to figure out some cool activities for 2 year old autistic child. This will make life easier for both of you.